Germans Scramble To Buy Weapons Amid Nationwide Spike In Migrant-Driven Crime

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Submitted by Soeren Kern via The Gatestone Institute,

  • The scramble to acquire weapons comes amid an indisputable nationwide spike in migrant-driven crime, including rapes of German women and girls on a shocking scale, as well as physical assaults, stabbings, home invasions, robberies and burglaries — in cities and towns throughout the country.

  • German authorities, however, are going to great lengths to argue that the German citizenry's sudden interest in self-defense has nothing whatsoever to do with mass migration into the country, despite ample evidence to the contrary.

  • The spike in violent crimes committed by migrants has been corroborated by a leaked confidential police report, which reveals that a record-breaking 38,000 asylum seekers were accused of committing crimes in the country in 2014. Analysts believe this figure — which works out to more than 100 crimes a day — is only a fragment: many crimes are not reported.

  • "Anyone who asks for the reasons for the surge in weapons purchases encounters silence."Süddeutsche Zeitung

Germans, facing an influx of more than one million asylum seekers from Africa, Asia and the Middle East, are rushing to arm themselves.

All across Germany, a country with some of the most stringent gun-control laws in Europe, demand is skyrocketing for non-lethal self-defense weapons, including pepper sprays, gas pistols, flare guns, electroshock weapons and animal repellants. Germans are also applying for weapons permits in record numbers.

The scramble to acquire weapons comes amid a migrant-driven surge in violent crimes — including rapes, robberies and aggravated assaults — in cities and towns throughout the country.

German authorities, however, are going to great lengths to argue that the German citizenry's sudden interest in self-defense has nothing whatsoever to do with mass migration into the country, despite ample evidence to the contrary.

In recent weeks, German newspapers have published dozens of stories with headlines such as: "Germany is Afraid — And Grabs for the Weapon," "Germans are Arming Themselves: The Demand for Weapons Explodes," "More and More People are Buying a Weapon," "Security: Hands Up!" "The Need for Security Increases," "Boom in Weapons Stores," and "Bavarians are Arming Themselves— Afraid of Refugees?"

The German daily newspaper Die Welt recently produced a video report about Germany's surge in sales of self-defense weapons, which was titled "The Weapons Business is Profiting from the Refugee Crisis." (Image source: Die Welt video screenshot)

Since Germany's migration crisis exploded in August 2015, nationwide sales of pepper spray have jumped by 600%, according to the German newsmagazine, Focus. Supplies of the product are now completely sold out in many parts of the country and additional stocks will not become available until 2016. "Manufacturers and distributors say the huge influx of foreigners in recent weeks has apparently frightened many people," Focus reports.

According to KH Security, a German manufacturer of self-defense products, demand is up by a factor of five, and sales in September 2015 — the month when the implications of German Chancellor Angela Merkel's open-door migration policy began to dawn on many Germans — were the highest since the company was founded 25 years ago. The company says there is an increased demand not only for self-defense weapons, but also for home alarm systems.

Another manufacturer of self-defense products, the Frankfurt-based company DEF-TEC Defense Technology, has reported a 600% increase in sales this fall. According to CEO Kai Prase:

"Things took off beginning in September. Since then, our dealers have been totally overrun. We have never experienced anything like this in the 21 years of our corporate history. Fear: This is not rational. The important term is: 'refugee crisis.'"

The same story is being repeated across Germany. According to the public broadcaster, Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk, citizens in Saxony can regularly be seen queuing up in large numbers waiting for gun shops to open.

A store owner in the Saxon town of Pirna said he is now selling up to 200 cans of pepper spray each day, compared to five cans a week before the migrant crisis began. He said he is seeing many new customers who are not the typical clientele, including women of all ages and men who are buying weapons for their wives.

Günter Fritz, the owner of a gun shop in Ebersbach, another town in Saxony, told RTL News, "Since September, all over Germany, also at my shop, sales of self-defense products have exploded." He added that his clients come from all walks of life, ranging "from the professor to the retired lady. All are afraid."

Andreas Reinhardt, a gun shop owner in the northern German town of Eutin, said he now sells four to five self-defense weapons each day, compared to around two per month before the recent influx of asylum seekers. "The current social upheaval is clearly driving the current rush to self-defense," he said. "I never thought that fear would spread so quickly," he added.

Eric Thiel, the owner of a gun shop in Flensburg, a city on the Baltic Sea coast, said that pepper spray is no longer available: "Everything is sold out. New supplies will not arrive until March. Everything that has to do with self-defense is booming enormously."

Wolfgang Mayer, the owner of a gun shop in Nördlingen, a town in Bavaria, said he has an explanation for the surge in gun licenses: "I think with the influx of refugees, the rise in break-ins and the many tricksters, the people are demanding greater protection."

