Swiss Army Chief Warns Of Social Unrest, Calls Upon Citizens To Arm Themselves

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Swiss army chief André Blattmann warned, in a Swiss newspaper article on Sunday, the risks of social unrest in Europe are soaring. Recalling the experience of 1939/1945, Blattman fears the increasing aggression in public discourse is an explosively hazardous situation, and advises the Swiss people to arm themselves and warns that the basis for Swiss prosperity is "being called into question."

As Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten reports, speaking on the record for the first time since the November Paris terror attacks, Blattmann told the paper that despite a rise in security incidents over the past two years Switzerland’s means of defence were being reduced.

The situation is growing increasingly risky, Blattman begins.


"The threat of terror is rising, hybrid wars are being fought around the globe; the economic outlook is gloomy and the resulting migration flows of displaced persons and refugees have assumed unforeseen dimensions."


Blattmann: "Social unrest can not be ruled out", the vocabulary in public discourse will "dangerously aggressive."


"The mixture is increasingly unappetizing" Blattmann sees the basis of Swiss prosperity, "has long been once again called into question."


He recalls the situation around the two world wars in the last century and advises Switzerland, to arm themselves.


The Swiss Armed Forces had held many years ago maneuver, in which the starting point was focused on social unrest in Europe.

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Swiss politicians, of course, responded with disbelief to the army chief and hold his warnings are exaggerated.

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A day late and a dollar short.

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Whatever happened to the story that that all Swiss males had a government-issued weapon and ammo at home?

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This is how Empire crumbles, not with a bang but a whisper......than several bangs, plenty of rot and decay, strife and stress, dislocation, blowback from all corners and so on.

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If you live in California where you are restricted to 10 round magazines, then maybe you should move.  If you live in Illinois, NYC, or DC, then you should definitely move.  If you live on Airstrip One (formerly Britain) where essentially only shotguns may be owned then adjust accordingly.  If you live in Switzerland you probably already know how to shoot and have excellent equipment.  Everyone should know and abide by their local gun laws, no matter how Draconian, illogical, and unconstitutional they may be.  These laws are for your protection/sarc.

...and this...

...hedgeless_horseman's E-Z Internet Guide for Learning to Use a Sidearm to Defend Yourself, Your Loved Ones, and Your Property, Should a Race War Break Out.


...and this...

We need to take responsibility for our own safety, and to have our mind, body, and equipment ready at all times. We all need to work together to create an environment that is hostile to bad guys.  We don't need more gun-free zones like San Bernadino (14 killed),  Ft. Hood (13 killed), Sandy Hook (27 killed), Columbine High School (13 killed), and Utøya Norway, (77 killed), where psychopaths can mow us down at their leisure.  The hope that criminals and psychopaths will not obtain or use weapons because it is illegal is a fantasy.  Again, just look at Chicago, and Paris.


Si vis pacem, para bellum.

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Excellent points.

May I suggest a goose gun to liberate  the air column above your abode from peeping Toms/Sams.

Stackers's picture

Militaries all over the world know something is coming. Why do you think the US military, for the first time ever, is hold damn near live fire exersizes in the middle of US cities ? The urban assualt drills have not stopped

hedgeless_horseman's picture



Questions to assist in creating a working inventory of mind, body, and equipment for living in dangerous or uncertain times

Do I have body armor and a kevlar helmet?  Or will I be relying on bread?

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The bread is not for protection, it's just this guy's snack while rioting...

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Clearly the top 1 percent are fearing for their lives.

Gaius Frakkin' Baltar's picture

Swiss politicians, of course, responded with disbelief to the army chief and hold his warnings are exaggerated.

As does every incompetent politician/leader (since the beginning of time) when faced with the last act of the current paradigm.

Hopefully the Swiss Army Chief doesn't meet the same fate as Flavius Aetius

SuperRay's picture

It's all going as planned. Destroy the culture by creating massive angst, leading to violence, leading to martial law, and then they've won. Hang the bankers, then the politicians

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That happiness when the AK you want is back in stock. 

