In Dramatic Reversal, US Vice President Biden Calls On Turkey To Withdraw Its Troops From Iraq

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It has been a strange two days for US foreign policy.

Earlier today we reported that in what amounts to a significant blow to the official US position over Syria, namely the multi-year demands to replace president Assad with a western puppet ruler, John Kerry on Tuesday accepted Russia's long-standing demand that President Bashar Assad's future be determined by his own people, as Washington and Moscow edged toward putting aside years of disagreement over how to end Syria's civil war."

"The United States and our partners are not seeking so-called regime change," Kerry said, adding that the focus is no longer "on our differences about what can or cannot be done immediately about Assad."


In a testament to the fact that mainstream media is beginning to understand just how weak America's negotiating position has become, AP offered the following rather sarcastic assessment: "President Barack Obama first called on Assad to leave power in the summer of 2011, with "Assad must go" being a consistent rallying cry. Later, American officials allowed that he wouldn't have to resign on "Day One" of a transition. Now, no one can say when Assad might step down."


Kerry also called demands by the "moderate" opposition that Assad step down before peace negotiations begin an "obvious nonstarter."

All of the above, some may say, makes the US presence in Syria, whether through CIA covert ops, commandos, or even the Islamic State, moot: after all, if the US has folded on an Assad regime change, then there is no longer any point in continuing the proxy war, which revolves around one key issue: regime change in Syria.

But then something even more surprising happened.

Earlier today, Islamic State militants launched an attack on a military camp in northern Iraq where Turkish troops have been stationed. According to officials and press reports, seven Kurdish peshmerga fighters were killed and four Turkish troops were injured in the bombardment and rushed to a hospital in Sirnak, a Turkish province bordering Iraq, according to Anadolu Agency. A Kurdish Rudaw news agency report suggested that two of the trainees at the camp were killed and six wounded.

Turkey’s general staff said in a statement that Katyusha projectiles fell into the camp around 3 pm local time. Turkish troops returned fire following the attack according to Turkish officials, who provided no further details. Additionally, according to a report by a Kurdish news website, the Slemani Times, over 70 Turkish soldiers went missing after the attack.

The attack on Turkish soldiers by the Islamic State takes place two weeks after the Turkish military deployed troops in northern Iraq without preclearance from Iraq in what has been seen by some as a military invasion of sovereign territory and has become a major stumbling block in relations between Ankara and Baghdad. While Turkey claims the troops had been deployed at the invitation of the Iraqi government, Baghdad denies this, describing Ankara’s actions as an “incursion.”

But while the attack on the Turkish soldiers by those they allegedly invaded Iraq to fight may be seen as oddly ironic, the real surprise is what followed shortly thereafter.

Moments ago, the office of the Vice President released a readout of a phone call Joe Biden had with Iraq's PM Al-Abadi. The stunning part is that in a dramatic reversion of the NATO narrative on Turkey's incursion in Iraq as justified, Biden just called on Turkey to withdraw from Iraq.

Here is the full readout of Vice President Biden’s Call With Iraq’s Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi

The Vice President spoke with Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi yesterday following his December 14 call with Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu. The Vice President noted the recent deployment of Turkish forces into northern Iraq had occurred without the prior consent of the Iraqi government. Both leaders welcomed initial indications of the withdrawal of some Turkish forces and agreed this should continue, reiterating that any foreign forces can only be present in Iraq with the coordination and permission of the Iraqi government. The Vice President reaffirmed the United States' commitment to Iraqi sovereignty and territorial integrity and called on Turkey to do the same by withdrawing any military forces from Iraqi territory that have not been authorized by the Iraqi government. The Vice President encouraged continued dialogue between Iraq and Turkey to address any outstanding grievances in the spirit of mutual cooperation. Both leaders reaffirmed their continued commitment to the fight against ISIL in Iraq.

So first the US backtracks on its core long-running demand that "Assad must go", and now it has just turned its back on a key NATO-member ally and what is allegedly the biggest provider of funding and supplies (including Ford F250 pick up trucks) to the Islamic State, Turkey.

