"Now Is The Time To Stand Up": Armed Activists, Militiamen Seize Federal Wildlife Refuge Office In Oregon

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On Saturday, militants seized a remote government outpost following a protest by hundreds of angry citizens. 

That could very easily be the opening line for a story about a Mid-East country beset by civil war. Instead, it’s a description of what happened in Oregon yesterday. 

It all started back in 2001 when Dwight Hammond and his son Steven set fire to leased government land in what they said was an effort to beat back invasive plant species and - ironically - prevent wildfires. They set more fires in 2006 and were later convicted of arson. 

(the elder Hammond)

Both men served time in prison but a judge eventually determined that their sentences were too light and ordered them back to jail. 

Some folks were displeased with the ruling and staged a protest that saw some 300 people march through Burns, a city of around 3,000. The procession made a stop by the Hammond residence and proceeded to make an appearance at the local sheriff's office as well.

"As marchers reached the courthouse, they tossed hundreds of pennies at the locked door. Their message: civilians were buying back their government," AP recounts. "A few blocks away, Hammond and his wife, Susan, greeted marchers, who planted flower bouquets in the snow [after which they] sang some songs, Hammond said a few words, and the protesters marched back to their cars."

Enter Ammon Bundy.

Ammon is the son of Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy who famously clashed with the government last year after his cattle were kidnapped by the Feds. Around 400 of Cliven's cows were busy grazing on land Bundy said he owned when the Bureau of Land Managment began to round them up and ship them off to a bovine internment camp at Bunkerville. 

The government says the cattle were grazing on public rangeland, which is legal as long as the owner pays a fee. Bundy allegedly racked up some $1 million in such fees and so, the government decided to seize the cows, which the Nevada Bureau of Land Management accused of "trespassing."

Evenutally, the cavalry arrived (literally) as cowboys rode in and broke the cows out of jail. No, really.

Fast forward to November and Bundy's son Ammon was busy trying to come up with a way to keep Dwight Hammond and his son from going back to jail. "Ammon Bundy met with Dwight Hammond and his wife in November, seeking a way to keep the elderly rancher from having to surrender for prison," The Oregonian writes, adding that "the Hammonds professed through their attorneys that they had no interest in ignoring the order to report for prison."

But while the Hammonds have apparently come to terms with their fate, Bundy hasn't and in a brazen move, he and an unspecified number of "outside militants" seized control of the Malheur Wildlife Refuge headquarters, which is a short drive from Burns (where the protest took place).

The federal outpost fell to the militants without a fight presumably because it was deserted for the holidays. Here's more from the Oregonian:

"The facility has been the tool to do all the tyranny that has been placed upon the Hammonds," Ammon Bundy said.


"We're planning on staying here for years, absolutely," he added. "This is not a decision we've made at the last minute."


"The best possible outcome is that the ranchers that have been kicked out of the area, then they will come back and reclaim their land, and the wildlife refuge will be shut down forever and the federal government will relinquish such control," he said. "What we're doing is not rebellious. What we're doing is in accordance with the Constitution, which is the supreme law of the land." 

"After the peaceful rally was completed today, a group of outside militants drove to the Malheur Wildlife Refuge, where they seized and occupied the refuge headquarters. A collective effort from multiple agencies is currently working on a solution. For the time being please stay away from that area. More information will be provided as it becomes available. Please maintain a peaceful and united front and allow us to work through this situation," Harney County Sheriff Dave Ward said, in a statement. The elder Bundy weighed in as well, noting that the occuption isn't “exactly what [he] thought should happen." "But I didn’t know what to do,” he added. “You know, if the Hammonds wouldn’t stand, if the sheriff didn’t stand, then, you know, the people had to do something. And I guess this is what they did decide to do. I wasn’t in on that.”

Ammon Bundy explained the rationale for the occupation as follows:

Got that? This wildlife refuge office will become "a base place where patriots from all over the country will live and be housed." Although from the looks of it, space is limited so reserve your spots now:

The Guardian apparently stopped by the refuge for a visit:

The occupation appears to have begun at about 2pm. Two hours later, the Guardian approached the refuge, which lies about 60 miles south of the town of Burns and is only accessible via a lakeside road slick with ice and banked with snow.


There were no law enforcement agents visible in the area around the refuge. A man with a goatee beard and wraparound sunglasses stood guard, armed with an AR-15-style rifle, and refused entry to the federally owned facility.


He declined to give his name or affiliation, citing “operational security”. He did confirm, however, that the men – several of whom were openly carrying assault weapons – would be camping on the site. “This public land belongs to ‘we the people’,” he said. “We’ll be here enjoying the snow and the scenery.”

The Guardian was allowed to take a few photographs, and then it was strongly advised to leave the scene. Within hours, police had descended on the remote corner of Harney county, blocking roads and urging members of the public to stay away.


