Declassified Top Secret Documents Show US Planned To Nuke Moscow, Berlin, Beijing

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Back in September, we noted that the US was set to send 20 new nuclear bombs to Germany each of which has four times the destructive power of the explosive dropped on Hiroshima.

“[These] new attack options against Russia” constitute “a conscious provocation of [Germany’s] Russian neighbors,” one member of Angela Merkel’s Christian Democrats warned. Sergei Lavrov’s de facto number-two, Maria Zakharova said the move represented an “infringement of Articles 1 and 2 of the Treaty on Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons.” 

Just days after the news crossed the wires, Interfax reported that in response, Moscow was set to deploy Iskander ballistic missiles to its enclave of Kaliningrad if the US indeed moved to upgrade its nuclear weapons in Germany.

The tension underscores the fact that even before Russia officially entered the fray in Syria, relations between NATO and Moscow had deteriorated markedly to post-Cold War lows on the back of mutual distrust tied to Crimea and Ukraine. 

Against that rather ominous backdrop, we bring you the Strategic Air Command’s Atomic Weapons Requirements Study for 1959, produced in June 1956 and published Tuesday for the first time by the National Security Archive. 

As Dr. William Burr, the senior analyst who directs the Archive's nuclear history documentation project writes, the document “provides the most comprehensive and detailed list of nuclear targets and target systems that has ever been declassified.”

He continues: “The SAC study includes chilling details. According to its authors,  their target priorities and nuclear bombing tactics would expose nearby civilians and 'friendly forces and people' to high levels of deadly radioactive fallout. Moreover, the authors developed a plan for the 'systematic destruction' of Soviet bloc urban-industrial targets that specifically and explicitly targeted “population” in all cities, including Beijing, Moscow, Leningrad, East Berlin, and Warsaw.”  

The National Security Archive, which is based at The George Washington University, says it obtained the 800-page study, through the Mandatory Declassification Review process. 

Below, find excerpts from Burr's summary.

*  *  *

SAC Nuclear Planning for 1959

SAC’s top priority for destruction was Soviet “air power” because of the apparent immediate threat that Soviet bombers posed to the continental United States and to U.S. forces in Europe and East Asia.  The report’s detailed introduction explained that the priority given to Air Power (BRAVO) targets dictated the surface bursting of high-yield thermonuclear weapons to destroy priority targets, including airbases in Eastern Europe.  That tactic would produce large amounts of radioactive fallout compared to bursting weapons in the air.  According to the study, “the requirement to win the Air Battle is paramount to all other considerations.”

The “greatly compressed time factor”—the danger of a speedy Soviet attack and counterattack-- encouraged targeters to require the surface bursting of high-yield nuclear weapons. According to SAC, bursting the weapon in the air would “result in decrease of blast effect.” Detonating the weapon on or close to the ground would maximize blast effects, destroy the target, and disperse irradiated particles which would be picked up by winds and descend far and near.

SAC’s top priority for destruction, the Soviet bloc’s air power, was a complex target system.  Before the Soviet Union  acquired the atomic bomb and significant capability to deliver nuclear weapons at long distances,  SAC’s priority had been the destruction of the Soviet urban-industrial complex, but during the mid-1950s the “greatly compressed time factor” produced a reversal.[3]   In the SAC Atomic Weapons Requirements Study for 1959, SAC broadly defined the “Air Power” target: air and missile bases for strategic  and tactical forces, defensive and offensive, but also government and military control centers that would direct the air battle and nuclear weapons storage sites, air industry, atomic industry, and petroleum-oil-lubricants (POL) storage areas.

Given the expansive definition of Air Power, this suggested that targets in major cities such as Moscow and Leningrad could be subjected to H-bomb attack because both were rich in air power targets. 

If fighting continued once the air power battle was over, the second phase of the war was to be the “systematic destruction” of Soviet bloc war-making potential. The “final blows” in the bombing campaign would strike “basic industries”—those industries and economic activities which most contributed to war-making capability.

