This Is The Best Investment Of 2015... Just Don't Adjust For Hyperinflation

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It's that time of year again. When hindsight is 20/20 and coulda/woulda/shoulda gives way to reality. With the US equity market barely able to keep its head above green water, a look around the world shows investors could have done a lot better (or not).

In fact, as Handelsblatt shows, the best investment in the world in 2015 would have been - drum roll please - Venezuelan stocks!

Note - these returns are from a EUR-denominated persepctive


So - that proves it - buying stocks during hyperinflation "works" and protects your purchasing power, right?

Not so fast! While Venezuela's official spot Bolivar rate has been flat at 6.2921 all year as Maduro dreaded the admission that his nation is in utter collapse, the "real" exchange rate - or 'Dolar Libre' Rate - has been crashing...


Which means, if you wanted to "invest" in Caracas Stocks last year (by moving your USD into Bolivars, buying stock, then moving your "gains" back into USDs to bring home and celebrate), things look a lot different.


From a 287% gain, you would have actually lost 22% of your initial USD stake!

So sorry, hyperinflation does not pay after all! Still, The Fed, ECB, BoJ, PBOC will keep playing the 'inflate' and debase game until they are all proven wrong.

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Investing in fantasy = winning.

Investing in real things = barely breaking even.

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only in fiat currency terms...

and they r worthless.

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dude, bovespa is in fucking brazil, not venezuela...

_ConanTheLibertarian_'s picture

When does Venezuela finally default? And Argentina? And PR? And....

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They forgot Argentina. Great returns as long as you count it in paper money and not in loaves of bread.

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"From a 287% gain, you would have actually lost 22% of your initial USD stake!"


Like when I got married, I thought I was gaining a 2nd income. Turns out I'm losing money, big time.

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Fortunately my wife makes double what I do. It's paying off for now. But she is about to retire in her early 30's, now it's all on me! I was duped!

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But at least you have something where to stick your stake :D

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And at the same time, the best performing currency in the world in 2015 is.... Bitcoin. Well done to all my fellow hoarders.

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Good thing you didn't start hoarding last year, or you'd have a lost a bunch:

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That does it.  In '16 I'm weighting Venezuela shares 100% in the portfolio.  When times are uncertain, people need to have their money in the Venezuelan stock market.  Which can only go up.

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why the FED is not playing the inflate gain, haven't you heard how hard they are struggling to get inflation up to their 2% goal?

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Venezuela  stocks ....Its just like housing baby, the only way is up!