Feudalism: Then & Now

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The complicated financial landscape today has made everyone "slaves to the central bank" while ordinary people have found themselves stuck in debt, and spending all they have just to get by.



As SHTFPlan.com's Mac Slavo concludes,

The few who are able to save at all have lost value by saving during extended periods of ZIRP and have instead been sidelined as hedge funds and Wall Street bankers have used virtually free money to buy up assets – like houses – which force the middle class types to rent rather than buy. 


It is truly a vicious cycle, and it will leave humanity at the bottom again, reversing all the gains of the 1776 revolution – as we are all serfs now.

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Forgot the aliens at the tippy top, dawg!

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That's why it adds up to more than 100%

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Too small to count. Hence the name "Small Business" otherwise its only good to provide jobs and pay high taxes.

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Stainless Steel Rat (not verified) WayBehind Dec 21, 2015 11:57 PM

Except two points... 1.) Now with BYOL (bring your own ladder) and 2.) Murder-free mobility!

Seriously, though. We need to establish a worldwide labor backed currency. (Built-in minimum wage!)

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Where we can trade copper, grain, etc. globally then we need a market to trade labor hours. Then when you make a product or do work the labor charge is compared globally.

I can compete on all the Chinese do but one thing, the cost of living. Copper is a global price but labor is being used by nations to undermine in one sense and ensure work in another sense.

Hence the Chinese buisness offficial a couple of years back clearly stated, not turning the machines on and keep people working by hand keeps them employed. At the cost of all those in the west because we could not do the work for their minimum wage and earn enough to live.

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"Small business owners?"

Big corporations don't want mom n pop stores providing personalized services as competition.

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Yep. "Small Business" owner here.  About a Million in sales per year.  I pay F'in 40% in taxes to the parasites - they get my money while I do the hard work and take the risks.

F' that.  I got rid of my employees, down sized.  Go fishing alot.  Quality of life baby.  Have you noticed all the small businesses going out of business in the smaller towns and cities?

You can rot on the vine for all I care now.  I did my part, was punished for it.  F' you.

Small businesses are the innovators, the employers, the tax payers.  It's all swirling down the toilet 'cause we are going Galt.

Good luck!

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This chart is incorrect.  The monarchy, clergy (Vatican Wealth), Rothschild tentacles plus minions,,,,,are still at the top of the puppet strings, same as it ever was for centuries.  This chart is faulty.  It assigns "power" to echelons that are really only controlled puppets.

On one side of this chart it proposes that now corporates are feudalizing society.  Look to the other side of the chart and follow the money

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world is still in the clutches of the same inbred families full of psychopaths and parasites, that have been cheating, stealing, lying and causing murder and violence on large scale throughout the history of mankind

nothing short of thorough genetic purge is going to change that because they will always find lackeys ready to betray the rest of honest people for some chump change or pointless "privilege"

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The Bernanke's picture does not belong at the top.  The guys who own the central banks are the ones in charge.  The Bernanke and Old Yellen are court jesters.

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And then follow the money as to whom it is that owns the banks that OWN the FED and all Central banking....follow the money as to who controls this world, it's finances, it's natural resources (which are now being manipulated down to fire sale prices, (see Greece)....follow the money.  It leads to very narrow places and anything below that is simply a well-paid puppet.

It is not an easy trail to follow as corporate shares disguised in trusts and shadow private corporations evade tracing.  Look at Vatican banking, Look at House of Rothschild. Look at MS. Queen Bee tLizzie and her hunting, murderous husband, Look at OLD and Older money that has learned to hide from view.  And has spread tentacles throughout every country, every corporation. every political system, every supposed NGO, every THINK tank, every university, every scholarship, every media outlet, every award ceremony.....but is INVISIBLE.


And who gives one flying frig if the evil is preverted Jew or self-created Church of England or Roman Catholic guilt merchants or Muslim hypocrite???  There is a far more common thread of corrupting greed and power and FEAR of having it all taken away,

That is what the "common people" need to tap into.  The fear that this garbage of greed can be taken away.  And justice may be served with the same kindness as waterboarding, droning, hanging, and trial with no representation can offer.




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PoasterToaster (not verified) Dec 21, 2015 8:42 PM

What will it take to destroy the Federal Reserve?

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An alternative store of value or medium of exchange which bypasses the USD.  Then the Fed becomes irrelevant.

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You missed one important difference: noblesse oblige. Since the hierarchy on the left was divinely ordered with every person performing a vital role assigned by God, one owed not only deference and obedience to those above but care and protection to those below.

