hedgeless_horseman's Revolutionary Call to Arms

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"The greatest danger to the State is independent intellectual criticism."


-Murray N. Rothbard


This ZeroHedge comment, today, by JamaicaJim, caught my eye and started me thinking:

New Gallup Poll – Americans Consider Government A Much Bigger Problem Than Guns

JamaicaJimWed, 01/06/2016 - 08:39 | 7004045


That the US Government is corrupt is not the question. They are.

The questions are;



For the life me, I do not have those answers.

THAT is the issue; what can someone do?

In the movie, Wayne's World, Garth and Wayne are lying on the hood of the Mirth Mobile and staring up at the stars.  Garth whistles the theme to Star Trek, then he says, "Sometimes I wish I could boldly go where no man has gone, but I'll probably stay here in Aurora."  Many of us are like Garth, wishing to be bold, and maybe even revolutionary.   

But the State isn't very worried.  They know that we are far too comfortable, and also too afraid.  That we will probably stay right where we are.

But some of us may sense that ours is a false comfort, like the turkey in the days before the holiday.

In today’s keynote luncheon at RIMS 2010, Nassim Nicholas Taleb, best-selling author of The Black Swan, told the story of a turkey who is fed by the farmer every morning for 1,000 days. Eventually the turkey comes to expect that every visit from the farmer means more good food. After all, that’s all that has ever happened so the turkey figures that’s all that can and will ever happen. But then Day 1,001 arrives. It’s two days before Thanksgiving and when the farmer shows up, he is not bearing food, but an ax. The turkey learns very quickly that its expectations were catastrophically off the mark. And now Mr. Turkey is dinner.

For those of us that don't want to be a turkey, and that seek a way out of our false comfort...that want to be bold and revolutionary...we must also find a way to overcome our fear.   FEAR.  False Evidence Appearing Real.  The best way I know to overcome fear is with knowledge.  Knowledge allows us to see false evidence as false.  Knowledge also allows us to be bold, and to take action, rather than be timid, staying right where we are.  Knowledge enables us to be revolutionary.

"A battle of wits was to be fought, and the Boy in Blue was unarmed to-night."


-Abby Buchanan Longstreet


If we want to be a bold, fearless, and an effective revolutionary, then we need to arm ourselves to-night and train for the fight.  To that end, please, allow me to suggest this sequential course of action.

hedgeless_horseman's Revolutionary Call to Arms:

1.  Read Propaganda, by Edward Bernays.
2.  Read Fahrenheit 451, by Ray Bradbury.
3.  Get rid of your television.  Preferably, take it to the dump and destroy it in an extreme and violent fashion.
4.  Read Brave New World, by Aldous Huxley
5.  Make a commitment to not use mind-altering substances for 90 days.  If you fail, go to an AA meeting and restart the 90 days.
6.  Read The Creature from Jekyll Island: A Second Look at the Federal Reserve - 5th Edition, by G. Edward Griffin.
7.  Visit a coin dealer and buy some gold or silver Canadian Maple Leafs.
8.  Read 1984, by George Orwell.
9.  Make your very own set of Fallacy Flash Cards from the list at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_fallacies
10.  Hold three fallacious posters accountable on www.zerohedge.com by citing their fallacy.
11.  Read The Law, by Frédéric Bastiat.
12.  Make a list of your natural rights.
13.  Read The Constitution of the United States and The Bill of Rights.
14.  Read Animal Farm, by George Orwell.
15.  Research your two senators and one congressman at https://www.opensecrets.org/ Make a list of their 10 biggest donors, and send the list to your "representative" in an email or letter.
16.  Read War is a Racket, by Smedley D. Butler.
17.  Read On Killing: The Psychological Cost of Learning to Kill in War and Society, by Dave Grossman.
18.  Watch the online video of the TED Talk, A radical experiment in empathy, by Sam Richards.
19.  Read Anatomy of the State, by Murray Rothbard.
20.  Be a volunteer judge at a high school debate.

