100 "Diehard" ISIS Militants Stand Between Iraqi Army And Recapturing Key City

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When last we checked in on the battle for Ramadi, Iraqi forces had all but liberated the city, which fell to ISIS in May after what Defense Secretary Ash Carter says was a remarkable display of cowardice by the US-trained Iraqi regulars. 

The city, some 60 miles west of Baghdad, is key both strategically and psychologically. It’s the veritable “heartland” of Iraq’s Sunni community and its liberation is seen as a kind of rehearsal for a planned operation in Mosul which fell to ISIS 18 months ago. 

"In the coming days will be announced the good news of the complete liberation of Ramadi," army chief of staff Lt. General Othman al-Ghanemi said, earlier this week.

Now, it appears ISIS is on its last legs in the city. According to multiple sources, around 100 “diehard” militants are holed up in a former government compound. All that stands between the Iraqi army and the building are a series of IEDs (recall that ISIS set up a network of devices around the city in a failed attempt to check the army’s advance) and sniper fire. 

"CTS has cleared Hoz neighbourhood in central Ramadi completely and arrived near the government complex," Iraq’s counter terrorism service said on Saturday. "The plan was to enter Hoz from Dhubbat but because of the mines, CTS changed tack and came in from the river bank.” 

"Our troops are now advancing toward their targets but were delayed because the criminals have booby-trapped everything," Special operation commander Sami al-Aridhi says. 

Here’s a map from AFP which depicts the current situation on the ground:

Three Iraqi soldiers and as many as two dozen ISIS fighters were killed on Friday alone. The military says 23 IEDs and two suicide bombers have been "destroyed" in the past 24 hours. The progress is also hampered by the presence of civilians who AFP says, are being used as shields: “The advance by the government forces has also been hampered by the possible presence of dozens of families trapped in the combat zone and used by IS as human shields.” 

"Civilians who remain trapped in Ramadi have posed a formidable challenge for both the Iraqi troops and their U.S. air support," WSJ adds. "At least 120 families are trapped between Islamic State fighters and invading Iraqi soldiers in the eastern suburbs of Sejariya and Sofiya, said Mohamed al-Khozaee, a spokesman for the Iraqi Red Crescent Society." 

"Most remaining civilians in the IS-held central district have taken shelter in the city's hospital, knowing that the army will not target it," Reuters notes, adding that although "the counter-terrorism forces are within 800 meters (0.5 mile) from the government complex,"the Iraqi military "has declined to give a time frame for the final onslaught to dislodge the militants. "The campaign's priority is to avoid casualties among civilians and the troops, no matter how long it takes," a spokesperson said. 

The question, as we've noted on a number of occasions, is what happens "next." That is, Baghdad has deliberately excluded Iran's fearsome Shiite militias from the fight in an effort to avoid sparking a sectarian backlash among local Sunnis. But the Sunni tribesmen who are expected to hold the city once it's captured are undertrained and ill-equipped to hold territory in the face of a counter-offensive. One wonders how long the city will remain "liberated." 

In any event, next is Mosul. Or so Abadi says. “The liberation of dear Mosul will be achieved with the cooperation and unity of all Iraqis after the victory in Ramadi,” the PM said, earlier this week. 

That battle will be decisive. "Islamic State fighters have had more than a year and a half to establish themselves in Mosul since storming the city in the summer of last year," WSJ writes, adding that "they have built defenses including land mines and possibly tunnels, tactics used in other cities recaptured from the group, while ruling over hundreds of thousands of civilians who could be used as human shields."

If Mosul is recaptured, ISIS will have, for all intents and purposes, lost half of its "caliphate" and the US will have lost its excuse to operate in Iraq. 

But it's hardly that simple. As Thomas Ricks, a US soldier who fought in the city wrote earlier this month, "there’s a lot of loose talk about 're-taking' Mosul [but] in my non-General Officer, very tactical-level opinion, an assault on this place would turn into a ten year siege, perhaps longer."

