"It's Time For You To Leave": Oregon Sheriff Demands Militiamen "Peacefully" Depart

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Despite Ammon Bundy’s best efforts to explain the motives of the militiamen who over the weekend seized control of a remote federal building in Oregon, it’s still not entirely clear why several dozen US citizens decided to occupy the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge.

WaPo is probably correct to say that there "are gun rights issues, religious overtones, broad strains of anti-government sentiment and even the tactics of the Occupy Wall Street movement" at play, but like the Occupy movement, those holed up in the snowy government outpost have yet to articulate a coherent set of grievances to justify their cause.

As we outlined on Sunday, Ammon Bundy is the son of Cliven Bundy, a kind of folk hero at the heart of a 2014 standoff with the government that ended with what some say was a victory for individual and state’s rights.

Apparently, the younger Bundy is attempting to engineer another direct conflict with federal authorities by rallying around the “cause” of Dwight Hammond and his son Steven, who were sent back to jail on Monday for arson.

Bundy and the rest of the militiamen (who say they're "in it for the long haul" and who have named themselves the "Citizens for Constitutional Freedom") camped out at Malheur have indicated they’re prepared to fight should the government move to forcibly remove them from the wildlife refuge and at least one American is calling for “shoot to kill” orders for the National Guard.

In what may perhaps mark the beginning of open hostilities between authorities and the militia, Harney County Sheriff David Ward politely told the group that “it’s time to leave” on Monday.

"You said you were here to help the citizens of Harney County. It is time for you to leave our community, go home to your families, and end this peacefully,” Ward said, on behalf of himself and county Judge Steven Grasty.

As Reuters explains, “the Oregon occupation marks the latest skirmish in the so-called sagebrush rebellion, a decades-old conflict over federal control of millions of acres of land and natural resources in the West.”

Bundy insists the militiamen are “patriots,” but Wendy Bull, a teacher in Burns whose husband, a social worker, operates a local clinic run by the U.S. Veteran Affairs Department, says the men are “domestic terrorists.” As Reuters goes on to note, “the takeover in Oregon [has drawn] criticism on social media, with some users asking if the occupiers would have been treated differently if they had been black or Muslim.”

BBC got an inside look at life inside the compound. “When we arrived in darkness all was calm and quiet,” columnist James Cook begins. “We were greeted courteously by men carrying copies of the US constitution, who told us they were unarmed.” Here’s more:

They had draped the US flag over a sign at the entrance to the wildlife refuge and they offered us a cup of coffee.


The guards told us that the armed men inside were not taking visitors at present but would be happy to come out and meet the media face to face in the morning.


One of the men tried to give me a small US Fish and Wildlife Service sign from the building "as a souvenir".


"It's mine," he said, "I paid for it," making a reference to his taxes.



Some people in the community around the town of Burns say while they do not approve of the methods, they are in tune with the sentiment.


Back at the bird reserve, the mood changed slightly as the day dawned, the birds started singing and the winter sun struggled to pierce the hazy clouds.



The media were now at the gate in force and the men there were more reluctant to talk.


"We need to stick to the narrative," one told us as he explained why we needed to wait for their leader Ammon Bundy.


Down a slight hill, we could now see the headquarters clearly, the red roofs of the sheds standing out against the snow.

Several dark-clad figures moved around in the complex.



When Mr Bundy emerged to speak to the media he refused to tell me how many people were inside the bird sanctuary or how many were armed but, after the news conference, camera crews were given a limited tour of the site.


We were told we would not be shown anything relating to "operational security" or anything that would "put lives at risk" and, indeed, we were kept away from any weapons on the site.


A number of US government vehicles sat in the car park, covered in snow.



We were not allowed into most of the buildings and saw no more than a dozen men and one woman inside.


We were taken into a building where one of the protestors said he had been sleeping. It appeared to be a gym for the federal employees who usually manage this land.



There were cans of chicken noodle soup, oranges, apples and other food.


Through a glass window we could see a man and a woman cooking food in a kitchen. The site appeared to be in good condition.

Yes, the "site appears to be in good condition" - for now. 

Three administration officials who spoke to Reuters said federal authorities are "following U.S. policy guidelines instituted to prevent standoffs from turning violent in the wake of deadly clashes at Ruby Ridge, Idaho, and Waco, Texas in the early 1990s." 