Perhaps if only Putin, Lavrov, and Kerry had more staring contests such as this one...

... in which the latter invariably blinks, the world's geopolitical conflicts would be promptly resolved.

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One And Only's picture

Yes Turkey. Take your troops out of Turkey at once! was corrected.

tmosley's picture

I was hoping for an Onion story.

FreeMoney's picture

Is the US going to start recognizing borders?  Dont be silly.  Team America....Fuck Yeah.

Stainless Steel Rat's picture
Stainless Steel Rat (not verified) FreeMoney Dec 16, 2015 8:08 PM

The smirk on Putin's face is like that of one who has queened four pawns during the time it took to wait for his opponent to resign with honor.

Motasaurus's picture

Something huge went down at that meeting. I have no idea what it was, but it was big. Maybe they got a call from the red shield bank IN London telling them it was time to ditch Turkey.

Jack's Digestible Ideas's picture

Putin has definitive proof that the United States is supporting ISIS, and blackmailed our government into butting out of Syria.


That's my guess.

Chris Dakota's picture

Does this mean Obama has been replaced?

Tarshatha's picture

"In Dramatic Reversal, US Vice President Biden Calls On Turkey To Withdraw Its Troops From Iraq"


Because NATO CAN'T win this one, and more importantly, Israel would be turned to glass.


ZWO on the ropes...... Iran testing rockets and shit and no one really cares..... lol


Save_America1st's picture

sounds like Putin has check mate today somehow.  First the hors face asshole gives in to Puti about removing Assad and now this? 

beemasters's picture

It wasn't a 'staring contest'. It was a KGB hypnosis session to slap sensibility into Kerry. Biden was an easier subject; that could be done remotely.

jefferson32's picture

As much as I loathe the Obama administration (Obamacare, drone campaigns, war on whistleblowers, etc.) I have to admit Thierry Meyssan is right - the White House is fully aware of the neocons' plans and is opposing them as much as it can.

onmail1's picture

Probly he (Obama)took too much of Afghan Heroin & still in bed with some young whiteGuy

stacking12321's picture

russia gets usa to back off their turkish dogs from iraq?

this is a huge coup for the russia/iran/syria pipeline if it's true, they need iraq on their side as the pipeline would have to go through iraq. iraq seems to have been gravitating towards that coalition lately anyhow

Demdere's picture

MK17.  They were in the ideal position to see the radar track for everything.  Also, they could well have received or intercepted US communications setting that up, as you would expect them to have good sources inside Ukraine.

I said that Putin uses info well. Erdogan's case shows that.

Putin may well feel personal anger at that, as one theory was they were trying to shoot down Putin's plane on a similar tract, but 200 miles away.  That story was never completed, that I saw.

philipat's picture

Which airline uses the flight code MK? Not Malaysian for sure...

stacking12321's picture

CIAirlines does

as in, MKUltra

Ness.'s picture

MH17 was a false flag fuck up by the US/Nuland cookie lovers in order to assign Putin as the new 'bad guy'.  The US installed Ukies shot down that plane.  They (us/UK) immediately stormed the ATC tower and confiscated tapes that proved US/UK involvement.  Russia is well aware of this. Hence the lack of a formal investigation (NATO).  It was a fucking war zone - plenty of satellite images available.  Putin is slow playing the US morons, Kerry and OB.  It must be difficult for him trying to negotiate with US/NATO without exposing the plan while staying alive.

That pic of Putin reminds me of playing Texas hold'em watching another player re-raise as they try to bluff their hand while I know I got the nuts.

beemasters's picture

My guess is the western governments, media and their internet trolls couldn't find a dirt on Russia that would stick. Every step and demand that NATO and US take/make are absurd. Plus many evidences are pointing to the allies' support for ISIS. There really is no way out without looking like a moron.
At least, these "official" retractions will bring down Russia/Syria's guard and buy some time to device new, decent-sounding strategies to skin the cat.

researchfix's picture

"Something huge went down at that meeting. I have no idea what it was, but it was big."