Whereas today's system is a "meritocracy", so anyone below you is a dirty lazy fuck who should have studied harder in school.

LetThemEatRand's picture

Very important point.  And in some respects, you just summed up my user name.   

newbie vampire's picture

"Whereas today's system is a "meritocracy", so anyone below you is a dirty lazy fuck who should have studied harder in school."

Today's system is not a meritocracy.  Today's system is servitute in polite terms but in truth more like slavery.  It is designed to put and keep the greater majority in unrepayable debt for the rest of a person's life.

How does anyone get ahead when we are reduced to running for the next paycheck just to survive ?

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"I resemble that remark!*

* First said by Dr. (Hawkeye) Pierce, on MASH 4077

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Actually used long before MASH on Vaudeville and by Curly of the Three Stooges: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tEM7I5VSVjY among others...

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--------- (not verified) Dec 21, 2015 8:55 PM



where do we put the orthodox welfare abusing jews?


i heared many people referring them to animals like tapewroms or rats. it seems its fitting quite well

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You forgot leeches, locus and cockroaches!!! 

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Dumb. And wrong. Totally ignorant of how feudalism developed. This would have you believe feudalism was some sort of theocratic absolute monarchy. Anything but.

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Rothschilds are the .00000000000000000000000000001% and then there is everyone else.

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--------- (not verified) FreeShitter Dec 21, 2015 9:09 PM

it would mean the population on this planet is 100000000000000000000000000000 people

thats wrong. as far as know only 3 million people live on this planet

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That's okay. The dumbasses in charge have decided to reverse the flow of historical progression and do a medieval repeat. On the long way to the bottom we're going to hit tiny little snag though...



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Welcome to the Plantation serfs! 

Kiss Jaimie Dimon's ass on your way to work -and Bernanke's, and Yellen's, and Corzine's, and nearly every member of the Supine Court and the CONgress!

It could be worse, you might not have flushing toilets!

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Rent's due on the 1st suckers.  Property taxes too.

Enjoy your serfdom, especially that which is enforced by the military and militarized police.

Where's my safe space?

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We were just talking about this on another thread.  Isn't the International Bank of Settlements at the pinnacle of the pyramid?  The multinationals and the alphabet agencies are just tools because the banks can pull their cards right?  Although some of the families are certain to be involved in these corporations as well. The same would go for politicians and militaries, they're tools.  The CBs are run by commercial banks that are supposedly their shareholders right?  The British Royals and dual citizens are involved for sure.  

So we just need to know who controls the top three portions of the pyramid, arrest them, find the rest and then jab them with needles to find out if they are all related (last part is to satisfy curiousity).   

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Who's going to tell you who's behind the scenes?  Who's going to arrest those who butter their bread?  And besides, there's plenty of sociopaths waiting in line patiently (or not so patiently) to take their place.  The only way to reduce the influence of The Great Red Dragon is NOT to feed it.  Do the best you can NOT to do business with sociopaths.  If you don't know what a sociopath is, then learn, damn it.  If there's a sociopath at the top of the business, don't do business with any agent of that business.  Perhaps the masses just aren't capable.  Then it's their bloodline that doesn't succeed, and the sociopaths grow ever larger in number.  

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   Here's some feudalisms, central bank, last gasps> WTF?

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Its a riot.. Uneasy calm awaiting lift-off or calibrating the leverage ratio news headlines.



I deleted my BIS email this morning. Didn't want to get pissed off this morning. Cannot provide today's links. A new set tomorrow.


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Always kept my ZH identity. Big Black!

Posted this link long ago, perhaps you understand now.

We love our country, we can shoot bullets or hire a leader named Trump. Establishment is gone whether you vote Democrat or Republication.

Big Black - Bad Houses - YouTube



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Now that song is SICK!     :)

Nice, but I ain't going there...

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i grew up in a time and place. Wonder if this old man lifestyle would of been different had not experiericing this road in my younger life. No drugs, just pure politicial exposure while stage diving or moshing.

I grew up with daily dinner discussions on politics as a child. It drove me insane, I respect those pointed topics today. you don't forget them... regret asking questions as a child. Grew up in a very hardcore Republican home.

Just imagine when Jimmy Carter became elected. It was a massive meltdown in are family household.



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I guess they know, I'm not no company man, but I can pull on the ropes, kill like hell, well as any other fucker can.

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Same as it ever was

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Funny how everyone has decended for thousands of years to only be in the same spot... 

