Christmas 2015: Will Syria & Iraq Become Washington's Stalingrad?

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Submitted by Ron Holland via,

73 years ago on Christmas Eve 1942 German troops sang Silent Night on a European wide radio Christmas program from the distant battlefields of Nazi conquest outside Leningrad in the North and from surrounded Stalingrad on the southern Eastern Front to the Middle East. Also all across Nazi occupied Europe, from Italy and Norway to the Atlantic coastlines of Fortress Europe the soldiers sang to their families and listeners back home starting to question the promises of Nazi victory propaganda.

The Dangers of Empire Overreach in 1942 & 2016

Yes Germany excelled at propaganda, as does the establishment cable and print news media in the United States today. Although the radio show had the intended propaganda effect of temporarily raising civilian morale, Germany and their fair weather allies were already stretched way too thin around the expansive parameter of Nazi conquered and occupied territory.

Now on Christmas 2015 there is a Washington military effort also stretched too far among our many distant conquests, peacekeeping missions, occupations and attempts to secure oil resources and pipelines. Our foreign policy is designed to perpetuate the failing petrodollar system. Like the Germans 70 plus years ago, our allies and local populations generally hate us and our attempts to go after local resistance groups only results in the growth of more anti-American groups we describe as terrorists.

In America Today Political Correctness Is Just Fascism By Another Name

Unlike the German's singing Christmas hymns in the 1940's, in the Washington politically correct military today the songs would certainly be secular rather than religious in nature. American soldiers are not permitted to promote Christianity because in the modern US military soldiers are often court martialed even for failing to remove Bible verses from their computers.

But there are some scary parallels between the Nazi Empire of the 1940's and the Washington Empire and conquests today that revolve around the Petrodollar system that has maintained the dollar reserve currency status since the end of World War Two. This dollar world reserve currency model required that oil was only priced and sold in dollars forced all foreign nations buying and importing oil to keep major dollar reserves to pay for their oil imports guaranteed a permanent and expanding demand for dollars around the world.

Three Middle East countries first broke the oil/dollar requirement and threatened the petrodollar system including Iraq, Libya and Iran hence the US military attempts to violently overthrow these governments to maintain Washington hegemony and the dollar.

Washington's War Fever

America has plenty of population to increase military forces unlike Germany in 1942 but we are reaching the limit to voluntary military enlistments in a time of permanent war and repeated overseas assignments. Also the continuous terror threats since 9/11 as well as real and orchestrated plots are being questioned by a growing number of alternative Internet media sites and polls show Americans no longer trust Congress or the media establishment.

I fear the political leadership has determined a real war of limited scope and duration may be the best way to regain control of the situation and inspire the American people to sacrifice and support their political leadership. Also a war scenario will allow Washington, Wall Street and the Federal Reserve to transfer the blame for the looming death of the Petrodollar to foreign adversaries like Russia, China and Iran. This will provide political cover to a decade long recession and dramatically reduced economic growth and prosperity as the death of the petrodollar works its way through the US economy over the next few years.

Looking Back To 1942

Few military historians would question that the German Wehrmacht was the best led, trained and most highly motivated military force in the world. But remember Germany still lost the war because they were out numbered and fighting on too many fronts.

The German weapon superiority was complete until the Soviet T-34 and KV tanks entered the picture and the overwhelming manufacturing power of the US, Soviet Union and the British Empire doomed Germany to eventual defeat although it wasn't necessarily apparent at the time.

Today on Christmas 2015 the well-led and highly motivated American forces with the best in weaponry, aircraft and carriers are also stretched far too thin across Afghanistan, Asia and the Middle East. While Republican politicians in the presidential debates want to put "boots on the ground" in Iraq and Syria, the Obama Administration has reduced funding for weapons and soldiers resulting in far too few troops, air and naval forces to cover the multiplying trouble spots across the Middle East and Asia. This is even more concerning when you see our aircraft and naval vessels goading China into a fight or military incident in the Spratly Islands.