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remain calm's picture

Send in Trump he will kick their ass.

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Going to Schlong the sh*t out of them

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Those 100 “diehards” just wanna go home to Langley.  ;-)


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I hope Putin sends them some Love, Russian Style.

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" I have not yet begun to Schlong! "


~ John Paul Jone, 1779

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Sounds like we know where they are. Time to ArcLight their asses.

RafterManFMJ's picture

...civilians are hiding in a hospital because they know the (US backed) Army won't attack it...


SteveNYC's picture

"......after what Defense Secretary Ash Carter says was a remarkable display of cowardice by the US-trained Iraqi regulars."


I'd like to see Ash storm Ramadi, or hold down the fort.......wonder how he'd fare?

overmedicatedundersexed's picture

LOL ash you say the same worm who let biden maul his wife in public ??

in nam he would been one we accidently shot to get him otta the unit.

Freddie's picture

Ash needs to be pushed in a woo*chipper. 

I sure hope Russia, Iran and China help the Iraqis take back their country.   the USA, Gulf States, ZATO and Isri-hell's main goal is mass genocide in Libya, Syria, Iraq and Egypt plus Yemen.  Iran is also on the list if Syria falls. 

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10 year siege? Maybe for an American.

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Putin would have them incinerated in about 30 seconds.

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Trump would not only incinerate them in 30 seconds, he'd make isis pay for the incineration costs!

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As it stands now, the USSA probably is paying some shyster insurance company to insure them so that when Putin incinerates them, the USSA taxpayers have to shill out coinage to the tribe.

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Yiddish lightning, happens all the time.  Even on 9/11.

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Yeah but at what ecological cost to the dirt and sand and rocks...


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Will the Turkey forces arrive on time (I mean, to save ISIS) ?

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Let me guess, US Pilots denied Weapons Free over the ISIS targets... Yep, thought so

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If the IS IS are holding out in the government complex then it should be leveled. It has been nothing for the US to bomb civilian infrastructurre in Syria so why not wherever they find a concentration of IS IS. The MIC will be granting contracts for rebuilding any way (courtesy of the US taxpayer). The process would of course be subject to the dropping of leaflets explaining that bombing will begin in such and such hour. This would allow IS IS (the assets) to remove themselves without damage.





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Well, it has to do with that there environmental damage issue.

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""Most remaining civilians in the IS-held central district have taken shelter in the city's hospital, knowing that the army will not target it,""


So long as you don't have any doctors from "Doctors without borders" working there. Otherwise you migt be targeted especially because of them, if the Americans have anything to say!

commie's picture
commie (not verified) Dec 26, 2015 10:00 AM

yeah, St. Pooty could send in his crack troops and clean it out before lunch and not kill any civilians. Yeah, sure. 

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Eventually, they will run out of food. Just sit back and seige. Why risk your military?

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Naw man, they cannibals n shit, and have many civilians to eat right up!

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Bacon Cluster Bombs should do the trick.

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100 men willing to die, on our side we gotta pres playing golf in hawaii, he got the better deal. nuff said

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Live in reality. He's ours. Kenya is not going to take him back, we're stuck with him.

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He ain't mine.  I wouldn't vomit on him if he were on fire begging for it with a million dollar payoff for doing so.

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I'm surprised those isis fellows [and gals] didn't want to take a break for Christmas. Celebrate a little, eh.


That's odd?

two hoots's picture

Ramadi should be used as the final test, the last hope, for lasting stability in Iraq for the US.  If this fails then the last, best, US efforts have failed and we should cease and desist all combat operations as all we will accomplish is more killings and social destruction.  If Ramadi is retaken only time will tell if the operation was a success.  We can hope but after years of failures, at some point, enough is enough .

Chuckster's picture

God bless Two Hoots.....It's time for someone to say this publicly.

Bay of Pigs's picture

You're about 12 years late on that call. The US never should have gone there in the first place.

