Assad: Europe, Turkey, Qatar, And Saudi Arabia Made Syria A "Hotbed Of Terror"

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If there’s a silver lining in Turkey’s brazen move to shoot down a Russian Su-24 near the Syrian border late last month, it’s that it gave Putin the excuse he needed to expose Ankara’s role in bankrolling Sunni extremism in the Mid-East.

Despite the fact that fomenting sectarian discord and creating the type of instability that leads to regime change is part and parcel of US foreign policy, the general public is blissfully ignorant when it comes to the role played by Washington and its Mid-East allies in fostering the kind of chaotic conditions under which groups like ISIS and al-Qaeda thrive. Generally speaking, everyday Westerners are happy to remain in the dark about such things but when civilians start getting shot at concert halls and pizza joints in Paris, people start asking questions. And Putin has been happy to provide answers.

Of course the Russian President isn’t the only one who’s been shouting from the rooftops about the ill effects of foreign meddling in the Mid-East. No one understands how dangerous covert intervention can be better than Syria’s Bashar al-Assad. 

"If you are worried about [refugees], stop supporting terrorists," Assad said in an interview with Russian news organizations in September. "That's what we think regarding the crisis. This is the core of the whole issue of refugees."

In other words, were it not for the all-out effort to destabilize the government in Damascus by channelling weapons and money to militants, the war in Syria might not have ever happened and thus residents of bombed out former urban centers like Aleppo wouldn’t have been forced to run for their lives to Western Europe. 

If you believe Seymour Hersh’s latest exposé, even The Joint Chiefs of Staff understood the problem with the anti-Assad strategy adopted by Washington, Riyadh, Ankara, and Doha. According to Hersh, the Joint Chiefs passed intelligence to Assad via a series of intermediaries in an effort to undermine the White House and the CIA’s support for militants. 

In a new interview with Die Presse, Assad once again exposes who exactly is behind Syria’s five-year conflict and accuses the UN of being a puppet of the US. Assad also bemoans Saudi Arabia’s support for Wahhabism, which he calls a “dark” and dangerous ideology that’s now being exported to Europe. Read the full interview (translated) below.

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Via Die Presse

The Press: The civil war has been going on four years. What is now left of Syria?

Bashar al-Assad: If they talk about the infrastructure, much of it is destroyed. But it's about the people, what the people left, that is the question. And it comes, as it resists this dark ideology that have brought from different countries the terrorists. I think the majority of people, regardless of their political color, now supports their government. Continue supporting the unity of Syria and thus an integrated society, which is composed of a multi-colored spectrum.

Every day you can hear the shelling, even here in Damascus, quite close to us. They said it reign unity, people believe in their government. Are you really convinced?

To be honest, I'm more convinced than ever. Now when you go to areas that are under government control, you can all different spectrums of the Syrian society and the encounter. Without any exception If you go into controlled areas of terrorists, you will either see only a portion of that spectrum or not Syrian citizens and only fighters. The contrast is obvious.

Currently about 4,000 Syrians flee each day from your country. To date, there are a total of 4.3 million who have fled. You must have heard some of their stories, from which it is clear why they have gone. How do you feel when you hear about it?

These are sad stories. What can you do? They have fled because of the terrorist attacks and the embargo of the West. I think most of those people are willing to return to their country, they still love.

When we hear the stories of the Syrians in the West, then they talk about widespread torture, about people in prison and about things that wreaks your army. These are the reasons why they left Syria. Infected since no truth in these stories?

The facts to decide what is true or not. If you torture people, killing and so on, how could you resist without public support - and the now almost five years? And we are attacked by Western governments of the strongest countries in the world and the richest countries in the world such as the Gulf states. And Turkey, our neighbor, is against me as president and also against the government. Without broad support will not do. And how you should get this support if you tortures his own people?

The international human rights organization Human Rights Watch (HRW) and the UN have been previously published reports in which is of "death and dying" is mentioned. Is there in these reports is no grain of truth?

If you verify such reports, then you may find that they are politicized and one-sided. You have previously spoken of shelling. This happens every few days, and many civilians, innocent civilians, are killed. Was written about in these reports?There are so many proofs that were released by the terrorists themselves on the Internet. There are photos, videos of torture, about murder and decapitations.Was all this worth mentioning?

You want to say everything is on one side, even the United Nations?

Of course, definitely, it is politicized. Even the UN, which is indeed controlled by the US. And the US against Syria. You want to do research? Then come to Syria!