KesselRunin12Parsecs's picture
KesselRunin12Parsecs (not verified) NidStyles Dec 30, 2015 5:22 PM

Sheriff Little Bill Daggett: "You just shot an unarmed man!"

William Muny:  "Well, he shoulda armed himself"


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If you value your own people and culture, the diversity nuts call you a 'racist'. They are like little kids that don't know anything about the world and just call other people names. Evolution cannot occur without speciation. Integration necessarily destroys evolution. All living creature are genetically programmed to discriminate based on genetic composition. Again, evolution would not be possible otherwise. The diversity nuts say to you, value the other as much as you value your own. This is nothing more than a ploy, to get you to drop your guard while you are too strong for them to directly assault. They need you to voluntarily surrender, otherwise they do not have the strength as of now to destroy you. But over time, they will no longer need you to fall for their ploys. When they have control, they will simply wipe you out. What is the point of struggling to provide for your offspring if their lives matter just as much as the others? You can just forgo having children, and help the others with theirs. You are fools. And will rightfully so become extinct as all weak creatures do.

Ghordius's picture

Cosmos, I thought I look up your account to see what is your "own people and culture", but I only found "universal thinker"

this still leaves me puzzling about who you discriminate for (or against). or how much. in short, I am interested to understand your categories

will you humour an old man trying to understand your point of view?

beaglebog's picture



Don't forget the cops and all the other "order-followers".


It's a looooong list.

TheFutureIsThePast's picture

Anyone wearing a loyalist uniform, or fighting for them, is taking part in treason against the People and will be shown no mercy.

Eager Beaver's picture

Hanging is too good for them. Given the unfortunate circumstance of a lack of clean, oiled and ready to go guillotines, I say we haul out the woodchippers, and start feeding these fuckers into them feet first. Let's not forget the lawyers, judges, and tax collectors.

CheapBastard's picture

HH has provided us with some of the best advice and links ever now and in the past. It's better to be preapred then not.


Thanks, HH!

Citxmech's picture

Yup.  It's always been wise to be the ant rather than the grasshopper (Thank you Aesop).

By being able to take care of one's self, family, and your neighbors/local community - we free up resources for others who may be in need.  Oddly enough, it also seems to build character.

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Can we sign This general guy up as a dual citizen - American-Swiss ?

We could use a few more like him.

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"The bread is not for protection, it's just this guy's snack while rioting..."

Aloha Snackbar !

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Must have stopped at Allan's Snackbar on the way.

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Using surveillance video from other area businesses to identify the arsonist, Gary Nathaniel Moore, 37, was arrested and charged with starting the Christmas Day fire that devastated a Houston, Texas mosque. Moore is a devout Muslim who attended this same mosque for years, praying up to five times a day every day of the week.Also up in smoke is the DC Media’s hoped-for anti-GOP Narrative. Before any facts were known, numerous DC Media outlets immediately exploited the tragedy to place the blame for the fire on Donald Trump.CBS News:Advocacy groups believe there has been a spike in anti-Muslim incidents across the United States in recent weeks that can be linked to the mass shooting in California and the inflammatory rhetoric of Donald Trump and other Republican presidential candidates. And they say that Muslims are fearful the backlash could lead to further harassment and violence.CNN:The Houston chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations called on authorities to investigate the fire for an anti-Muslim motive.“Because of the recent spike in hate incidents targeting mosques nationwide, we urge law enforcement authorities to investigate a possible bias motive for this fire,” Mustafaa Carroll, the chapter’s executive director, said in a statement.NBC News:The Houston chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations called on authorities to investigate a possible bias motive in the case, citing what it called a “recent spike in hate incidents targeting mosques nationwide.

Now that a devout Muslim has been charged, the DC Media will forget all about the incident.