Mayer added that there is a growing sense within German society that the state cannot adequately protect its citizens and therefore they have to better protect themselves. "Since the summer, sales of pepper spray have increased by 50%," Mayer said, adding that buyers are mainly women, of all ages — from the student in the city up to the widowed grandmother.

Pepper spray and other types of non-lethal self-defense weapons are legal in Germany, but a permit is required to carry and use some categories of them. Officials in all of Germany's 16 federal states are reporting a spike in applications for such permits, known as the small weapons license (kleinen Waffenschein).

In the northern German state of Schleswig-Holstein, nearly 10,000 people now hold a small weapons license, an "all-time record level," according to the regional interior ministry. Retailers in the state are also reporting an "unprecedented surge" in sales of self-defense weapons, with supplies of pepper spray sold out until the spring of 2016.


In Saxony, retailers are reporting an unprecedented boom in sales of pepper spray, tear gas, gas pistols and even cross bows. Some stores are now selling more self-defense weapons in one day than they did in an entire month before the migrant crisis began.


Saxon officials are also reporting a jump in the number of people applying for the full-fledged firearms license (großen Waffenschein). The rush to arms can be attributed to a "subjective decline in the people's sense of security," Saxon Interior Minister Markus Ulbig said.


In Berlin, the number of people holding a small weapons license increased by 30% during the first ten months of 2015 compared to the same period in 2014, while the number of those holding the full-fledged firearms license jumped by some 50%, according to local police.


In Bavaria, more than 45,000 people now hold a small weapons license, 3,000 more than in 2014. This represents a "significant increase," according to the regional interior ministry. As in other parts of Germany, Bavarian retailers are also reporting a boom in sales of self-defense weapons, including gas pistols, flare guns and pepper spray.


In Stuttgart, the capital city of Baden-Württemberg, local gun shops are reporting a four-fold increase in sales of self-defense weapons since August. One shop owner said she now sells more weapons in one week than she normally sells in one month. She added that she has never seen such high demand.


In Heilbronn, another city in Baden-Württemberg, local officials report that sales of pepper spray have doubled in 2015. According to one shopkeeper, the demand for pepper spray began surging in August, when many mothers started purchasing the product for their school-aged daughters. "Our clients are extremely afraid," the shopkeeper said. "We are seeing this everywhere."


In Gera, a city in Thuringia, local media reported that at one store, the entire inventory of 120 cans of pepper spray was sold out within three hours. The store, which subsequently sold out of another batch of 144 cans, is now on a waiting list to obtain more because of supplier shortfalls.

A woman in Gera who bought pepper spray for her 16-year-old daughter said:

"I think it is fundamentally proper for me to protect my daughter. She is at that age where she is out alone in the evening. If she says she needs this for protection, I think this is not unjustified. Of course, due to the current situation that we now have in Germany. We just do not know who is here. There are quite a lot of people who are not registered."

The same trend toward self-defense is being repeated in the German states of Brandenburg, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Saxony-Anhalt and North Rhine-Westphalia, where spiraling levels of violent crime perpetrated by migrants is turning some neighborhoods into no-go zones.

Apologists for mass migration are accusing German citizens of overreacting. Some point to recent studies — commissioned by pro-migration groups — which claim, implausibly, that the number of crimes committed by migrants is decreasing, not increasing.

Others deny that the rush to self-defense has anything to do with migrants at all. They blame a variety of different factors, including the early darkness associated with the end of daylight savings time, the jihadist attacks in Paris (which occurred in November, three months after sales of self-defense weapons began to spike), and the need for protection from wild wolves in parts of northern Germany.

The Süddeutsche Zeitung described the deception this way:

"Anyone who asks for the reasons for the surge in weapons purchases encounters silence. Officially, the regulatory agencies say that anyone who applies for the small weapons license does not need to provide a justification and therefore the government offices have no explanation. 'But it is true that sometimes we clearly get the message that they are afraid because of the refugees,' says one, on condition that his name and office will not be mentioned in the newspaper. 'People have already told me: I want to protect my family.' We have reported this to the Ministry...


"The retailers also say nothing officially about the reasons for the increase in sales. Call a small gun shop. Many refugees arrived at the end of August, and since September the numbers are up, can there not be a connection? 'If you do not use my name: Sure, what else?' Says the man on the phone. The people who come to the store are afraid. They believe that among the refugees there are 'black sheep.' Some customers openly admit it."

Empirical evidence shows an indisputable nationwide spike in migrant-driven crime, including rapes of German women and girls on a shocking scale, as well as sexual and physical assaults, stabbings, home invasions, robberies, burglaries and drug trafficking.