It's unclear how long that protocol will last, but rest assured, there's only so long the government is going to allow this sideshow to persist. After all, if one bird sanctuary falls to "militants", what's to keep another from falling tomorrow? Before long, there may be no federally administered bird sanctuaries left. 

All sarcasm aside, the question here is clearly this: how long will it be before the government abandons the new "policy guidelines" and reverts to the pre-Waco strategy that would see the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge turned into a bad day in Fallujah?

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crusty curmudgeon's picture

When the sheeple are rooting for the feds to clean house, it's time to pack up and go.

Haus-Targaryen's picture

If the community doesn't support them, then why fight for people who are content being slaves?

Let the slaves who want to be slaves be slaves, and focus on those willing to fight for their God given rights.  

I think this is neither the correct time or place, as the Hammonds have turned themselves in.  Time for the Bundy's to essentially say what I said above, and go home.  

The Juggernaut's picture

That request is simply a polite threat.

I hope the III% (3 percenters) come out.

LoneStarHog's picture

A Post At The Market Ticker:

This situation is just too serious to remain silent on so I want to clear up a few things. I am the Coos County Coordinator for Oregon III%. Our group, along with Idaho III% and other members of the Pacific Patriots Network organized the rally in Burns yesterday to support the Hammonds and condemn the actions of the BLM. Although their story was initially publicized mostly by Ammon Bundy, the Hammond family later told him and everyone else they were not going to fight the charges and didn't want violence of any sort to take place. Oregon III% leadership was in contact with the Hammonds on the day of the rally and they were pleased to have our peaceful support. Ammon Bundy's rhetoric had been increasing over the past few weeks and some people were worried about what he might do. After the rally, our Vice President Jeff Roberts spoke to the attendees and asked them to come to the fairgrounds for further discussion of the issue. At that time, Ammon Bundy stepped in and told the crowd that he and his group were going to take a "hard stand" and seize the Malheur Wildlife Refuge. None of this was coordinated with or approved by our groups, he basically just dumped it on us and wanted the crowd to follow him out there. Jeff told them this was their decision but that our groups would have nothing to do with it. Our response is currently linked on the front page of Sipsey Street Irregulars. We do not support Ammon's actions and believe them to be hasty, premature and ill-advised

The Juggernaut's picture

@LoneStarHog:  Thanks for clearing the water!  III% are the best!

pelican's picture

The federal government ruins up many people's lives with stupidity, short sightedness, and incompetence.  But if you are dumb enough to threaten the entity with violence, you will pay the ultimate price.  I personally wouldn't mind if the feds send a spectre gunship to finish them off.  They deserve it for being fucking stupid.

nuubee's picture

Ammon Bundy is an idiot. He should be scorned by the entire tea party/patriot movement as a moron and a legitimate criminal who should get his just desserts for violating the law for no good reason whatsoever.


Don't play the violence game, the government has been doing it longer than you have, and they have better toys. Don't play the violence game until the gov't gives you absolutely no other choice. 


Your goal should *always* be to expose the government for being the thugs, not becoming thugs yourselves.

The9thDoctor's picture

I see a lot of armchair quarterbacking from the peanut gallery in regards to this situation. At least these guys are willing to put their lives on the line for something they believe in.

Most I know only talk about Star Wars, fantasy football, Fallout 4, American Idol, or have their pants to their ankles watching adult streaming videos in HD.

This reeks of a crab in the bucket scenario.

If you armchair quarterbacks are such experts in dealing with front line issues, then you go stage a protest and get heckled by morons who haven't done anything with their lives.

Put up or shut up.

I've been on the front lines myself at a protest before and was demonized by the local paper. I don't play video games or fantasy football; I only focus on things that matter. It's so easy to nitpick. Just go out there and be on the frontlines yourselves since you claim to know so much on how perfectly it should be done.

There is no perfection. You just go out and do it.

joe6px's picture

The situation can go many ways, but it is important to make sure that some positive message comes out of this.  Exposing the BLM and DOJ is important, so a demand should be made that the DOJ prosecutors and their supervisors in the Hammond case resign.  The BLM section supervisor and regional director must also resign.  If the college clowns can force a dean to step down for an imagined offense, then a few bureaucrats need to step off for real offenses.  When the DOJ goes after people because they CAN convict them, not because they SHOULD convict them, it shows what a self-aware monster the department has become.  The DOJ is supposed to exercise discretion and be the adults in the room, not a device to drive an agenda of "public" land use as decided by disassociated bureaucratic outsiders.

nuubee's picture

So what? You protested? so fucking what? Did it accomplish anything of substance? Did you roll back gun control measures? Did you reverse the cultural decay? What were the results of your protesting?

