ISIS: The 'Enemy' The US Created, Armed, & Funded

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Submitted by Robert Fantina via,

Out of nowhere, it seems, Daesh, also commonly referred to as ISIL or ISIS, spontaneously formed, a group that perverts aspects of Islam for its own violent ends, and threatens, we are told, all that the civilized world holds dear.

The “war on terror,” governments inform their citizens, has a new front. And that front is Daesh.

Let us not be too hasty. Things are not always what they appear. Daesh is well-financed, and that money must be coming from somewhere other than a ragtag band of malcontents. Daesh soldiers have advanced weaponry and sophisticated communications methods. They have tanks and Humvees. None of these can be obtained without significant funding. Though the source is quite illusive, there is some evidence that will lead to a trail.

First, we must look at Daesh’s origins, and even that is not easily discernible. Writing for The Guardian in August 2014, Ali Khedery suggests:

“Principally, Isis is the product of a genocide that continued unabated as the world stood back and watched. It is the illegitimate child born of pure hate and pure fear – the result of 200,000 murdered Syrians and of millions more displaced and divorced from their hopes and dreams. Isis’s rise is also a reminder of how Bashar al-Assad’s Machiavellian embrace of al-Qaida would come back to haunt him.


Facing Assad’s army and intelligence services, Lebanon’s Hezbollah, Iraq’s Shia Islamist militias and their grand patron, Iran’s Revolutionary Guards, Syria’s initially peaceful protesters quickly became disenchanted, disillusioned and disenfranchised – and then radicalised and violently militant.”

It is interesting that Mr. Khedery says that Assad’s “embrace of al-Qaida” came back to haunt him. It brings to mind a parallel situation in the United States. (Actually, there are many, but we will look at only one.)

Examining the theories of the origins of Daesh

In the early 1960s, when the U.S.-supported leadership of Iraq was becoming just a bit too big for its britches — at least in the United States’ view — in wanting to challenge Israel as a major player in the Middle East, the U.S. decided that its leader, Abdel Karim Kassem, had to go. Selecting a virulent anti-communist party to throw its support to, the U.S. worked closely with a young man named Saddam Hussein. We all know how well that ultimately worked out. The source of much, but not all, of the unrest in the Middle East today can be traced back to that U.S. decision.

Other theories on the formation of Daesh are also worth considering. Yasmina Haifi, a senior employee of the Dutch Justice Ministry’s National Cyber Security Center, asserted that Daesh was created by Zionists seeking to give Islam a bad reputation. “ISIS has nothing to do with Islam. It’s part of a plan by Zionists who are deliberately trying to blacken Islam’s name,” she wrote on Twitter in August 2014.

And finally, it has been more than suggested that Daesh “is made-in-the-USA, an instrument of terror designed to divide and conquer the oil-rich Middle East and to counter Iran’s growing influence in the region,” as Garikai Chengu, a research scholar at Harvard University, put it in September 2014.

Yet if the United States’ role wasn’t that blatant, it certainly existed, according to Seumas Milne, a columnist and associate editor at The Guardian. He argued in a June opinion piece:

“[T]he U.S. and its allies weren’t only supporting and arming an opposition they knew to be dominated by extreme sectarian groups; they were prepared to countenance the creation of some sort of ‘Islamic state’ – despite the ‘grave danger’ to Iraq’s unity – as a Sunni buffer to weaken Syria.”

No matter how one looks at it, there are many possible causes that spawned Daesh. As we look at its funding sources, it may all become clearer.

Funding and materiel, courtesy of Uncle Sam and his friends

In Daesh’s role as opposing Syria (just one of its many roles) the terrorist outfit is believed to have received funding from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates, as part of their opposition to the Assad regime.

But it also generates its own income, having taken control of local businesses, taxing others, and selling oil. Among its customers, incredibly, is Syria. Since Daesh controls much of the oil-production infrastructure in the country, Syria has little choice but to purchase oil from the very group that seeks to overthrow its government.

