Turkey's Erdogan Praises "Hitler's Germany" As Example Of Effective Government

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Back in August, Nationalist opposition leader Devlet Bahceli took to Twitter to call Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan a “locally produced Hitler, Stalin or Qaddafi”:

That comment came as Erdogan was busy undermining the coalition building process on the way to calling for new elections. "Accept it or not, Turkey’s governmental system has become one of an executive presidency," Erdogan said, the day before the tweet shown above was published. "What should be done now is to finalize the legal framework of this de facto situation with a new constitution,” Erdogan continued. 

For anyone in need of a refresher, Erdogan’s plans to make Turkey an executive presidency were derailed in June when the pro-Kurdish HDP put on a better show at the ballot box than expected, robbing AKP of its absolute majority in parliament.

The President effectively nullified the election results by calling for a November redo ballot.

"He’s now saying 'I won’t listen to the laws or constitution.' This is a very dangerous period," warned Kemal Kilicdaroglu, leader of the Main Republican People’s Party. "He wants to give a legal foundation to this coup he’s carried out. Those who carry out coups always do this: First they carry out the coup, then they give it a legal foundation.’"

Fast forward four months and we’ve seen Erdogan shoot down a Russian warplane and intensify a crackdown on the Kurds which many thought would dissipate once AKP reinstated its iron grip on politics in November.

Now, as Erdogan pushes to officially transform the Turkish presidency from a figurehead role (obviously Erdogan is anything but a figurehead, but this is about enshrining powers he shouldn’t have into law) into a chief executive position, the President is appealing to history. As it turns out, the opposition aren’t the only ones who compare the strongman to Hitler. 

"There are already examples in the world. You can see it when you look at Hitler's Germany,” Erdogan said on Thursday, when asked whether it was possible to maintain the unitary structure of the state under an executive presidential system. "There are later examples in various other countries," he added, in an apparent effort to soften the blow.

AKP agreed this week to work with CHP on a new constitution. As Reuters notes, “Opposition parties agree on the need to change the constitution, drawn up after a 1980 coup and still bearing the stamp of its military authors, but do not back the presidential system envisaged by Erdogan, fearing it will consolidate too much power in the hands of an authoritarian leader.”

Of course PM and yes man par excellence Ahmet Davutoglu is on board. "What is right for Turkey is to adopt the presidential system in line with the [democratic] spirit," he says. "This system will not evolve into dictatorship but if we do not have this spirit, even the parliamentary system can turn into this [dictatorship]." Who knows what that means other than that Erdogan won't get any argument out of Davutoglu.

 "[Erdogan] wants a presidential system in Turkey. He did not change his mind after the last election. I think he will force that, somehow. And I think this is the last exit before the full dictatorship for Turkey," Ceyda Karan, an opposition journalist at Cumhuriyet newspaper, told RT. "We’re dealing with the situation here that is close to a kind of civil war, and that is really dangerous – it is dangerous for Turkey domestically, and it is also dangerous for the international scene where Turkey, the US, Russia, Syria – all these countries, the Kurds are all involved in the struggle against ISIS in Syria and in Iraq.” 

Yes, yes they are - and maybe that’s part of the reason why Erdogan despises them more now than ever.

If it's Hitler's Germany that Erdogan plans to model Turkey after once he manages to rewrite the constitution, we shudder to think what that will mean for the Kurds who are already being persecuted in places like Diyarbakir, Cizre, Silopi and Nusaybin. 

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Real comfortable to know the Turkish Führer is a NATO ally, eh?

stant's picture

Looks like www triple bang bang be getting hotter this spring. All that oil in the golan and such

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And not a word from these cunts in Europe or from Obama.

The turkish army need to overthrow the fucker or put a bullet in his head, whatever

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GhostOfDiogenes (not verified) Jan 1, 2016 12:17 PM

What no mention of the holohoax?

Hitler was right!

Erogan is a tool of the jew. Hell the writer of this article sounds like he has a seat at langley, or tel aviv...


Loucleve's picture

i googled this.

the only hitler reference i found from erdogan was comparing ISRAEL TO HITLER.

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GhostOfDiogenes (not verified) Loucleve Jan 1, 2016 12:30 PM

I was just threatened by a well known journalist in an email.

