"America's Ship Is Sinking" Former Bush Official Exposes The Unfixable Corruption Inside The Establishment

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"This ship is sinking," retired U.S. Army Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson tells Abby Martin, adding that "today the purpose of US foreign policy is to support the complex that we have created in the national security state that is fueled, funded, and powered by interminable war."

The former national security advisor to the Reagan administration, who spent years as an assistant to Secretary of State Colin Powell during both Bush administrations reflects on the sad but honest reflection on what America has become as he exposes the unfixable corruption inside the establishment and the corporate interests driving foreign policy.

"It's never been about altruism, it's about sheer power."

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stant's picture

Never meant to be a empire. Just a republic

runswithscissors's picture

The problem is folks allowed the empire to take over...now its more of a banana republic.


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What they would do to "the other" they would do to us.  Off-shoring US manufacturing jobs is as clear an example of this as I can think of.

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Republics are easy to corrupt.

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It is worth it to watch the entire interview, especially the very end.  He is asked what it would take to stop the bullshit, and he responded along the lines of "It would take a substantial minority, or even a majority of the people to stand up and say no more.  Does that mean revolution?  Possibly." 

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white americans, move to downtown Detroit.

jews move to Dearborn

that'll bring an end to the MIC


Transformer's picture

Palace Coup, Nov 22, 1963

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Funny how these types always become outspoken about the MIC or crony capitalism after they're retired.

beemasters's picture

Let's hope he will arrange to lead "a substantial minority, or even a majority of the people to stand up and say no more"....or it will be not more effective than rants/comments on ZH (yeah, sad but true).

Miles Ahead's picture

sad but true...

Sad?  What are comments on a blog site supposed to do?  Govern a society?  Start a revolution?  Did you actually think you were contributing something here besides whiling the time away in lieu of reading a book?  Sad, but true.

And "let's hope"?  Hope... that's your (y'alls) first problem.

beemasters's picture

Fair enough comment.
Personally, I'm doing what I can to pass the message on; perhaps it will hit the right note for the right people down the line. It's not easy when the majority is like you suggesting to look the other way and enjoy life (possibly by reading 50 shades??).

Lawrence Wilkerson was part of the establishment, so I do hold him responsible too to lead the change. Not everyone is a born leader. He seems to have what it takes....only if he truly means what he says.

I have my reservations too after hearing what he said. He didn't name names. It's difficult when they still cover each other's ass even after retirement or are still afraid for their own well-beings doing so.

Momauguin Joe's picture

End of life clarity, once they realize they can't take their ill gotten wealth to the other side. Die, you fuckers.

BarkingCat's picture

Yet Soros and Buffet are as evil as e ever. Probably more so now than before.

Tarzan's picture

"Funny how these types always become outspoken about the MIC or crony capitalism after they're retired."


Self preservation is a powerful motivator, especially when you have Family depending on you.  These guys who refuse to go quietly into the night, who sing to anyone willing to listen after they've broken free from the entanglements of their slavery, or "Job", are needed if we're ever going to expose the evil in Washington.

I for one am glad to see these insiders coming out and turning on the establishment after retirement.  I hope more of the Generals who Obama kicked to the curb during his purging of descent in the Military will throw caution to the wind and begin to expose the Truth about who manipulates and enslaves the People of the world!

Demdere's picture

I agree. Societies depend on their elders, people retired from active life and judging from wide experience, to point out these problems of direction and emphasis.

Our officer corp is silent.  The military didn't notice 9/11, the intelligence services didn't notice 9/11, the police forces didn't notice 9/11 all around the world.  Even after we have spent so much effort point it out.

This uniformity is the danger, how did we put such a mono-culture into our world?  Mono-cultures are susceptable to viruses and groupthink.

Take your kid out of school, give them a computer, stand by to help them grow up.  End the monoculture.

doctor10's picture

"..are still afraid for their own well-beings doing so."

Thats what the NSA spying thingy is all about

JRobby's picture

Unfixably peaceful means he meant to say?

Dr. Spin's picture


This dick like countless others is still pulling at the public teat.  To put it quite simply, we have a government we can no longer afford. 

Spoctor Din

NeedtoSecede's picture

1913 was a pretty bad year for the republic too...


