ISIS, Al Qaeda And The CIA: The Documented Connection

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The Middle East is fertile ground for conspiracy theories, and one growing to towering heights these days says the US created the Islamic State.  But while the US may well have aided ISIS in its formative days with covert supplies of weapons and CIA funding (directly or indirectly, via Turkey leading political families) the one nation most responsible for iteration after iteration of "terrorist organizations" is Saudi Arabia which "created" not only the Islamic State, but al-Qaeda, al-Nusra, and many other Sunni Jihadist groups in Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia, India, Pakistan. 

The US has long been aware of this, of course, and it has provided material support to some of them in the distant past, for example to the Taliban in the war against Russia.  But the more reasonable among us have questioned recent claims that the US intentionally created the Islamic State, a group of the same lineage as the Saudi terrorists responsible for 9/11. 

Those rejecting a direct link between the US and the Islamic State instead ask a perfectly logical question: why would the US allow a country ruled by monarchs with dark-age-sensibilities get away with attacking us on 9/11, funding al-Qadea in Iraq (a group that killed a few thousand US soldiers), and now the Islamic State?  Two answers: fat, senile Saudi kings are preferable to the Islamic monsters that would replace them in a regime change, and the Bush family/Carlyle Group would prefer not to kill the goose that lays the golden egg. 

Thanks to the resurrection of "J Pierpont Morgan", these doubts and questions are no longer reasonable.  They are, in fact, irrelevant.  Because J Pierpont Morgan, apparently experiencing a Scrooge-like transformation, has seen the light.  Yesterday he tweeted three public source documents that conclusively show a Senior CIA Spy- a major figure in operations from South America to the Middle East-is lobbying the US Government to destroy Iraq and formally create an independent Sunnistan on behalf of a Sunni terrorist. 


That terrorist joined the Iraq insurgency in 2004 under the Al-Qaeda Iraq banner, and was given hundreds of millions of dollars by the CIA and CENTCOM to defect, joining the US-led coalition in the now famous “Surge.”  Known as H.E. Shaykh Abdalrazzaq Hatem al-Sulayman, this self-described prince is the head of a 4 million strong (mostly Sunni) tribe in Anbar, and lived the high life on US taxpayer money- that is until Obama declared AQ and AQI dead, bolted from Iraq and pivoted toward Asia.  No CIA.  No Surge.  No money.  Just the wasteland that is Anbar, and a Baghdad government intent on consolidating power at Sulayman’s expense. 

His Eminence, with his children in need of Bugatti supercars, flats in London, multiple Vertu mobiles, and an entourage of slaves, did what any good dad would: he created an insurgency called The Anbar Tribes Revolutionary Council in 2013, and solicited funds from Sunni Monarchs and individuals throughout the GCC.  The goal: destroy Baghdad and restore the Sunni to power in Iraq.  His allies: the Ba’ath and ISIS.

In late 2014 Sulayman connected with Jonathan Greenhill, “former” Senior Operations Officer at the CIA who set up shop in DC as a lobbyist.  Makes sense.  CIA Spy since the early 1980s, probably living oversees under non-official-cover, comes home to lobby Congress.  Anyway, Mr. Greenhill incorporated the Greenhill Group, and Sulayman retained him.  One wonders how Sulayman became aware of Greenhill’s lobbying venture. 


Mr. Greenhill’s LinkedIn page says he “conceptualized and executed one of the Agency’s most successful counterterrorism covert action operations while leading a CIA Base in an exceptionally dangerous, high stress war zone environment.”  Might that be the Surge?  Might Mr. Greenhill have played a role in funneling hundreds of millions of dollars to members of the AQ Iraq insurgency like Sulayman? 



Oddly enough, Mr. Greenhill has a Facebook page too.

Who knows?  What we do know is one of the most important spies in the CIA, one with a major role in the Near East (probably Iraq), definitely was retained as a lobbyist by Sulayman.  And Sulayman retained him to “create an autonomous Sunni region in Iraq or an independent Sunni State.”  In other words, destroy Iraq by formally creating and recognizing Sunni-Jihadi-stan.  Or a safe-zone for Sunni terrorists.  Or what it actually is, a caliphate.  It was recently written in the Washington Post that many Shia Iraqis harbor the conspiratorial belief the US created the Islamic State to destroy Iraq.  Conspiracy theory becomes conspiracy fact. 

h/t @pierpont_morgan

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nope-1004's picture

"Conspiratorial belief".... lmao.  Funny how that conspiracy always has some shred of truth to it.

Truth is treason in an empire of lies.