Reports also indicate that Israel is a main buyer of Daesh oil. The sale is not direct; oil is smuggled by Kurdish and Turkish smugglers, and then Turkish and Israeli negotiators determine the price. As a result of these oil sales, Daesh has annual revenues estimated at $500 million, according to data compiled by the U.S. Treasury.

In November of this year, Russian President Vladimir Putin claimed that Daesh is being financed by at least 40 countries — including G20 members. With such widespread financing, it will be difficult to defeat Deash.

The U.S., in its misguided and destructive foreign policy toward the Middle East (its misguided and destructive foreign policies toward the rest of the world are topics for a separate discussion), also provided Daesh with a vast arsenal.

Last year, the Department of Defense, bragging about advances against this new “enemy” in Iraq, issued a press release: “The three strikes destroyed three ISIL armed vehicles, and ISIL vehicle-mounted anti-aircraft artillery gun, an ISIL checkpoint and an IED emplacement.” Commenting on that statement in Alternet, Alex Kane wrote:

“What went unmentioned by the Pentagon is that those armed vehicles and artillery guns they bombed were likely paid for with American tax dollars. The arms ISIS possesses are another grim form of blowback from the American invasion of the country (Iraq) in 2003. It’s similar to how U.S. intervention in Libya, which overthrew the dictator Muammar Gaddafi but also destabilized the country,  let to a flood of arms to militants in Mali, where France and the U.S. waged war in 2013.”

The U.S. left untold amounts of weaponry in Iraq, and as that country descended into civil war following the United States’ odd salvation of it, that weaponry was free for the taking.

So even if, as suggested above, the U.S. didn’t give birth to Daesh, it has certainly nourished it.

A merry-go-round that never stops spinning

It is interesting to note that U.S. taxpayers are spending $615,482 every hour to fight a “war” in which the “enemy” is being well-financed by countries with whom the U.S. has full diplomatic relations. Does this not make it appear that “victory” over this enemy is not the goal? With many countries financing and supplying Daesh, might the world’s largest supplier of weaponry, the U.S., not be too interested in losing such a lucrative market? It’s worth noting that the United States’ “foreign military sales rose to a record high of $46.6 billion for fiscal 2015.” With such a healthy cash cow, would the country’s power-brokers really want to end war? Why kill the goose that is laying such pretty golden eggs?

As the U.S. and its hapless allies continue this “war on terror,” an ill-defined and nebulous “enemy” if ever there was one, Syria and Yemen seem to be bearing the brunt of the violence. As in every modern war at least since World War I, innocent men, women and children are the most frequent victims, suffering unspeakably and dying horrible deaths. And, somehow, the world’s most powerful military machine, owned and operated by the U.S., is unable to defeat Daesh. It must, therefore, continue to arm its allies, which are arming Daesh. So the U.S. provides funding to countries to fight Deash; some of those countries transfer money and armaments to Daesh, who the U.S. is bombing. And it seems that this deadly merry-go-round will continue its endless spinning.

And why shouldn’t it? The U.S. can, with ever-decreasing credibility, pretend to stand as a beacon of freedom and liberty, arming revolutionaries and destabilizing governments that displease it, while arming allies of the country in revolution, which in turn assist that country. So this “war on terror” never ends, and neither do the abundant profits from war-making.

And when possession of the moral high ground is just an illusion, when rhetoric spewed from the mouths of hypocritical politicians to get the citizenry to wrap themselves in the flag and shed a tear for apple pie, motherhood and Old Glory, and when the almighty dollar is always the bottom line, nothing is going to change.

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The Rothschild Formula:

1. War is the ultimate discipline to any government. If it can successfully meet the challenge of war, it will survive. If tt cannot, it will perish. All else is secondary. The sanctity of its laws, the prosperity of its citizens, and the solvency of its treasury will be quickly sacrificed by any government in its primal act of self-survival.

