Sweden's First Month Of 'Islamic Multiculturalism' - Rapes, Acquittals, & Severed Heads

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Submitted by Ingrid Carlqvist via The Gatestone Institute,

  • Some 30 Muslim men thought that the woman was in violation of Islamic sharia law, by being in Sweden unaccompanied by a man. They thought that she should therefore be raped and her teenage son killed.

  • Sometime during the night, the victim was awakened by the Iraqi as he raped her. The woman managed to break free and locate a train attendant. At first, the woman did not want to call the police. "She felt sorry for him [the rapist] ... and was afraid he would be deported back to Iraq."

  • Two Swedish citizens were convicted by a Gothenburg Court of joining an Islamist terror group in Syria and murdering two captives. Video evidence showed one victim being beheaded. "Every night when I have gone to bed, I have seen a head hanging in the air." - Court Chairman Ralf G. Larsson.

  • One week after Sweden raised its terror alert level to the highest ever, the police raised another alarm -- saying their weapons are simply not good enough to prevent a potential terror attack.

November 4: The Swedish Immigration Service sent out a press release, saying that it had hired close to a thousand additional employees since June. The Immigration Service now has over 7,000 employees, including hourly workers and consultants -- double the 3,350 employees who worked there in 2012. Most of the new recruits work with the legal processing of asylum applications, but the units dealing with receiving migrants and filing their initial applications have also expanded considerably. As if the record influx of migrants this autumn were not crushing enough, the Immigration Service also had trouble retaining its staff. Employees complain about being badly treated: they are always expected to be on call, and possibly even work Christmas Eve.

November 4: Bobel Barqasho, a 31-year-old Syrian, was sentenced by Sweden's Supreme Court to 14 years in prison. Before his case reached the Supreme Court, Barqasho had been sentenced by a lower court to 9 years in prison, then acquitted by the Court of Appeals. In February 2013, Barqasho threw his wife off a sixth-floor balcony. Against all odds, the woman survived the 13-meter (about 43 feet) fall, but was badly injured. When she woke up after five weeks in a coma, her head was held together by a helmet, her face felt loose, and her teeth were gone. In the Court of Appeals, the defense managed to plant reasonable doubt about the man's guilt by claiming the woman was depressed and had jumped of her own free will] so the Court of Appeals set him free. By the time the Supreme Court pronounced its sentence of 14 years, Barqasho had disappeared. He is now being sought by Interpol.

November 6: The Grönkulla School in Alvesta closed after reports of a rape at the facility spread on social media. A Somali boy had apparently been sexually harassing a 12-year-old girl for some time. On October 17, he allegedly took his attentions a step farther, pulled the girl behind a bush and raped her. The girl's father had been unsuccessful in trying to get the school to address the problem earlier, but even after the reported rape, the school's management did not act. The boy was allowed to continue going to the school – just on a schedule different from the girl's. Her distraught parents told the news website Fria Tider: "We are being spat on because we are Swedish." In protest against the school's management, many parents, viewing the school as having sided with the perpetrator, moved their children to other schools.

November 9: Social commentator and whistleblower Merit Wager revealed on her blog that administrators at the Immigration Service had all been ordered to "accept the claim that an applicant is a child, if he does not look as if he is over 40." A staggering 32,180 "unaccompanied refugee children" had arrived during 2015 by December 1 -- since then another 1,130 have come -- and the government finally decided to take action. If its proposition is approved by Parliament, everyone who looks adult-aged will be forced to go through a medical age-determination procedure. One of the reasons Sweden stopped doing these in the first place, was that pediatricians refused to take part in them. They said the procedures were "unreliable."

November 10: A 28-year-old Iraqi man was prosecuted for raping a woman on a night train between Finland and Sweden. The man had originally planned to seek asylum in Finland, but had found the living conditions there too harsh. He had therefore taken a train back to Sweden. In a couchette (sleeping car where men and women are together), the rapist and two other asylum seekers met one of the many Swedish women whose hearts go out to "new arrivals." The woman bought sandwiches for the men; they drank vodka. When two of the men started groping the woman, she told them to stop, yet chose to lie down and go to sleep. Sometime during the night, she was awakened by the Iraqi as he raped her. The woman managed to break free and locate a train attendant. To the attendant's surprise, the woman did not immediately want to press charges. The court documents state: "The train attendant asked if he should call the police. At first, the woman did not want him to do so, because she did not want to put N.N., an asylum seeker, in a tough spot. She felt sorry for him... and was afraid he would be deported back to Iraq."