Government needs you to pay taxes's picture

If it doesnt fit the narrative, drop it down the memory hole.  Has Lois Lerner been charged yet?

ali-ali-al-qomfri's picture

hey, why that's Allen.....

you know.....from the snack bar!!!

it's his toofer sale...

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

That bread is from Alan's Snackbar.

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

You mean that the solution is not to live near guys like Gates or Buffet, or to hide out (extend & pretend) in gated communities?

rbg81's picture

The real question is:  Whose side will the Military be on?

Stackers's picture

Military follows orders. Ever wonder how they "talked soldiers into" rounding people up like cattle to be shipped off to the ovens in Germany ?

The military sends cadets through several weeks of intensive brain washing.

froze25's picture

This article seems to contradict that the Military simply follows orders. There are plenty of awake Patriots in the Military.

hedgeless_horseman's picture



In support of Mr. Freud, I present Exhibit A:


Shortly before noon, General Canterbury made the decision to order the demonstrators to disperse. A Kent State police officer standing by the Guard made an announcement using a bullhorn. When this had no effect, the officer was placed in a jeep along with several Guardsmen and driven across the Commons to tell the protestors that the rally was banned and that they must disperse. This was met with angry shouting and rocks, and the jeep retreated. Canterbury then ordered his men to load and lock their weapons, tear gas canisters were fired into the crowd around the Victory Bell, and the Guard began to march across the Commons to disperse the rally. The protestors moved up a steep hill, known as Blanket Hill, and then down the other side of the hill onto the Prentice Hall parking lot as well as an adjoining practice football field. Most of the Guardsmen followed the students directly and soon found themselves somewhat trapped on the practice football field because it was surrounded by a fence. Yelling and rock throwing reached a peak as the Guard remained on the field for about ten minutes. Several Guardsmen could be seen huddling together, and some Guardsmen knelt and pointed their guns, but no weapons were shot at this time. The Guard then began retracing their steps from the practice football field back up Blanket Hill. As they arrived at the top of the hill, twenty-eight of the more than seventy Guardsmen turned suddenly and fired their rifles and pistols. Many guardsmen fired into the air or the ground. However, a small portion fired directly into the crowd. Altogether between 61 and 67 shots were fired in a 13 second period.

Government needs you to pay taxes's picture

60-70 shots in 13 seconds?  Hell, a couple of thugcops do that on the regular these days.  Didnt Neil Young commemorate '4 dead in Ohio'?  The .govsters have gotten a lot more efficient since then.  PROGRESS!

Blankone's picture

Key points.  These were national guard, they were more connected to the population and some joined to avoid Vietnam.  Yet they killed unarmed college students who were not even throwing rocks. 

The students of the time never retaliated, even when no soldier was punished.

The grownups, the adults, the parents of the time, those who were the political might - did nothing.  They did not condemn their govt..  They respected authority, position and the uniform - they did nothing to prevent another killing or to hold their govt accountable.

Not one single National Guard or Regular Military member took action against the killers. 

And all you had to do was label the college students as communist, enemy sypathizers, filthy hippies, pot smoking (...) - and it was justified and the fault of the students.

The soldiers now thirst for blood.  The whole WMD is known to be all lies but they are still called "heros" who protect us and volunteer to kill.  (Why not, they have great advantage and low risk in the killing orgy)  The press is now well controlled.  TV is filled with various cop shows and the most admired characters are the rogue cop who breaks the rules and heads.  Next time the killing will continue once it starts and those who stand up will fall.

Who will they begin with?  Who knows (gun owners, Muslims, political groups, conspiracy voices) they will be labled, they will resist and the public will watch (mostly supporting it).  And there will be a flood of volunteers/job applicants to participate for the govt..  If not initially used, the military will likely demand to be allowed to press the fight within the US.

El Vaquero's picture

Most likely, very few of the people in the National Guard or military have read the Constitution.  If given an order to fire on the populace in a similar situation, it will probably be backed by threats of Court Martial backed with claims that their actions are necessary to restore order.  A few of them would be just fine with it.  Many would likely not be happy with it, but would buy into the restoring order shtick.  The rest would intentionally miss.  Take it past suppressing a riot onto the level of a civil war, and a lot of them would desert. 