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Stainless Steel Rat (not verified) nope-1004 Dec 17, 2015 7:10 PM


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UN Security Council Will Adopt a Resolution to Disrupt ISIS Funds


...and we waited this long because.....????...15 months?..whatever/however fucking months of "bombing ISIS" and we never thought to cut off their money supply?

Where's jeb BUSH? PUT HIM IN OFFICE NOW!...Obama is Clueless...We need jeb BUSHs' "Global Coalition" to roll into Syria, kill everyone in sight and install "Freedom and Democracy"!

If jeb Bush doesn't ROLL NOW, those stupid fuckers at the UN, and that fucken dick Putin, will most likely render ISIS incapable of buying a fucking pair of Chinese knock-off Nikes let alone the military equipment necessary to fight jeb BUSH's "coalition" and make him look good on the world stage.

jeb BUSH 2016! YaFuckenHOO!

Oh, and hey, John Lurch Kerry...where the fuck have you been? Isn't dealing with those fucks at the UN your Job?

Well, that's enough for now, there's a squirrel in my yard again...I told that fucker yesterday to stay off my property, the son-of-a-bitch is back again today, diggin in my yard, I know the bastard is looking for my gold where's my gun!


Whoa Dammit's picture

I would love to know what knid of dirt Putin has on the Obama adminisration that he told Kerry & Newland about that made them roll over after the meeting in Moscow. It can't be 911 info, as they would just blame Bush. It probably isn't ISIS info, as the American public is ignoring the fact that the US hasn't really been going after ISIS. It can't be a new weapon or a military threat, otherwise Kerry would have just gotten belligerent and said that we won't be threatened. Ideas anyone?

Dickweed Wang's picture

Detroit is available


Seeing as you've probably never even been to Michigan, let alone Detroit, why don't you keep your fucking mouth shut.  Try not basing your opinions on what you see on teevee next time, o.k.?  And yeah, I live in the Detroit area . . . .

eforce's picture

You're just mad that your broke ass can't afford to move.

Charles Wilson's picture

That 'n Jerome and Renaldo don't make deliveries to Flatdik Kentucky.

Motasaurus's picture

JPM exposing the US? The US turning on Turkey? Saudi Arabia turning on the US? The US Fed upping rates?

I think London just called time on the current global makeup. Time for chaos. 

carlnpa's picture

Something about the planned Chinese Pearl Harbor?

Demdere's picture

MH17.  He has the intercepts showing they were trying to kill Putin's plane whichI read  was on some similar flight path.  Whatever the intent and my imagination of intercepts, Putin knows what happed to MH17, it is a clear coverup on our side, and it isn't mentioned much in anti-Russian propaganda even in the Ukraine.

Russia certainly had all of the radar info you could want to know what happened, no way they couldn't know.  So the real question is why the Ukraine-US-Nazis were so bold as to do that?

Hard to believe Russia would have believed the story if they had actually gotten Putin.'  OTOH Neuland and he CIA. Brennen visited some months before MH17...

o r c k's picture

If Putin can prove MH17 why doesn't he? Is he afraid of what might replace this administration when they are all in prison for mass murder? Could be.

beemasters's picture

"UN Security Council Will Adopt a Resolution to Disrupt ISIS Funds"

They thought they could stretch the charade longer but just realized many people ain't that stupid.

Demdere's picture

In his position, you might hoard the info, and releasing it yourself would make it suspect.  If he waits for the dutch to ask, it might change.  Dutch are pissed about the coverup.

HowdyDoody's picture

The Dutch case is extremely dodgy.

"The Australian Federal Police and Dutch police and prosecutors investigating the cause of the crash of Malaysian Airlines MH17 believe the Dutch Safety Board (DSB) has failed to provide “conclusive evidence” of what type of munition destroyed the aircraft, causing the deaths of 283 passengers and 15 crew on board"

The Australians are also up to their neck in the cover-up

"The Victorian state [of Australia] coroner Iain West (lead image) has concluded a 60-minute inquest into the deaths of Australians on board Malaysian Airlines MH17 by issuing a statement of findings contradicting the coroner’s own statements, as well as the evidence of reports from the Australian Federal Police (AFP) and courtroom testimony from the senior Australian police officer investigating the MH17 crash."

Evidence of Dutch Safety Board interfering with evidence - before and after reconstruction images of a bulkhead.


Zadig's picture

Horseface predicted that Russian "airplanes will fall out of the sky" and, voila, two soon did.  If one were cynical, they might assume that it wasn't a lucky guess.

Clear ISIS links would be very toxic too.  If the proles truly believe that Mordor creates the monsters they threaten them with, then Mordor is doomed.  Amusingly, it's also fatal for ISIS.  There's no glamour in becoming a zionist quisling.

TeamDepends's picture

Putin knows EVERYTHING about Barry. That's a lot of dirt.