Moscow, the number one urban target, had around 180 installations slated for destruction; some were in the air power category, but many involved a variety of industrial activities, including factories producing machine tools, cutting tools, oil extraction equipment, and a most vital medicine: penicillin.  Other targets involved significant infrastructural functions: locks and dams, electric power grids, railroad yards, and repair plants for railroad equipment.

What is particularly striking in the SAC study is the role of population targeting.  Moscow and its suburbs, like the Leningrad area, included distinct “population” targets (category 275), not further specified.  So did all the other cities recorded in the two sets of target lists. In other words, people as such, not specific industrial activities, were to be destroyed.

East Germany was the site of major Soviet airbases and East Berlin itself was a target for “systematic destruction.”  A sampling of the SAC airfields list finds more than a few Soviet-operated installations among the top 200, with some not very far from Berlin. Among them were Briesen (number 140), Gross Dolln (Templin) (number 70), Oranienberg (number 95), Welzow (number 96), Werneuchen (Verneuchen) (number 82). 

East Berlin had a priority ranking of 61 in the list of urban-industrial slated for “systematic destruction.”  The SAC study identified 91 DGZs in East Berlin and its suburbs: a wide range of industries and infrastructural activities including electric power, railroad yards, liquid fuel storage, machine tools, and radio and television stations.

Whether China was fighting on the Soviet side or not in a war, SAC treated it as part of the Soviet bloc and listed Chinese airfields and cities in the target lists, including Beijing. Of the list of targets scheduled for “systematic destruction,” Beijing [Peiping in Wade-Giles transliteration] was in the top 20 (number 13) with 23 DGZs.

*  *  *

So while Berlin may now be set to receive 20 nuclear bombs from Washington, the city was also set to be on the "receiving" end of several nukes five decades ago. Needless to say, the "fallout" for West Berlin would have been disastrous, a fact which was greeted with "shock and awe" (pun fully intended) in Germany this week. Here are some representative tweets:

Here's Spiegel (translated):

Disastrous consequences for West Berlin


The documents show that the end of the fifties the quick elimination of the Soviet Air Force was the most important war aims of the United States. The 1100 Air Force bases in the Eastern bloc should be turned off before the Soviet bombers could take off at all.


Among the main destinations of the 200 US nuclear bombers were numerous military installations in East Germany:

  • The front bomber base the Soviet Air Force in Briesen, south of Berlin
  • The largest Soviet military airfield in the GDR in Great Dölln, north of Berlin
  • The Soviet military airfield in Welzow, south of Berlin
  • The base of the 16th Soviet Air Army in Werneuchen, east of Berlin
  • The Soviet military airfield in Oranienburg, on the outskirts of Berlin

In case of war, these military installations had been bombed with thermonuclear weapons. Large areas in the environment would have been exposed to radioactive radiation.


Remains unclear whether the US Army had calculated the consequences of the nuclear attacks on West Berlin. William Burr doubts: "The atomic bombing of East Berlin and its suburbs have caused among other nuclear-generated firestorms. This would have had disastrous consequences for West Berlin.."

What the documents seem to show, in a nutshell, is that the US was willing to wipe Moscow, Berlin, and Beijing off the face of the earth despite the fact that West Berlin was an ally and regardless of whether Beijing was actually involved in the fight.

Mass civilian casualties were part and parcel of the plan, as was the complete destruction of German and Russian industrial capacity. If this is any indication of what a nuclear standoff between the US and Russia would resemble today, we hope, for humanity's sake, that cooler heads will prevail in what is likely to be a yearslong period of heightened tensions.

*  *  *

SAC Docs

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Latina Lover's picture

Sounds like a Neocon/Neoliberals wet dream.  I'll bet Vicky Nudelman is creaming herself imaging the slaughter.

Haus-Targaryen's picture

Idiot Germans still think the US is their best friend.  

NidStyles's picture

The leadership in Germany isn't really German.

There are a lot of estranged Germans in the US as well. It's a difficult situation for Germans no matter what. 

Stackers's picture

Nuclear weapons have no military use. ZERO. They are useless for anything but wiping out large numbers of civilians.

