Montel Williams Calls For "Shoot To Kill" In Oregon Showdown; Militiamen Respond They Are "Ready To Fight"

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In the latest development in the ongoing saga of Ammon Bundy's seizure of a Federal wildlife reuge office in Oregon, the members of the militia said they're ready to fight, but they won't say what they would actually do if federal authorities try to remove them by force as reported in the clip below.


However, while we noted the shortcomings in Bundy's latest standoff last night, what is even more notable is that as Shepard Ambellas of Intellihub points out, Montel Williams he tweeted that the National Guard should be mobilized to “kill” protesters who have currently overtaken the federal building in Burns, Oregon.

Moreover USA Today has reported that “militia members used the ranchers as a ruse,” in what I and others feel may be the planed catalyst to start a civil war in America.

Monday, Rick Jervis wrote:

The Oregon sheriff whose county is at the heart of an anti-government call-to-arms said Sunday the group occupying a national wildlife refuge came to town under false pretenses.


Sheriff David Ward said protesters came to Harney County, in southeastern Oregon, “claiming to be part of militia groups supporting local ranchers.” In reality, he said, “these men had alternative motives to attempt to overthrow the county and federal government in hopes to spark a movement across the United States.”


In a statement issued Sunday afternoon, Ward said he was working with local and federal authorities to resolve the situation as quickly and peacefully as possible.

Intellihub adds that its staff has identified a few suspicious individuals who claim to stand with the militants which may attempt to provocateur, escalate, the situation further. As we noted last night, this also is a distinct possibility.

Finally, in an interesting tangent, the WaPo, which admits that there "are gun rights issues, religious overtones, broad strains of anti-government sentiment and even the tactics of the Occupy Wall Street movement" as underlying motives behind the seizure, focuses on "very particular question of how much land the government controls in the state -- the same question that animated the dispute with rancher Cliven Bundy in Nevada two years ago -- and that helped motivate Bundy's son Ammon to take a lead role in the Oregon standoff."

It then provides several charts, alongside the following analysis, to show this curious aspect of what may be the core motive behind Bundy's actions. To wit:

More than half of Oregon is owned by the federal government, with a large percentage of that land owned by the Bureau of Land Management -- an agency widely reviled in the West and known by its acronym, BLM. (Ammon Bundy was forced to clarify on Twitter that his use of "BLM" didn't refer to the Black Lives Matter movement.) Data from the U.S. Geological Survey shows the amount of federal land in the state.

(This map and the ones below only show areas of 600 or more acres held by the government.)

The takeover occurred near Malheur Lake, at a building that's part of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge. That lake is at the upper center of the BLM's map of the surrounding area, which shows just how much is controlled by the government. (The original protests over the Hammonds' sentencing began in Burns, Ore.)

Part of the issue is that there isn't much population in the eastern part of the state. Mapping Oregon's population, you can see Portland and a corridor near the coast, which is about it. The area around the wildlife refuge has almost no population.

There's a historic link between population and federal land ownership. In 2012, the Congressional Research Service looked at the history of tensions between the government and the population out West -- particularly ranchers and farmers who, like the Hammonds and Bundys, use federal land for grazing and other purposes.

Early in the history of the country, the government took over land that was then distributed to citizens for farming and economic growth. As the United States expanded westward, the land was increasingly inhospitable, including the Rockies and the deserts of Nevada and Utah. By the end of the 19th century, a new focus was placed on conserving the land, with Yellowstone becoming the first national park in 1872. At that point, very few people lived in the area, as this 1890 Census Bureau map suggests.

Over the course of the 20th century, the government's emphasis shifted away from releasing the land to private citizens and toward managing it itself. The passage of 1976's Federal Land Policy and Management Act made that policy concrete, keeping the land as the property of the government. After the federal government's shift, there was a push from some in the West, including governors and members of Congress, to shift control from the federal to the state or local government. The Sagebrush Rebellion, as it was known, tapered off during the relative friendly administration of Ronald Reagan.

The longstanding political and legal dispute was summarized in more depth by the conservative Heritage Foundation, but the Congressional Research Service makes one additional point that's important to consider.

"From the earliest days," the CRS researchers write, "these policy views took on East/West overtones, with easterners more likely to view the lands as national public property, and westerners more likely to view the lands as necessary for local use and development."