2. All that is necessary, therefore, to insure that a government will maintain or expand its debt is to involve it in war or the threat of war. The greater the threat and the more destructive the war, the greater the need for debt.

3. To involve a country in war or the threat of war, it will be necessary for it to have enemies with credible military might. If such enemies already exist, all the better. If they exist but lack military strength, it will be necessary to provide them the money to build their war machine. If an enemy does not exist at all, then it will be necessary to create one by financing the rise of a hostile regime. x

4. The ultimate obstacle is a government which declines to finance its wars through debt. Although this seldom happens, when it does, it will be necessary to encourage internal political opposition, insurrection, or revolution to replace that government with one that is more compliant to our will. The assassination of heads of state could play an important role in this process.

5. No nation can be allowed to remain militarily stronger than its adversaries, for that could lead to peace and a reduction of debt. To accomplish this balance of power, it may be necessary to finance both sides of the conflict. Unless one of the combatants is hostile to our interests and, therefore, must be destroyed, neither side should be allowed a decisive victory or defeat. While we must always proclaim the virtues of peace, the unspoken objective is perpetual war

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I Will Explain All (not verified) BullyBearish Jan 2, 2016 10:09 PM

Its not strictly a Rothschild thing.  Its a zionist thing:  Find a complete version of the "protocols of the learned elders of zion".


Afterwards, watch the movie:

All of it.  There, I just saved you months of research.

KesselRunin12Parsecs's picture
KesselRunin12Parsecs (not verified) I Will Explain All Jan 2, 2016 10:17 PM

What's the difference?

Chupacabra-322's picture

Arming, funding & training Al CIA duh terror organizations since the Mujahideen.

wee-weed up's picture



ISIS: The 'Enemy' The US Created, Armed, & Funded


ISIS: The 'Enemy' Obozo Created, Armed, & Funded

runswithscissors's picture

The friend of my enemy is my enemy.

TruxtonSpangler's picture

Actually Obozo has nothing to do with this, this is all DoJ and CIA as run by the Kagans (Fred, Robert, Kim and Victoria Nudelman). Just look at which non profits each heads up and who they smooze in DC. Obozo is out of the loop which is why he is always wrong. Why does one agency say ISIS and another says ISIL while another says Daesh? Hint: There is a difference in who funds each of those factions. The No Agenda Show deconstructed this before the first Rita Katz SITE Intelligence faked beheading.

I Will Explain All's picture
I Will Explain All (not verified) TruxtonSpangler Jan 3, 2016 12:10 AM

no.  just no

Keyser's picture

Arming, funding & training Al CIA duh terror organizations since the Mujahideen.

Ding, ding, ding, hold all calls, we have a winner... This shit has been going on since the 1760's and the Balfour Declaration was the little gem that lit the fuse on the ME... 

ebworthen's picture

Poppies!  More money expended on drones and bombs and gas and ammunition!

All hail the New Rome!  All hail the new Kleptoligarchy!  Bow before Caesar! Hail the Praetorian Serfs!

God's picture

I went straight to the comments on this one. I didn't even read the article.

Sometimes I do that.


Tarshatha's picture

ZH, all around the hole but never quite in.

ISIS - Cui Bono? - Israel and only Israel

Jtrillian's picture

Ben Swann does a better job explaining how ISIS came to power.  The main suspects are the US and Turkey.

For a timeline of events on the ground, Frontline provided several videos on the subject:

"The Rise of ISIS"
"Syria, Arming the Rebels"
"Syria's Second Front"
"Losing Iraq"

The leaked pentagon report in 2015 shows that the US knew about ISIS and in fact expressed a desire to allow them to overthrow Assad.  This apparently backfired.  But that tends to happen when you empoWer extremists (see Al-Quada when they were "Freedom Fighters").

In the age of information, ignorance is a choice.  The facts are out there if you seek them out.  The truth is that the US and Turkey have become state sponsors of terror by training, arming, and funding ISIS.  They were NOTHING prior to the US sending arms to Syria rebels.  The lines between moderates and ISIS have ALWYAS been blurred.  Even a high ranking Free Syrian Army general has said as much. 