Ralph Spoilsport's picture

As long as Russia and China keep tolerating us and try to use diplomacy to look out for their best interests, we have some time left to clean up our act. They'll hit us when DC makes them too nervous. They know we have junk military equipment when at the same time their less sophisticated but effective systems actually work. NATO/US have no clue how they can shut down the AEGIS systems and every other command and control system we have. That's why we have all our radar system analysts over in Syria waiting for the Russians to turn that system back on. Everyone at the Pentagram was surprised when Russia fired those cruise missiles from the Black Sea into Syria because they weren't supposed to have that capability. We are screwed, blued and tattooed thanks to the PNAC NeoCons and the MIC that have been stealing from the US taxpayers. Enough already! 

Omen IV's picture

"when Russia fired those cruise missiles from the Black Sea into Syria"


Not Black Sea  - Caspian Sea - 1,000 miles - 16 - all reached their target

Ralph Spoilsport's picture

You are correct. Sorry about the error.

NidStyles's picture

Their small arms are in general better as well. The only thing we have them beat on at that level really is the medium machine gun category. The FN MAG platform is better than the RPK stuff. 

Stainless Steel Rat's picture
Stainless Steel Rat (not verified) NidStyles Dec 24, 2015 7:54 PM

And we could have gotten away with it too, if it wasn't for you smeddling butlers!


Manthong's picture

Gee, that looks like something I might want to put in one of my larger rifles.


Attitude_Check's picture

What is it about MUTUAL ASSURED DESTRUCTION that the author doesn't understand.  I assure the Soviet Union had similar war plans.  If you are dealing with rational people, the only way to stop global nuclear war is to not start one, and unquestionably convince everyone else not to start one.


Manthong's picture

From the sound of things, you might not believe that the economy and the country is run by certifiable psychopaths.

Disabuse yourself of that “rational” BS when it comes to them.

I have always expected nothing but the worst from the crowd in control.

Arnold's picture

The  A/C post sounds rather stressed.

No yawning though, TSA might miss it.

Vampyroteuthis infernalis's picture

When the US and Soviets planned attacks against each other, both sides estimated only 1 in 3 weapons would reach their targets and detonate. This resulted in the excessive proliferation of nukes through the Cold War. The MIC at work making money through exaggeration!

ebworthen's picture

Seriously, nukes in Germany?

What, we don't have subs, or long-range bombers, or LRM's here?

Absolute lunacy, reckless stupidity, and pointless posturing.

Manthong's picture

Well yeah, but the IMIC (Intel-Military Industrial Complex) is making tons of money and the senior officials who are bribed into that stance all have lucrative, high paying "consulting" and lobbying jobs waiting for them when they leave government “service”.


caconhma's picture

Those are old Soviet 1980s cruise missiles. Today Russia cannot build any more cruise missiles or strategic bombers or any other sophisticated military equipment. Today, Russian has no more industrial capabilities to produce advanced military equipment. The Russian planes flying in Syria are 30 years old! 

Stainless Steel Rat's picture
Stainless Steel Rat (not verified) caconhma Dec 24, 2015 10:59 PM

All around the globe, technology paradigm shifts continue.  Shit happens and it sneaks up pretty freakin' quick.  It is only one small step to tunneling pass the weak force to allow fusion to create new sources of enriched materials, one small step to electrogravitation to create new systems of near instantaneous deployment.  The dice are rolled every day.

Max Steel's picture

Hahahah whatever helps you sleep Muritard. F-15s are 30-35 year old planes too genius

philipat's picture

Those Russian Cruise Missiles are third generation and can out-perform anything the US can deploy. Hence the concern in DC, although this WAS widely known already.

Parrotile's picture

Everyone at the Pentagram was surprised when Russia fired those cruise missiles from the Black Sea into Syria because they weren't supposed to have that capability <

Wonder what "other" capabilities Russia has - other capabilities that they were regarded as too "backward" to develop by the oh-so-supercilious West.

Wonder how many "arrangements" have been agreed with the vast Chinese microelectronics industrial base, in order to maintain a steady supply of components / sub-assemblies "in time of conflict"?

Wonder how many of those billions "spent" on weapons R&D in the US ended up in the pockets of the better-connected, or ended up as political bribes to ensure the continued "essential MIC funding" packages?