You cannot trust anyone in the media. They all work for the government now.

They are the new 4th unelected branch.

R.R.Raskolnikov's picture

In case this guy is serious, gas prices will go to the moon!

Jethro's picture

That would directly benefit Erdogan.

silverer's picture

I think there are two seriously underrated human flaws, besides all the ones we see demonstrated on a daily basis.  Those two flaws are lack of interest in what history teaches and apathy, because here we go again, and way too soon.

meghaljani's picture

Adolf Hitler was a great man. The jewish holocaust never happened. 

skinwalker's picture

I used to get angry with clowns like you, now I'm just numb. 


You can argue the magnitude of the holocaust all you want, and you may have a point. However, it is indisputible that the Nazis sent great numbers of people to their deaths, not all of them jews. Do you really think that when the Wermacht rolled into the Ukraine they didn't mow down civilians with abandon? Or that the jewish slaves in the labor camps didn't die of starvation when the third reich ran out of food? 

GhostOfDiogenes's picture
GhostOfDiogenes (not verified) skinwalker Jan 1, 2016 12:48 PM

"Or that the jewish slaves in the labor camps didn't die of starvation when the third reich ran out of food? "

jews declared war on Germany, the red cross lists only 300k jews dying, and the "allies" bombed the cities that constituted the supply line, the same thing the union did to the Confederates during the war of northern aggression.

"Now I'm just numb"

No. You are a zombie who doesn't have the integrity, intelligence, or strengh to search for the truth instead looking for experts to dissiminate your knowledge for you.

Worse than the jews, your kind is. A traitor to humanity.

COSMOS's picture

I mean even in the movie Schindlers List a movie by Zionists for the goys, they take pride in showing how great they are at forgeries, they just shot themselves in the foot in my opinion since how easy then would it be to forge documents or even easier, add a few zeroes to some labor camp numbers.  Its all a Hollywood show for the goy.  A Hollyhoax about the Holohoax.

GhostOfDiogenes's picture
GhostOfDiogenes (not verified) COSMOS Jan 1, 2016 1:01 PM

No business like shoah business


The.Harmless.Jew's picture



The only people who could vote that post down are zionist scum or kkk enthusiasts.


Yep, an alliance can be found amongst zionist scum and white supremicists.


Fuck zionism and their soldiers.



Ms No's picture

Your right about your suspicions about the extent of the the Holocaust.  There is support for the position that the Holocaust was exaggerated and manipulated as a propaganda tool.  Certainly the winners write the history and facts are going to be distorted in the favor of the victor, that's a given.  I think that almost everyone would agree that the Holocaust propaganda has led to numerous other Holocausts and this is obviously undesireable.  It seems though that a lot of people are going from that extreme to the other saying that Hitler may have been fighting the forces of banking evil and all that (although I haven't seen you ever state that opinion). 

If that was the case why would many high level Nazis reside peacefully until their deaths in South America?  To think that these Nazis evaded detection by the US & allies would be similar to believing in invisable ISIS, there is just no way. 

Why would people like Prescott Bush aid a leader who opposed their banking powers?  Why would high level Nazis be brought into the fold of NASA and alphabet agencies in the US if they were truly the enemy?  It was the aftermath of WWII where the creation of the CIA took place and Zionism completely couped the US, was it not?  

It seems to me that the Holocaust happened on some level but they sacrificed their own and then exaggerated the claims for the benefit of a grand agenda.  Wouldn't this mean that Hitler had to have been either knowingly or otherwise a banker funded douche bag murderer?  Maybe in light of new information we are throwing the baby out with the bath water here.     

RagnarRedux's picture

I think you mean it was the Soviets who mowed everyone down, especially the best and brightest, as they did to 22,000 Polish military officers in the Katyn Forest Massacre.



“Even the Best of the Gentiles should be killed.”

–“Tob shebbe goyyim harog” from the Jewish Talmud Minor Tractates. Soferim 15, Rule 10 (modern-day versions now substitute “heathens,” go to link for explanation).


Mayer Amschel Rothschild's picture

Bolshevism is Jewish. Blood of 66 million on their hands. Disagree? Take it up with Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.