The man was given a sentence of one year in prison, payment of 85,000 kronor (about $10,000) in damages, and deportation -- but will be allowed to come back to Sweden after five years.

November 10: An Algerian and a Syrian asylum seeker were indicted for raping a Swedish woman in Strängnäs. The men, 39-year-old from Algeria and 31-year-old from Syria, met the woman in a bar one night in August. When the woman left, one of the men followed her, pulled her to the ground, and assaulted her. Afterwards, the woman kept walking, and ran into two other men -- the Syrian and another unidentified man -- and was raped again. The Syrian reportedly also spit her in face and said, "I'm going to f--k you, little Swedish girl." The men, who lived at the same asylum house, denied knowing each other when questioned by the police. The verdict was announced on December 1. Rapist number one was sentenced to 2.5 years in prison, 117,000 kronor (about $14,000) in damages, and deportation to Algeria. Rapist number two was convicted of aggravated rape and sentenced to four years in prison. He cannot be deported, however, because "there are currently hindrances towards enforcing deportations to Syria." He was also ordered to pay the woman 167,000 kronor (about $20,000) in damages.

November 13: A trial began against eight Eritrean men, between the ages of 19 and 26, who according to the District Court, "crudely and ruthlessly" gang-raped a 45-year-old woman. She had been waiting in a stairwell for a friend when the men invited her into an apartment. Inside, she was thrown on the floor, held down, beaten and brutally raped. When questioned by the police, she said, "It felt as if there were hands and fingers everyplace. Fingers penetrated me, vaginally, anally. It hurt very much. I could feel the fingernails." She said she could also hear the Eritreans laughing and speaking in their own language while they raped her. "They seemed to be enjoying themselves," she said.

When two of the men started fighting over who should rape her next, she tried to flee, but one of the men hit her over the head; she fell unconscious. After coming to, she escaped out a window and was able to reach a neighbor.

The District Court of Falun established that several men had taken part in the attack, but the District Attorney was unable to prove who had done what. Therefore, only one man was convicted of aggravated rape, and sentenced to five years in prison. The others were sentenced to only 10 months in prison for helping to conceal a serious criminal offense. After serving their time, the men will be allowed to stay in Sweden.

November 14: The Swedish Security Service, Säpo, warned again of Muslim terrorists hiding among migrants. The number of individuals listed as potential security threats has tripled this year, and includes several hundred who may be ready to carry out "Paris-style" attacks. As the Immigration Service has a huge backlog in trying to register all 150,000 asylum seekers who have come to Sweden so far in 2015, there are probably also many migrants that would be considered potential security threats.

November 14: Sweden's Foreign Minister, Margot Wallström, made yet another strange statement with diplomatic consequences. The day after the Paris attacks, in an interview with Swedish Public Television, Wallström was asked, "How worried are you about the radicalization of young people in Sweden who choose to fight for ISIS?" Wallström replied:

"Yes, of course we have a reason to be worried not only here in Sweden but around the world, because there are so many who are being radicalized. Here again, you come back to situations like that in the Middle East, where not least the Palestinians see that there isn't any future for us [the Palestinians], we either have to accept a desperate situation or resort to violence."

Two days later, the Swedish ambassador to Israel, Carl Magnus Nesser, was called to a meeting at the Israeli Foreign Ministry. Its spokesman, Emmanuel Nahshon, later told Reuters, "The Swedish Foreign Minister's statements are appallingly impudent... [She] demonstrates genuine hostility when she points to a connection of any kind between the terror attacks in Paris and the complex situation between Israel and the Palestinians."