Do we REALLY want to find out the very hard way?

beemasters's picture

"Nuclear weapons have no military use. ZERO. They are useless for anything but wiping out large numbers of civilians."

Civilian slaves are assets to a nation.

Only if all civilians demand their politicians to send themselves and families to fight one another, will we have lasting peace on earth.

JR's picture

Germany needs nationalism; America needs nationalism. It’s the international banking cartel that is attacking the sovereignty of every western nation.

The power of the Federal Reserve Bank reaches right into the boardrooms of the Frankfurt banks. And, then, envelops the politicians and the media. The Zionists control German media.

Robert Hickson notes that “Germany is now in a life and death struggle with Jewish finance, and as of now it looks as if New York is winning…”

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts explains that “Germany, which has been browbeat since its defeat in World War II, has been made constitutionally incapable of strong leadership. Any sign of German leadership is quickly quelled by dredging up remembrances of the Third Reich."

And how has that all worked out for the German people. According to the ECB’s recent survey on household finances and consumption, the average German household has less wealth than the average Mediterranean household.

RevIdahoSpud3's picture

Germany is an "occupied" nation. After the war II Germans were subjected to extreme mind rehabilitation including rethink mind control. Germans were taught a form of guilt for being leaders, inovators and industrious. That the US has never left Germany should speak for itself. Germans by culture are a productive people. The West, France, Britain and the US could ill afford that Germans regrouped and found again thier creativity and productive capabilities. Under the yoke of US control they still manage to out produce, out think and out perform all Europe combined. If Germans ever threw off the subjective chains of US, lsrael and London oppression they would be "the" world power. Those who will choose to throw in the Hitler meme are ignorant of the events that created Hitler and should not show their ignorance of history, ie, 6,000,000 Jews etal.

monk27's picture

So why don't they de-occupy themselves ?

JR's picture

Because of the power of the United States.

Let us be under no illusions as to the intent of the US and its allies.

We are dealing with World Conquest under the disguise of a “Global War on Terrorism”. 

Michel Chossudovsky, December 24, 2015

“It comes down to this. If you hate war, oppose the Fed. If you hate violations of your liberties, oppose the Fed. If you want to restrain despotism, restrain the Fed. If you want to secure freedom for yourself and your descendants, abolish the Fed.”—Lew Rockwell, War and Inflation, June 9, 2008

philipat's picture

Um, they couldn't even repatriate their Gold?....The average German people have absolutely NO understanding of the degree of their vassalage...

Ballin D's picture

Gun ownership is extraordinarily restrictive there.  The civilians have faced decades of propaganda on the matter that will need to be undone as well.

BarkingCat's picture

East Germans were not being brainwashed by the US. How do you explain that they go along with all this?

NidStyles's picture

You think the Soviet Union wasn't using propaganda on the people it was occupying?

JRobby's picture


Study their methods because this is the way the USSA is going. TERROR TERROR TERROR TERROR TERROR TERROR

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

Haus -T @17:02 | 6961388: "Idiot Germans still think the US is their best friend."

Germany, the USA comes in peace.  Don't run, we are your friends.


JRobby's picture

There are alot of idiot Americans that think GOV of USA is their best friend.

flysofree's picture

Sorry to disappoint you but she wasn't even born until 1961.

sgt_doom's picture

And please don't neglect other declassified documents this Christmas:

General Outline:  Assassination of President John F. Kennedy

Declassified CIA files (see links [Mary Ferrell Foundation]) indicate that CIA agents met with French OAS assassin, Jean Souetre, months prior to the assassination of President Kennedy, and that they were aware of Souetre’s involvement in the attempted assassination of President De Gaulle of France.

The CIA agents met Souetre in Lisbon around March-April 1963, which was also the HQ city of Aginter-Presse, the front outfit for assassins and mercenaries for hire.

Next, Pfc. Eugene Dinkin intercepts cables between the CIA station in Italy and an OAS site detailing that the location and date for the assassination of President Kennedy is to be Dallas between 11/22 to 11/28.

