European Stocks Suffer Worst Start To Year Ever

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Led by a 4.3% collapse in Germany's DAX index, European Stocks plunged 2.5% today which is the worst start to a year ever. European credit markets spiked higher in risk. 10Y bund yields tumbled over 6bps and peripheral sovereign risk spreads jumped 10-15bps. Not a good start for Draghi and his pals...

Germany led the collapse...


Which has driven Stoxx 600 - the broadest European stock index - down over 2.5% for its worst start to a year ever!!


Charts: Bloomberg

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Soul Glow's picture

That's what they get for putting Goldman Sachs slumlord Draghi in charge of their banking system.

junction's picture

Welcome to Hard Times.  With the exception of those New World Order front persons like Obama, the U.S. Congress, the 9 court jesters on the Supreme Court and Big Bank banksters/multi-billion dollarsdrug money launderers.   

sun tzu's picture

Dontcha know that 9 thugs in black hospital gowns give legitimacy to the tyranny?

Atlasshruggedme's picture

That is a way to start the new year.. Down 3% from Dec 31st, Don't forget who your real friends are when this all falls apart. 

You will have allot of people coming to you with hands out. Friends listen, support, care and help... What have they done over the last year?  

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Get to work Mr. Draghi!

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i love that all msm "breaking news" still shows pictures of traders on the floor, on the phone, yelling or face-palming.

KnuckleDragger-X's picture

The last  time the markets had diarrhea CNBC had hour long infomercials on how great things really are, or at least according to their paymasters. This means an upgrade to three hour 'specials'.......

ghostzapper's picture

Santa Rally offloaded more DB to the Pisanis.  This pile of dog shit is literally on the edge of a cliff down to sub-$10.  

silverer's picture

Every new day in Europe is a bad start lately.

Bastiat's picture

I heard on the radio that this is all because of China and Saudi Arabia.  Those fuckers!

asteroids's picture

DAX is really really over valued. It could fall 50% and still be rich.