Yes We Can. But Lets Not.'s picture

Yes.  Putin could ruin the fiction that is the Obama story.  It'll all come out post-presidency, but the present would be bad timing.

kralizec's picture

What a load of could the timing be bad?

If there was real dirt, he would have used it by now, hence, there is nothing new.

onthesquare's picture

Russia has been showing off the capabilities of their toys and some is pretty surprising.  The US may be having second thoughts or even third thoughts about sharing in those rich spoils (look under the ground) with the Russians.  Of course this is only a temporary foreign policy change.  It will be erroded in a short while.  The fact that old stone face Nuland is there is to help show Putin and company they are sincere.


on another note of interest uncle Gordy had an interesting show last night about something called "false flag" what ever that is but here believes that the pentegon has gone roug and that the old canary, mccain is running the show over there.

where is captain america?

FireBrander's picture

The USA, France, Nato, the fucken Russians...all jumping on the "Destroy ISIS bandwagon"....and now this!

"Hitler plans to join the fight against the ISIS"

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

o r c k's picture

Napolean is waiting his turn.

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

Is it actually a 'conspiracy' if everyone knows about it? Oh...wait....nearly everyone in America doesn't know about it, so it remains a 'conspiracy' discussed by 'theorists'.

NoDebt's picture

They don't need to hide this shit any more.  Threy can do it right under our noses and when discovered or "outed" the sheep are well conditioned to ignore information than does not conform to the approved narrative.

Bring the Gold's picture

This is almost as shocking as the discovery that Rick Blaine was allowing gambling in his establishment!!!

Urban Roman's picture

I'd think more of the ISIS guys would be jockeying for a desk job in Virginia.

Their current benefit package stinks, no pension and very limited healthcare.

Motasaurus's picture

But all the child sex slaves you could ever desire. 

I'd love to get a camera into one of their sex-slave auctions. I'd be willing to bet they're selling exclusively to the representatives of Western business and media personalities. 

beemasters's picture

Try sending the link to anyone you know. They will still think it a conspiracy theory despite the evidence(s).

Groundhog Day's picture

what ever happened to the good ol days of the Taliban and the northern alliance

Fear the Taliban

Fear the Northern Alliance

Fear the Al Qaida

Fear the Isis

Fear the ISIL

Fear the CIA

opps  scratch that

Bay of Pigs's picture

Funny, most of the GOP Presidential candidates I watched the other night didn't talk about or know any of this stuff.

We are truly fucked going forward in the USA.

FireBrander's picture


jeb BUSH wants to send a 100,000 soldiers into Syria to crush ISIS...never mind it's a fucken desert...cut off the food, the funds and the water and them ISIS bastards are dead in 3 months without a bullet fired....nope too simple..and we might starve "innocents"...bunch a fucknuts.

I don't really, I do, but I don't, expect any of these fucknuts to be that smart...but you'd think the "27 GENERALS" that are backing Bush would properly "advise him" on an easy win...guess "winning fast" isn't what they're looking for...

o r c k's picture

See some lies  Say some lies

Praeda2's picture

What are you saying goy? Jonathan Seth Greenhill is a good boy who did dun nuffin... for free.

stant's picture

A lot of us has k own this for a ong time

11b40's picture

Is this a joke?  A senior CIA agent posts this on LinkedIn?  Makes Idiocracy the movie look like a reality show.

Urban Redneck's picture

A "Senior Operations Officer" is not senior.

But yes, there is plenty of shit "hiding in plain sight".  Unfortunately, the masses have been well conditioned to incorrectly connect the dots.

Bring the Gold's picture

Weren't you just saying something about tin foil hatters in the other thread? Most of America considers this article to be tinfoil hat stuff for the reasons you so eloquently describe.

Urban Redneck's picture

I say very impolite things about Mad Tinfoil Haberdashers, Puti Trolls, PM Pimps, BitchCoin Shills, NeoAustrian Economists, DeepState Cockgobblers, Whackjob Headchoppers, Religious Fundamentalists and just about any other group that claims their golden calf is infallible and has all the answers.

Echo chambers bore me, and they don't provide anyone a greater understanding of the world around them.

Demdere's picture

Yes, they do. And we know why, our MSM and government lie to us with great volume, great elequence and great creativity.

They generate hatres and distractions endlessly, almost as if it is their job, as if someone were using our taxes against us.

And they intetntionally cause chaos and war throughout the world as  a way of distracting us, dividing us, and preventing us from focusing on the problem.

Israeli-Neocons are the existential threat to America.

If peace, they hang. Their can be no peace so long as they are in power, unhung.