Sorry to say this, but I don't give a fuck what you say you've done "on the street". If you haven't accomplished anything, you wasted your time, didn't you? You don't get any special "Street Cred" for having faced horrible people and accomplished zilch for your efforts. Realistically all that says about you is that you're willing to put your life at risk for a losing cause, which frankly speaks badly for you, not well.


Couldn't disagree more.  Its the lost causes that sometimes matter the most.

Think of the "White Rose" in Nazi Germany or William Wallace.

Sometimes the lost causes stop becoming a lost cause. 

Having said that, I think this is not the time and place. The Orgeon showdown smells bad. To have the desired effect, you must choose the right time and place.  

Jerome Lester Horwitz's picture

C'mon Spot...roll over, roll over...good boy!

Who's a GOOD boy?

Now go fetch...good boy!

Now shake...good boy!


Here ya go, boy!


PT's picture

Does is article answer that question we had one or two years ago ( my memory's a little fuzzy ), Why is the Forestry Department buying guns and bullets?  Anyone remember that article?

joe6px's picture

Yes, there was a picture of a swat equipped forest service guy.  Just in case a microagressed deer gets a little out of hand.

g speed's picture

so Lonestar---I take it you guys are Republicans????   just asking cause you sound like one--talk much, show little. 

XuscitizenSweden's picture

Thanks for the UpDate *Lone Star H_*

Sittin' here WNW of Stockholm & appreciate the......round-up....of events.

Better than AP/CNN/nwo-msm.


Beat even ZH on depth of commentary.

Regards X- inSweden

XuscitizenSweden's picture


PCR_PaulCraigRoberts has just 'published' a very interesting piece on the stand-off:

"The Rule Of Law No Longer Exists In Western Civilization"

"..Sir Thomas More’s warning about prosecutors and courts disregarding law in order to more easily convict undesirables and criminals has had the result of turning law away from being a shield of the people and making it into a weapon in the hands of government. That is what we witness in the saga of the Hammonds, long-time ranchers in the Harney Basin of Oregon.

With the intervention of Ammon Bundy, another rancher who suffered illegal persecution by the Bureau of Land Management but .....

As I write the Oregon National Guard and FBI are on the way......."


two hoots's picture


No one document; bible, constitution or rule or law, will be translated or understood the same by all people. That is why we have different preachers, lawyers, judges.  A stop sign is about as close as anything that we can agree on.  Not even the 10 commandments are agreed upon or accepted.  Is the constitution a “living document” is the bible a “living document” or are they fixed in stone and unbendable?  So what is the answer?  What could we all agree upon?  Does it matter what we agree upon (see below)?  I too sense the slow and declining rights of individuals but attribute it more to a growing and diverse mixing of populations and ideals which I think is what will be the biggest threat (corrupt politicians and oligarchy influence will always be with us) to the liberties we now enjoy.  We either join the liberal PC world or stand to protect our way of life, our system, our constitution before we are mixed beyond recognition.  Our system must not become a hybrid or adjust itself to the needs of all, especially newcomers.  This is the challenge.


-Former Chief Justice Charles Evans Hughes: “we are under a Constitution, but the Constitution is what the judges say it is...” 


and that is what they teach today in law. 


StychoKiller's picture

So, over 300 MILLION Humans have to do what only 9 say??

I seem to recall some seriously fscked-up decisions by the 9:

Dred Scott, Kelo vs New London, Japanese internment, etc...

Flakmeister's picture

Gore v. State of Florida comes to mind...

Bangin7GramRocks's picture

Vice President?! You sure do take your dress up hobbies with an extra bit of seriousness don't you? Wow!

HopefulCynical's picture

No, he takes his citizenship seriously, along with his duty to resist the tyranny of the pathological parasites.

GhostOfDiogenes's picture
GhostOfDiogenes (not verified) LoneStarHog Jan 5, 2016 9:12 AM

Someone tell Jeff Roberts and his gaggle of girlymen to change their tampons.

Let the REAL men of this country stand up to the fedcoats.

ultraticum's picture

If the BLM's authoritarian ways and double jeapordy for these ranchers being sentenced the second time as "terrorists" for the same crime, are not issues worth standing up for, I'm curious to know in what types of situations the III% would indeed lend support of the civil disobedience variety (other than peaceful protesting like Burns on Jan 2)?  Not sarcasm - a sincere question.