Now Turkey's Erdoguan is walking down the path of Nazi Germany putting in place a fascist regime, calling all who question him "traitors" and imprisoning anyone, including journalists, who stand in his way while murduring Kurds in Iraq, Syria and his native Turkey.  And NATO seems to be content with this rogue nation leading the WEST into WWIII against Russia, Syria, Iran, and most likely China. 

If you think this is 100% Obama and no one else, you grossly underestimate the military industrial complex (a.k.a the deep state). 

Please take the time to review Ben Swann's videos on ISIS and refresh yourself with the Frontline episodes mentioned above.  If you do, it will become painfully obvious what is going on.  After that the question will be, what do YOU DO ABOUT IT? 

Greyhat's picture

They heard their masters voice and follow their orders... :)

JINSA 9/13 2001: "Bomb identified terrorist training camps and facilities in any country harboring terrorists. Interdict the supply lines to terrorist organizations, including but not limited to those between Damascus and Beirut that permit Iran to use Lebanon as a terrorist base."

not dead yet's picture

Obama is all in on this thing. His "leading from behind" in Libya and his "inaction in Syria" was just part of his PR campaign to make it look like he's an incompetent boob who did nothing as the ME burned but the reality is he burned it. His legacy will be as a poor guy in over his head instead of the truth that he is one of the biggest mass murders and creater of terrorists of all time who brought the world to the brink of WW3. Hopefully no farther than the brink as this clown has a year left in office.

WonderDawg's picture

You're an idiot. The truth is right before your eyes every day, but you refuse to see it. Obama is an order taker, he's not smart enough to come up with this shit, and besides, it's been going on since before any of us were born. I swear, people that read ZH but still can't seem to realize the truth just wear me the fuck out. Shows how deep the brainwashing has gone. The truth is right there, but people refuse to see it.

RiverRoad's picture

NOT DEAD YEtT is right:  Obama HAPPILY carried out his orders.

WonderDawg's picture

Correct, he carried out his orders, he is not the braintrust behind it. As I said, he's a puppet. A fool, a traitor, and a puppet, but not the brains. And to think anything will change when he's out of office is pure bullshit denial of the truth.

Urban Roman's picture

... who is, then? Can Soros be thinking up all this stuff by himself? Or is the braintrust actually some advertising agency?

WonderDawg's picture

Soros is another bit player. If you want to know who pulls the levers, research who owns the Federal Reserve Bank. The information is out there and I would expect you to do your own due diligence, but you'll recognize names like Rothschild, Rockefeller, Lehman, Morgan, Warburg, Loeb. But please, do the research because it is the only way to learn the truth. I would also recommend reading The Creature From Jekyll Island by Edward Griffin, and if you truly want to get down to the nitty gritty, read Tragedy and Hope by Carroll Quigley. That should keep you busy for a few days.

T.Gracchus's picture

I agree very much with the above comments - and believe that within the Obama administration (as within every late-imperial administration) there are two or more competing factions, each desperate to retain power and so save their skins. It would otherwise be hard to understand the extreme contradictions apparent in Obama's actions.

On a side note, It is a sad indictment of many people's removal from nature, that they can believe that beheading by cutting (sawing) with a sharp knife is perfectly authentic.

Anyone who has ever prepared a large animal for cooking, say a deer /elk knows that removing the head requires a heavy cleaver at the very least. If it were so simple to decapitate people with kitchen knives, there would have been no need for executioner's axes/ swords/ guillotines. It is just a thought- but if our heads were really so flimsily attached, then they would probably fall off in the average car or bicycle crash.

Rita needs to do some more physiological research before 'Jewhadi John' V hits the screens. 

WonderDawg's picture

Oh for fucks sake, wake the hell up. As much as I think Obama is a piece of shit, I recognize the fact that he is just a puppet. He doesn't make these decisions, he doesn't create the grand strategy, he's a FUCKING PUPPET! Quit playing the blue-red bullshit game and wake the fuck up to reality.