Freddie's picture

It was always supposed to fail in Iraq.  The goal was mass murder, genocide and instabiliity in Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Libya, Afghanistan, Yemen and then the goal was Iran next.  Attempts into Lebanon in 2000 and 2006 were stopped.

Iraq was getting a bit more stable after the mass murder and genocide - enter Rita Katz ISIS theater troop.

They want all these countries balkanized and weak - just like the balkans and UN/ZATO with Serbia during that "war."   

They want water and two types of pipe lines:

1. Oil and Gas

2. Opium/heroin into Europe and worldwide.

Chaos keeps these countries week and keeps the defense contractors order book full. Also props up the dying petro dollar.


BarnacleBill's picture

"It was always supposed to fail in Iraq."

Spot on, Freddie. Too many people overlook this fact. The objective has not been victory, but a stalemate, perpetual war. Mission accomplished.

Chuckster's picture

This story is such a crock of shit.  We have an airbases on two sides (opposing sides) of the city and are bombing a small band of ISIS in a small area for months and months.  We have specialists training Iraqi troops as well.  What is wrong with this picture?  Are our guys totally inept or what.  The Iraqi army must be inept.

HowdyDoody's picture

The Chinese invade the US and pay the locals to act  military forces keeping the territory quiet for the occupiers. When the time comes for those forces to act, I bet they would do the same - 'thanks for the money, bye!, you take on these guys'.

[Not a good analogy, but ok at a conceptual level]

Freddie's picture



Aka fake as shit theater.

Just keep the weapons orders flowing and the chaos going.

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As Thomas Ricks, a US soldier who fought in the city wrote earlier this month, "there’s a lot of loose talk about 're-taking' Mosul [but] in my non-General Officer, very tactical-level opinion, an assault on this place would turn into a ten year siege, perhaps longer."

This coming from a guy who was instrumental in fucking to hell this Country based on the biggest lie ever told that he knows sacrificed American civilians so that he could destroy that Country a second time leaving close to 2 million dead and millions more as refugees.

Step aside little "dough boy" and give your mop to "Ivan"...Ain't gonna take him 10 years!

He'll make it clean like you never could because that was always your objective. Just like everywhere else you've set foot that you couldn't control, the stories abound that nobody else will be able to do it which is why we must stay?!!!

Thank you so much for your service of having absolutely no shame committing mass genocide everywhere you go in that part of World knowingly committing wanton treason, creating a refugee crisis unseen since the end of WWII and bankrupting yours and children(s) future. 

Outta money and outta time Mr. Ricks!

Please put a gun in your mouth and squeeze the trigger in 2016.  You're costing me a fortune in taxes for the last 14 years!

Son of Captain Nemo's picture


Nough said partner... And while you're at it direct us to CNN and FOX which is the only news channel/broadcast you can watch in Murika!

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F*** - The Russians could destroy that place and rebuild it 7 times in 10 years.   Look at Checnya - started by the same Gulf States (sunni) terrorists.

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100 WELL PAID [by Saudi Royal family] ISIS MERCENARIES ["Militants" my a$$] Stand Between Iraqi Army And Recapturing Key City.

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Those last Al-Cia should be out of there just before the air drop of warning fliers...then so fat head gets his photo opp with a "mission accomplished" banner.  Forces cut and run and the shithole falls to "bad guys" again in 3 months.

When Vlad finally gets around to these parts he'll have fliers dropped after glass sheeting the place and they'll say "sorry about that but it wasnecessary".

All this fake ass, false flag military complex moneychanger global conflict bull shit will have an end and the Internet is what started its demise.

Nsa, fbi, cia and all the rest...we know you are watching!  We are also watching...if you are sitting at your desk being a do gooder and patriot, hey that's great but sooner or later you need to see your organization for  what it really is.




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'shelter in the city's hospital, knowing that the army will not target it'

How stupid are those people?

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Well thats bullshit,, they are are called refuges now and have migrated to Europe and the US.