America In 2015 (The Chart)

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2015 - the year when The Fed hiked rates for the first time in a decade to confirm its own narrative that "everything is awesome" and the US economy can handle 'normalization'.


2015 - the worst collapse in US macro-economic data since 2008 on both an absolute and relative to expectations basis.



It was different this time. The 'new normal' pattern has been an optimistic start to the year which then disappoints into mid-year only to resurge and surprise meteoroconomists in the second half of the year as government fiscal year-end spending and some form of stimulus invariably drove surveys back into optimistic territory.


That didn't happen in 2015.

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It was definitely a surprise to the sheep.......

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Yep. My tools kept every bit of value tho.

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Just now sitting down with a cold one (no comments from the peanut gallery) to watch the Clemson-Oklahoma game.

Is there a problem going into the new year?

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New Obama vacation costs uncovered; They now exceed $70 million


As Barack, Michelle, Malia and Sasha Obama, family, friends, pets and staff enjoy their half-month-long Hawaiian vacation, the Secret Service finally complied with a court order to release some Obama vacation expenses from two years ago.

That's how eager the Obama administration is about being transparent when it comes to spending large sums of taxpayers' money on itself.


" Change he can beleive in! "

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A rope for the High Treason hanging can be had for about $20.  Should make everyone feel better about the $70 million wasted.

Maybe future Presidents will then think twice about taking office as an illegal alien.

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Man, someone just launched some massive fucking last minute sell programs. And CRAAPL just shit the bed at the close. WOW. 2016 is going to be all about the bears to open. Leanardo Di Capro got bear raped on the big screen and now Jim Cramer will get it on the TV.

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I told you we end the year with a bang (with or withour fireworks)! Next year Nasdaq at 6000. Buy them stawks and be a good citizen. Happy New Year!

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Anything everybody knows will happen... Won't

too many dark pool bets and derivative covers

but hey, Happy Red New Year.. opps

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Someone roll Maria away from the buffet table and let her know we closed 2015 @ The Lows of the Day 

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I see what you did there....

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