In a formal statement, the Swedish Foreign Ministry denied that Margot Wallström's remark had connected the Paris attacks with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. A Swedish Conservative (Moderaterna) Member of Parliament, Hanif Bali, sarcastically tweeted that it seemed the Foreign Minister is suffering from an "obvious case of Israel-Tourette's."

November 18: The Authority for Civil Protection and Contingency Planning (MSB) warned that the asylum situation was not only "very strained," but that things keep getting worse -- and that in some parts of Sweden, the authorities can only function until the end of December. Meanwhile, the Immigration Service calculated that another 13,000 beds are needed in so-called evacuation accommodations. "The problem cannot be fully solved even if the Armed Forces help provide more housing or if the MSB could arrange more tent accommodations," the authority wrote.

The massive influx of asylum seekers has also led to native Swedes "being crowded out of the health care and social services systems," according to the MSB. "It [the MSB] is so busy handling unaccompanied children and asylum seekers, that there simply is not enough time to tend to the everyday functions, such as healthcare and social services," said Alexandra Nordlander, Chief of Operative Analysis at the MSB, to the daily tabloid, Aftonbladet.

November 19: A fire broke out at Lundsbrunn Spa, a few weeks after plans were announced to convert the historic building into the biggest asylum-seekers' home in Sweden. According to the police, the fire was not an arson, but started in a wood-pellet stove.

Many hotels and spas have transforming themselves into asylum-seekers' housing, in order to profit from lucrative deals offered by the Immigration Service. Lundsbrunn Spa, near a mineral spring, dates back to 1890; in 1817, a hospital was established on the grounds. The nearby village is home to fewer than 1,000 people, so when Lundsbrunn Spa decided to accept an offer from the Immigration Service, the village faced a doubling of its population. The owners of Lundsbrunn wrote on the Spa's website that they see the transformation from spa to asylum-seekers' home as a temporary measure.

November 20: Norwegian businessman Petter Stordalen, the billionaire owner of Nordic Choice Hotels, announced that the chain's many properties in Scandinavia and the Baltic states would no longer serve their guests sausage and bacon for breakfast. The breakfast buffet of the Nordic Choice's Clarion Hotel Post in Gothenburg was named earlier this year the best hotel breakfast in the world by the British newspaper, The Mirror. But apparently, this award did not matter. The cause for the hotel's decision was cited as "health reasons." The internet, however, was soon abuzz with speculation that the real reason was adaptation to Islamic dietary laws (halal). One week later, Stordalen backtracked. The reaction from hotel guests had been too strong. Many people vented their anger over the withheld bacon on Stordalen's Facebook page. Stordalen commented: "The guests have spoken. Comfort Hotels are bringing back bacon."

November 23: Hassan Mostafa Al-Mandlawi, 32, and Al Amin Sultan, 30, were indicted in the Gothenburg Municipal Court, suspected of having traveled to Syria in 2013 and murdering at least two people there. The charge was terrorist crimes, (alternatively crimes against international law) and murder. Chief Prosecutor Agnetha Hilding Qvarnström, of the National Unit for Security Cases, said: "The act [was] committed with the intent to harm the state of Syria and intimidate the people, thus the classification: terrorist crimes. The hard part is to clarify fully whether these men have been part of an armed group, and acted within the frames of the armed conflict, or not."

The accused men came to Sweden, one from Iraq and one from Syria, as children, but grew up in Sweden and are Swedish citizens. They traveled to Syria in 2013, and joined one of the many Islamist terror groups there. According to the prosecution, they murdered two captured workers in an industrial area of Aleppo by slitting their throats. The prosecutor wrote that, "Al-Mandlawi and Sultan have both expressed delight at the deeds."

During the trial, films of the executions were shown, but both men still denied having committed the crimes. Those present in court agreed that the films were among the most disturbing ever displayed in a Swedish court. First, they show a man having his throat slit, the blood gushing before he dies. Then, the other victim's head is severed from his body, and the killer holds up the severed head to loud cheers from the others. The court's chairman, Ralf G. Larsson, told the news agency, TT: "Every night when I have gone to bed, I have seen a head hanging in the air."