Quick's picture

You say BarryO is a puppet - Fine - He is a piece of shit, spineless, muslim sympathizing,  hand picked, puppet that deserves all the scorn the asshole, nigga can possibly be heaped upon his sorry ass.........

Stop doing the ......"he's just a puppet ' ........defense !!

WonderDawg's picture

It's not a defense, the guy is a traitor, no doubt. But to give him credit for being the brains or for this being his agenda is to miss the truth of the matter. We have to look deeper. This doesn't let him off the hook for being a punk ass traitor, but let's make sure we truthfully recognize the players and their respective roles.

RiverRoad's picture

Obama is a HAPPY FUCKING PUPPET.  There.  Fixed it for ya.

MasterControl's picture

Obama is far from a "puppet".

RiverRoad's picture

True.  Obama definitely, happily, goes both ways.

Jeffersonian Liberal's picture


I can't imagine which Obama-sucking libtard would be downvoting you for speaking what is most obvious.

Jeffersonian Liberal's picture

Trump is right.

The "US" did not create this. You and I did not create this.

Obama and Hillary! created this. They are the shove-it-down-their-throats fascists who do whatever the hell they want and then flip everyone the bird.

Benghazi was a gun-running operation to supply ISIS with arms.

Hillary! and Obama, the neo-fascists, allowed four people to be murdered so that they could bury the secret.

And now little Curious George with the big ears and skinny-fag legs is all revved up for 2016 from golf in Haiwaii...all revved up to try to destroy the 2nd Amendment with Executive Orders.

How I wish that skinny little cowardly faggot would do some of his own dirty work for once in hie life instead of just agitating others and sending the tough guys as enforcers.

LibertarianMenace's picture

Very interesting now, will be to observe whether or not there is another horrified outcry from our pre-programmed information system as a result of Trump's latest stumbling onto the truth. The lack of any further acknowledgement or response from agitprop central serves two purposes:

(1) No response means the statements are quickly forgotten. This is a normal prerequisite for remaining hiiden in plain sight.

(2) Agitprop central has finally learned how to neutralize The Trumpet: make like he doesn't exist, i.e. simply ignore him, and he goes pfft.


The experiment is underway, all that remains is to observe its results.

Took Red Pill's picture

It can all be traced back to the Federal Reserve, Central Banks and MIC. They fund both sides of war and make huge profits while people die. It's an old game. They did it in WWI, WWII, Vietnam and now they're starting WWIII. The war on terror is perfect because it never ends!

Jeffersonian Liberal's picture

The common root of all of them is that they are Statists, Totalitarians, and thus the enemy of the freedom-loving and those who believe in private property and having the freedom to work and to improve your standard of living.

The enemy is the ideology of the tyrant.

LibertarianMenace's picture

Sovereignty is just too important to be left to the individual.

Radical Marijuana's picture

Good historical summary of that "business model," BullyBearish.

However, nobody has a monopoly on the principles and methods of organized crime, which on a larger scale are called warfare, and when manifested on an even larger scale are called political economy. Recall that the oldest book on The Art of War starts by saying "success in war is based on deceits," and ends by saying that "spies are the most important soldiers."

(See some LINKS that I copy below to back that up.)

For thousands of years those basic principles and methods of organized crime have been applied, both between societies, as well as inside societies, while being described in the Western World by authors like Clausewitz and Machiavelli, with a relatively recent summary made by Alexander Vladimirov: "All human history can be portrayed as the history of deception."

Some further LINKS, for those who care:

E-book version of Sun Tzu's Art of War: of War PDF.pdf

Page 4, point 18.

All warfare is based on deception.

Page 17, point 15:

In war, practice dissimulation, and you will succeed.

Page 35. Chapter XIII.