Like the Germans 70 plus years earlier we want to control oil and gas reserves, resources and pipelines while keeping the military pressure on China, Russia and Iran. Our previous actions have already destroyed the countries of Iraq and Syria and more nations in the Middle East are now considering switching to Russia over the US.

Remember the German Reich didn't have enough troops to defend its conquered lands and had to rely on weak allied troops. Thus when the Soviet's encircled Stalingrad they attacked the weak German flanks held only by second-rate Rumanian troops without the modern weaponry required to hold back the Soviet attack and the rest is history.

It is much the same for outnumbered American troops today in or near the Shia Crescent. Bush invaded Iraq to overthrew Saddam but took out the leading country able to hold the Sunni line against Iran. Although we had much freedom of action earlier after the fall of the Soviet Union but now with Putin's leadership and a modernized Russian military the Washington days of having a free pass to pursue our goals in the Middle East without Russian hindrance and pushback are over.

Washington's Petrodollar System Is Dying!

Today the Washington Petrodollar system is in terminal collapse with China, Russia, Iran and many nations trading oil and natural gas with a wide variety of currencies and credits. In addition, the refugees from our Middle East actions have weakened the euro and now threaten the stability of Europe. This has made the dollar rise in value temporarily against the euro and I believe this is a planned outcome. All designed to weaken the euro and provide the appearance of near term strength to the dollar in a desperate attempt to buy time for US political leadership.

In closing, Washington is in a race to create instability, possibly a military incident and even a limited war before the final Petrodollar collapse in order to put the blame of a future dollar and debt crisis on a foreign adversary rather at than at home where it belongs. The problem for them in early 2016 is time may be running out as markets and currencies are reacting to the consequences of too much world debt, market and central bank manipulation and a global recession resulting in the collapse of oil demand and prices.

So my suggestion for investors is to follow China and Russia and increase your personal gold holdings now at record low prices. Also consider diversifying portfolios outside US stocks and jurisdictional, regulatory and presidential executive order risks.

I hope I'm wrong but I fear Washington is trying to provoke a war in the Middle East to cover the coming collapse of the Petrodollar system and the American economy when the dollar is no longer the world reserve currency. The war is necessary to blame the coming dollar and debt collapse on Russia and China rather where it belongs on Wall Street, the central banking cartel and Washington political establishment.

Remember while a Washington provoked war or conflict is likely to start in the Shia Crescent; it could spread across the Middle East and into Europe.

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38BWD22's picture



It won't be the USA's Stalingrad if we just STAY THE F*** OUT.

Calmyourself's picture

"THEY" can't stay the fuck out, they would need a real currency for that and less of an empire and less FSA at home.  It will all come out, the tide too then we see who has a suit..

Neil Patrick Harris's picture

Regardless, great article. All US foreign policy only makes sense in the context of maintaining dollar denominated oil markets.

TruxtonSpangler's picture

2016 civil war in EU. 2018 civil war in USA.

Son of Loki's picture

I'm sorry but the author will have to be reported to the NAAPCP (National Association for the Advancement of Politically Correct Peeples) for using the word "Chirstmas" too many times.


Executive Order, signed by Barry Hussein Soweto, forbids the use of this word more then twice in any online article.

HowdyDoody's picture

Better still - Washington's equivalent of Napolean's march on Moscow

kralizec's picture

I think the current fustercluck is a bit over-hyped...comparing it to Stalingrad?  Really?  Both sides willing to go All-in?  Russia ready to martyr millions in the next Great Patriotic War?  The West ready to die for what I have no clue?  Oh crap, ya just convinced me.  OK, who's move is it?

PrezTrump's picture

i smelled bullshit all throughout the article...

then i knew it...

HowdyDoody's picture

That's inevitable if you have you head up your own ass.


MilwaukeeMark's picture

If, in fact, you smelled bullshit (by the way stunning explanation of such) you best blow your nose and take some sudafed.
Helen Keller, if she were still alive today, and anyone with a modicum of common sense, can see this thing coming and exactly as explained.

Hopeless for Change's picture

yes, a very thoughtful comment indeed by preztroll.  it certainly takes a lot of intelligence to just say that you know something is bullshit without any explanation whatsoever.  