The verdict was announced December 14: Both men were convicted of terrorist crimes and sentenced to life in prison. The verdict will be appealed, the defense lawyers said.

Two Swedish citizens were convicted by a Gothenburg Court of joining an Islamist terror group in Syria and murdering two captives. Video evidence (left) showed one victim being beheaded. When asked if she is worried about the radicalization of young people in Sweden who choose to fight for ISIS, Sweden's Foreign Minister, Margot Wallström (right), blamed Israel's treatment of Palestinians.

November 25: The municipality of Ängelholm proudly announced that it had managed to hire a world-famous star to sing at the 500-year anniversary of the city of Ängelholm. Mezzo-soprano Susanne Resmark, of La Scala in Milan and the Metropolitan Opera House in New York, would now, for the first time, sing in her hometown. The denizens of Ängelholm would get to enjoy the Resmark, considered by many one of the best Mezzo-sopranos, in a free performance. Two days later, however, the local paper, Helsingborgs Dagblad, ran a story on how Resmark had posted on her Facebook page comments critical of Islam. This apparently sent representatives of the municipality into a panic; they cancelled the star's performance. The journalist behind the story, Jan Andersson, admitted in an interview with Dispatch International that the paper's reporters had gone over Resmark's statements with a microscope, in an effort to force the municipality to cancel her appearance. "We did a damn fine job!" Andersson said.

November 27: One week after Sweden raised its terror alert level to the highest ever in the country (four on a five-point scale), the police raised another alarm -- saying their weapons are simply not good enough to prevent a potential terror attack. "We are sent out without adequate weapons, only a nine millimeter service pistol. We are also told that there may not be enough protective vests and ballistic helmets. It feels like being sent out on a lion hunt with a pea-shooter and a jumpsuit made out of zebra meat," wrote a police officer called "Christian," in an internal incident report reviewed by the news agency, Siren.

His colleague, "Niklas," wrote that he had to patrol, without a protective helmet, a location considered at risk of terror attacks, because none of the available helmets fit his head: "Without the right equipment, and with inadequate training in tactics and shooting, we still had to work as live targets without any kind of chance to defend ourselves or our [locations] against a potential attack."

The police say they want to be able to use more powerful weapons, such as the HK MP5, a submachine gun that is popular with law enforcement agencies around the world. Few, however, have had the required training for it. Also, the existing MP5s are kept at police stations -- not in patrol cars. Martin Lundin, of the Department of National Operations, conceded there was some merit to the criticism: "We will probably need more people who are able to handle that weapon in the future."

November 28: A large mob at an asylum house in Nora tried to break into a room where a woman had barricaded herself along with her son. Some 30 Muslim men apparently thought the woman was in violation of Islamic sharia law, by being in Sweden unaccompanied by a man. They thought that she should therefore be raped and her teenage son killed. Asylum house staff called the police, who averted the plan.

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Lorca's Novena's picture

Mr, Soros your plan is working, are you fucking happy?

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Sweden perhaps pragmatic route to take and just surrender.

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Or maybe forbid all of her citizens from wearing any underwear and walk bent forward, to make rapes easier

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For God's sake even Tiger Wood's Swedish ex-wife beat the shit out of him with a golf club for fucking someone else.  Did he marry the last Swedish woman with balls ?

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Why can't they just have a Safe Space, where they can chop heads and eat livers in peace? Why all this microaggression, Sweden?

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"She felt sorry for him [the rapist] ... and was afraid he would be deported back to Iraq."

Such insane altruism proves that this particular blond-blue-eyed-biped does not merit further habitation on planet earth.  Her travails are self-inflicted and deserved.  Let us weed them out of our gene pool until a mass of critical-thinking aryans are left who care about THEIR OWN progeny before someone elses.

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I suspect with Europe mostly disarmed and the EU pushing for a blanket semi-auto ban to clear up what ever privileges are left, when the economic smash comes, your going to see this on a Europe wide scale and then some. Even in the UK with the benefit of a sea border, I think you will still see this as the authorities themselves are not sufficiently armed.

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The USSA needs MANY MORE Muslims.

