Why Did The Pentagon Falsify Reports About Military Successes In Fight Against ISIS?

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Via tamarlomidze blog,

December 11, 2015 Republicans from the House of representatives of the U.S. Congress announced the creation of a special task team that will investigate the facts of distortion of data about the operations of the coalition in Iraq and Syria. The group will be to identify falsification in the reports, as well as figure out whether the problem is systemic in nature. The decision to create special group was adopted in November after more than fifty analysts of CENTCOM complained that their reports on the results of operations of the coalition against ISIS have been reduced in order to present the situation more positively.


Despite the fact that the preliminary results of the investigation must b? submitted only in January, Rep Jackie Speier has confirmed that the falsifications which underestimate combat capabilities of ISIS took place indeed. As one of such examples is the May statement of General Thomas Weidle, which said ISIS “loses and remains in the defense”. However, immediately after his speech, terrorists has captured the Central quarter of Ramadi, the administrative center of Anbar province. If American leadership possessed a clear picture of what is happening, it could take emergency measures and even prevent the ingress of arms, military equipment and ammunition to the hands of militants. The value of US arms and military equipment captured by jihadists equals hundreds of million dollars.

Indeed questions about whether we can trust the CENTCOM generals had to appear in October last year when ISIS captured supplies which US Air Force were supposed to delivered to Kurdish militia in besieged Kobani. According to the military press-release, in order to avoid capturing one of the caches which was blown by the wind from the place of destination, the military container was destroyed by the air strike. The rest of caches were successfully delivered. However, Pentagon spokesman Steve Warren reported that the two containers were lost on the route and only one cache was destroyed.

Moreover the military representatives thwart one another talking about the diversion of weapons into the hands of terrorists, they are confused about the total number of dropped containers for Kobani defenders (Warren reported about 28 containers, whereas previously said only 6).

In addition, the soothing assurances that the container captured by ISIS won’t give any advantage to the enemy are not convincing. Pentagon reported that only 80% of water and food which were transported by air for religious minorities in northern Iraq were successfully delivered. And as we see the Kobani example shows that even the use of GPS-guided parachutes can’t be insured. So, how many weapon American taxpayers gave to jihadists?

“Carefully selected” participants of the CIA program on training “moderate” opposition who easily join the jihadists tell us about the lack of awareness or even falsity of the American military leadership. Thus in September 2015 almost immediately after arriving from training camps to Syria “Division 30” has transferred all their equipment, arms and ammunition to Jabhat al Nusra. Unfortunately that was not the first time. Once again the unit commander told about the shortage of instructors and the lack of supply during the preparation of the CIA program. But it was allocated about $500 million for these purposes! What the money was spent on? To buy weapons for terrorists!

During the discussion of 2016 budget, almost every article in the mainstream media avoided the issue connected with the effectiveness and practicability of training “moderate” opposition in order to fight ISIS to the issue of what are the results of this opposition efforts against Assad. Are these things of equal value?

We hope that the special group of the House of Representatives will identify not only the scale of the fraud reports about the results of the coalition activity against terrorism, but also those persons who are responsible for these misconducts, as well as their motives. The international community wants to know who exactly Pentagon supplies with weapons and what installations it bombs.

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The Show must go on...

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Bread & Circus baby, Bread & Circus. 365 days a year, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, store does not close.

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Chris Dakota (not verified) Chupacabra-322 Jan 1, 2016 10:36 PM

When Hillary lied about the ISIS making propaganda videos using Trump to recruit and it

was found to be a like I said "she will just make one now"

She did.

And it was from Al Shabbab who is close to the Boko Harram that she kept off the State Dept terrorist list.

This is becoming so obvious it is sickening.


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Crap.. when you gots yer ringer in the ring and you bets placed, you sho don’t wannabe letting nobody know…. 

(sorry for descending into Obama-speak) 



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Treason.  Pure & simple aiding and abetting enemies of the United States.    Every battle video you see now shows American made weapons and vehicles.    Its Treason.    No trial.   No due process.   Hang the arms dealers no matter their position and rank in our Government.  That is the only message that these evil-doer's may respond to.

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Because they work for the FED. THe FED can out compete the worlds peoples value with a keystroke, for now.

Confidence can change in seconds....


tick tock mother fuckers.




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And the Fed works for Goldman, who have a seat or two at the B for IS.

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Because it is what they do - see Vietnam for example.

The US military has long been a means of enforcing foreign policy rather than national defense.

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Exactly. It is what they always do.

We need new leadership. The entrenched military and intelligence corporations have been much too dangerous and damaging to this country for much too long.