SWRichmond's picture

The major thing in the article that was wrong was the comment about the T-34, which was grossly outclassed by most German armor.  It was easily destroyed by German antitank weapons, both mounted and man-portable.  I have read numerous reports of lone German Tigers wading into 15-20 T-34s and single-shot killing most of them (vastly superior main gun and vastly superior marksmanship), while taking hits from the T-34's grossly inferior main gun.  Turret hits by T-34's on the Tigers would sometime stake a divot out of the turret but not otherwise damage the tank.  The Tiger, though, was too resource-intense to build and difficult to maintain, so there weren't very many of them.

The T-34 achieved significant numerical superiority, and that was why it was effective IMO.  Like a similar piece of Allied junk, the Sherman.

flapdoodle's picture

Your comments on the T34 are at best misleading, if not downright incorrect.

For the first couple of years of Barbarossa, the T34 was difficult to take out by existing German armor - only the famous "88" general purpose guns were particulary effective - German tanks not very. There was a lot of correspondence and complaints on this from the German General staff.

One German General in 1941 called the T34 "the finest tank in the world".

The T34 was a nasty surprise for the Germans and slowed the advance into the Soviet Union considerably, arguably being the key factor that doomed the Nazi war effort.

fleur de lis's picture

They can't stay out, they have OCD for jumping in. Unless of course they're up against a real army like the Ruskies. DC knows that the Ruskies will inflict real pain and that would make for bad PR and might cost an election.

TurnwiseWiddershins's picture

The worst thing the Z.O.G. in Vichy DC can do right now is lose yet another war, even worse if we lose a protracted war against a real opponent.  As of now the PR psyop can spin any defeat because the "terrorists" are somehow "cowardly" for not fighting in conventional terms.  To put it in perspective we fight like the British during the revolution who lined up in ranks in open fields while peasant militiamen fired at the from the woods.  The "terrorists" are the militiamen just trying to defend their homelands. 

I'm not trying to insult the mostly poor and working class economic-conscripts in USA military, but there is leadership failure in the ranks and has been for at least a decade.  That failue is becoming entrenched as shit further rises to the top and as once-decent soldiers figure out that the only way to get promoted and rewarded is to toe the PC line, not make waves, and actually do the bare minimum amount of work in order to make the guy who works harder than you get passed up and then wonder why.  Hefty amounts of ass kissing never hurt either.

fleur de lis's picture

Sad but true. This once great nation is being eroded inside out by a swarm of termites protected by traitorous and secretive sworn killers. Our armed forces are for the most part made up of ordinary conscripts who are nothing but pawns for DC cowards using them to swell their own bankbooks.

justdues's picture

fleur you cant say that , that be anti-termitic !

bigkahuna's picture

I would like to hear from someone in the armed forces that disagrees with this :

"That failure is becoming entrenched as shit further rises to the top and as once-decent soldiers figure out that the only way to get promoted and rewarded is to toe the PC line, not make waves, and actually do the bare minimum amount of work in order to make the guy who works harder than you get passed up and then wonder why.  Hefty amounts of ass kissing never hurt either."

Right as the rest of the civilian population of the USA is busy hero worshiping these unfortunate people, these same unfortunate people are behaving as their long defunct Soviet counterparts did just before the Soviet experiment collapsed. 

knukles's picture

I'm not in nor ever have been in the military but had breakfast yesterday with a USN Captain and he was telling us that the services are erasing all religion within.  Chaplin corps are now becoming populated by rent-a-priests, all crosses, etc., being removed, houses of worship becoming community centers, etc.
And yes, purges of those not PC is rampant.  As in booted from the services

TrumpXVI's picture

Wow, that really surprises me.

I know that there are many men in uniform whose personal religious views are pronounced, and fundamentalist in orientation.  This has got to be going over like a lead ballon with them.

And I remember the stories my best friend used to tell me about his career in the USMC (7 years,during the sixties, 2nd Marines), when chapel was was the admonition to "Pray for War"!

ebworthen's picture

Washinton D.C.'s Waterloo.