THE USE OF SPIES ... 8. When these five kinds of spy are all at work, none can discover the secret system. This is called “divine manipulation of the threads.” It is the sovereign’s most precious faculty. ... 10. Having inward spies, making use of officials of the enemy. ... 18. Be subtle! be subtle! and use your spies for every kind of business. ...

The Art of War PART 1

That was an hour and a half long documentary The Art of War by Sun Tsu. It was another sensationalized for TV type show, but nevertheless, basically interesting material! It splices together the history of Sun Tzu, discussing the battles that he fought, and then reviews things that he wrote down, in context of American military history in Vietnam war, and D-Day invasion, and American civil war, as examples ...

Similarly, here is a link to a biased BBC article about Russian wars based on deception, which deliberately ignores that the British Empire was even more so. Indeed, the best of all systems of organized crime during relatively recent times has been the Anglo-American (Zionist) Empire. Recall that the British Empire was controlled by the Rothschilds, since they captured control over the Bank of England at the end of the Napoleonic Wars, and that the international bankers recaptured control over the American government during the previous Century or so.

How Russia outfoxes its enemies

So far, the most spectacular symbolic manifestation of false flag attacks used to start wars based on deceits, which drive the debt slavery and profit from warfare systems, have been the events on 9/11 in 2001. The so-called "War on Terror," that 9/11 apparently started, has been a superlative example of how the ruling classes, which may still primarily be considered to be the international bankers, or the currently best organized gangsters, aka the banksters, have captured control over the governments of NATO counties, such that the government of the USA, in particular, is actually run by those banksters' political puppets, through Deep State Shadow Government.

One of the basic tricks of an inside job, false flag attack, is to become a self-fulfilling prophesy, that promotes the conditions that it pretends to protect against, since its blowback is actually a deliberately designed feature. To boil 9/11 down, in my view the dregs which are left is the conclusion that 9/11 was a false flag attack done by Zionists, in order to blame on Muslims. Of course, that is NOT to say that Islam is somehow not another form of organized crime. Indeed, at the present time, there is nothing but different organized crime gangs, in various relations of competition, and possible transitory alliances with each other, which are all surrounded by various layers of controlled opposition groups.

After the development of weapons of mass destruction, EVERYTHING significant that civilization is doing has become runaway psychoses done by various sorts of psychopaths, all of which is spinning more and more wildly out of control. My basic view these days is that NOBODY is in control anymore. Those who used to be temporarily the biggest and best organized gangs of criminals have all become too criminally insane to be considered as being in control any more ...

I find it interesting to attempt to understand the history of ruling classes, as the history of the dominate organized crime gangs in the past, e.g., see:


I tend to regard focusing upon the banksters in general, and the Rothschilds in particular, as being more like archaeology than history. 


While I think the article above was superficially correct, regarding how the "USA," controlled by the banksters' treasonous political puppets, has been playing a duplicitous series of "war games" through the "War on Terror," AND, I also agreed with your summary of the history of how the Rothschilds, as the leading international banksters, conducted their "business model" ...


BullyBearish's picture

I give full credit and recommendation to:

The Creature from Jekyll Island by G. Edward Griffin

Radical Marijuana's picture

Yes, my favourite statement from G. Edward Griffen was when he attempted to explain how WIDE is the river of "money" made out of nothing by the Federal Reserve Board ... So WIDE that it looks like an ocean!

Also, in my view, while Sun Tzu spoke about how much silver the ancient Chinese wars cost, which was somewhat of a real limit upon those wars, the MAD Money As Debt systems enable the warfare state to be "paid" for with "money" made out of nothing as debts. (There are good arguments for that the First World War could have barely happened, or that the USA would not have participated in that war, but for the facts that the Federal Reserve Board had just previously been created.)

Every one of the mostly bogus "wars" should be considered in light of the ways that those who make the "money" out of nothing as debts to "pay" for those wars make those "wars" cost WAY MORE than as first presented! From the War on Drugs, to the War on Terror, the full cost of those wars includes the interest that is supposed to be paid to the banksters who made the "money" out of nothing as debts in order to "pay" for those "wars."