I have the same feeling. Same like after the Sotchi meeting.

Maybe they showed him the "finish US"-button on Putin´s desk.

But i also have the feeling, that Kerry forgets these meetings within 6 months.

So this should happen twice a year.

Global Observer's picture

Something huge went down at that meeting.

The Turkish incursion into Iraq was a trial balloon by the US. If Russia doesn't react to it, Western ground troops will be deployed in Iraq and march into Syria "to fight the IS" and to occupy Damascus in the process. Russia attacking Turkish forces in Iraq would, of course, put paid to such plans, but not an easy task for Russia to do that since Russian military assets are not in any danger from the Turkish troops in Syria.


Russia played the smart game by asking Iraq to take the matter to the UN Security Council before requesting Russian help to protect Iraq's territorial sovereignty. If the US blocks a resolution against Turkey, Iraq will officially request Russian help to protect her sovereignty and Russia will first warn Turkey to withdraw and if Turkey doesn't oblige, bomb Turkish troops. Russia doesn't have to bomb them first either. Russia can buzz Turkish troops with drones incessantly until Turkish troops make the mistake of bringing one down, which is inevitable anyway. At that point Russia will bomb every single one of the Turkish troops in Iraq until no one is left alive.


The only honourable way out for Turkey is to withdraw the troops on the "advice" of an ally.


As for the US climbdown regarding Assad, the US has no other options, but one, left. The only other option they have is to conduct a terrorist attack on the US, which the "IS" takes credit for, and start fuming "You are with us or against us" to force Russia. If Russia can neutralise that by publicly announcing, before the attacks, that they have passed on specific intelligence to the US regarding such impending attacks or by publicly announcing after the attacks that they shared such intelligence before the attacks itself. Kerry would have been told, diplomatically, the options available to Russia if the US doesn't change its stand before he leaves Moscow.


The US is out of all moves on Syria.

Paveway IV's picture

To understand the borders in Kurdish Israel, you have to compare a few maps. I humbly offer the following map pr0n:

Q: Where the hell is Iraqi Kurdistan anyways?

A: That depends what point in oil exploration time you're talking about. This map shows the Israel-effect on the potential Kurdistan's ever-exapnding borders.

Q: Shouldn't the Kurds get everything to the dotted line if they live there?

A: It's not that simple. NE Iraq undoubtedly has solidly Kurdish-dominated areas, but there's a large cultural - ethnic - language zone shown on this map as the Piedmont. There's a little blurb on the side of the map explaining the historical diversity of this area. Barzani is fixing the diversity problem with a little ol' time ethnic cleansing.

Q: So if it's mixed and there's some Kurds and they speak some Kurdish, why not just let the Kurds have it.

A: Because it's Iraqi soverign territory and Iraqi-developed fields, and Kurdistan is not an independent nation (despite acting like one). A million Iraqis and ten thousand U.S. troops died to restore Iraq to all Iraqis, not the ethnic/religious slice and diced version PNAC, Exxon and Genel have wet dreams about.

Q: Why do the Kurds insist on the expanded borders?

A: The Kurds? Nobody cares what the hell they think. Barzani is the U.S./Israeli puppet chosen as king of the new Kurdistan. There's not much oil in the 'old' Kurdish region. Barzani claiming the Piedmont zone easily doubles the spoils and he pretty much get all the northern Iraq oil.

Q: Isn't that kind of like theft?

A: Yes, but I already pointed out the Israeli and U.S. influence.

Q: On that last map, the oil goes southwest from Kirkuk and then turns northwest. Why so crooked?

A: The major north-south and east-west pipelines cross at that point, and the huge Bajii refinery is right there. Oil can be sent to Baghdad or exported to Turkey. Over the years, the volume from the northern fields kept the Kirkuk - Ceyhan pipeline full.

Q: But there's a Khurmala-Dohuk pipeline on that map. Why don't they send it up that one?