And yes, stay the F*** out.

Deaf ears, silk purse out of a sow's ears, etc.

Implied Violins's picture

What I worry about is this:

What if there were massive 'ISIS' attacks on the mainland US? Would this be enough to get the American people clamoring for war? Quote:

"What would cause Obama to change his mind and treat the war against the Islamic State as an existential crisis requiring a major US military intervention? Probably the trigger would be a big, orchestrated terrorist incident that so frightened the public that it began to prevent the normal functioning of America. At that point, Obama might decide there was no alternative to taking ownership of the Middle East mess with tens of thousands of US troops."

I personally hope the military wakes up and takes out OBoy before this ever happens, but hey, war = more $ for the MIC so I fear this might actually be in the cards.

newbie vampire's picture

""What would cause Obama to change his mind and treat the war against the Islamic State as an existential crisis requiring a major US military intervention?"

IS wouldn't know what hit them if they ever make a move on his Teleprompter. 


gonetogalt's picture

My guess is still that the next terrorist event in the US will result in The Donald becoming plasmatized.

Killing two birds with one IED and all that.


Thom_333's picture

Not Stalingrad , silly. This is more like Gleiwitz. The beginning of the show. You know you have reached Stalingrad when US casualties hold steady above the 6 000 mark. Per day that is. 6 000 per day every day for six months. Which racks up the butcher bill to over 1 200 0000. That´s a lot of marines...way more that actually exist so you will have to get goin´draftin´.


Thom_333's picture

Uhh...forgot. The Germans racked up 850 000 in casualties. So that brings the total sum up to 2 000 000 in 6 months.

Them were some battles. 

MrNosey's picture
MrNosey (not verified) 38BWD22 Dec 23, 2015 7:02 AM

They won't stay out because it is all planned!

The 4th Reich agenda rolls on unabated......

wanderer9641's picture

If the Russians and Chinese hold there own peacefully then the U.S. will die from within - they win by keeping the peace.

---------'s picture
--------- (not verified) Dec 22, 2015 10:53 PM



t-34 was a myth  

this tank was shit, poorly manufactured, hard to aim with

sovitet jew machinery did well on propaganda

it was build in such high numbers that they simply overran the germans

to begin of ww2 german tanks were not good either, later on they became to heavy, always stuck in russian mud and nazi-germany run out of gasoline



Normalcy Bias's picture

It sounds like you're describing the disgraceful Sherman Tank. The T-34 was the BEST all-around tank of WWII.

38BWD22's picture



That's my understanding as well.

From wikipedia (Heinz Guderian bolding mine):

The T-34 was a Soviet medium tank that had a profound and lasting effect on the field of tank design. Although its armour and armament were surpassed later in the war, it has been often credited as the most effective, efficient, and influential tank design ofWorld War II.[5] At its introduction, the T-34 possessed an unprecedented combination of firepower, mobility, protection, and ruggedness. Its 76.2 mm (3 in) high-velocity tank gun provided a substantial increase in firepower over any of the T-34's contemporaries;[6] its heavy sloped armour was difficult to penetrate by most contemporary anti-tank weapons. First encountered in 1941, German tank general von Kleist at the time called it "the finest tank in the world"[7] and Heinz Guderian confirmed the T-34's "vast superiority" over existing German armour of the period.[8][9]

---------'s picture
--------- (not verified) 38BWD22 Dec 22, 2015 11:23 PM

oh yes wikipedia   the garbage piled up by twisted fanboys and retards is very trustworth and based on reality

38BWD22's picture



I first learned about the Soviet T-34 tank when playing "Panzer Blitz" in high school.

Heinz Guderian's book is a good reference, look for it.  One of the top German generals in WWII.

Normalcy Bias's picture

Funny you mention that. I was watching a WWII docu last night that described Germany's weaknesses. They had the BEST engineering overall, yet they insisted on very high quality, which reduced their production capability. Achilles' heel...


zvzzt's picture

Not only the demand for high quality was a problem, also the lack of standardization of parts (many different suppliers and rivalries). On thing the USA did extremely well was the standardization of spare parts, nuts&bolts etc. Complexe logistics suck over a long distance, especially when fuel is running low... 