I pray that many may find the strength and courage to complete this revolutionary training, and to go boldly where no man has gone.


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Good stuff. Page bookmarked.

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HH, ur gr8 as usual. I hope that the new Pres considers men's rights as we are taking a beating:


60% of women admit to having an affair. (http://magazine.foxnews.com/love/cheating-statistics-do-men-cheat-more-w...)

69% of wives initiate divorce. (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/women-more-likely-than-men-to-initia...)

10% of children are false paternity. (http://disinfo.com/2011/02/one-out-of-ten-people-werent-fathered-by-the-...)

95% of genetic counsellors lie about paternity. (http://thelibertarianrepublic.com/paternity-fraud-is-it-legal-to-lie-abo...)

41% of 1st marriages end in divorce. (https://www.mckinleyirvin.com/Family-Law-Blog/2012/October/32-Shocking-D...)
60% of 2nd marriages end in divorce.
73% of 3rd marriages end in divorce.

82.2% of women granted child custody. (http://www.census.gov/prod/2011pubs/p60-240.pdf)

Child support payments can be extended beyond 18 years of age. (http://dadsdivorce.com/articles/child-support-age-of-emancipation-in-you...)

Alimony payments continue even when women cohabitate with another man. (http://farzadlaw.com/california-divorce/will-my-wife-get-spousal-support...)

Prenups are thrown out in favor of fairness. (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3525528/Judges-say-ignore-pre-nu...)

Divorce devastates men financially (paying for 2 households) & emotionally (loss of access to children). (https://eternalbachelor.wordpress.com/2007/07/23/back-to-basics-divorce-...)

Posponing intercourse until 26+ avoids life's pitfalls (cock carousel riders are bad news all around). (https://youtu.be/um3EmS9DKsI?t=581)

Virgin brides divorce less than cock carousel riders. (http://socialpathology.blogspot.com/2010/09/virgin-bride.html)

Women start losing their Sexual Market Value at 20 y.o. (http://www.hookingupsmart.com/2013/10/31/relationshipstrategies/conclusi...)

Women gain weight after marriage. (http://www.thehealthsite.com/fitness/5-reasons-why-women-gain-weight-aft...)

Frequency of sex drops off after marriage. (https://pairedlife.com/physical-intimacy/Reasons-Why-Sex-Decreases-After...)

Woman are just crazy for a man's money. (https://au.answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20130625025358AAcogQy)

Sperm donors can be forced to pay child support. (http://www.nydailynews.com/life-style/health/sperm-donor-sued-child-supp...)

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In today's world, who said life in the cities was less dangerous ? 

Especially for men ? 

And even more if he wants to stand straight & proud...


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This is a great list.  Thank you for sharing!


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What would constitute a valid act of civil disobediance - I am torn about what it might be...

Which of these might be valid examples?

1. Buying only local food, milk, supplies

2. Accidently dropping tacks at the entrance to the.. "post office, state park, town hall, etc."

3. Generating our own electricity (and limiting use) 

4. Covering, shooting black paint at or expiring CCDs 

5. Turning street signs 90 degrees

6. Increasing exemptions to high number (if working)

7. Leaving cell phone on a train or bus

8. Filing bogus claims in court

9. Plant termites near wooden poles

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Sniper civilians stopped at a Puppet Government checkpoints.

Run a checkpoint and cut a finger off of anyone caught with Puppet Government issued ID. Warn about and execute second offenders.

Plant bombs in places where civilians interact with the Puppet Government.

Print up and distribute letters warning that you will be taking the above actions on behalf of the legitimate peoples defense forces, and that any cooperation with the Puppet Government is punishable by death.

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I vote for 1/  + make the choice of organic food.

Staying away from industrial food... as much as possible.

 U can learn a lot in the process, by the way.


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I know this is old, but hey, somebody might read this and think about it so I'm going to say my piece. This list is complete bullshit, much of what you're suggesting is either violent, childish, or simply not disobedient.