Ammon Bundy, whose father became a folk hero among rightwing constitutionalists after his previous confrontation with federal authorities in Nevada, appeared to be a key figure.


He called for other likeminded US citizens to travel to the refuge in solidarity and to support what he said would be a symbolic showdown between impoverished farmers and overzealous federal authorities.


“We’re out here because the people have been abused long enough,” he said in a video interview posted on his Facebook page on Saturday night.

It isn't entirely clear how these "patriots" plan to last "years" in the small building without supplies but that's probably irrelevant because it's difficult to imagine the oppressors in Washington will let this go on for very long. On that note, we'll close with two quotes, one from The Oregonian and one from US Army veteran Ryan Payne who is among the occupiers.

From The Oregonian: "In phone interviews from inside the occupied building Saturday night, Ammon Bundy and his brother, Ryan Bundy, said they are not looking to hurt anyone. But they would not rule out violence if police tried to remove them, they said."


From Payne: "When local and federal authorities arrive whatever else is going to happen will happen”.

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ZombieHuntclub's picture

Took over an unoccupied shack in the middle of nowhere. The mall ninjas are woods ninjas now. 

ParkAveFlasher's picture

This is not an isolated shack.  This is concerted effort.  The government predators tried to isolate the rebellious few, now the rebellious many.  Snowflakes melt on your tongue one by one, or, binding together in the rarefied air and quivering upon the precipice, become avalanches.  Here's to the Avalanche!

Chris Dakota's picture
Chris Dakota (not verified) ParkAveFlasher Jan 3, 2016 11:33 AM

They are trying to put everyone out of business. They hate liberty, they want us on our knees in front of a ditch.

buy a gun

buy 2 guns

robertsgt40's picture

The federales won't give.  The Hammonds are sitting on natural gas and uranium deposits.  Look at the US occupied "assets" in the ME.  

daveO's picture

DC will classify this as the Peasant Rebellion, 2016. 

hedgeless_horseman's picture



It isn't entirely clear how these "patriots" plan to last "years" in the small building without supplies but that's probably irrelevant because it's difficult to imagine the oppressors in Washington will let this go on for very long.

I would bring them some fresh raw milk from our family cow, but the Federal Government made it illegal for me to dispense with my own property as I see fit.



It is a-ok for the federal government to give money and weapons to foreign terrorists.

Hephaestus's picture

The problem is that a couple of ranchers are being charged under terrorism laws for the fires. Obviously they were not trying to change politics just make a living. They already did time for "arson" now they are going down for the same fire again charged as terrorists! THAT IS THE BIG DEAL!


Even more msessed up is that they did call and get permission for the burn. They did inform the govt that they were doing it. One guy has already served 1 yr and 1 day in prison for this!

Realname's picture

Heres a more accurate portrayal than this article; youre correct as to their burns. Of course, theres some 'environmentalists' involved, as well.   https://www.superstation95.com/index.php/world/723

847328_3527's picture

In Nancy Piglosi's eyes, these are not just politically incorrect people, these are "Nazis."

snodgrass's picture

Everyone is a Nazi in socialist/communist eyes. The Democratic party is the communist party.

Fukushima Sam's picture

So far this looks like a good protest.  They are camping on public land where it is 100% legal to have firearms.

They are doing nothing illegal and have caused the Feds to show panic once again.

Escrava Isaura's picture




This article came out 12noon. By 1PM it had 31,664 Reads and 213 comments.

Must be the 1st hour record.

Moving on.



Beam Me Up Scotty's picture

"Both men served time in prison but a judge eventually determined that their sentences were too light and ordered them back to jail"

Isn't that a bit of double jeopardy?  Whats to stop a judge from making this determination about ANYONE whos been to jail? 

macholatte's picture

Old John Brown’s body lies moldering in the grave,
While weep the sons of bondage whom he ventured all to save;
But tho he lost his life while struggling for the slave,
His soul is marching on.

Ye soldiers of Freedom, then strike, while strike ye may,
The death blow of oppression in a better time and way,
For the dawn of old John Brown has brightened into day,
And his soul is marching on.

-- John Brown by William W. Patton



McCormick No. 9's picture

The Feds and their Fabian liberal useful idiots want to run everyone out of the rural west. In my neck of the woods, there was a sawmill, and it emplyed about 20 people, and it added 4 million to the local economy. During the 2008 crisis, when the bankers drove commodities through the roof, the sawmill purchased timber on the stump for exorbitant prices. then the bottom fell out of the construction industry. The sawmill couldn't afford to cut down the trees they had bought. They asked the Forest service for relief, but the FS said no, you bought it, the trees are your probem and if you don't remove them you will be fined.