That's one reason for the objection from Westerners. The other is that the lock-down on the land came after the East was heavily settled but before the West had been. In the East, land was turned over to farmers. In the West, settled later in the country's history, there were fewer people to hand it to.

Compare the Dakotas to Oregon, for example. In 1910, here's how the population was distributed. Even the Dakotas had pockets of population.

It's still sparsely populated.

But very little of the land is federal.

On that 1910 map, notice that Nevada has very little population -- thanks in part to its landscape being even less hospitable than the Dakotas. Its population is still small, save Reno and Las Vegas.

The vast majority of the land -- including the land around the Bundy ranch -- is owned by the government to this day.

The conclusion: "The fight isn't new, as the Congressional Research Service report notes. What's new is the way in which the broader political moment has cross-pollinated with longstanding objections to how the government manages land out West. The takeover in Oregon has its roots in the Sagebrush Rebellion. They way it's being manifested, though, is as modern as it gets."

* * *

It remains to be seen if the National Guard will take up Montel on his "shoot to kill" advice.

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Maybe russia will send men, money and arms to the rebels like Murica did in Ukraine

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<--- Montel's head is up his ass

<--- Montel is a brilliant informercial huckster

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... Dear Montel Williams,

Your name has been placed on the No-Fly list and all your Constitutional Freedoms have been suspended indefinitely.

Hugs and Kisses,

The Hairclub for Men

Looney  ;-)

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So, maybe you have watched videos like those of Louis Farrakhan urging the black community to, "Rise up and kill those who kill us," and of this black activist saying that, "It’s open season on killing crackers and white cops." 
You probably say to yourself, "Why aren't they arrested for making
terroristic threats?
  Maybe there really will be a race war." 

Excepted from: Guide for Learning to Use a Sidearm to Defend Yourself, Your Loved Ones, and Your Property, Should a Race War Break Out

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I kind of thought we were already in an undeclared race war, but that the white people hadn't acknowledged it yet?

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Shoot to kill? For trespassing?

One bad turn deserves another. 

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Just imagine if this happened...

Then let's give them some - put this down using National Guard with shoot to kill orders.

    — Rush Limbaugh (@Rush_Limbaugh) August 14, 2014

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Let's get this straight, the Feds do not "own" the land they may say they "own".  The land is within the territory of the sovereign State of Oregon.

Legal brief on Federal Jurisdiction here:


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>> The guy in this video is a patriot and a hero
>> No, he's a traitor, a domestic terrorist

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Montel is a CIA shill. Anything he says opposite!

"You dont have to be Jewish to be a zionist"

Joe Biden


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Montel sure is doing a great job of helping to keep blacks and whites divided against our common fascist overlords.

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Montel ought to stick to pitching those high interest cash loans to his porch monkey bretheren.

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LowerSlowerDelaware_LSD (not verified) Bunghole Jan 4, 2016 2:23 PM


7.62x54r's picture

Those National Guard that he wants to federalize are mostly central and eastern Oregonians.

Perhaps Montel can lead them? He can learn how to play "frag the Leutenant".

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I'm reminded of a scene in Fight Club that involves a Police Commissioner, a toilet, and an elastic band.

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Isn't Williams the same sissy little bitch that thinks guns should be banned? Or is that just for the serfs?

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He should march at the front of the goon squad, as usual his filthy mouth is writing checks his chickenshit ass can't cash!

Somebody should kick that fools ass!

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Hey Montel, did word ever get out about those Verizon techs banging your wife at home about ten years ago?

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Montel is pretty quiet when the Knockout Punchers shut down malls and airports, or shoot a few dozen of their own on a hot Chicago night.


Odd that.

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I just did a quick search...It had to be his first wife, Grace Morley. By the time I heard the story around it was about ten years ago. I know personally one of the guys who was there partying at Montel's house, don't know if he was getting any nookie or not but one thing is for sure, there was a couple of phone trucks outside and I guess the neighbors were worried if it was a service outage in the area and called to find out. VZ (it could have been Bell Atlantic then) managers showed up and caught a bunch of guys off the job but they didn't get fired because of the public scandal it would have caused for Montel...


Fuck you Montel, I hope your new wife is doing you the same way!

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A has-been talk show host tweeting tweet BS shouldn't even be a story.


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Burns, Oregon almost a message Oregon Burns.

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Who the fuck is Montel Williams and why the fuck should I care about his opinions  ?