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Congratulations Saudi Arabia.  You've exported your religion.

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Years of subtle as well as outright socialist brainwashing will lead to this result.

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The more dead Swedes we see the better. People are stupid. So pain and suffering is the best teacher since most people learn hard-way.

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If Swedish men would grow a pair, Thor’s Mjölnir would assure that the Scandinavian landscape was littered with liberal politicians sporting flattened melons.


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They are over 6 million Jews in America.

What sort  of prophesy could unfold here now?

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At least you can't call them racist. That's all that matters.

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What did you all expect?

It's Islam, stupid.

Ghordius's picture

it's Islam... by stupid, I'd say. one billion muslims means lots of stupid muslims, in the range of millions. as in all groups, there is always a percentage of stupid (and worse)

(except groups to which I belong, of course. for example the ZH comment section. no stupid here, all members carefully vetted beforehand)

L_Estasi_dell_Oro's picture

I think the problem is that too many men are nowadays watching porn and/or masturbating much too frequently.

You may laugh at this and, honestly, so would I have done about two years ago, but we live in a society of hyper-arousal in many ways.

It can be sugar, it can be alcohol, sports, but also an insane amount of sexuailty and triggers and free HD porn available everywhere, instantly on e.g. your mobile phone.


Shortly put: Porn and/or masturbation is the exact opposite of growing a pair!


I stumbled upon "Your brain on porn" and the Reddit "NoFap" community and set myself a challenge: 30 days without any of that stuff/behavior.

Yes, I even said to my wife: sorry, no action for a month on my side during my experiment

Easy right?


Just try it dear reader...  soon the lack of stimuli will start to be noticable to you. it'll start to build up huge amounts of energy. First frustration, then anger, then raw power and a very clear, unfoggy mind. Pure Masculine energy, balanced with a touch of femal energy (Think Yin/Yang symbol) is awesome! 


The amount of extra "push through" energy you'll get is very noticable. (Also read Napoleon Hill's "Think and Grow Rich" - Chapter 13 I believe about Sexual Transmutation).

You'll start to notice how many men are not really men anymore.

It's a matter of market demand, but I also think that porn has been weaponized.


So many men wasting all that glorious energy and precious time in front of a screen with moving pixels instead of actually making a change in the world.


That's not the behavior of a Viking, a Spartan or what have you!


As a brother I can only ask you to think about this and do some (soul & web) searching.


Added benefit: the attention given to me by my wife has increased so much. She instinctively feels that powerful, decisive and protective masculine energy.

(And so do other women ;-) )


David Deida's book's are also a good starting point I guess.

Eirik Magnus Larssen's picture

"The more dead Swedes we see the better. People are stupid. So pain and suffering is the best teacher since most people learn hard-way."

And so, the true face of the far-right begins to show itself to the world, once again. Since the days of Nazism and the suffering it wrought in these parts and beyond, Scandinavians haven't forgotten who the real enemy is.

The majority among us were never fooled, and this fact is reflected in our choice of politics. As your masks fall, we are vindicated.

True Blue's picture

Its your suicide. You cheerlead and glorify the genocide of Scandinavia in every post you make. Just get it over with. People are stupid.

Eirik Magnus Larssen's picture

There is no "white genocide", here or elsewhere, and neither the Scandinavian people nor their cultures commit "suicide".

The only things emasculated within the Nordic countries are the politics of fear & hate, on which scum like you lot rely.

Ms. Erable's picture

It's patently obvious that all of the intelligent, self-sufficient and adventurous humans (for which that region of the world was once renowned) left the dregs, drones and feebleminded behind when they left Scandinavia (and Sweden in particular, where one would be hard-pressed to find one indigenous pair of testicles - or a single hemisphere of a human brain - even if shared between the entire male population).

Eirik Magnus Larssen's picture

The ancient Nordics you obsess over are renowned because their sights were set firmly on the world, rather than on navel-gazing at their backyard. The Viking Age was the same period Scandinavians began to broadly interact and intermingle with foreign cultures and peoples at every opportunity. Rollo and his men perhaps became the most famous example, as he and his war band gave rise to an ethnically mixed people (the "Normans") that profoundly altered not just the history, but also the genetic make-up of Western and Southern Europe, and even parts of the Middle-East.