Secession anyone?

Max Cynical's picture

Assad using chemical weapons on his people...BULLSHIT! He didn't believe it from the moment he heard it.

boattrash's picture

E.V.  Spot On! Probably one of the most well placed interviews I've seen in years.

I had my family down for an early Christmas (the oldest grandson stayed) and we will watch this Vid. together. It will be the basis of our conversation on the way home.

Yep, he got his XBox One, but it wasn't loaded with war games, as I just see those as a training tool of the MICC, in that they 1. teach the bravery of being out of range. 2. push the dehumanization of the "enemy".

Hell of it is, at 10 years of age, I bet he'll understand. So many 2, 3, 4, and even 5 times his age never will.

P.S. Thanks to Wifey for the reminder not to cave on my moral standard.

BarkingCat's picture

Don't worry, that Xbox will be filled with war games soon enough.
....and congratulations on giving money to one hell of an evil corporate entity.

boattrash's picture

You should see my check stubs. I give a shitload more $$ to a far more evil organization...

roddy6667's picture

Maybe someday we will see on the news that a division with tank and air support took over Washington and the White House, charging the Commander-In-Chief with treason. Don't hold your breath. Today's volunteer army is made up of the people who had no better option in life than the military. It's made up of poor white trash and ghetto blacks.

Miles Ahead's picture

And of course it should be made up of Decent White Folk and Blacks who are a credit to their race.  So I'm guessing you never supported any of the wars post WWII from your upper middle class loft.

Gazooks's picture

sadly, bullshit ends only with total human extinction



just like the 'market', the game's fundamentally rigged

WillyGroper's picture


IMO if folks had the essentials needed & literally boycotted spending so much as 1 red cent for a week, maybe 2, that alone would go further than any words spoken.

Don't feed the beast.

With blood nor fiat.

Crash Overide's picture

He is asked what it would take to stop the bullshit, and he responded along the lines of "It would take a substantial minority, or even a majority of the people to stand up and say no more.  Does that mean revolution?  Possibly."



I say no more... and I got all your backs for as long as I can hold the line.

I am done with the bullshit.

ToSoft4Truth's picture

There is no such thing as a “Republic”.

Who were the first to turn troops against the fledging Americans, the very ‘Founders of the ‘Republic’”, that’s who. 

monk27's picture

We are a republic all right. It's just that we also got a banana in front of it...

Urban Redneck's picture

That's what happens in a Republic.  Unfortunately, while better educated than today, the peanut gallery in 1786, were knuckle dragging troglodytes vis-a-vis the elite.  

A Republic is rule by the elite.  It has been for over 2000 years, and that did not fundamentally change during the Enlightenment.

The American Republic was founded by a faction of the Colonial elite.  

Until the masses successfully educate themselves (because the State WILL NOT) the elite will continue to rule.

People need to read actual texts (preferably annotated if they aren't literate in the language of the original text), and certainly not just summaries and interpretations contained in textbooks.  

Then they need to actually think and properly reason.

When you try and shortcut that process you wind up with teabaggers attributing the Constitution to divine intervention, and niggers, cunts and other SJW untermenschen who think that they will be the beneficiaries of an empowered State.


piratepiet2's picture

"People need to read actual texts"

Which texts would you recommend ? 

Urban Redneck's picture

If limited to one book, then Aristotle's Politikê (Politics).  It's expounds upon the arguably mistitled Republic of Plato.  Plato was actually a fascist, (and thus his idealized Politeia, was fascist, and strikingly similar to what the US has today) which probably explains why the disciples of Leo Strauss (both left & right, Jew & non-Jew alike) get so far with his nihilist interpretations, which also conveniently disregard the evidence the reason Machiavelli's Prince was written in Italian, instead of Latin, was because the work was satire (e.g. Rousseau's interpretation), and actually intended as a warning to the masses, as opposed to strictly a how to manual for the elite.  

The various definitions and usage of Politeia are critical though.  The Wikipedia link above is as fine as two minute introduction, but the various historical usages of politiea coupled with the limitations of available corresponding words in Latin or English plague translations of both Plato and Aristotle.  Plato's ideal politeia was a benevolent oligarchy for the common good, Aristotle's response was that the ideal politeia was a benevolent democracy for the common good (the notion of universal suffrage did not exist in Ancient Greece, so the pool of voters was smaller).  