JR's picture

@ not all of them Jews

International bankers make war. Among others, it primarily was Max and Paul Warburg who were responsible for financing WWI and WWII and the deaths of 70,044,000 people (WWI, 11,016,000; WWII 59,028,000). It was Paul Warburg negotiating for the Americans at Versailles and Max Warburg “defending” the interests of the Germans after WWI that set the stage for WWII.

Sealed Train:

The Sealed train is the name given to the train used to take Lenin? and other communist subversives from Zurich back to Russia in 1917.

Lenin, while crossing German territory, had with him on board of his train some ten million dollars in gold, thanks to German chief banker Max Warburg, whose brother Paul strangely enough, in 1913, was the chief architect of the Federal Reserve System, the central bank of the United States. A good sum now and an enormous sum then knowing that he would undermine the Russian government and stop the Russians fighting on the Eastern Front. The pay off would be the transfer of forces to the Western Front where they were bogged down.



Jacob Schiff, partner in Kuhn Loeb and Company and related to Warburg by marriage, gave Trotsky out of New York $20 million to help finance the Communist Revolution in Russia. Trotsky spent many years in New York, recruiting Jewish refugees for the cause, prior to heading over to Russsia

If you want to end war, end the Fed and shut off funding for the international bankers.

Gadfly's picture

This is the one and only answer. 100+

logicalman's picture

ALL supposed leaders are psychopaths.

They can give orders to kill thousands/millions then go eat dinner with their wives and kids and even sleep nights.

Hitler was just another exampe.

Take a look at this.


And this.



Volkodav's picture

'Holocaust Story and the Lies of Ulysses'  -Paul Rassinier-

who told you labor camps were exclusive? 

                      while omitted real information...ask that after read this account


zeronetwork's picture

According to my calculations, there were not enough trees in Germany at that time to incinerate 6 million human carcasses.

JR's picture

A summary of German records of prisoners at Auschwitz 1941-1944 which purport to be taken directly from Soviet archive material show 173,000 Jewish prisoners entering the Auschwitz camp, 161,164 transferred out to other camps and 11,836 remaining at the end of 1944. The summary shows 58,240 deaths from typhus, 2,064 deaths of natural causes and 117 executions.


Victims who have proof welcome false charges against them as an opportunity to restate the truth so as to gain further support for their claims; those without proof, coupled with power, tend to silence or imprison any who would question their claims.

Ms No's picture

I am open minded to all of that and you are likely right about the hyped numbers but how many elite banking and industrial families were among those dead?  If they were Hitler's enemy then all of the banking families residing in Germany should have been taking heavy losses.  Those left behind were unlikely to have been true power brokers or they wouldn't have been there.  So basically he was killing people that were disposable to the elite.   

It's still quite plausible that a group of oligarchs killed a good number of innocent Jews and contrived a world war to strenthen their control.  Certainly there were those that weren't innocent but they should've been given a trial and no children should ever be held in a camp.  I get that war time can make those things difficult but if Hitler was worried about his legacy he should have done the right thing by having trials and letting the innocent go.  He didn't though, so the way I see it he is still a murderer until proven otherwise.   

JR's picture

Lately myths abound of an “alternative” Stalin—even to holding him up as a worthy model to emulate – by pseudo-scholarly apologias, some even, according to Stalin biographer Oleg Khlevniuk, “claiming that the Terror was just and that the millions destroyed on Stalin’s orders were enemies of the people.” In that many of those scholars today are in our universities and media and high up in government circles, it behooves us to be dead accurate in current comparisons of leaders and regimes if Americans, and now the world, hope to avoid the 20th century fate of the German and the Russian peoples. 

The USSR/Marxist Anti-Christian Holocaust

Ingrid A. Rimland, Author, November 29, 1998 (excerpt)

"Even if the 'six million' figure is true - which Revisionists contend it is not - the Marxist Holocaust was almost 16 times worse!

"Is it not time that the world be informed? And is it not time that the world understood why Third Reich Germany threw an entire generation into the war to stop Marxism from overrunning Europe?

"I say today there would not be a Europe, had Germany not fought that war! Chances are we would not be alive, had Germany not fought that war!"