Lorca's Novena's picture

You are correct, but the problem is 98% of the idiots residing an murrica dont understand the issue. I hear local buffoons at the coffee shop blabbering away about how these guys are terrorists and they shoukd try this stunt in russia or n. korea. I asked one of the local dipshits if he knows why these guys are there? His response was " they are right wing whackos lookng to start a fight because they are anti government". I ask again why they are protesting? " There just looking for attention"


I glanced at this buffoons buddys, lowered my head while shaking in dissaproval and left. I only imagine its just like this in most parts of the country. The sheeple are in such fucking denial its pathetic. Anyways try bringing up the double jeapordy rule, or BLM land grabbing, Harry Reids attempt to seize land and sell it in 14',  they just dont get it.


HopefulCynical's picture

Thanks for the anecdote. It confirms what my observation of the general public tells me.

We're going to need a Star Wars/The Avengers type of EVENT to get the public on board.

The9thDoctor's picture

Your main problem is getting the "public" on board.

It will take a dedicated minority (hence the name III%) to fight this fight.

A mass awakening is as fallacious as all worker ants becoming Queen ants. Humans in our current form are incapable of doing that. The masses love being told what to do and where to go. As Earl Nightengale points out, 99% of men don't think.

HopefulCynical's picture

Yes and no.

The public doesn't have to fight, per se. They simply have to not overwhelmingly cheer for the jackboots of .gov, for any real progress to be possible.

Of course, there will always be those sorry individuals, mostly the core of the FSA along with those growing fat from the status quo, who will cheer the jackboots no matter what.

But when enough of the public, probably 30% or so, is sufficiently opposed to the jackboots, the III% will actually be able to accomplish something.

And actually, I think that many are opposed to them now. They just fear to speak out, and also think it's hopeless. That fear and despair has got to be replaced by anger. Then we might just get somewhere.

conscious being's picture

The impending economic collapse will rip the curtain away and open the eyes of many. Hang on. It's coming.

HopefulCynical's picture

Not sarcasm - a sincere question.

Okay, well, not sarcasm - a sincere answer, as best I can.

In this day of Trump leading the GOP primary, Bernie Sanders not being laughed back to the USSR and a blatantly lying MSM, this issue is NOT SIMPLE ENOUGH for Joe & Jane SixPack to rally around.

People are already dismissing this because "if they weren't white they'd already be dead by now."

It's called waiting until you see the whites of their eyes. It is inevitable that the gubmint will do something so obviously aggregious that those who stand up to resist it will be celebrated, even by our present-day dumbed down sheeple-citizens.

THAT is what I believe he is saying they should wait for. Doing this stuff when it doesn't catch the public imagination, in this day of MSM mass brainwashing, doesn't scare TPTB one bit. They know the public will not only forget it in a week, but will quicly grow to find repeated occurances tiresome.

Whites of their eyes, folks. Whites of their eyes.

noless's picture

Seriously, what is this "if they weren't white" bullshit? Why is that relevant? This country wasnt founded by Muslims, it wasn't founded by Blacks, that there hasn't been a concerted racial cleansing is at the mercy of the (soon to be minority) racial majority.

But whatever, it obviously doesn't matter to point out what should be blatantly fucking obvious.

7againstThebes's picture

I think resistane -- up to and including armed resistance -- is extremely important.

But one has to be very clear about the cause. I am sympathetic to Ammon  Bundy. But he has not conveyed to me just what is the problem.

  I will support a man who fights for his family, his people, his landscape.  I will not support a man who is fighting with a bureaucrat over his right to overgraze public lands and ruin the landscape.

Vlad the Inhaler's picture

Ammon Bundy just took out a $300k SBA taxpayer funded loan for his company.  Sucking at the teat of big government.,

The9thDoctor's picture

Why don't you start a business smarty pants?

Do you internet posters in the peanut gallery ever leave your mom's house? SBA loans is what it takes to get off the ground in this rigged matrix system that we are currently in.

Vlad the Inhaler's picture

Been running my own business since 2005 with no loans whatsoever, but thanks anyways.

conscious being's picture

Are you a bean counter for the SBA? Are you upset that the SBA might be funding the wildlife refuge take over? If that's what's going on, I say great move Ammon.

Tarzan's picture

The Hammonds have a $400,000 fine to pay for doing what ranchers in the west have done for hundreds of years, managing overgrowth by prescribed fire, and using a backfire to stop on oncoming fire started by lightning.