So in modern English we have a word from Latin (Republic) that was used to translate benevolent oligarchy, but no word for benevolent democracy, and in fact Democracy has been systematically denigrated as mob rule, when a prerequisite for that actually is actually democracy in pursuit of self interest, whereas oligarchy in pursuit of self interest gets a pass from those who control the education of the masses.

SgtShaftoe's picture

Seneca is far better reading than Plato.  The readings of Cicero are also pretty good. 

piratepiet2's picture

Thank you. I will have a look at that book.  I am not really schooled in the subject matter, but I have come to understand that "democracy" has a different meaning for different people.  While the elites present democracy to the common people as an end, in reality for them it does not seem to be an end but a means.  Basically, the end is to obtain or retain power, and the democracy narrative forms part of the legitimization process that is required to reach that end. 

(just realise that to many old cunning bastards around here this probably sounds like a child calling out Santa Claus for a fake). 

(Btw, great website archives.org, is new to me )


Ghordius's picture

UR's advice is very good. don't agree with everything, but generally... yes

ancient Athens is a very good ancient example of why democracy has a different meaning. because you had to belong to the "Demos", first

roughly 100'000 souls in total, the question of the demos was how many. ranging from 400 to 4'000 to 20'000 being allowed to vote

that you had to be free, male and adult, on this everybody agreed. but you had to be useful for war, too. and a marine power needed... rowers

Urban Redneck's picture

Ghordius' insight below is also very important neither "Democracy" nor "Republic" nor "Constitution" belong to the United States of America... alone.

My interest lies in starting with the valid critiques of the American founding fathers and their work and tracing the evolution of process through the rise of the Federal government and its capture and manipulation by monied interests to the corporatist mliitarist empire that is basically unrestrained in the US today.  So there's material I'm leaving out (including most of the Enlightenment), and I'm oversimplifying the classics in a particular fashion (although IMO better than the publisher's of Cliff's Notes oversimplify).    

Miss Expectations's picture

The Newburgh Incident

In 1783, with the Revolutionary War nearly over, the American dream of an independent republic almost died at the hands of the army that fought for it. While Continental Army officers waited in camp at Newburgh, New York, for negotiators to end the conflict, their long-simmering frustration with Congress finally boiled over. Anger swept through the corps from the lieutenants to the generals. These men had had enough—enough of inedible rations, inadequate clothing and supplies, and, most important, years of foregoing pay. A coup was in the making. Even the British knew it. As one of their spies reported, military contempt for congressmen meeting in Philadelphia was so fierce that the army was “ripe for annihilating them.”


StychoKiller's picture

Democracies are even easier!

conscious being's picture

I was looking for a place to say the same thing Stycho. That's why the FF's started off with a republic, which the banksters have gradually whittled down to mob rule by a dependent majority of LIVs, Low Information Voters.

Urban Redneck's picture

You fundamentally misunderstand the means of control.  Mob Rule is the antithesis of what the elite seek.  Their designs benefit from an ignorant citizenry, but their designs are WHOLLY DEPENDENT UPON A FUNCTIONING REPUBLIC

conscious being's picture

Take it easy with the fundumentally misunderstands. You fundimentally misunderstand pendantic.

Mob rule via LIVs is the banksters beard.

Urban Redneck's picture

I don't think the fundamental power structure in society is pedantic.  The mob does not rule.  It is a puppet of the elite for waging intra-class warfare against political opposition.  The same as it has been for thousands of years.  The fucktards in the mob not realizing they are being played is why we have one party corporatist rule today.  Little Barry, who couldn't even make partner in an irrelevant law firm in Chicago sues Citibank to give the niggers cheaper houses, then he lets Linda Green take whatever minuscule equity the fools thought they had built.  Then the mob clamors for free healthcare, and suffocates under increased taxes.  The other side is just as gullible, they clamor for an end to State propaganda masquerading as education and get "no child left behind" edumacation, and corporatist fascist Chief Justice.  Organized Labor, however, is the biggest bunch of fuckwits, they actually have a seat at the table, and in return for wielding the mob relatively successfully, they have gotten NAFTA, TPP and TTIP.  The elite rule, the mob are slaves.   

conscious being's picture

Go take a look at Ukraine. Specificly, the bankster financed Maidan mob. SOP, except a little too obvious.