But it is, it is difficult in Syria an independent investigation be carried out.

No, it is not difficult. You're here, so everyone can do the same.

Western countries are struggling against the IS. They are fighting against the same enemy, the fighting also you. Would you look at this country as your allies?

It all depends on their true intentions. What is meant by the fight against terrorists? If you come just for the IS, because one is afraid of its influence on the region? Should your motive be the fear, then we are not allies. We have fought against terrorism from the outset. There was Jabhat al-Nusra, al-Qaida, many terrorists. But the West did not fight. You know, the fight against terrorism should be a stable, sustainable principle. That is the way in which we can be allies. The Western policy towards terrorism is not objective, not realistic and currently not very productive. On the contrary, it is counterproductive.

The bomb strategy of coalition against IS does not work?

No, this strategy is not working. You can not fight terrorism without ground troops.You also need a real, social support, on whom one can rely in the war against these terrorists.

The Western coalition says a lasting peace is in Syria without you possible.There may be a period of transition, but ultimately you have to go definitely.What do you think?

Of course, we do not accept that. We are a sovereign country. Whether it is a good or bad president, which is a purely Syrian affair, not a European. That is why we do not enter it. We waste about no idea. The Syrian people will decide who goes or stays. If the people no longer want me, then I have to go immediately, today.

Hundreds wannabe jihadists come from Europe to Syria. Why do they do what they are looking for here?

The most important question is: Why were these people in Europe? Coming here is logical. Syria was made by Europe, Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia become a hotbed of terror. There is chaos and that is a nexus for terrorism. This is like a fertile soil that attracts terrorists from around the world. But the key question remains: Why was there such people in Europe? There has been dealt with terrorism in an unrealistic manner.

What has Europe, in your opinion, made so wrong?

On the one hand, European governments failed to integrate these people into their societies. They lived as in the ghetto and, if you live in the ghetto, it is an extremist. Second, many Europeans have sold their values ??against petrodollars.You have Wahhabi organizations from Saudi Arabia allowed to bring their dark and extremist ideology to Europe. Therefore from there terrorists now are exported to us. We have no export, all came to Syria and then go back to Europe.The three criminals who are responsible for the attacks in Paris have all lived in Europe and not in Syria.

How do you see Turkey's role? Does your neighbor holds a key position?

Of course, it is the logistical key. And of course, Saudi Arabia is the other key, with his money and his ideology.

Are there groups for you on the side of the rebels, with whom would you negotiate? The IS and the Nusrafront as al-Qaida offshoot have long rejected by Russia and the US.

Any person who is armed, killing people, damaging public and private property, is a terrorist. We as a government not negotiate with terrorists. We have negotiated with a group of them, so that they could go back to their normal lives. They gave up their weapons in, there was an amnesty and it worked. This is a realistic solution. We talk to everyone, but the question is, who is really willing to contribute something?

Is there someone in your eyes?

As are Russia, Iran and its allies that support the Syrian government and recognize its legitimacy. The West is not among them. There is no one ready.There are a total of only a few countries that are ready. No one dares to take with Syria Contact to solve the problem - as long as it is not part of the agenda of the United States.

But you remain in the end have no choice but to talk to as many of the parties involved. What about those who want your resignation?

Yes, of course I'm ready. However, if they want me gone, they must take the path through the ballot box. If they convince the Syrian people that there is a better alternative and I'm not the appropriate choice for the future, then I will the president go. We have no problems.

That sounds really good. But realistically, how much freedom for enjoying an opposition party in Syria? What is the freedom of politicians to criticize you or to stand even against you?

Let me be objective. We are not Europe. It's about cultural things and that's not just a political issue. We are on the path to democracy in Syria, a slow but steady way. This has nothing to do with the president, because Syria is not my company, but a country with people. The development of democracy is also a social and political process. But we are moving forward.

One could say, however, that there was a step towards greater democracy four years ago. People have risen up, but that was brutally suppressed.

How many have since been brought? Do you have any figures? The largest number of people who were demonstrating on a day in Syria at the beginning of the crisis, were 130,000. Well, we'll double that number to 300,000 and now we double it again and make it 600,000. This is still nothing compared to the 24 million people in Syria. In the first week many policemen were killed by mobs.Who were these people? Peaceful demonstrators who had from the outset machine guns and everything else? So this is what has happened. But no matter, the President shall be separated in accordance with the Constitution and the ballot box out of office. That's also the way a president comes into office on the.This reflects public opinion.