The sawmill had a loan from the USDA, ostensibly to help provide rural jobs. The USDA refused to renegotiate the loan. The bank through which the sawmill had the loan via the USDA foreclosed. The sawmill was shut down. The owners approached the USDA for an other loan with which to repurchase the mill. They were refused. The sawmill was sold off for scrap. The scrappers came in and hi-graded the mill. Now, if you go there, it looks like Syria- twisted metal and broken concrete, with all sorts of valuable machinery lying around intentionally sabotaged in order to make it un-usable for anyone else to salvage.

You'd almost think this was all done on purpose (ya think?). The gov;t doesn't want rural jobs. They want to drive rural residents into the cities where they can be controlled, rounded up shipped off and/or starved to death.

I will go out and support the Oregon patriots. The Bundy's are good people. Right on, we need to defend ourselves.

MeetTozter's picture

So far, there seems to be a rational approach to resolving this peacefully, but I can remember the AIM with much more legitimate claim to their actions, and how that was resolved.  I really wish we were "a nation of laws", equally administered, even just a little.

Adahy's picture

Free Leonard Peltier!

Handful of Dust's picture
Licenses From These 5 States Won’t Be Valid to Board a Flight


These states are Illinois, Minnesota, Missouri, New Mexico, and Washington state, and their deadline is January 10.




Thank you DC for protecting us from those tearrists in those states!




Ballin D's picture

CA was on the list last time i saw it.  how did they worm their way off it?

nc551's picture

Interesting but technically you don't require any form if identification at all, just a ticket, unless that has been changed as well in the past year or two.

Edit:  It has been changed.  You can try and they'll try to confirm your ID at the airport after you fill out some forms.

CheapBastard's picture
New York governor issues 'Executive Order': Take homeless inside as temperature falls


NEW YORK (AP) — Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Sunday signed an order requiring communities statewide to take homeless people from the streets to shelters when temperatures reach freezing, saying he was ready for a legal challenge from anyone who believes "people have a civil right to sleep on the street and freeze to death."

Cuomo said the executive order, which takes effect Tuesday, will protect the state's growing homeless population.




i guess the Dem Cuomo an dhis pal DeeBlazio have not gotten the memo about their pal Soweto's "Robust Recovery."

Chuck Walla's picture

Mass kills are a lot easier when the victims can be penned up. Blood disposal really gums up the sewer system, but they can use the survivors for that. There might even be special camps for workers. Ah, Fabian George Bernard Shaw and his "gentlemanly gas" to rid the world of the useless and undesireable, where are you?



curbjob's picture

.... and not for the last time :


They best way to bring down a fascist regime is to make them act like a fascist regime  !

maskone909's picture

This is probably the best thing ive ever read. Where does this come from?

snodgrass's picture

Watch. Onutter will create another Waco. Then they will have to pull off another Oklahoma City to demonize those who stood up to them. Democrats love the smell of white flesh burning in the morning.

Squid-puppets a-go-go's picture

downvoted you for emphasising the evil of one tentacle only


WOAR's picture

"Left wing and right wing are two wings of the same bird."

Both wings want to hold the knife of the military, and they want to use that power on each other.

The knife should just stab the bird and be done with it. Fuck both wings - they're crazy on both sides, through and through!

Macon Richardson's picture

No, the Democrat party is not the communist party. The Democrat party is the American right wing in drag. Blah! Blah! Blah! on this "communist party" crap! Get real, you morons! There are only two right wing parties in America and both are hallmarked by their desire to take your stuff away from you and give it to someone else.Whether they do it wearing jack boots or earth shoes is really pretty irrelevant to the underlying issue: They're taking your stuff away from you and giving it to someone else!

Lea's picture

"No, the Democrat party is not the communist party. The Democrat party is the American right wing in drag. Blah! Blah! Blah! on this "communist party" crap! Get real, you morons!"

That's only partially true. There is no right-wing or left-wing in the USA, only capitalist parties, one of which leans towards imperialism, money-making and killing Russians, while the other leans towards imperialism, divisive societal issues and killing Russians.

Both together are the two components of the Unique Grand Business Party of the USA. All the other US parties are mere satellite with more or less liberalism thrown in the mix.

The communists are ANTI-LIBERALS and ANTI-CAPITALISTS, hence have nothing to do whatsoever with the USA.

boattrash's picture


Excellent link. Two Thumbs Up!

Dr. Spin's picture

Hey boattrash,

Are you a ragbag or a stinkpot?  I'm guessing not too many here will know what I mean?  ;-)

It's good to see people standing up to the Feds.  Too bad I'm so far away from Burns or I would take them some tacos and brew...

Spoctor Din

boattrash's picture

I might be one of the "not too many", but I'd say ragbag.


Dr. Spin's picture

WTF!!! 3 downvotes for THAT???

Ragbgs are sailors and stinkpots are motor boaters...  I did a tans-atlantic passage and parked in the Med for five years.  Sold the boat and moved back here for the apocalypse...

Happy New Year!