GRDguy's picture

Geez, somebody has to create the REAL wealth  to be taken by lyin' stealin' and killin', right up the ramp.  And by the way, the ramp up to the top are just agents of The Great Red Dragon (Serpent, Snakes In Suits, etc.) 

Mediocritas's picture

I would say that the Clergy are the Economists and Mass Media. 

onmail1's picture

At the same time

Immorality rules at the helm

Homosexuality , drugs , perversion, legalized corruption

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You people are naive or seriously deluded, if you think that this is anything but a global trend.

The Central Bankers and the Top 1% are all in the same Club, no matter in what country they live.

The apparent discord among world leaders may be just for show, to keep the 99% from revolting.

The only way to determine this, is by empirical data, whereby you record and analyze the impact that discord or proxy wars have on the 0.01%, i.e. on the billionaire-class captains of industry and on the bankers.

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Lagarde is in the doghouse. IMF cunt from France. Watch this story unfold.

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Meh; acknowledge the illusion. K, so you have a permanent and hereditory slavery at the bottom. Then you have a "middle class" of civil servants. Then you have an elite who own the means of production, the good lands and the military. During the preceding 200 years there was a notion of the possibility of social mobility. Now, let's face it. The gas bags who post on here so much are probably holding onto all they have that is left over: a fucking forum.

Middle class implies a group of people with a buffer zone between the haves and the scumbags with signs outside of walmart that say "Broke, Hungry, Travelling". Perhaps after being screamed at for a cigarette I ought to have pulled the car over and beaten the ever-loving shit out of this guy on principal. But that is my buffer zone. So fuck off.

If you haven't figured it out by now, scraping by and hitting bottom is all you're gonna do. Unless you want to start something. Quit being a bunch of bitches. There never was any middle class unless it was permitted and lucrative. Since then, mommy and daddy go to work, the family is destroyed, schools parent your children and indoctrinate them and then you get to come home and watch your big Televisions. Middle class... As we all know but won't admit, we all ascribe to be higher than we really are. We need someone else to take out the trash so we can feel good about ourselves.

Fuck you.

Happy Kwanza!

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We are all serfs now.


No, you are not.  However, if you simply, regularly or automatically obey the predators-that-be, effectively you live like a serf.  But remember, you decided to obey them.

Human life always and inherently involves varying degrees of risk.  If you lived in the extreme boonies of the americas in the 1500s, you were free (not a serf).  But being free sure as hell doesn't make your life risk free.  The abundance of wild animals was quite a risk.  The abundance of germs combined with lack of antibiotics was quite a risk.  And so forth.

The fact is, no human has ever been a slave or a serf.  However, pretty much all humans have always been claimed to be a slave or serf of one or many human predators.

A claim is not reality.

A claim does not create reality.

A claim does not turn fiction into real.


And so, as a practical matter, for thousands of years, every human on the planet has been claimed to be a slave or serf by one or more power-drunk human predators.

Yet no human has actually been a slave or serf, and none ever will be.

To repeat: a claim does not create reality, and a claim is not reality.

No way exists for a human to become a slave or serf.  But every human who ever lived has been told endless times they must obey someone or many someones.  Since most humans are insane and stupid, they come to believe this nonsense, actually consider themselves slaves or serfs, and thus behave as if they are slaves and serfs.


If some human comes up to you, points a gun at your head, and demands you obey his demands... you are indeed at risk.  However, you are not a slave or serf, because that is impossible (the very notion is inherently fiction).  If you obey this human predator to hopefully avoid being shot in the head, that does not make you a slave or serf.  Your response to the situation is simply a response to a situation.  Period.

And when you later encounter that same human predator, draw your gun and point at his head, and tell him to drop his weapon... that does not make him your slave or serf either.  Or if you just shoot him in the head from behind, that doesn't make him your slave or serf either, it just makes him dead.

The entire notion of slave and serf is insane... stark, raving, wacko insane.  No possible way exists, or can exist, for a human to own another human.

My bottom line is this.  The appropriate (as in "sane") way to think about anyone and everyone who might consider or claim you as their slave or serf (or demand you obey) is precisely the same as any potential risk.  Consider ways to evade, avoid or eliminate the risk... then choose whichever action makes the most sense.

To say this in a more generic way that applies to just about every situation in life, think this way.  All that exists is you and the universe.  How you deal with that universe is up to you.  Choose wisely.  And while you're choosing, ignore fictions... because they don't freaking exist.

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Very insightful comment.  Thank you.  Just realize the systems in place today collect labor through the tollbooths on financial capital.  Be aware of the 8  forms of capital and avoid the tollbooths.