Overall, as Griffen eloquently stated, it is almost impossible to imagine the MAGNITUDE of the banksters' frauds having been enforced by the governments operated by the banksters' political puppets, being elected by enough of the muppets, who were brainwashed to believe in bullshit by their schools and the mass media throughout their entire lives. Indeed, in my view, the vast majority of people cannot even begin to comprehend the ways that money is measurement backed by murder, although, I believe, it is relatively simple to do so, IF only enough of those people would overcome their conditioning to feel that they do not want to understand that.

Demdere's picture

Everyone remember what started this war?  9/11 False Flag by Israeli-Zionists.  Treason, which is still not acknowledged to be a crime by the entire Status Quo of the world.

This is not merely a problem of bankers and government, bankers and government and international  intelligence cabal centered on Israel have seized power over us.

Donald Trump isn't telling us what happened, so he isn't part of the solution.

Sam.Spade's picture

It's called divide and conquer.  Get them all excited about some other group, like the Jews or the Blacks or the Moslem's that is doing us wrong and we'll be distracted from the main cause which, in spite or your obtuse efforts, Our Government And Our Central Banking!!!

Who did you say you worked for?

chubbar's picture

Judicial Watch just posted a formally classified and largely redacted document that proves the US supported the creation of ISIS. Scroll down to page 4-5 for the money shot.

JustObserving's picture

It is well established that America and its allies founded and funded ISIS and still fund it today:

ISIS: The jihadist movement stamped “Made in America”

USA, Turkey and Israel Act As Air Force for ISIS

The US arming of ISIS

While claiming to be committed to a war against ISIS, Washington and its regional allies have time and again proven themselves to be its principal sources of strength.

Poll shows 81 percent of Syrians believe US created ISIS

Obama's fake war against ISIS:

1 yr, 6,700 airstrikes & $4bn after Obama vowed to ‘destroy’ ISIS, jihadists still on offensive

Putin Outed ISIS’s G20 Financiers: But Not a Single Western Media Outlet Has Reported It

ISIS sells crude oil to Turkey and Israel to raise money. Of course, the US is aware of that and can easily stop these sales if it wanted to.

The so-called Islamic State in Iraq and Syria(ISIS) began selling Iraqi crude oil extracted from oil fields which its seized in recent months and exporting it through the Kurdish region to Turkish refineries and from Turkey's Mediterranean port of Ceyhan ultimately to Israel.

America Created Al-Qaeda and the ISIS Terror Group

benb's picture

How long will the American people put up with this treason?

Well about half of them are still sucking their thumbs over 911...

Probably 75% think Sandy Hook was real.

The Good news- most people at least see through the Corporate Fascist media... to a degree.

crossroaddemon's picture

I don't see any hope at all. We be fuckeded.

benb's picture

Not necessarily. According to the latest I'm hearing Trump was actually drafted by well placed opposition to the Fascist /Communist style NWO take down. He knows there's a good chance its a suicide mission but took it on.

There's the prospect, a possibility we'll see some justice.

Wouldn't you like to see Cheney, Rumsfeld, Meyers , and others tried and convicted of treason and mass murder for 9-11?.. and see them publicly executed... wouldn't that be something?


Chupacabra-322's picture

The Executions must be made Globally Public for all the World to see. This will deter future Criminal Psychopaths from conducting similar behaviors.

benb's picture

After their convictions I would particularly enjoy seeing dozens of these animals paraded through the streets, [kind of like the Nazi collaborators in France after WWII] spit on, kicked, laughed at, then one by one hung in front of say the Washington monument. Taking about an invigorating experience! I think mass murderer George Soros should get his own separate media extravaganza for his execution.

Insurrexion's picture

pick me pick me pick me...

crossroaddemon's picture

If that were true he wouldn't be allowed to run. I think you underestimate just how deep the deep state runs.

Pitiful's picture

We can only hope...