Were there in the last few years a real opposition in Syria? People who pose a real alternative in the elections? Has it ever been?

Yes, there were and are. With us an opposition exists. You can meet, they're here in Syria, they live in Syria and have their roots here. These are big, small, old and new opposition groups. That's no problem, we have them and they are allowed.

Well! What we saw in the media, was the brutal crackdown on the opposition! And now we have war, barrel bombs, overcrowded prisons and extreme governance. I think any reasonable person would think twice to criticize you or note against you.

The question is, what do you do against such people, the policemen killed in the first few days, inflicting damage and fires laid? This happened six months later can not remember how the Western media had suggested: Peaceful demonstrations were violent clashes erupted due to the crackdown by the authorities. That is not true. Policemen were killed in just the first week.

When you look back on 2011, what would you do differently today?

There are two pillars on which is built our policy. That dialogue and the fight against terrorism. Today we do with both on. We are fighting against terrorism and try a dialogue with all parties.

They would react exactly as if it would again be an uprising, as in 2011, today?

If that happens again and the same people kill cops, then we must take action.That's part of our job as a government.

After four years of civil war, a large part of the country is under the control of various rebel groups. Innocent civilians are dying every day on both sides. People have to endure incredible suffering. You, as their President, but are responsible for protecting all of these people. Do not ask sometimes if you have done enough for them?

I can not allow judgment about myself. I am not objective when I talk about my own person. The Syrian people must say, if I have done enough or too little. There are many people who claim that the President had not cracked down hard enough with these terrorists. This is contrary to what the Western media published.

You can look in the mirror every morning and say, yes, I've done enough?

Of course, I can look at myself in the mirror each morning. Whereby not everyone is the same morning. Sometimes we judge a decision by one, two, or even three or four different perspectives. We live in a situation that is changing very fast.Thinking and mood can change from day to day. That will not stop until it is past the crisis.

How long will this last?

Once the countries responsible seriously do something about the spate of terrorists and their logistics, then I guarantee it is in less than a year to finish. The terrorists have found in Syria still no lasting social soil. That's why they make us so far not too worried. The only problem is that the terrorists will continue to be supported. So the overall situation is still chaotic and the crisis prolonged. The countries concerned to call the political solution. However, in reality they mean to overthrow the government and the President. Therefore, everything will continue to drag on.

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Id make a hotbed with the chick in the thumbnail

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Fuck everyone whose last names are the following:


1- Bin Saud

2- Al Thani

3- Erdogan

4- McCain

5- Graham

6- Clinton

7- Bush

and finally the whole Zionist regime.

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Interestingly, even Assad isn't naming Israel here.


But don't worry, Johnny Loveshorsecock will ride in any moment to save the day.

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You need a new boogeyman du jour, a hobby or a better vibrator.

Your disdain for others first amendment rights is deplorable.

You might not agree with some comments, but your jihad against anti-zionists shows who butters your bagel, sweetie.

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Gimme a break. Idiots who spam the same shit on every comment 10x a thread are spammers and deserved to be called out on it. The well-established record of my comments shows that I otherwise couldn't give a damn.


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either way, the core of the comment is Correct. assad did Not name israel

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True. But I still named the current israeli regime as the Zionists, and anyone who supports them from the USSA as well, including AIPAC, which is headed by BiBi boy and his fairy tale redlines.

So to rephraae my earlier comment. "Fuck you Netanyahu, and Fuck your TROLLS on ZH."

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Sad days for the West. When people like Assad, Putin, and Lavrov speak, they make our leaders sound like fucking retards in comparison. Just think about how Cameron, Obama, and Kerry sound when they talk. Morons.

The West hasn't just lost the moral high ground, it's also lost the intellectual high ground.

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Never use the words "intellectual" and "politician" in the same sentance.  I'd actually seperate those two words by at least a long paragraph so foriegn ZH readers don't think that US ZH'ers are whack jobs.

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Fuck the liberal proxy army/global police we call the U.N.....

Nothing but a bunch of fucktards that are purposely destroying the world!



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Every Zero Hedger needs a crash couse on Turkey 101 by my hero, Sibel Edmonds. 

Sibel Edmonds of joins us once again to discuss the ongoing “reverse engineering” of Erdogan by the NATO/CIA/Kurdish/Israeli/Russian forces that oppose him. We talk about the hypocritical and nearly-unanimous coverage of Erdogan’s abuses and how and why this narrative is converging now to finish the US/NATO task of removing him from office to usher in a more pliable puppet. 