A: Oh, they do. See, ISIS by some strange coincidence took over most of the Bajii - Fish Kabhur section and there were some mysterious bombings closing the Iraqi government pipeline. Barzani was able to see into the future and started building the Khurmala-Dohuk pipeline right after we engineered the uprising in Syria. Almost like he knew the Iraqi pipeline would be taken out (he has powers we can't begin to understand). It conveniently bypasses the Iraqi government oil metering station in Fish Kabhur, so we just have to trust Barzani to give accurate, truthful transit volumes he sends to Erdogan.

Q: So isn't Erdogan interested in this unmetered Kurdish oil? Sounds like an opportunity for some off-the-books deals.

A: Why, yes. As a matter of fact, Erdogan is providing pipeline security for the Kurds. Remember that Turkish 'training' base at Bashiqua? That's almost exactly under the dot for the Khurmala-Dohuk pipeline label on the previous map. You'll find all the other Turkish 'training' bases are along the route from north of Mosul to Dohuk to the Fish Kahbur crossing. It's just a coincidence, I think. Those happened to be high-need training areas for fake Peshmerga and fake YPG.

Q: But Lurch just told Turkey to get the hell out of Iraq. Who will guard Erdogan's money-maker?

A: That would be the Turkish troops that are never leaving, plus a few Kurd mercs hired for the fake Peshmerga and fake YPG. Turkey wil just move their 'training bases' to other pipeline sections and toss up some KRG and YPG flags. That's usually enough to trick the knuckledraggers at Reuters and Bloomberg. 

Q: What about the Kirkuk - Haifa pipeline you keep yammering about? It's just a dotted line on that map and doesn't even exist.

A: Shhhh... that's a secret. The Israelis are burying it 20m under the sand and putting all kinds of sensors to guard it. You won't see any of it besides the pumping stations the U.S. and British troops protected during the Gulf War. ISIS was temporarily holding Bajii and Hadith until the crude is ready to flow, and it's almost ready. Bye-bye ISIS temps.

Q: What does Putin think about this elaborate oil/land theft scheme?

A: He didn't kill a million Iraqis and lose 10,000 troops for the oil and pipeline theft. I'm sure he's baffeled why the Americans didn't string up congress by now, burn Cheney/Rumsfeld/Bush and their cronies at the stake and boycott and sanction Israel into oblivion, but it's really not his problem. He's still kind of busy cleaning up after the last mess we left behind in Syria.

Motasaurus's picture

See the trouble is that if you know about it, then Russia knows about it. And if Russia knows about it then Iran knows about it. And if Iran knows about it then the Shiite militas know about it. And if they know about it it will be dug up and destroyed.

Paveway IV's picture

I think the idea is to keep the Sunnis and Shia slaughtering each other in Iraq forever. You'll notice the Iraqi part of the Kirkuk-Haifa pipeline is pretty much in the fake Kurdistan and fake Sunnistan areas. The potential leaders of both those areas are already bought and paid for. Toss in a few tanks and TOWs and a regular shipment of clownbux, and they'll guard your pipeline forever. The point of splitting up Iraq is so the Shia are not 'allowed' (or welcome) in the Pipelinestan areas. I doubt the evil ZATO plan will actually work out as they planned, but who knows. Israel already has the Kirkuk - Ceyhan discount stolen oil flowing to them. The Kirkuk - Haifa line just makes it cheaper and easier to access. 

kralizec's picture

Very entertaining.  Anybody recall how Iraq or any of these so-called countries came into being?  Nailing down a certain claim is charming unless you want to go back a couple millennia.

PeakOil's picture

Ah... good post. Sweet maps - thanks for this!

Paveway IV's picture

Thank George Soros and the neocon-funded Gulf/2000 project at Columbia University - they have a great list of maps (copyrighted) of the Middle East here authored and produced by Dr. Michael Izady. 

hunkerdown's picture

Settlers murder and steal.  It's really that simple.

Great FAQ, by the way.  Maybe Matt Taibbi will borrow the device and use it this well.

Caleb Abell's picture

Nowadays, most stories are Onion stories.