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We hope that the special group of the House of Representatives will identify not only the scale of the fraud reports about the results of the coalition activity against terrorism, but also those persons who are responsible for these misconducts, as well as their motives. The international community wants to know who exactly Pentagon supplies with weapons and what installations it bombs.

So you think possibly the Blue Team is going to reveal what the Pentagon has been up to in Syria and Iraq? OK, maybe the red team has been helping terrorists behind the Blue teams back, sure.  Maybe the Blue Team will expose the actions of the CIA and MIC, sure.  Good luck on that!

Anything that comes from this "investigation" short of TREASON charges and a perp walk of the power brokers in this scam will be propaganda used to whitewash the treachery and deceive the people into thinking we simply made some mistakes, nothing planned for sure! 

If history is an indicator, at most we will see some scapegoats paraded about the MSM and later they'll be given a golden parachute and disappear from the public eye. 

Then our dear leaders will declare all is well, we fixed it,

look away!

JRobby's picture

Red vs Blue

Divide & Conquer


When I refer to new leadership, I mean ALL OF THEM NEED TO BE GONE, K STREET WITH THEM.

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It's not even enforcing foreign policy anymore - it is fighting private wars as a mercenary force for foreign powers. The wars in Libya and Syria were as blatantly paid-for as can be; the Saudis and other Gulf states dumped tens of millions into the Clinton Foundation while Her Majesty was Secretary of State (and started both those wars).


US military activities have almost no remaining connection with genuine national security requirements.


Where ISIS in particular is concerned it is no secret whatsoever that it is the US proxy to bring down Assad, which for no good reason whatsoever became a key US foreign policy objective. Yet at the same time, for PR purposes, they are engaged in a faux anti-ISIS military campaign - a campaign which was as ineffective as could be, an ineffectiveness that we have every reason to believe was 100% intentional given their US-proxy status.


So finding falsified reports saying the anti-ISIS campaign is far more successful is exactly what we should suspect given this double game that's being played (poorly). It's the path of least resistance - actually being effective against ISIS, or admitting that they are really the US government's allies and proxy rather than some hideous boogeyman, are both unacceptable options for them.


To be clear, I am saying "them" and not "us", because being an American does not make one party to the privately-directed-and-controlled government activities in question.

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Chris Dakota (not verified) Muppet Jan 2, 2016 2:59 AM

And I am sure we taxpayers are paying for those weapons.

How about those fast and furious guns, we paid for those too.

One thing you have to give Obama, Worlds Best Gun Salesman.

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Who gives a fuck about the pentagon lies?!  They lied because they have to justify Obama's political objectives!

They were ordered, by the dubious 'Commander in Chief' to do what they did.

The real investigation should be on why the fucking CIA/FBI were even involved in this shitstew and why the attention is somehow deflected back to the Pentagon that attempted to call bullshit on the whole show way earlier on.

What we're seeing is another mass media propaganga side swipe, it never happened, in never occured, these are the droids you're looking for.

It's such complete bullshit that even my moronic ass can't see how others miss this.


Tarzan's picture

I'd agree on all except the notion Obama did it. 

I get it, the guy is a snake, a Muslim extremist, a spy appointed to oversee the death throes of America.

But this has been a long time coming.  Obama is just another puppet, and a fall guy if needed.  The whole red team blue team is just a diversion from the Oligarchs who do their bidding from 50,000 feet.

Do you think Obama purged the Generals and replaced them with yes men without the knowledge and consent of the Republicans?  These Military Suits did the biding of the American Industrialists for many decades with eyes wide open and then were sacked. Why?

We live in a different world, Industrialists are Internationalists, no longer committed to America's best interest, so the Generals who were committed to America, Nationalists sworn to uphold the Constitution from enemies both Foreign AND DOMESTIC, had to be replaced with Generals committed to the NWO, Internationalists.

If you're committed to this country and it's constitution, you're a hindrance to Internationalists bent on a World Government and a World Currency.

Obama is just another Puppet in the circus!

Freddie's picture

Maybe The Pentagram and the Military might uphold thei Constitutional oath?  Nah.  They love all the free shit, cheap beer and smokes at the PX and the pensions.

Years ago I knew some people in the Navy League at a port city and they used to essentailly arrange trips for sailors to where prositiutes are whores were. 

The military = More stupid puppets for the banksters.

I read some things about The US (Rothschild) Civil War and the conspiracy to kill Abe who was a evil puppet.  If you were in the north and you refused to be drafted - you were guilty of treason and could be and probably were executed.  I am not sure about The Confederacy.  I even saw that mentioned on an old Steve McQueen "Wanted Dead or Alive" TV show on You Tube.