These men never looked back to the Scandinavia they came from. They lived and thrived in foreign cultures and they died in far-away lands, and the concepts of "fatherland" and "purity" were alien to them. In this, I more closely resemble my forebears than any frightened conservatives do.

Perhaps Scandinavians haven't changed as much as you believe. More importantly, where do you think these realities leave the delusions of the West's right-wingers?

Lebensphilosoph's picture

There was no "profound" genetic impact upon other populations by Scandinavian immigration. Now, show me the remnants of Nordic immigrants , their offspring and culture in the Middle East. You can't.They are extinct. Swallowed by the sea of alien peoples and alioen culture, just as Sweden will be.


Thanks for making the point for us.

Ghordius's picture

why do you pick the Middle East in this example? anyway, if you would tour the ME you would find plenty of examples for this, in many pockets.

the classic example is the https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Circassians, btw. In Syria, for example, you find 120'000 of them

the classic movie reference about Circassians is when an Englishman like Lawrence of Arabia passes as Circassian (based on the true story)

which is correct, an Englishman wasn't a "racially strange sight" in the Ottoman Empire, which used to be the whole of what we call nowadays the Middle East. and still isn't

he is talking about Scandinavian immigration though. this is more specific. this includes populations that went to all of Europe from Portugal to Russia (and Africa, too), but they did not go to the ME in greater numbers, while other tribes of "Caucasians" did

the "They are extinct. Swallowed by the sea of alien peoples and alien cultures" meme is a myth

Eirik Magnus Larssen's picture

I'd invite him and all other "philsophers of Lebensraum" to study the history of the Varangian Guard.


Lebensphilosoph's picture


"philsophers of Lebensraum"


What are you talking about? You think my user name has something to do with the notion of Lebensraum? Please stick to your farmer's language instead of drawing erroneous conclusions from foreign terminology you obviously don't understand.

Lebensphilosoph's picture

Complete and utter irrelevant nonsense so full of shit it stinks like a 17th century London sewer. The Circassians are not Nordic, but genetically related to other peoples of the Caucasus, speak a non-Indo-European language, practise Islam, and if you think can point out any traces of Scandinavian culture there, be my guest and tell us all about them.


Once again, the local idiots make my point for me.


Ghordius's picture

you were asking for examples of Nordic... in the ME. well, since there are no known migrations of Nordic to the ME, I must again ask why you are so specific

(meanwhile, are we talking about genetics, language, culture or religion?)

fr0thing's picture

I don't know - we have not been given the truth in our history books. In Egypt recently they discovered upwards of 1million mummies, many of which have blonde and red hair. You can't make this stuff up:


fr0thing's picture

I don't know - we have not been given the truth in our history books. In Egypt recently they discovered upwards of 1million mummies, many of which have blonde and red hair. You can't make this stuff up:


Vendetta's picture

Perhaps it is all true what you write but I am certain they didn't let such things happen to the people they cared about back then like these examples in the article.  It would be equivalent analogy of throwing Mikael Blomkvist into jail and throwing away the key, the state foribly disbanding Millennium despite the good it provided to the society,  letting Lisbeth Salander get gang raped for a few few years, buried and forgotten about and Zalachenko given a high level post in government for ordering it.  There should be limits to what a free and open society should be willing to tolerate ... it has little to do with 'purity' and has everything to do with freedom within an open society and the peoples' ability to live as they choose without others' belief system reigning hell onto them for living as free people because it violates THEIR belief system.  If you do not understand this simple logic regarding a society, Eirik Larssen,  then the free and open society will not exist and the message given through the beautiful though brutal works of Stieg Larsson is lost and buried with him, the poor soul.  I say this as a father whose daughter was murdered by a control freak because that is essentially what these crimes in YOUR country are about ... control by fanatics... go ahead stand by and watch innocent people suffer and live in fear in the name of corporate/globalist diversity.  Even your ancestors would never stand by allow such things to happen willingly...of that I am certain whether they were in Sweden or not ... like any other society that values its freedoms.  du missar poängen helt, så lätta upp, inte alla av oss är höger fanatiker här

Lebensphilosoph's picture


There is no "white genocide", here or elsewhere, and neither the Scandinavian people nor their cultures commit "suicide".