As a side not, who cares about quality if the ultimate goal is getting the job done? AR15 rifles where highly precise (relatively anyway) but most fire fights take place well under 100 yards. Better have an AK if not doing target practice. 

Longbow versus crossbow same story

HowdyDoody's picture

The Russian-speaking Ukrainians in east Ukraine were desperate for armor to help defends themselves against Ukraine's Nazi hordes.

They resorted to using T-34s that had been unprotected open-air monuments. There is a video of them starting one up. It was built in 1943, decommissioned in 1945 and put on the open-air pedestal in 1994. The thing still started and went off to war against Nazis.


tarabel's picture



A very interesting summary. Thanks. (Not that I'm surprised by its conclusions)

tarabel's picture



Great old Bookcase Game from AH. Lost mine one or two moves back.

But I've still got The Longest Day and War In The East in the back room.

As for references, von Mellenthin's Panzer Battles is better tactically but less useful from a strategic perspective.

AustrianJim's picture

Lost mine, too, but I bought another one. Ebay!

tarabel's picture



You know, it is Christmas and I been good this year...

Taint Boil's picture



Panzer Blitz ..... I had that game ..... Damn you must be old ha ha

tarabel's picture



The T-34 was a very big surprise but hardly counts as the best tank of the war.

The late Panzer IVs were a rough equivalent except for superior German optics and a 5-man crew that allowed the tank commander to survey the battlefield and make decisions rather than help service the gun as in the 4-man crewed T-34s.

In addition, German tanks had high quality FM radios, while Soviet tanks originally had none at all except in the tanks of the leadership cadre, who then passed on their orders with hand signals. Later on, Soviet tanks used low fidelity AM radio for communication.

The Panzer V (Panther) is generally believed to be the best all-round AFV of the war.

At the time of its introduction, the US Sherman was also a reasonable equivalent of the T-34. Advantages in 5-man crew and radio, reliability (T-34 drivers carried a large hammer to get the tank in and out of gear), and disadvantages in armor design and cross country performance. The later T-34/85 would outgun a Sherman-- except for the British variant Sherman Firefly equipped with the long 17-pounder gun.

But the fighter-bomber eventually came to rule the battlefield, no matter whose tanks were wallowing around on the ground below. Even crews of the mighty German Tigers knew that the safest place to be when under attack from a P-47 or a Typhoon (or a Sturmovik or P-39 Airacobra in the East) was not inside the tank but underneath it.

Budnacho's picture

*golfclap*....Very well written. I find that one of the big elements the T-34 lovers forget was that the Christie suspension on which it was based wasn't used again. The T-34 was the end of that line of necessity/line of military-engineering thought and they moved onto the JS series etc. which, like the Germans used torsion-bar suspensions.

I agree the T-34 was a great case of being in the right place and time and it realistically took Germany 2-years to effectively and consistently counter when the high velocity 7.5's came into play, but it had serious drawbacks that never made it into future models. The 34/85 was the soviet attempt at "more cowbell" and while it was a stopgap to keep the production open, it was outclassed by the Panther in `44.

The Panther was a lovely piece of engineering that once it stopped setting itself on fire while rolling peaceably down the road was a good tank but horribly over engineered in the engine design, especially the block. This coupled to poor gear choices in assemblies led to multiple mechanical issues that the Germans didn't have time to correctly fix. The E series was supposed to be the culmination of the German knowledge from the Panther and Tiger.

tarabel's picture



And J Walter Christie was an American inventor, whose plans were purchased by the Soviets in the 30s.

Budnacho's picture

Ironic no?....tried to sell it to the USA...they passed...

TrumpXVI's picture

Here's a very interesting view, from a modern perspective, on the T-34.  This guy's reviews are great, and he's a former tanker.


I really like the part about the T-34 loader needing to be very careful if he wanted to keep his legs.

It's amazing that people actually fought in these death traps, because that is exactly what they were; death traps.