Urban Redneck's picture

Neither George Soros, nor Victoria Nuland is a member of the Maidan mob.  Poroshenko is a slave to his creditors, and his creditors aren't interested in distributing their wealth to the untermenshen.  Which reduces the various factions in western Ukraine to distributing table scaps to mobilize their respective mobs for political advantage.  Who gave the order to shoot?  In my experience that order has always come from a member of the political elite trying to achieve political ends, not a member of the mob.  I see no evidence that Ukraine was any different.   

conscious being's picture

"Neither George Soros, nor Victoria Nuland is a member of the Maidan mob." Huh? What constitutes 'part of the mob'? Does picking the winners, the strategy and handing out cookies count? You're not a bankster shill are you? Nuland/Soros et.al. orchestrate the mob and use it as a tool to further the bankster cause. Surely you can figure that out? The new mob installed government, ie. From a Soros color revolution wiil for example create a central bank as part of the BIS system if such bank did not exist pre-mob. Yes or no?

One person's wealth transfer is another's subsistence bread crumbs. The mob or untermenschen as you call them get peanuts, not wealth so they are always dependent and ready to explode when necessary. What is an EBT card?

This is not hard to understand. It's at least as old as the Romans. You have heard of 'Bread and circus' haven't you?

Urban Redneck's picture

No, they are not part of the mob.  They do not act for the mob's benefit.  They act for their own benefit.  The mob a tool, and a means to achieve an end.  Whether a BIS member central bank exists in Ukraine is irrelevant, the corporatist goal in Ukraine is expropriation under the guise of fighting corruption, and then resale of heavily discounted assets through corruption, same as it always is (see comments  5368754 & 5369621 since Tyler's craptastic archiving process ate a more explicit summary of Soros MO in Guinea)  Greece already has central bank that is a shareholder in the BIS, so membership cannot be the determinative motivation.    

Mob rule is ochlocracy (there actually an esoteric English word, which Ghordius could likely provide the Latin root of, hence my oversimplification above).  Plato was all for rule by philosopher kings (aka technocrats)- Krugman, Bernanke, Brzezinski, Perle, et al. would be philosopher kings in Plato's contemporary Republic.  The death of Socrates drove Plato to despise Democracy and declare it to inevitably end in ochlocracy.  However, Socrates (an oligarch and philosopher king himself) was judged guilty by jury of hundreds of Demos out of a citizenry of only a few thousands.  Paul Cartledge actually puts forth a strong argument that the conviction of Socrates was anything but mob rule, regardless of his previous incidents of offending other oligarchs.  

Ghordius's picture

if republics are "easiest to corrupt" and democracies are "even easier", then tyrannies (aka absolute monarchies without religious setup) are the easiest, then you have to corrupt ony... one

the debate on this is really old, already the ancient Greeks and Persians were engaged in it, see Plato's works

the one, the few, the many. those categories denote by whom the whole is ruled... without taking the law into account

independently from that, the Rule of Law... (instead of the Rule of Men) trascends all that, aided by the concept of a constitution with a bill of rights equivalent

corruption is always present in human affairs. the question is how much. a sole supreme ruler has to fight corruption as much as an oligarchy or a People ruling supreme

meanwhile it's still a republic based on a constitution, the rule of law and democratic principles with an alert and franchised electorate that has the best chances to keep corruption in check

why? well, easy: an absolute ruler can only be at one place at the same time. similarly, oligarchs are limited, being few, by definition

is only the (co-sovereign, republican and democratic) citizen that is ubiquitous, and can remind the servant of the state, the civil servant that he is his servant, too

of course this needs the right... attitude. paired with the right knowledge, and some willingness to shoulder the workload of the whole

a properly and throughly indoctrinated consumer... is too lazy for that. and so happy to have someone else to shoulder that burden

so the whole fight about the one, the few or the many is about... citizenship. one citizen, few citizens, many citizens. it is about how many... care