Declassified FBI files indicate that FBI agents spoke with Dr. Alderson in Houston, an old friend of Souetre’s from his military service, when Dr. Alderson was stationed in France.  Dr. Alderson stated to assassination researchers that he was left with the impression by the agents that Souetre had been involved with JFK’s murder, and also they mentioned that he had been flown out of the country shortly after JFK’s murder on a government plane.

So, thanks to FOIA requests from the Ferrell Foundation we know that it was ONLY the CIA which issued and expulsion order for Jean Souetre to leave the country, as those declassified FBI files indicate that there were no files or records whatsoever on Jean Souetre at the INS Texas HQ office in Houston.  (And how many other expulsion orders has the CIA issued since then?  Not very many, that’s for sure!)

French intelligence confirmed to attorney Fensterwald, another JFK researcher, that Souetre was in the USA in November of 1963.

Then INS agent in Dallas, Virgil Bailey, shows up hours after the murder of JFK to remove Souetre, an international assassin wanted for the attempted assassination of another president, from the custody of the Dallas police, but of course doesn’t remember what became of him afterwards?!  Nor does Virgil recall who directed him to pick up Souetre?

Bailey gives a description of Souetre which matches another QJ/WIN assassin, Mozes or Moise Maschkivitzan, a Belgian of Russian-Jewish descent, who may have also been involved in the murder of Patrice Lumumba.

Why this description?  Because Bailey picked up three individuals that day:  Jean Souetre (OAS), Lazlo the Hungarian (OAS) and Moise Maschkivitzan, of whom very little is known, other than he appears to match an alias known as Michel Victor Mertz, a concoction of either Maschkivitzan’s or French intelligence.

The “tramp” with the turned up collar was Maschkivitzan, while the taller and blond fellow was the Hungarian, and the short and pudgy fellow was an actual hobo.

While the murder of JFK was primarily ordered by the Rockefeller brothers, with the assistance of local Texas oil types, and undertaken by the CIA within the CIA, using contract assassins, the CIA element was most enthusiastic as they were working with elements within French intelligence (and would later take over control from them) as regards drug trafficking from the Golden Triangle of Southeast Asia.

That area was controlled by former Nationalist Chinese militias, who had been financed by the CIA to make forays into China, and been repeatedly repulsed by the PLA, falling back to surviving by taking over the minor existing drug trafficking at the time, and greatly expanding it with the help of the French mob, and French intelligence elements colluding with them, then later the elements within the CIA.

During the Johnson Administration, the State Department and Treasury Department would encourage the banks to create offshore tax havens, to bring in US dollars from the drug money laundering business, as the outflow of hard US currency had increased with the buildup of the American empire; an increase in military bases on foreign shores.  This trend had already begun, in response to actions by both President Kennedy and Rep. Wright Patman (D-TX) who were going after the sheltering of money and ownership of the super-rich in their foundations and trusts.

FACT SHEET for JFK Assassination, 11/22/63

FACT: Fired CIA director, Allen Dulles [who still appeared to be running the agency] traveled to Dallas several weeks prior to the JFK assassination as did the CIA's William K. Harvey, CIA station chief in Italy;

FACT: Gen. Edward Lansdale was photographed in Dallas on the morning of the murder, Lansdale [CIA] had worked for Nelson Rockefeller when he was reorganizing the DoD during Eisenhower administration;

FACT: Lucien Conein [CIA] was supposed to be in Vietnam, where he was several weeks before during the assassination of Diem, and would be photographed in Dallas by the presidential motorcade that day [Conein was also a favorite of Ambassador Henry Cabot Lodge, Jr., about to fired by JFK for not following his peace directives] - - Neither Diem, nor JFK, wanted American troops in Vietnam - - NSAM 263;

FACT: Harold Jameson was stopped and questioned by Dallas police right after JFK murder, and would later be stopped by LA police immediately after the murder of Sen. Bobby Kennedy in 1968 - - Jameson had an FBI file [case no. 499 731], was connected to Big Oil and the mob, and was related to Donald Jameson, head of the CIA's Soviet Russia/Covert Actions desk; (Just so happened Jameson had an office with a direct-line-of-sight to the presidential motorcade in the Dal-Tex Building, also had roof access.)