CPL's picture

Sure.  Right after they tweet all the drug for guns transactions and post selfies on facebook with 13 year old thai lady-boys.  "What is UP Wegros!  ZOMG runnin crack for azz an' packin heat yo!  CIA IN THE Covert OP's HIS-OUSE!  Bitchez be proper hung!  Crunk...skeet skeet skeet!!"

DaveyJones's picture

..."a group of the same lineage as the Saudi terrorists responsible for 9/11"

this is one of the ways you answer your question

Zé Cacetudo's picture

Surprise, surprise!

css1971's picture

We really need to stop giving these people money.

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

"We really need to stop giving this scum Credit, and stop assuming the associated Debt-notes." 

FIFY. Just in case you were under the mistaken impression that said "Money" is backed by real cash or real collateral.

tenpanhandle's picture

This could be as fake as Obama's birth certificate.  No smoking gun here, maybe a dribbling water pistol.

Urban Redneck's picture

Not likely to fake, but very likely to be misinterperted.  ISIS was up & running a full year before Greenhill Group was established around September 2014.

From something posted a while back-

Your timeline for ISIS popping up out of the the blue is a bit aggressive.  ISIS has been around in the real (non-MSM) world for years.  The great question about ISIS is how exactly did they go about the very rapid transformation from a resistance movement to conquering and holding territory in the fall of 2013, during the Anbar "Re-Awakening" of the same guys David Betrayus was bribing with Americans' taxpayer dollars for his own political advancement, before Obozo kneecapped his ass and dropped him at the CIA...  Even if John Brennan flipped a switch as soon the false flags from Khan al-Assal and Ghouta started to fall apart in late 2013 and used the existing US-UK infrastructure that had been training and equipping the Syrian "resistance" since at least 2011 (if not 2009), he wouldn't have had time to "convert" ISIS in order to seize and hold Fallujah in December 2013 (right after the Islamic Front was born).

The Iran-Iraq-Syria pipeline was initially announced in July 2011, right as the Free Syrian Army was formed and right before Syrian National Council was formed in Turkey, then almost exactly two years later and six months before the fall of Fallujah, right as the Al Nusra-ISIS schism/merger & reverse-merger crap is coming to a head, Assad finally officially nixes a pipeline proposal that he never intended to build, but which would have benefited Turkey (obviously) and at the time announces that he will recommit to the Iran-Iraq-Syria pipeline and of course this was right after another round of rumors about finally repairing or rebuilding the Kirkuk–Baniyas oil pipeline along more or less the same route.  

So Fallujah falls and in the process a road block pops up right where two pipelines (one oil and one gas) need to cross, then when robbing banks that don't have their own presses ceases to pay the ISIS bills, ISIS makes a run for the border and the Syrian oil fields (having never succeeded in seizing the Kirkuk oil fields near Mosul).  So the manufactured "ISIS is somehow related to Assad" meme is really pushing the limits of human ignorance on multiple levels.

As long as a small oligarchy runs the handful of media outlets that comprise the MSM, no one with a sizable audience will seriously question the official narrative. 


The reason I think the timeline is a bit aggressive is because operation "Bomb Assad" had a green light until September (Kerry opened his mouth on September 9, which provided Lavrov with the opening to check him on September 14, and mated him on September 27 with UNSC 2118).  The ISIS/Al Nusra/Al Queda soap opera a few months earlier (Spring/Summer 2013) appears critical to ISIS's transformation in Nov/Dec 2013.  Someone cut a deal, cut some checks, and put some serious boots on the groundbased on the outcome of that spring schism.  ISIS almost overnight acquired actual urban combat and pacification skills, civil administration, propaganda... the whole package.  So someone with a lot of diverse resources at their disposal was watching that feud, the strange thing is that there aren't the usual tell tale DC puppet strings.  The Pentagon, Foggy Bottom, Langley they all likeconditionalities and the facade of control of the Beast (and this was before Obozo put Carter's micro-mismanagement skills to shame),and the end result is almost always a big government clusterfuck, just like the moderate "resistance" training.  Whereas with ISIS- it's like someone at the Pentagon actually took the leash off 5SFG and said "you guys know best, go do your thing, and don't bother checking in with us".  Hell hasn't frozen over, so there must to be someone else involved. 

Bring the Gold's picture

Fantastic post. It seems if it isn't the USSA it's got to be Tel Aviv or London. Right? I can't see how it's Russia or China. There aren't many governments that can pull that off

r0mulus's picture

They- "The Cabal"- operates under the guise of many nation states, of course. I would really caution against thinking of DC, London and Tel Aviv as separate or independent entities. They act in concert and have for a very long time.

emersonreturn's picture

WoW, urbanredneck, we've been waiting for you to tell us what you really think.  thank you.