Washington DC and the surrounding are during and after the war when Abe got whacked was like the damn third reich with army, spies, almost a gestapo and a war time total police state.

Did the military try to stop this genocidal war by arresting the politcians pushing that war?  Hell no.

Any heroes?  Were the generals that shitbag Lincoln fired on the Union side actually heroes because they refused to get their men killed?  They were made out to be incompetent.  Grant was the "full massive war, get it over fast is the most humane" BS.

The south was then turned over to carpet baggers akak tribesmen.  They took ove rthe textile business and other business in the south.

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Carrying out US Foreign Policy is Treason?

Once again:

The USA created ISIS.

The USA, via Turkey, funds ISIS.

The USA is using ISIS as a proxy army for "regime change" in Syria.

Putin fucked everything up.


New York Times had a write up about the "Women of ISIS"..As a women, if you support/join ISIS, and are lucky enough to be assigned a SAUDI husband, you live a pretty good life....you get to BRUTALIZE other women (even past "friends") that refuse to support ISIS, birth control pills, nice apartment, satellite TV, good food, water...holy fuck and this is Raqqa! A 16sq mile stain in the middle of a desert...the ISIS "stronghold"...their "Capital"...WTF? The ONLY reason ISIS controls Raqqa is because the USA WANTS THEM TO!

ISIS Women and Enforcers in Syria Recount Collaboration, Anguish and Escape

"When a Saudi fighter came to [Raqqa] ask to marry Dua...The Saudi, Abu Soheil Jizrawi, came from a wealthy construction family in Riyadh...He set her [Dua] up in a spacious apartment with new European kitchen appliances and air-conditioning units in each room...Each morning, Abu Soheil’s servant shopped for them and left bags of meat and produce outside the door."


Jack Burton's picture

When ISIS made it's blitzkrieg advance into Iraq, and the Iraqi army famously ran away, leaving billions of dollars of weapons, vehicles and heavy weapons like tanks behind, these Iraq units ran away for a reason. The US military was aware of the ISIS advancing columns on the roads, but did no airstikes. The US military has great influence on the American trained Iraqi Army, but did nothing to encourage Iraqi units to use their heavy weapons and fight back against ISIS advance. Some stories suggest American Military advisors with the Iraq troops encouraged them to retreat en mass. And since the US advisors and high command knew how many weapons were there, they had to know that ISIS would take them.

First rule in a retreat in blow up the eqipment left behind, or hit it with airstrikes. Instaed the USA did nothing, and Iraqi's simply ran away along with their American advisors and CIA handlers.

This ISIS advance into Iraq was tracked by US intelligence, they knew every move, and did nothing, they did not even stop Iraq's troops from leaving billions of dollars in military equipment.

Is the US wanted to turn ISIS into a 21st century Army, then allowing their advance into iraq was the perfect way. The question remains, with 50 milies long ISIS convoys stretched out across Iraqi highways, why did the entire US Air Force do nothing?

FireBrander's picture

"The question remains..." why are NONE of the Presidential candidates talking about this?

ESPECIALLY the Republicans; they could bury Obama with this and force the D candidates to either jump on-board or over-board!

conscious being's picture

Because the US goverment with it's presidential elections is nothing but a corrupt facade.

Thom_333's picture


Keep supporting IS!

Thom_333's picture


Keep supporting IS!

MFL8240's picture

When does this madness end in America?

TeamDepends's picture

Because, as liars, they must continually lie to support the lies of the past.

InjectTheVenom's picture

why did the Pentagon falsify reports you ask ?   why does a dog lick its balls ?

More_sellers_than_buyers's picture

Because it can't make a fist with its paw?

RiverRoad's picture

Just making their Dear Leader happy of course; same with the IRS.

Normalcy Bias's picture

The Pentagon lied? UNPOSSIBLE!

stant's picture

Pivoting to Asia got complicated

East Indian's picture

Asia will pivot back! The Chinese can donate to American presidential campaigns, while the Americans can do nothing about the way a Chinese president emerges / is selected... and the Chinese have trillions of dollars to spare...

conscious being's picture

You are misinformed. Chinese can not donate to American presidential campaigns. Chinese are not Jewish. People go to jail for that. The only nonAmericans that can fund American election campaigns without legal troubles are Jewish.

The 1996 United States campaign finance controversy was an alleged effort by the People's Republic of China to influence domestic American politics prior to and during the Clinton administration and also involved the fund-raising practices of the administration itself.