SWRichmond's picture

Read the link.  Seperating people from owning the land is the key to turning them (back) into serfs.

CheapBastard's picture


For $1,000 Phoenix residents can live in a shipping container apartment




Serfs up!


"yes we can!"

Max Cynical's picture

Thanks Realname. +1...read this story! https://www.superstation95.com/index.php/world/723

This was not "Arson"...it was a "planned prescribed burn" on their private property that jumped the fence and burned 127 acres of public land.

"In the early fall of 2001, Steven Hammond (Son) called the fire department, informing them that he was going to be performing a routine prescribed burn on their ranch. Later that day he started a prescribed fire on their private property. The fire went onto public land and burned 127 acres of grass. The Hammonds put the fire out themselves. There was no communication about the burn from the federal government to the Hammonds at that time. Prescribed fires are a common method that Native Americans and ranchers have used in the area to increase the health & productivity of the land for many centuries."

Remember, the Hammonds already served their time in jail on the original conviction. Now they've been sentenced to another 5 years for the original conviction. Have you EVER heard of this hapening?

A Nanny Moose's picture

Have you EVER heard of this hapening?

Once you entered the Gulags, weren't you pretty much there until you died? I suppose on the bright side, it's only 5 years....for harming exactly....nobody!

Qui Bono?

greenskeeper carl's picture

I have not, and ya, it smells like double jeopardy to me.


And as to this "stand off" are you fucking kidding me? Its hard to think of a better thing to happen for obama and his gun control agenda. The timing of this could not be better for the left. Right before they are about to propose a bunch of legislation, a bunch of morons go and pull some shit like this. They may very well help obama fuck the rest of us over with his gun control agenda with their actions here. They may very well be good people, but their timing sucks. Their timing also seems a little to convienent. Just like how EVERY SINGLE ONE of the "terrorists" the FBI catches was basically led around by the nose by an FBI informant of some type. I would be willing to bet something similar is happening here.


edit: I would love for one of you genius downvoters to correct me. Please, seriously...

conscious being's picture

Carl, somebody's standing up for Liberty. Applaud them or go join them. About the possibility of a Fed provacateur, that's always a possibility. No one can ever stand up because the scary Fed may plant a rat?? So what kind of conclusion are you espousing here? Never stand up? The Bundy's have been down this road before and won a peaceful resolution. I'd say they have more expertise in how to confront the Fed than you do.

The Fed will never stop unless confronted. Now, someone is doing it and all the girlie-men on ZH start wetting their panties. Maybe you resent people like the Bundys because events are forcing you to choose?

Tall Tom's picture

Fear versus bold action is the choice presented.


His post has demonstrated his choice.

Tall Tom's picture

Then you are junked by someone without the ballz to respond?


ZH commentary is going down the toilet.


We need the captchas back.

Tall Tom's picture

greenskeeper carl...


For you there will never, ever be the "right time" because you FEAR taking action against your overlords.


I really hope, with all of my fiber and being, that Obama passes through Draconuan measures that will make the tyranny apparent for all to see.


Maybe then we will get up off of our asses and actually do something about it rather than cowering in fear that they may take away more from us.


I hope that it gets worse, greenskeeper carl. I hope that it gets a lot worse.


The system is far, far beyond saving, Carl. And yet you still hold out some hope?


They are not morons Carl. They are fighting for Liberty, FREEDOM FIGHTERS, and they need all of the support that they can garner.


That is more than what you are doing.


That is what earned your downarrows.

greenskeeper carl's picture

ok man. This thing is bullshit, and these people will end up harming the liberty movement far more than they will help. You seem like a smart guy, do a little research, dig a little deeper, and then get back to me. Let me know if you still feel like this is "that moment"

conscious being's picture

Carl, let's say it's "that moment" for somebody. Don't piss on their parade. You say dig a little deeper and find what exactly? Don't be afraid to spill the beens Carl. Dig and find what? How do you know this will hurt the Liberty movement, whatever that is? Why are you knocking these people?

azusgm's picture

The Hammonds were sentenced under federal guidelines with a mandatory minimum of 5 years. The judge cut the prison time below the minimum because he said that it would be the equivalent of cruel and unusual punishment. He retired at the end of that trial.

I hope people all around the world read the information at that link. That is how to win this episode. Let the federal government be roundly shamed in the court of international opinion. Give Obama a chance to have a win on this by getting this matter dropped.

onthesquare's picture

OJ Simpson was not found guilty of murder but found guilty of taking the loved ones away from their real families.  I understand you can only be tried once and sentenced once.  

Breaking treaties is what they do.  Teddy Rosaveldt was a narsasistic nut case.  What he did to the Philippines ranks him up there with Stalin, Hitler and Nut the Yahoo.

DirkDiggler11's picture

If you stand against tyranny you can sign this petition in support of the Hammomds...