The spike in violent crimes committed by migrants has been corroborated by a confidential police report leaked to a German newspaper. The document reveals that a record-breaking 38,000 asylum seekers were accused of committing crimes in the country in 2014. Analysts believe this figure — which works out to more than 100 crimes a day — is only a fragment: many crimes are not reported.

Not surprisingly, a new poll shows that 55% of Germans are pessimistic about the future, up from 31% in 2014 and 28% in 2013. The poll shows that 42% of those between the ages of 14 and 34 believe their future will be bleak; this is more than double the number of those (19%) who felt this way in 2013. At the same time, 64% of those aged 55 and above are fearful about the future.

The poll also shows that four-fifths (79%) of the German population believe the economy will deteriorate in 2016 due to the financial burdens created by the migration crisis, and 70% believe that member states of the European Union will drift further apart in the coming year. The most predictable finding of all: 87% of Germans believe their politicians will experience a decline in public support during 2016.

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--------- (not verified) Dec 21, 2015 10:48 AM

no need to mention the daily rape rate in germany rose 600% this year alone

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F E A's what's on the menu, boys

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Merkel, singlehandedly, has turned Germany into the Arab’s Lebensraum (the Living Space).

Poor Germans! They better start learning Arabic and the Sharia Law, ‘cause soon they’ll be living in the German Caliphate, because of Merkel’s ambitions to become the UN’s Secretary General.

If they think that the Bundestag building, the Reichstag, cannot be turned into a mosque, they should think again. The largest mosque in Istanbul, the Süleymaniye Mosque, is a former Christian patriarchal basilica Hagia Sophia.


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"We're all preppers now."

- Richard M. Nixon (adapted)

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And this, dear Germans, is why you do not support Globalist puppets like Merkel.

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Germany is the 3D printing capital of the world. You can bet your ass there's a lot of printers humming right now and they're not printing Christmas toys. I can't wait to see what new designs come up.

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Strange how when the SHTF Europeans suddenly start acting just like Americans.

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Yesserie ...  Even the Progressive belatedly admits he needs a gun after the cops don't appear before his dog is killed in front of his children, the children are raped and vivisected in front of his wife, his wife is raped and tortured in front of him just as his head is being sawn from his body.

                               Captian America 2016

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The people buying these weapons may think they are preparing to fight the invaders.

However the invaders are instruments of their own governments' policies.

The people are fighting their governments.

Civil war in Germany has begun.

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LowerSlowerDelaware_LSD (not verified) MalteseFalcon Dec 21, 2015 11:58 AM

Long SWHC, long RGR.

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time to fight for whats yours europe, ship the invaders and their supporters back to the broken lands they came from and created. or end up like the american indian.

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Armies of Muslim civilians forced on Christian civilians and Christian armies forced on Muslim civilians.

Can't be good for either of us. Can't blame the muzzas we were quite happy fucking goats on mountains.

Who is doing this? White people rule the world. Not us.

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"Who is doing this? White people rule the world. Not us."


Don't let the skin tone fool you...

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I don't. I very well know what is going on. As I've said on here before - there is no hope but Jesus; who contrary to your beliefs was one of us. Not a white Khazar crypto jew.

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Vitamin D deficiency causes mental issues, such as psychossis and dementia. 

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Halt!  .. or I'll spray.

That just doesn't do it for me.

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Turks are Arabs.



I'm not a Christian. I'm a German living in America. None of you invaders would last a day against any of the Germans here. 

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None of you invaders would last a day against any of the Germans here. 

I'm not doubting that. I saw what you did to the mighty jews. I also saw what the mighty Russians did to you. And i'm watching what the mighty jews are doing to you right now.

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Follow your own religion for a start. I never understood why you would give up val halle and shit. Sounds quite cool to me. Get drunk, fight and then fuck... with the odd human sacrifice here and there.

Keep the Turks though.


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That you call them "Mighty Jews" says everything. Liars have no strength, that is why they are liars. Because they are fucking weak. 


Go suck some circumsized dick, because if we Germanics fall, that is all you will be doing. 


It's not like you know a damn thing about history, the body counts of the allied natiosn versus Germany is a great place to start.


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Woah woah woah. No need for nastiness. I DO NOT suck circumcised dick. Thats what juden do

But seriously, you have to get off your high horse. They are winning EVERYTHING. Credit where credit's jew... :|


Body counts shmodycounts. Can't trust a thing with juden infiltrating ALL white people. It's like you guys are the muscle and the juden are the brain. Together you guys make an unstoppable force.

Anyway, I didn't have time just now but I do love to watch those types of videos esp the parts about the juden... I fucking love that shit.

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Infiltrating? There are no Jews where I come from. 