What did George Soros just say about supporting Hitlery?

Chupacabra-322's picture

Would you expect anything less from the Pentagram. They have their own Marketing Dept.dedicated towards one goal:

Writing False Narrative Scripts, PsyOp & Propaganda for mass Sheep Consumption. Along with Pimpimg the MIC through their Bitches in the Sports Industrial Complex.

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__Usury__ (not verified) Chupacabra-322 Jan 1, 2016 10:13 PM

two words.............Deception...

Max Cynical's picture

I have no doubt the Pentagon is involved in military ops we know nothing about.

A $60B black budget goes a long way to fomenting terror around the world.

FireBrander's picture

I know people, that actually believe, Obama is committed to "fighting ISIS". TWO YEARS of "fighting ISIS" and they are bigger and stronger than ever..it's right there in front of their eyes and they still can't see it...

Duc888's picture



Each gang, White House, State Dept,  CIA, DIA, NRO, FBI, Pentagon, NATO, Army, Navy (Marines) , Air Force....etc.... rolls it's own.  They each have their own agenda.  Maybe once in a blue moon three or four of the aforementioned gangs policies might warrent actually working together on a small project.  Most times, they stir shit up to create a reason for being.  There is no such fucking thing as foriegn policy.  Since USA corp. has been rolled by the Multi-Nationals years ago...


Combine that with a few Corporations that can print their own money backed by nothing that make their money off of each transaction and each skim and you've got the perfect storm.


....but hey, enjoy the Theater you see on the Stupid Box every night, and by all means, keep paying for it.  It's all about the $$$ now.

Chupacabra-322's picture

You just gave me a hard on!

Duc888's picture



Damn, I left out NSA, but they're more preoccupied on who is an Earth Human and who is not.  If you think NSA gives a flying fuck about you (silly Earth Human) , your ego is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too big.  Their sole job is to separate the wheat from the chaff...


We won't even get into AI.

indygo55's picture

who makes all the oil trucks? I read there are 10s of thousands of them. Where do they come from? It would seem it would be easy to figure that out. They are fucking strewn all over the desert. Cant someone look at one or a hundred and then contact the manufacturer and then ask them and then,,,, bla bla bla. What a fucking obvious shit show.

SoDamnMad's picture

Yeah , 10K from the Russian videos BUT MORE THAN HALF OF THOSE ARE BOX TRUCKS. They aren't carrying steel 55 gal drums of oil.

Carpets and clothes and sneakers and cooking oil and flour and condoms and potato chips.  Strategic stuff like that; well maybe just the sneakers.

OldPhart's picture

A lot of vids I've seen show those 'box trucks' to be mere camoflage around a tanker trailer. A LOT of videos.

HowdyDoody's picture


Bullets, tank/artillery shells, MLRS, etc, etc. All 'humanitarian aid' for 'moderate rebels'.


Freddie's picture

I totally support the Syrian people and Syria.   Any trucks coming into Syria from Turkey needs to be blown up or seized.  Period.  Turkey is 100% behind trying to destroy Syria.  I wish Hezbollah and the Syrian army had enough men to just stop and seize every truck. 

Any truck leaving Syria or Iraq with oil needs to be blown up.

Duc888's picture



"who makes all the oil trucks? I read there are 10s of thousands of them."


Forget who makes them. That is mostly irrelevent since 95% of them were purchased "used".

Look into where the vast majority were purchased from and where they were shipped from.

RiverRoad's picture

The CIA works for Big Oil; joined at the hip.  Puttin' another (Jeb) Bush out there now.  Not doin' 'em much good on the road show.

Tyrone Shoelaces's picture

Don't forget about the endless parade of brand new Toyota's that ISIS enjoys, which were traced back to a US State Dept purchase. 

Savyindallas's picture

Those Toyota's were put to good use-as they were intended for ISIS. Remember they are OUR troops  -this is a proxy war. Isis fighhters die so we don't have to send our own troops to die. It worked out great  -total success  -unimaginable success --  until Putin. 

That Putin is an SOB  -because of him, oil profits from Isis through Turkey are down, profits from the opium heroin drug trade from Afghanistan through Turkey are down, Bankster profits are down,  we have been embarrassed at home and around the world as supporting Isis, the Assad regime may survive   -GODDAM PUTIN! HE'S FUCKED UP A REAL SWEET DEAL WE HAD GOING.  


Duc888's picture



savy :"Those Toyota's were put to good use..."


If ya think the Toyota stuff is funny.... follow the money trail to the 3000+ 18 wheeler tanker trucks.  What a hoot.