They've payed $200,000 of a trumped up fine.  On August 14, 2014 they were forced by mediation to sign over First Right of Refusal in the sale of their land to the BLM, if they could not pay the civil fines.

If you care to know the truth, that this is a shake down to force the Hammonds to sell, read the affidavit from William Joseph Goode!

I reckon so's picture



If you read this in its entirety, you realize we are all already out of options.  All of us.  The "federal government" does exactly as it wants to do, and if you are in their crosshairs, well, you are just fucked.


And the amount of incorrect information and dis-information PUSHED ON US is beyond staggering.

Buckaroo Banzai's picture

SBA loans aren't "taxpayer funded", they are taxpayer guaranteed. Big difference. You have to find a bank to lend you the money, and in the event of default it is the bank's problem to make every effort to collect on the debt, including seizing any business and personal collateral.

Vlad the Inhaler's picture

At the very least the program costs tax money to administer, and the loan must either be more risky than a commercial loan or cost less, otherwise there'd be no demand for it.  Bottom line, these hypocrites hate the government but can always find a way to justify taking government handouts.

Tarzan's picture

Not sure what your inhaling, but your ignorance on the subject is astonishing!

The government is not handing anything out to the Hammonds, they're stealing from them.  They payed for the Grazing rights that they are now demonized for!  The BLM is trying to force them to sell by trumped up " Domestic Terrorism" charges.

The only Government Handout will come after they have forced the Hammonds off their land for pennies on the dollar.

Then the mineral rights will be sold to outside Industrialists who've lined the pockets of the Federal Dogs who don't give a crap about the People in Oregon or the Land and Wildlife they are alleged to "Preserve".

I reckon so's picture

so sorry, I can only upvote you one time

Tarzan's picture

"over his right to overgraze public lands and ruin the landscape."


Actually what is ruining the land is the lack of grazing. 

The native plants of the western plains are dying, and as a result the land is eroding, blowing away with the wind, because the Bison who roamed these lands by the millions and left behind what amounted to freshly tilled ground as they migrated have disappeared.  Without the broken ground from grazing animals the land becomes hard as a rock and plants don't grow as they did.

Grazing rights were guaranteed when the Fed began scooping up the land.  Now that they've driven out most of the ranchers they are cutting off the grazing rights of those who remain and demonizing them as if they are ruining the land, when it's the policies of the Fed that is ruining the land!

Same goes for burning the land.  It's natural, and when done right improves the quality of the land tremendously!  Here in the southeast it's the heat of a Forrest fire that opens the pine cone and allows it to propagate.  Within days of burning a field of grass it blossoms with bright green fresh grass, feeding on the potash left behind.  When land is allowed to go un-burned for extended periods the build up of dead material smothers the ground and then when fire does come it grows out of control, gets too hot, and kills the trees and vegetation, rather then reviving them as it should.

convicting the Hammonds as Arsonists is asinine!  Re-sentencing them for a longer period is nothing short of tyranny designed to intimidate them for not selling out to the Fed!

Independent ranchers, just like the small farmers across the land are being shut down for nefarious reasons, and the People end up suffering.  Anyone checked the price of a steak lately?  It's all by design, to wreck America, to level the worlds playing field and make way for world Government.

Bundy is right, The Fed is the problem, not the solution!  His tactics may be off, but his accusations against the Fed are SPOT ON!

This is Propaganda at it's finest and the ignorant masses are eating it up!

sidetracksusie's picture
sidetracksusie (not verified) 7againstThebes Jan 5, 2016 11:59 AM

It's your job, not Ammon's, to seek knowledge, discern the problem and formulate solutions.
You dared to use the words, "I think", yet your remarks show otherwise. You don't know what the problem is because you don't think or care enough to even find out what is the cause of the situation. You think it's about grazing, which you demonstrate you don't know a lick about, also.
That's the problem these days; people believe the bs propaganda sound bites mostly because they are lazy and more often than not, harbor jealous tendencies steeped in communism they don't want to admit. Thus the perception that the BLM land that was taken from ranchers is "public " land. It's not.
It's also NOT why there is a standoff, moron. I'm not going to do your work for you though.
Soon enough the sheeple will be sheared and will stand in shame. You will then understand the importance of reading and truth seeking, and maybe wish you had stood in solidarity with those that saw the injustices foisted upon others and did something other than spew propaganda on behalf of the lying beauracracies you grovel before in cowardice.