There are just Celts, Poles, Czech, Germans, and mean old Ruskies that all have one thing in common. We can all shoot, and know how to weed out the Jew in any group. 

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I see. You're no different to the muzza's eh? in fantasy la la land. "Islam is a sleeping giant" "The white race is a sleeping giant".

The game is lost my friend. The juw won.

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How stupid all this is. Why not just make rape, burglary, and home invasions illegal?

If I saw a "rape free zone" sign, I certainly would not commit rape in that area.

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I am not your friend, I do not know you. You are not a familiar name or avatar here. I have never seen you here before today and you've only been a member for 3 weeks. We are not close, and you shouldn't be taking such a familiar tone with me. 


The Jew hasn't won, had he won, I would already be dead. I would be dead, because I am German. Not only am I German, I am the embodiment of everything they hate about Europe.  


The rest of the member here already know who I am. Some of them I have actually met in the real world. You are just some random scrub pretending to be my friend.

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MDB, did you convert to Islam!?

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MDB, did you convert to Islam!?

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This could be the glue that binds the EU together.

Fear of migrants


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Finally a voice of reason for the season.

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Over the last however-many decades anyone who is paying attention could see the foundations of western civilization actively being eroded through immigration, international trade, political correctness, dumbing down of education, feminism, etc.

The last couple of months we've been hearing about the elite buying up 'bugout' properties.

Now it seems like the table is being set for a white christian Europeans vs. everyone else confrontation.

It's almost like somebody has a plan and step-by-step they are following it.



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Instead of scrambling to buy guns, they should be scrambling to impeach their politicans who allowed this destruction of their country and culture and immediately shut their borders even if it takes a civilian police force.

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Operation Walkure, herr bitchez.

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Large number of refugees to Germany may not be able to find work: Bundesbank



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... "Fear: This is not rational". What a load of media crap ! Au contraire, mon vieux, this is the most rational thing the Krauts have done in a long time...

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Hillary = Merkel

As Hillary Clinton demanded that the U.S. accept more than 65,000 Muslim Syrian refugees, Donald Trump told the NWO bitch:

'We have no idea who these people are. They have no papers,' he continued. 'They have no paperwork. You can get forged documents very easily in Syria.' 

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sorrry won't be worth a Billion when done...Obama and the Clinton fully plan to get fully PAID! 

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"As Hillary Clinton demanded that the U.S. accept more than 65,000 Muslim Syrian refugees,"

Hillary just like Mama Merkel is only thinking of those lusty strapping young men and their boundless energy for a party.

Look at it this way, those progressive liberals who were holding welcoming banners are probably too pooped out to bring out the banners again.

Germans should petition their elected Members of the Bunderstag to house the new migrants with registered progressive liberals so those lusty strapping young men can show their appreciation towards their hosts' wives and daughters.

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And it's a beautiful thing.

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"Wait, you mean the government won't protect me?  Oh, maybe those Yanks were on to something!"

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Europe is screwed, and it is amazing that they are voluntarily doing it to themselves. 

The politicians seem to be doing what their citizens do NOT want to do at all, so it makes you wonder how the politicians can get away with it. 

And it doesn't matter, in Europe, the US, or anywhere else, about how good the so-called "vetting" process is, because we have already learned that the sons and daughters of decent, peaceful Muslims can become radicalized killers. It doesn't matter that they are not radicalized when they get here (and ISIS will be slipping in hundreds if not thousands of terrorists), what matters is simply that they are Muslim. Then, their children or grandchildren may very well become terrorists. 

And, virtually as bad, the entire culture of Europe will be changing, as it has already been for the last couple of decades, and Europe can expect a lot more of the car burnings, murders of Christians and Jews, the no-go Muslim neighborhoods that even cops are too scared to visit, and all the other things Muslims like to do. "Religion of peace," my #$%$.

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Good points, but I see how a majority of Europeans were sold a bill of goods: divershitty, multikulturalism, We are the World, etc. The same propaganda has been used to anaesthetize White Americans to the horrors that Africans perpetrate in every major city. 

And now Europeans are waking up to that fact. They trusted the wrong people. They tolerated too much lowering. They held too much compassion toward aliens who would not reciprocate. They wanted to help. But they were wrong. So which Cosmopolitan Media Power could so effectively propagandize the Darkening of Europe?

Specifically, Democracy means government for sale, not government by the people. Follow the Money.

Which International Money Power bought up the Parties and the Politicians perpetrating this refujihadi nightmare on the European Peoples? What Global Power could deny European Natives any sort of representation in these times? The Enemy Without is given "space to destroy" by The Enemy Within, who control the Message & the Money. 

 Remove kebab. Remove kosher. Europe for Europeans! All Semites stay in the sandbox or else.