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V for ... (not verified) Chupacabra-322 Dec 23, 2015 3:47 PM

Isn't she lovely. There's a time for serious, and a time for joy, truth be told.

Isn't she lovely, a new whistleblower. The world is a contest of ideas. Life is a team effort. Bless you and yours, and lovely Sibel. Isn't she lovely...

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--------- (not verified) Dec 23, 2015 2:38 PM

the sand-nigger coalition   ready to join the eu

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The Europeons are as dumbed down as us Americans. We are too dumb to ever discover that we are dumb. But we will make useful terrorists once Moe Hommid sets up his school system and teaches US to be terrorists.

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--------- (not verified) IndianaJohn Dec 23, 2015 3:50 PM

in europe you get arrested for criticizing muhhamad and iSlime

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Oh, look.  A Hasbara team, or 3 puppets on one hand.

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--------- (not verified) Demdere Dec 23, 2015 6:45 PM

oh look  dumbdere climbed the wall and is barking now

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How do you expect me to read the article without the reward of thumbnail girl at the end?

2/10. Would not fap again. 

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Why Gulf Men Prefer Syrian Brides: Beauty Is Not the Only Reason


As the cost of marriage to Saudi women is rising due to the ever more extravagant dowries and huge pressure to offer lavish wedding celebrations, Saudis and men elsewhere in the Gulf are turning to Syria to find brides, particularly men who are married already.

The phenomenon reaches its height in the summer months, when many men travel to Syria for their holidays with their wives, only to return with a second wife. Women who accompany their husbands there are naturally often jealous and afraid of finding themselves replaced entirely in their husbands’ affection.

Sayidaty, a sister publication of Arab News, spoke to some of those concerned and heard that the proverbial beauty of Syrian women has wide-ranging consequences in a world where marriage remains too often a financial proposition.

Ali Al-Misar is a Saudi employee who has been visiting Syria for a number of years. “I recommend marrying a Syrian woman. They really are the ideal women. They have a realistic attitude to life and, what’s more, they are very beautiful,” he said.

Muhammad Al-Oufi, a freelancer in Al-Ahsa, disagrees. “When Saudi men marry Syrian women, it only contributes to the problem of spinsters here,” he said. “Of course these marriages can be successful, but too often there are differences in customs and traditions.”

Al-Oufi adds that his own wife tends to be rather jealous when they are in Syria because she is afraid he may take a second wife.

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In a pinch you can just do a Google Images search on the name of any WW2-era Japanese warship.

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--------- (not verified) Sanity Bear Dec 23, 2015 3:42 PM

i dont need to google you image to know shimakaze   and its no longer a ship

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Click on the Printer Friendy Verion link at the bottom of the story.

She one hawt Syrian.

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Assad also bemoans Saudi Arabia’s support for Wahhabism, which he calls a “dark” and dangerous ideology that’s now being exported to Europe.


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Did not notice any mention of Israel.  Even though Israel just flew into Syria and bombed a residential building housing a key leader of Hezbollah, killing him and unknown numbers of Syrian citizens.  But that is the deal, as reported here on ZH, that Assad made with Israel.  Assad will sheild Israel (not even a complaint about the bombing raid from Assad) and he will help prevent Hezbollah from fighting Israel. Of course, Israel got Russia's approval to fly into Syria to bomb the building (killing the Hezbollah guy AND Syrian citizens).

Assad and Russia already have sold out Hezbollah to Israel.  (Hezbollah convoy allowed to be attacked and building housing leader bombed.)  Clearly the intelligence on Hezbollah was delivered to Israel by Putin and Assad.

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Kuntar was at best a symbol and hero, not a leader of Hezbollah. He spent 30 years in jail.

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I'll probably end up in camp for saying this, but doesn't it seem like Putin and Assad have been the reasonable ones lately?

OK, I said it. See you in camp, bitchez.

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The terribly unfortunate thing is that so many think 'reasonable ones lately', when our leaders have been insanity in the world ever since 9/11 FF.

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<-- You clicked because of the hot Syrian girl.

<-- You clicked because of the content of the article.

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Both.  I always read Playboy for the articles, didnt mean I didn't enjoy the centerfolds.


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The Seymour Hersh story was good.  Assad has been taking it up the ass from Obama, but the JCS was undermining the WH.  Hoo Rhah!  Unfortunately, the good guys in the JCS have since been purged.  I hope Trump gets elected so he can sit down with Putin and the two of them can straighten out this mess once and for all.