MEFOBILLS's picture

Suvarov's book "icebreaker" gives insights into Stalin period and puts Hitler's Germany into more balanced perspective.




Look for the other chapters at same link address.

MEFOBILLS's picture


(Personally, I don't think the Soviets maneuvered Hitler into power.  Although they were able to take advantage of the situation to their benefit.)

excerpt from icebreaker

Who started the Second World War? There is no single answer to this question. The Soviet government, for example, has repeatedly changed its official line on the issue.


On 18 September 1939, they stated in an official note that the government of Poland was the instigator of the war. On 30 November 1939, however, Stalin named other culprits in the newspaper, Pravda: ‘France and Britain . . . attacked Germany, thereby taking upon themselves the responsibility for the present war,’ he wrote. By 5 May 1941, the story had changed again: in a secret speech to graduates of military academies, Stalin laid the responsibility on Germany.


After the war had ended, this circle of ‘culprits’ grew. Stalin announced that the most blood-stained war in the history of humanity had been started by all the capitalist countries in the world — in other words, all the sovereign states in the world including Sweden and Switzerland, but excluding the Soviet Union.


Stalin’s view has long been established in communist mytho­logy. During the times of Khrushchev and Brezhnev, and as recently as Andropov and Chernenko, these accusations against the rest of the world were frequently repeated. Under Gorbachev, much is changing in the Soviet Union, but Stalin’s view about who started the war remains unchallenged. Lieutenant-General P. A. Zhilin, chief historian of the Soviet Army, repeated during the Gorbachev era that ‘the perpetrators of the war were not only the imperialists of Germany, but of the whole world’. (Red Star, 24 September 1985)


I would like to suggest that, from the beginning of the war, the Soviet communists made accusations against every country in the world with the deliberate intention of concealing their own role as its instigators.


After the First World War, the Treaty of Versailles deprived Germany of the right to a strong army and offensive weapons, including tanks, military aircraft, heavy artillery and submarines. German commanders were unable to use German territory to train for the waging of offensive wars. So they began to make their preparations in the Soviet Union. Everything possible was done, on Stalin’s orders, to enable German commanders to carry out military training on Soviet territory. They were given training classes, artillery and shooting ranges, as well as tanks, heavy artillery and military aircraft which, under the terms of the Treaty, they had no right to receive. Similarly, German commanders were given access to Soviet tank-manufacturing plants, the most powerful in the world. Look, remember and copy. From the 1920s on, sparing neither resources nor effort, nor indeed time, Stalin revived the strike power of German militarism. Certainly not against himself. For what purpose? There is only one answer – so that war would be declared on the rest of Europe.


Stalin understood that a powerful, aggressive army does not start a war by itself. A mad, fanatical leader is also needed. Stalin did a great deal to see that just such a leader should appear at the head of the German nation. Once the fascists had come to power, Stalin persistently and doggedly pushed towards war. The high point of these efforts was the Molotov–Ribbentrop pact. In this pact, Stalin guaranteed Hitler freedom of action in Europe and, in effect, opened the floodgates of the Second World War.

JR's picture

Richard Edward Noble concluded from his review of James Pool’s book on “Who Financed Hitler” that…“Fear of Communism or anti-Communism was the chief motivational concept behind the rise of Nazism and Adolf Hitler. From the man in the street to the captains of industry and the nobles and aristocrats the hatred, fear, and spirit of anti-Communism was common. Patriotism and nationalism were the second strongest motivational characteristics of Hitler contributors inside Germany.”

I remember reading that Hitler, upon release after being gassed and hospitalized in WWI, was appalled to see the number of Red Communiststs, many of them Jews, taking advantage of the destruction created in Germany by the war when he returned home. There was no government; there was complete chaos in the cities and thousands of revolutionaries were taking advantage of the shambles and the misery from the war by terrorizing the people.  It is verified that Communist underground terrorists were actively bombing and destroying German infrastructure throughout the 20s and 30s.

Goebbels' speech delivered in Nurnberg on September 13, 1935, at the Seventh National-Socialist Party Congress, entitled Communism With the Mask Off, is an example of how the National Socialist used an appeal to the people by revealing the truths of communism as Russian Communism was poised as a battering ram on the German border.