Baby Bladeface's picture
Baby Bladeface (not verified) tmosley Dec 16, 2015 8:15 PM

Kerry call to Obama during break in meeting Putin, Lavrov:

"We are fucked now specifically! About everything they know and about not just Erdogan!

And if we even rendering Erdogan mute is not mattering. About our people, about our shell companies, about our whole operations they know all. Aw fuck - even know all numbers bank accounts we using!

Urgently a deal need reach any!"

johngaltfla's picture

Turkey found out REAL quick that the Iraqi government will let ISIS through to attack their troops today. Now let's see if Turkey listens or continues to act like Saudi puppets.

Squid-puppets a-go-go's picture

but WHY would isis attack the hand that feeds it?

...unless a different hand is now tossing it a bone?

Winston Churchill's picture

Maybe Russia used some Chechens dressed up as ISIS.

Spetnaz Chechens.

Motasaurus's picture

ISIS doesn't actually exist. Shia militias attacked Turkey's positions, just like they promised to. But they used the cover of ISIS as a nice scape goat. 

Turkey can't turn around and say they know it wasn't ISIS because that biblically gives the game away. So they have to sit there and cop it sweet as their little pets get the blame for attacking their positions.

johngaltfla's picture

And the truth came out in the news. The attack reportedly was from GRAD rocket units. I don't think ISIS has very many of those in their inventory if any. However, the Shia militia have PLENTY as does the Revolutionary Guard. Neither Baghdad nor Kirkuk will shed a tear if Barzini is abandoned then wiped out.

benb's picture

"Neither Baghdad nor Kirkuk will shed a tear if Barzini is abandoned then wiped out."

And that makes Tatalia nothing more than a cheap pimp.

nope-1004's picture

In dramatic tail-between-the-legs fashion.....



Truther's picture

Smells a bit fishy, though it may be an "honest" request. Still, I wouldn't put a false flag theory past Biden.

valjoux7750's picture

I like ole Lavrov he looks like he wants to rip the horse a new ass. 

AA Kerry

robertocarlos's picture

LOL. Good thing I wasn't drinking coffee.

Global Observer's picture

Still, I wouldn't put a false flag theory past Biden.

Can't use false flag to coerce Russia. Russia has enough tools to neutralise the impact of false flags intended to be used against Russia.

kralizec's picture

Wow, talk about giving Biden way more credit than he deserves!

hunkerdown's picture

I have one word for you: Burisma.

Think of all the veeps over the past thirty years and name just one that's not a sleazy power broker.  The designated sleaze's backchannels help keep the President's hands clean.  It may be fun to mock them, as liberals do, for the crime of being illiberal, but it's just as easy (and arguably more correct) to mock them for being subhuman flaming bags of shite.

JuliaS's picture

If NATO wasn't demanding removal of Russian troops from the Russian border, while calling close encounters of US and Chinese ships in South China Sea a provocation on behalf of China, I would've believed it was a typo.

Winston Churchill's picture

Vlad obviously convinced them that Russian Roulette with him loading the revo;ver wasn't their game.

Look at the smirk on Putins face, may as well be holding up a placard saying loser to Kerry's horse face..

MrNosey's picture
MrNosey (not verified) One And Only Dec 16, 2015 8:32 PM



Putin has threatened to expose the real agenda if they do not call off the Turkish pack dogs......



Supafly's picture

This is fucked up.  Once the main intrinsic source of ISIS funding was done in by Russian bombs and US pamphlets, the outside money and political support has disappeared too.  Regretfully, it will be replaced by bodies.  Sad for humanity, but that's the way it's always been.

hunkerdown's picture

That's what we get for treating the lives of our aristocracy as more precious than our own.

V for ...'s picture
V for ... (not verified) Dec 16, 2015 7:50 PM

Ah, yes, the Joker and his freaks back track. Not so easy, is it, when you meet your match.

Biden, the Joker, chutzpah, use and abuse the mensch in the USA, and be afraid that the mature world, our kith and kin,  will send your plots straight to hell.

Happy Christmas, one and all.