But know this, in a Katrina like disaster, at the very least, you can expect DHS to come through and seize guns.  Be prepared.  Do not expect them to listen to reason if they are not met with superior firepower, for they will not. 

Government needs you to pay taxes's picture

Any attempt to strip my weapons will be met with the appropriate response.  Some fools might miscalculate and have a go, but I expect Satan would welcome a few noobs with an appropriate 'breaking-in' party.  Hope those fuckers find a way to take some anal armor to hell!

Blankone's picture

Sure.  In New Orleans they went house to house and not a single person fought back.  And unless it has changed since.  They did not give back but a very few of the guns they took - ever.

Now there was a more recent city.  Boston?  Where the populace touted their roll in the revolution, their independence and love of the constitution.  And the govt went from house to house to house without a warrant.  And every one of them complied.

You will be ordered (from their secure postions) to come out.  If you do not in the end you and your house will be leveled or burned to the ground.  Even small police outfits now are getting remote controlled machines simular to small backhoes that can pull down the walls of your house a bit at a time.

Funny, when it came down to it suddenly there was not a single one of "you" to be found.    They will be so bored due to the absolute compliance they will be begging for someone to do as you claim you will.

El Vaquero's picture

People didn't believe that it could happen during Katrina, until it did.  Most of the firsthand accounts that I saw on the confiscation said that they didn't know that their guns were going to be taken until they had firearms pointed at them. 


Spread this video around, to show people that it can happen.


And you are right about them responding with overwhelming force, which is why knowledge that guns will be confiscated and how they will be confiscated is important.  Knock on my door to take my guns with guys from a secure position, and you'll get shot in the back while I'm in my own secure position. 

Dr. Spin's picture

The "overwhelming force" tactic will evaporate when there is a general uprising.  It's easy to do in an isolated instance such as Katrina or Boston, etc.  The ratio of "little people" to cops is about 500/1.  They don't have the manpower to do what all if there is rioting in every city, town, hamlet, burg in the U.S.  Most of them will either hide or throw down their weapons and try to pretend they are one of the rioters. 


Government needs you to pay taxes's picture

New Orleans post-Katrina gun-grabbers victimized the old women, the slow thinkers, and the unprepared.  Some Americans do not fit those categories, have seen the tyrants play a couple rounds of this particular game, and are prepared to make a stand against illegal home invasion.  Is that 2% of US population or more than 15%?  We'll likely find out, but 6 million+ determined resistors defending their homes would make for, as FPS Russia says, "very bad day" . . . for the tyrants.   

Door-to-door is a manpower-intensive effort that is most efficiently done in moderate to high density population areas.  Tyrants usually try to isolate/quarantine an area beforehand.  There will be signs of a buildup prior to such an action.  If you live in a more rural place, they would need a reason to be targeting you specifically.  That would, in all liklihood, involve something more than ZH poster.  .Gov requires a paper trail for the type of manpower necessary for a single-home deployment.  If such an action were as inefficient as the one linked in the vid below, a family-size group with basic prep and awareness could be calling out 'tango down' before the first set of jackboots reaches the foyer.

McMolotov's picture

After the bombing in Boston:

"They can give me a cavity search right now and I'd be perfectly happy," said Daniel Wood, a video producer from New York City who was waiting for a train.

People in Boston chanted "USA! USA! USA!" as they submitted to martial law. As I said at the time, I was never more ashamed to be an American.

El Vaquero's picture

There is a reason that the revolutanry war started with support from only about 1/3 of the populace. 

Cloud9.5's picture

These episodes were too brief for any kind of resistance to form up.  Remember that there was a long string of incidents that led up to Concord and Lexington.  Consider the Bundy Ranch response as a phase shift in the populace.