Anthony C. Sutton in Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler shines more light on who financed Hitler:

“[The] build-up for European war [WWII] both before and after 1933 was in great part due to Wall Street financial assistance in the 1920s to create the German cartel system, and to technical assistance from well-known American firms ... to build the German Wehrmach.”

... The contribution made by American capitalism to German war preparations before 1940 can only be described as phenomenal. … Wall Street establishment financiers ... directed the activities of American I.G., the I.G. Farben affiliate in the United States promoting Nazi propaganda.”

Genghis Kahn's picture

As they say, the victors write the history books.

It was the Khazars that won WW2

tuttisaluti's picture

I can't believe it's a Nato member! 

Element's picture

He does a terrific job of mimicking Putin.

He probably doesn't even realize he's doing it.

Genghis Kahn's picture

LOL . I dont think so. Silly

zeronetwork's picture

Turkey is still dying to be a member of sinking Euro ship.

cybervigilante's picture

I really loathe Erdogan, but he did qualify his Hitler statement. One way media distorts and sensationalizes is to cut off the qualifying end of a statement and only blare the "newsworthy" part. I see that a Lot. They often do it with Trump. It's dishonest journalism. Although I do have to wonder why the First thing that occurred to Erdogan's mind as desirable government was Hitler's. Freudian slip ;')

cybervigilante's picture

By the way, since this is all over our controlled media, it means the US, which previously supported Erdogan as a daddy to ISIS and goad to Syria and Russia, has dumped  him, since he's seen as a dangerous loose cannon who won't follow the narrative they want.

JR's picture

It wouldn’t be a typical New Year’s beginning if we didn’t have the images of Hitler. Isn’t Erdogan tyrant and monster enough to be depicted as himself without the constant Zionist rhetoric to recall their “precarious” stature in the world? I am literally sick to death of the Hitler images, a media feature not only every year these past 70 years but lately every month. Next time let’s see a picture of Erdogan alone without the Hitler mustache or imaging.

Anybody the Jews or the media don’t like is a Hitler: Pat Buchanan is a Hitler, Trump is a Hitler, Cheney is a Hitler, global warming skeptics are Hitlers, Merkel is a Hitler, Ahmadinejad is a Hitler...

The media as a whole has become a pyramidal structure...

holdbuysell's picture

That's a fellow NATO card carrying partner folks.

rlouis's picture

Erdogan's ambitions and capacity to create trouble are becoming increasingly apparent.  Exactly how ambitious, and how crazy is yet to be seen. 

NATO leaders must be seriously, seriously concerned.  Damn pigeons, checkers and chess; Russsia is playing this really deftly.


The Greek horse's picture

Turkish people have to Whack Erdogan before it,s too late, unlike Hitler who had a very powerful army the German machine lost the WAR because of a little country like Greece... I know you guys say Greece but the GREEK fighters gave the Germans a war that lasted for a longer then expected time. By that delay the Germans then turned there force to Russia which the Brutal winter was kicking in and the Germans were NOT ready for that kind of Terrain! History will repeat it self but unfortunately  Greece today is a basket case. Russia and China will destroy Turkey this time! The people of Turkey have to stand up to there corrupt leader because they will soon be speaking Russian.. 

GhostOfDiogenes's picture
GhostOfDiogenes (not verified) The Greek horse Jan 1, 2016 1:10 PM

"Hitler who had a very powerful army the German machine lost the WAR because of a little country like Greece... "

The stupid is powerful with this one.

The Greek horse's picture

Stalin thanked the Greeks and so did Winston Churchill Quote= Heroes fight like Greeks Mr. Churchill  

GhostOfDiogenes's picture
GhostOfDiogenes (not verified) The Greek horse Jan 1, 2016 1:20 PM

Yup. The battles of stalingrad and bulge happened in....Greece.

The Greek horse's picture

You can't re write history do you homework TROLL!!! GO FUCK yourself fag

Genghis Kahn's picture

Churchill was HIGHLY overated.  Glad that you are proud of your homeland but Russia won the war. Period

The Greek horse's picture

Gengis kahn I agrree Russia won the war period.  Winston Churchill being overated just an opinon.. Facts speak for themselves

Volkodav's picture

Churchhill did as told, fulfilled role destroy Germony