FACT: Pfc. Eugene B. Dinkin, stationed at an NSA site in Metz, France, monitoring OAS sites, intercepts several cables between CIA station in Italy and the OAS in France, detailing that the murder of President Kennedy will be in Dallas, sometime between 11/22 to 11/28.  (Unfortunately, Mr. Dinkin notifies the wrong people and he is shipped to Walter Reed Hospital stateside, where members of the CIA’s MK ULTRA team use a combination of violent electroshock treatments and schizophrenia-inducing drugs to scramble his mind and story!)

FACT: CIA document #632-796 is released in 1977 - - dated 4/01/64 - - titled: “Jean Souetre's Expulsion from the US” which occurred 18 hours after the murder of JFK, where Souetre, an assassin with the OAS and Red Hand, was picked up in Dallas, TX, by INS agent Virgil Bailey.  (Oddly, Virgil Bailey, along with George H.W. Bush had little to no recollection of events on the day JFK was murdered --- he recalled picking up the Frenchman, Jean Souetre --- an international assassin wanted for a number of crimes, chiefly the attempted assassination of another president, Charles de Gaulle of France, and was an escaped convict, wanted for treason and sedition in France, etc.  So shortly after the assassination of President Kennedy in Dallas, ole Virgil picks up a guy --- an illegal alien --- from the Dallas jail, wanted in an attempt on another president, but doesn’t recall what happened to him, his disposition, what became of him, etc.)

FACT: Three French thugs, posing as journalists, do a home invasion on Dallas PD Chief Jesse Curry, simply interrogating him on how much he knows about the assassination;

FACT: During the time of the President Kennedy assassination, the CIA was being “reorganized” and the person in charge, who had been appointed by CIA Director McCone, was Nelson Rockefeller's special assistant [and in the military at officer's rank] at the time and McCone, unbeknownst to JFK, had made his fortune with a shipping company owned by the Rockefeller family [silent majority owner].

Supposition:  The shorter looking fellow with the turned up collar, Moise Maschkivitzan, is most likely with Aginter-Presse, a so-called news agency front for an international organization of mercenaries and assassins for hire, founded by French military deserter and OAS member, Yves Guerin-Serac.  The so-called three tramps have never been positively ID’d although an employee of the Houston PD incorrectly claimed to have ID’d them (not a biometric match) and a Dallas “journalist” claimed to have matched them to several hobos who were arrested on 11/22/63 --- problem is their photos at the same age are NOT a match, and the head of the Dallas Sheriffs Identification Division James D. Kitching, was questioned on the three tramps’ photos in 1968 and he stated that no one had been arrested who matched those photos!

The Operation

 Four shooters:  Lucien Conein is Number Four, French immigrant and CIA member (often referred to as Gen. Edward Lansdale’s shadow), situated by the motorcade but as it passes he moves toward the Dal-Tex Building.  In that building was an office leased by Harold Jameson, the criminal who is related to Donald Jameson, at the time head of the CIA’s Soviet Russia/Covert Actions Desk.  Jameson’s office is perfect line-of-sight to the motorcade, superior to anything in the Texas School Book Depository!


The Dal-Tex Specimen: The fourth piece of firearm evidence consists of a rusted shell casing found on the rooftop of the Dal-Tex Building in 1977 by an air-conditioning repair man. The Dal-Tex Building is just east of the TSBD, across Houston Street. Assassination researchers have long speculated that a second gunman was positioned at that building. Judging by the rusted condition of the shell case, it had been there for quite some time. What was unique about this case was the crimped edges along the neck suggesting that either the shell had been handloaded or had been used in conjunction with a sabot. Specimens 1), 2) and 3) could conceivably have been shot from locations other than Dealey Plaza by some careless hunter. However, this shell casing meant that the rifle was shot where the shell was expended and it is unlikely that deer hunters ever had occasion to position themselves on a rooftop in downtown Dallas.


Shooter Number One is Jean Souetre, an OAS assassin, who is situated at the overpass, and once he fires his rifle, a man dressed as a laborer will relieve him of that rifle and spirit it away.