They lived and thrived in foreign cultures and they died in far-away lands, and the concepts of "fatherland" and "purity" were alien to them.


Make up your damned mind, you castrated skitstövel . Either you believe your beloved mass immigration is not causing any radical alteration of Sweden's ethnocultural landscape, or you and your fellow gender-swapping countrymen welcome the burial of your people beneath the dung heap of multiculturalism. You can't have it both ways ... unless, that is, you are a paid-for goverment troll reading your pre-forumalted answers off of a crib sheet.

Eirik Magnus Larssen's picture

Castrated men do not father biological children; our third is on its way. My avatar is an older picture of our firstborn. Considering what sort of people crawl around on these forums, I found it a fitting representation of who I am, and what I stand for. Though I wouldn't describe myself as a "troll", this picture ought to give you advance notice that I'm not here to make friends or win popularity contests with most of you.

More to the point, my kids very much so represent the future of Norway should they choose to settle there. I say this not due to a a multicultural "belief", but rather because they are part and parcel of the country, its people and its culture through their father. They just also happen to be part and parcel of (South) Sudanese culture through their mother, but that is another story.

So yes, my children can have it both ways if they so want. Their father is Norwegian, and their link to his country and his native culture therefore is undeniable. No matter how much a vocal minority of closet racists wish it were otherwise.

Lebensphilosoph's picture

Oh, look, the hunourless Swede doesn't understand figurative language either, but attempts to contradict a reference to spiritual emasculation by talking about being a father. A father to gender-swapping castrati, I don't doubt.

Thanks for a) not getting my point, which concerns the logical inconsistency of your claims about Sweden not being subject to radical demopgraphic change while at the same time going to great lengths to express your purported embracing of this non-occurring change and (you can't have it both ways) b) not responding to my point but instead going off on a tangent about your little squirts having multiple racial backgrounds ("they can have it both ways" *facepalm*).

So, which is it? Are you a paid government troll or do adult people actually exist who have all the reading comprehension and faculties of logical thought of an eight-year-old?

Utah_Get_Me_2's picture

Lebensphilosoph you are arguing with a cuckholded, politically correct beta male who would sacrifice his country and culture on the alter of multiculturalism and tolerance. Tolerance for a people and culture who would not be so forgiving of his lifestyle were the shoe on the other foot. Even in the face of overwhelming evidence that the Swedish experiment in multiculturalism is an abject failure that poses a mortal danger to native born Swedes, Eirik, apologizes for the rape and violence. The same emasculated dipshit who involuntarily vomits 'racism' and 'right winger' out of his mouth yet cannot help himself to let everyone know that 'I married a black woman and have mixed children'. EIRIK, GOOD FOR YOU. NO ONE GIVES A FUCK. Declaring this before you shoot your fucking mouth off doesn't give you the moral high ground or make what you say any less ridiculous. I hope you'll inform us when you convert your garage into a living area for the poor little military aged male Muslims and offer up one of your children to them sex as a sign of your political correctness and good will towards man. Dipshit. 

Eirik Magnus Larssen's picture

"The people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked and denounce the pacificsts for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same way in any country." -- Hermann Goering

It's not difficult to understand why right-wing extremists hold such animosity against educated people. Well-informed and composed citizens are a mortal threat to the process (in)famously described by Hermann Goering.

Eirik Magnus Larssen's picture

A good example of a person with the "faculties of logical thought of an eight-year old" is someone unable to grasp the difference between a Swede and a Norwegian, even after this has repeatedly been pointed out to him, and who is noted for his atrocious spelling and lack of grammatical proficiency.

In every respect, you are representative of the fact the far-right consists of a vocal minority of pseudointellectuals, historical revisionists, and bona fide lunatics that are on par with Creationists. Ergo, it has no future left.

