The Gartman Grid

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We all have opinions on the stock market. However, very few of us have daughters that are Senior Line Producers (whatever that means) on CNBC, thus we cannot share our musings with the rest of the world.  Happily, there is one Dennis Gartman who is blessed with just such a situation, and he appears on CNBC with more frequency than even the great Janet Yellen (plus he hasn't fainted on camera yet, not even once).

Mr. Gartman's pontifications, however, can at times be opaque and thus hard to interpret, so I would like to offer this easy-to-use grid to help you tease out precisely where the man stands. The quadrant is comprised of two simple binary facts:

Horrible Colorful Tie or Open Collar? - Dennis likes to mix up the wardrobe. Sometimes he goes footloose and fancy-free, doffing the tie and leaving the top shirt button joyously undone. At other times, he steps up his game and goes for the All Business look, donning a tie which contains colors rarely found in the natural world.

Fingertip Prayer or Devil-May-Care? - More often than not, the D-Man has all ten fingers engaged in a tip-to-tip prayer to the market gods. This, I suppose, is engaged so as to evoke an air of intellect and quiet thoughtfulness. There are other times, though, in which passion trumps reason, and the hands fly loosely, in the manner of two dazed starlings, desperately seeking the rest of their flock.

It only takes a moment for the observant viewer to ascertain the state of each of these two realities. There is no Schrodinger's Cat in Dennis' world. Thus we pull out our handy grid:


Based on the result you determine, you may refer to his point-of-view as follows:

  • G1: Energy Chart is Moving From the Upper Left to the Lower Right

  • G2: It's Good to Be Seen

  • G3: Be Gently Short of Stocks in Yen Terms

  • G4: I'm Confused But Focused on the Contango Structure

I hope you find this guide to be constructive in your trading for 2016. I will close by agreeing with one statement our televised friend has declared on occasion, which I think will be a crucial credo for the year ahead:


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Timmy loves to make fun of anyone.It hides his insecurity and makes his little pecker all warm and fuzzy. This post is by a poser who has shorted this bull market for 6 years. Post your results Tim. Then I will respect your opinion...maybe. Otherwise..STFU about everybod else, you fcking worm.

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Nice work Tim, happy Bear day today also.

  I have a one finger sell signal, like to give it to all the CNBC Wall Street propagators.

Badsamm's picture

Tis the season i guess: "I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced. I fear something terrible has happened."

Casey Jones's picture

... with a Xanax chaser.

superdave's picture

but..but...He's on Tee Vee!  He must know what he's talking about!


The " GET OF STOCKS " photo is part of the grid series, too.

Referred to as " The Missing Gridlink ", the tell in this photo is the " Gart Fart " expression on his face.

Was it a gas or liquidity eruption ?

Only the underwear knows for sure.

OldPhart's picture

Once you're over fifty it's pretty much guaranteed to be a liquidity crisis.

Squid Viscous's picture

cautiously long of Red Winter Wheat, the recent rains in the Missouri River basin have been less helpful, and in fact, quite the opposite, than had been expected ... blah blah


oh wait CNBS wants to pay me $500 let me put on my Stock Market Guru hat!!


what an azz clown

LoneStarHog's picture

It does not matter if Gartman has a colorful tie, open collar, prayer hands, lipped finger, nor any other external signals.  The one thing consistent about Gartman - be he Bull, Bear, or Neutral - is the location of his cranium.  His cranium permanently resides in his rectum. Nuff said...

RaceToTheBottom's picture

Even his mother told him he would never amount to anything if he doesn't have a "briefcase monitor" like Greenspam.

Wild Theories's picture

look at those sagely eyes, you could almost get lost in them

Boozer's picture

Looks like ol Dennis has a healthy vodka burn working.