Shooters Number Two and Three are situated at the grassy knoll area and will be captured many times by photographers as they are led by two Dallas policemen to the Dallas County  Sheriff’s office.  The shorter, fellow with the turned-up collar was Moise Maschkivitzan, born in Antwerp of Russian-Jewish parents. The taller, blond fellow was Lazlo the Hungarian, former member of the French Foreign Legion (where, when the join, they assume a new identity, so only his name and nickname can be ascertained), and an OAS weapons specialist, so more like an armorer or gunsmith of the group.

The third older and fatter fellow was an actual hobo.

These two shooters will be relieved of their rifle(s) by Jack Ruby, who is witnessed running up and transferring one or more rifles to his car and then leaving the scene.

The two shooters and the hobo will be allowed to leave the Dallas County Sheriff’s office after only several minutes.



Those three (never identified) tramps:

 Arrest records of three tramps misreported:

Eyewitness recounting of one of the JFK shooters: Time of eyewitness: 13:51 (James Douglass’ book, JFK and the Unspeakable)

 Lucien Conein at the JFK murder:

JFK on Algeria and its independence

Photos of three tramps:

(Look under 5/16/68, JAMES D. KITCHING . . .)

Attorney/Researcher’s meetings in France  (Bernard Fensterwald)'s/Item%2011.pdf

Declassified CIA/FBI documents


0b1knob's picture

(I will) "splinter the CIA into a thousand pieces and scatter it into the winds."  JFK

(We will) "splinter JFK's head into a thousand pieces and scatter it all over the car."   CIA

Jason T's picture

Kennedy fired the guy behind operation northwoods... the military industical complex was huge back then.. these guys HATED commies.. in the end, they ruined themselves.  China starved 40 million in 1960 with their idiocy state planning that helped cause a food shorted .. they all ate cats and dogs to survive.  

Today, the Federal budget for social welfare is as big as the miliary budge was in teh 1950's.   It's nothing compared to what it was.


Arnold's picture

Despite your speling, you have a point worth looking at.

sgt_doom's picture

Yup, Kennedy fired Lemnitzer, and one-fifth of the CIA including Allen Dulles, Richard Bissell and Gen. Charles Cabell --- but unfortunately for the last true Democrat in the White House, he should have fired all of them including the Bundy brothers.  The day JFK was inbound to Dallas in 1963, McGeorge Bundy had his secretary type up NSAM 273, which completely negated and flipped NSAM 263 (which JFK had sent out via the military networks to appropriate State Department overseas offices, stating that all US military advisors would be withdrawn from Vietnam, beginning in late November of '63) --- NSAM 273, stating a major building up forces in Vietnam was to take place, was never seen by President Kennedy, but would be signed by President Johnson on the day after Kennedy's burial (after his assassination).

Interesting that Richard Bissell's grandnephew would be the FBI director, appointed just four days prior to 9/11/01, by President George W. Bush (and even more interesting that Robert Mueller III, Bissell's grandnephew, would be married to a woman whose maiden name was Cabell)!

All just coincidency, of course . . . .

lakecity55's picture

JFK should have had Dulles whacked before Dulles whacked him. Then, the old bastard whacked Bobby.

JRobby's picture

Yes, this how the game is played. But he could not have stopped at Dulles. Would have needed several more.


John Jr's "plane crash"????


Fractal Parasite's picture

Mr. Kennedy was murdered in the 11th month (November), on the 22nd day, at the 33rd parallel (Dallas).

FrankieGoesToHollywood's picture

Well yeah. It's called total war. Something the U.S. has forgotten about ever since wars became video games.

Besides', the U.S. Didn't learn global thermal nuke war was not winnable until WOPR ran enough simulation to prove otherwise in The early '80s

Arnold's picture

No news here.

The strategic plan changes hour to hour, depending on the graduation thesis of the anon military academy.

TheFutureIsThePast's picture

You mean the country that vaporized two cities at the end of a war planned to vaporize more cities if need be?

I'm shocked I tell you, just shocked. I thought they only planned to nuke the enemy's military!

TheFutureIsThePast's picture

Occupied America
Please send help.

RevIdahoSpud3's picture

Never let a crisis go to waste and never let an opportunity to test new technology on civilian populations go to waste either, especially if you can justify it and have world opionion on your side.