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These cunts are all the same. Even the most recent and now "retired" AG was a punk bitch. Stand up for whatever you believe, as long as you are not ________ .

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Are we in a fucking "Safe Zone"?


Here. I will do it for you...




Was that really so difficult?



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Even National Propaganda Radio guests are getting out of control desperate.


This morning the their guest was calling those white folks in Oregon "tearrists" and Trump supporters "raycists" ... while praising those thugs who blocked traffic at that airport and tried to shut down that mall in defiance of the judges court order.


Dianne Reems didn't say a word objecting to their inappropriate and inflammatory remarks.





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Everyone in my family stopped giving a penny to any of the NPR stations they have become so left-wing crazy biased. All their guests think the same way and say the same thing. The least they could do is present both sides of the issues.


NPR has gone down in quality quite a bit.

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And here I thought I was the only one that called them National Propaganda Radio and the Propaganda Broadcasting Service.

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Hey, Nova and Nature are two really awesome shows. 

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I'm still baffled how land can be owned by the federal government. 

jcaz's picture

"Aim high, Willis, aim high!!!"

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All land is owned by one or another government.  To confirm the truth of this statement, try not paying your property taxes.

ejmoosa's picture

And if we all quit paying our taxes at the same time?  What happens then?

NidStyles's picture

I noticed the leftists have stopped saying that we are all a part of the government these past 5 years as well. Pretty much the second Obama stepped through the Obamacare mess everything changed. 

Dick Buttkiss's picture

"And if we all quit paying our taxes at the same time?"

But of course no such thing can ever happen. What can happen, however, is a leak — first unnoticeable, then unstoppable — out of government fiat into free-market crypto.

Remember, governments can't tax what thet can't find, and as the crypto revolution is in its infancy, much as the Internet was twenty years ago, suffice it to say that you ain't seen nothin' yet.

mumcard's picture

Even if we quit paying taxes, all the tax doesn't cover the interest on the current debt.  It's  all make believe at this point.

logicalman's picture

They don't really own it, it's just that they have large numbers of hired, armed goons, who will deprive the use of any land to anyone they don't agree with.

Looking at it from another perspective, do people own the land or does the land own the people? The land will still be there long after we are all gone.

It's about control - it's what governments do.

Might as well ask water not to be wet as ask those in government to give up their power.


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Actually Montel owns this property which explains his fascist leanings on this issue...

NidStyles's picture

There is nothing Fascist about advocating the murder of your own citizens.


That is something Communists do. Stalin, Mao, Pol, and even still in China they simply liquidate people that step out of line.


Fascists put them in work camps, and deport them if they are not citizens. 


None of these blacks are Fascist, they are all pro-Communists. Fascism is a version of Nationalism. 


Jeffersonian Liberal's picture

Nid, that's a pretty thin hair you're splitting.

Fascists are totalitarians. They, like all totalitarians, will terminate anyone they believe needs terminatin'.

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Communist Socialist or Fascist Socialist, what the difference really.

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About 90 million dead bodies.

Lebensphilosoph's picture

If you think so, then you can go ahead flip that coin to decide between Mussolini's Italy and Mao's China..

Lebensphilosoph's picture

And those they believed needed terminating were mostly communists. I'm not going to argue with that.

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In the book "The Arms of Krupp", I believe I read that the Nazi leadership wanted to kill all the Jews, but Krupp said, "You don't have enough manufacturing workers, because you need so many able-bodied people to be soldiers.  So, instead of killing the Jews, give them to us, and we will work them to death.  We will build the prisons, right next to our factory, and we will pay to house them and feed them, and we can use them to do manufacturing work, which will free up more other people to be soilders, and we will work them hard and feed them little, so they will still die."   Thus, "Arbeicht macht frei" (sorry about mispelling).

So the idea was always to kill them.  Just different ways.

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Montel is another neocoon.

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all those kushy are happy about the decline of the white man


they want them to know how it feels to be poor!



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Oh Montel does his part to keep the poor...poor...regardless of color. He's a shill for Money Mutual, which is jst one step above a loan shark.

"Since MoneyMutual is a lending network and not a lender, we aren't able to accurately represent the exact APR that your lender may offer; however, the typical representative APR range is somewhere between 261% and 1304% for a 14 day loan."

Wooop! Scratch that, it is a fucking loan shark he's shilling for...lmao!

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Montel is a Jive Ass Turkey!