Demographics soon will snuff you out your legacy. I take pride and joy in being part and parcel of this process.

fr0thing's picture

Taking joy in the demographic "snuffing out" of a person's legacy is a sick, Nazi-like stance. Good job hypocrite, you've become what you claim to hate.

fr0thing's picture

Taking joy in the demographic "snuffing out" of a person's legacy is a sick, Nazi-like stance. Good job hypocrite, you've become what you claim to hate.

fr0thing's picture

Bullshit. Just because you've been brainwashed to hate your own race to project it onto others. Sicko.

MsCreant's picture

I find myself torn. There is a balance. I have argued before that socialization matters. Many of these folks are being victimized because they have not been made aware (before their attacks) that not all folks are good willed like they are. This is reality. Women are socialized like this then blamed for their victimization after the fact when really, much of what we are up to as youngsters is looking for approval and belonging. Girls do not realize what "marks" they are.

I don't want to over generalize the behavior of some Muslims to all Muslims and treat them all like criminals. On the other hand, I understand the fear. It is naive to walk the streets without fear when you know some folks see the world like this (that it is okay to rape a woman who is not accompanied by a man). What I want is for women to walk the steets packing. Shoot anyone who would hurt you. Fuck tolerance. Fuck their claim to a Goddamned religion. 

And I know Muslims that I would be horrified to say this to. 

It is not black and white, it is grey. Then there are others who amplify the fear. 

None of this is easy. 

I don't want dead Swedes, that is assinine. They do need to learn from this pain and protect themselves. I would try to help if I was there myself (I do not know if they are allowed to have guns or not). Certainly put on some self defense courses for anyone who would listen.

This stuff is hard, I have compassion for almost all sides. Rapists are hard, they think this shit is okay. I will NOT allow anyone close to me to be hurt by "ambiguity,"

MisterMousePotato's picture

Look. The point is ... why should we be put in a position where we have to protect ourselves? From dangers that wouldn't exist but for an engineered situation putting us in danger? I have a better idea: Let's not import the danger in the first place.

HardAssets's picture

Sweden is (was) a girls dream.

A place of social harmony and the nice warm blanket of 'security' for all.

Until - predators enter the scene who have no regard for getting along or your personal physical security.

Try to talk to many women about predators, self defense, and the tools for self defense (guns) - and they don't want to think or talk about it. Those subjects are too 'unpleasant' to consider.

Expand this emotional response to a national level - and you'll find a place that disarms their own population while letting loose the predators. Their males have been disarmed and socially indoctrinated/emasculated. So their 'enlightened' population spout non-sense while the nation commits suicide.

Ghordius's picture

+1 for "compassion for almost all sides", and +1 for "It is not black and white, it is grey"

regarding "They do need to learn from this pain and protect themselves", though, this is a very "typical" American thought, not a "typical" Swedish one

Scandinavians are famous for handling this kind on issues in a group/societal way instead of on the individualistic level. not judging, just stating the fact

at the moment, the momentum is about handling them nice, and understandingly, and all those multicultural ways

it could change, though. in a similar way to other instances in history where a "mass rejection" happens

what I am trying to say here: don't expect Swedes to handle security on an individual level, they prefer other ways and reactions, they are socialized this way, to come back to your point

Lebensphilosoph's picture

I don't expect people who send their young boys to kindergarten in dresses for the sake of building a "gender-neutral society" to be able to fix a kitchen sink, much less solve the problem of the future of their national  existence.

Ghordius's picture

good jab you are doing there. anyway, it's their Nation, isn't it? or... isn't it, according to some here?

my question is: is it really about Swedes... or is it about "The White (Anglo-American)"?

Lebensphilosoph's picture

I'm not Anglo-American. It's their nation, yes, but that doesn't change the hideous facts about their nation. But it's more than just shaking ones head at their hyper-moralistic idiocy and having a laugh at their feminised expense.

Their nation of emasculated, sycophantic, godless appeasers of the barbarians at the gate happens to be sitting smack bang in the north of the civilisation formerly known as Christendom.


Yes, that makes it their nation but MY damned problem.