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The Press: The civil war has been going on four years. What is now left of Syria?

First off this ain't no fucking civil war when Israel, the U.S., Saudi Arabia and Turkey are importing them in-Country every day for the last 4 years and Second?...

Don't recite Seymour Hersh's "reportage" too much and believe we've turned the corner  that somehow American forces are now switching sides to aid the Syrian and Russian government(s)?... Nothing could be further from the truth and the "truth" on that story remains to be seen. Who in their right minds could ever or will ever trust the American military again? -if indeed they ever could! 

Next Seymour you'll be telling us that a special unit within the U.S. military has been secretly aiding the Ukrainian resistance in Donbas?...

If the boyz and girlz in uniform are so "gung ho" to oppose there Commander-in-Chief for the treason both he and them have committed then fucking leave the Middle East completely alone that you destroyed and bring your "toys" home to finish the job on your own leaders in Washington and then yourselves for what you've done!!!

For those of us old enough who know about My Lai and his "journalistic ethics" and integrity on that story also know he left a whole lot of details out of that one including the young Army Lieutenant that helped to cover it up that would one day be at the head of the table to become the Zionist's #1 "yes" boy going into the Gulf War and then to revisit the destruction 13 years later as a Secretary of State!

Hersh is nothing more nothing less than a Zionist story teller that gets paid handsomely for the propoganda he peddles and the hope that the Russian people will take Langley's bait!

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V for ... (not verified) Dec 23, 2015 3:40 PM

Wahhabism is a construct of the moneychangers Rothschilds of the City of London who first refused Herzl, and then saw how the Middle East could serve the money power if it was under the jackboot of extremists.

The zionists got a grip on the upper echelons of government in the USA through their Wolfowitz Doctrine, Jonathan Pollard spy, the Project for a New American Century.

The Joint Chiefs imposed conditions for usurping the CIA plot in Syria by sharing intel with Germany, Russia and Israel. The main condition: protect Israel first.

I am extremely unhappy with that.

If I want a foreign country to rule the USA, then I will say so, and so will my countrymen. I do not say so, and neither do they.

Traitors in our midst, from top to bottom.

Assad protected Christians. Assad is a London trained opthomologist, married to an American, and they have healthy children, thankfully. What did he do to deserve all this hate whereby more than 250,000  of his people are dead and millions flee? He refused to bow down to zionists, the City of London Rothschilds who have already made illegal contracts to steal resources under their company name Genie, and they waste the blood and treasure of the USA, and all people, all for their grotesque lies and greed.

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"Sad days for the West. When people like Assad, Putin, and Lavrov speak, they make our leaders sound like fucking retards in comparison. Just think about how Cameron, Obama, and Kerry sound when they talk. Morons.

The West hasn't just lost the moral high ground, it's also lost the intellectual high ground."


Worst part is we (some here) saw this coming the day Obywan Sotero yanked the troops).from Iraq.

This was the original plan from DAY UNO.

Iraq,Libya,and on to Syria( where they will fail),the reason ASSAD didn't mention Israel is because it' damn sure not to their advantage to have ISIS filling the hole were Assad was.( see what we are getting, and all of the EU?).

Talk about a major shitestorm!.

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V for ... (not verified) DosZap Dec 23, 2015 4:02 PM

Brother, really. Please don't ask me to bow down to the queen, her City of London, their un-Federal no-Reserve Board, their permanent wars for their pet fiefdom Israhell which has defied all international law and decency.

1620 and 1776 and all that.  I just cannot bow down to the old world freakery.

Happy Christmas to you and yours. We are American first. All we need is to believe in each other, DosZap.

Israel is a foreign thing. True. That is all we need to know, DosZap.

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V for ... (not verified) Dec 23, 2015 5:42 PM

For Mr and Mrs Assad,

I wish you and yours a Happy Christmas with your children, and thank you for your courage. For your children and mine. I have no fear for my own children, and pray yours be safe.

God bless you, from my home to yours. With you xo

We are on our feet, not on our knees.

I have no words t express how awful it is for your country to suffer so much for the few greedy 'globalists', Trilateral Commission, central insolvent banks and their cheeky monkey paid career politicians and idiot voters.

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Secret 2010 State Dept Report Warned of Turkey’s Neo-Ottoman Shift

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V for ... (not verified) Flying Wombat Dec 23, 2015 4:27 PM

It seems to me that the new world did not understand how very bad the old world was and is; how much the old world hates the new world, and wants to rule it.

Sad, aint' it.