1. I support this notion, but buying local isn't disobedient, growing your own can be, depending on where you live.

2. Dropping tacks around public spaces is stupid and irresponsible, what if some innocent person is hurt by your antics?

3. How are you going to generate your own electricity? Solar? Micro wind/hydro? The investment in these technologies, and the upkeep, is going to be larger than what you'd pay if you just stay hooked up to the grid, unless you plan on using the system for decades. Who gets the money from these systems? Who makes solar panels? Big oil/energy companies like BP, Siemens, GE, etc.

4. Not horrible, how about spray in bed liner on all of the red light cameras too while you're at it?

5. Yeah, no. Why? Just to sow confusion? What does fucking with your neighbors accomplish?

6. Exemptions, really? How about filing a notice with your HR department and the IRS rescinding your signature from all Forms W-4, W-9, and anything else they have on file for you? How about sending a nicely worded letter to the IRS at the end of the year kindly informing them that you're no longer willing to be a slave, and you'd like all your withholding returned to you as a lump sum? Or, if W-9, that you won't be sending them a check this year. Give them 30 days to respond, or you'll start tacking on interest. That might be dangerous to your employment, might it not? Maybe even your freedom? Disobedience isn't convenient, safe, fun, or easy.

7. Why? Bomb scare? What? Stupid.

8. Fun, perhaps, but what kinds of forms, and why? What are you trying to accomplish? You want to file claims in court? Sue your officials for any of the 10,000 crimes they commit against us and others every day. You'll lose, so what? Don't invest a lot of time building a case, they're not going to listen to you anyway. Flood the court system with REAL lawsuits against these assholes.

9. Really? So it can fall over and kill some kids or other innocent people? Think!

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Bloodstains, An Epic History of the Politics that Produced the American Civil War Paperback

by Howard Ray White I recommend adding this to the list.  It is biased, revisionist history.  If you want the standard fare just read any regime historian.  This is a Southron perspective, it is exhaustive and broken into 4 volumes and the Kindle version seriously wants editing.  Despite this, the depth of the research is delightful.  It is an excellent exposition of how we got this way and how and why it hit the fan.  The author refuses to use the word "slavery", substituting the term "African-American bonding", to distinguish it from other varieties of bonding as practiced in the Americas.
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Gotta reject the concept of Taxation ... reject it wholly and completely. 


Or else, there'll be another 4,000 years of this shit.


Hey, I'm only asking you to reject theft and violence. Is that such a big "ask"?



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Gotta reject the concept of Taxation ... reject it wholly and completely.


Absolutely correct!  But, it is more than that.  They don't have to tax you to get your money now.  Not with fiat.  They just print whatever they want (diluting your savings if you have any).  The world (the entire world) needs to get back on the gold standard to be saved from these satanists.  And that, by design, is one tall order.

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Die to my biography  I hit rock bottom long long ago. Worked up from the point of borrowing money to put food on the table for that day.  The restitution of the 1970's ruined many better than me so I was lucky.  

 I don't know if we have the stock to make a survivable world anymore. If not all is lost. The key is heal the divide if it is a false divide. Where the enemy has all the cards and we the players are dealt from the bottom of the deck as they wish.  A false Messiah is here and he will. Unite some against others. I fear to think who will be the others. Following recent events it seems clear they want to make examples of early adoptdrs. So who will be valient or foolish enough to throw away their future for a symbolic common good.

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I been fighting. Spreading the word. And I'm not giving up. Need some help for ZH readers. PLEASE.

Just got my Per Curium on my Appeal on December 23rd! Wells is a real friend of the community, eh?

Years of stress all because I was trying to get payments credited. They told me to stop paying to qualify for some of that bailout money. I never been treated so shitty in my life. I paid up after 6 weeks. THEN they can't get their shit together cause the payments weren't sent via auto-pay. My bank electric payments were cashed but, you know, you're just you...we're not going to talk to anymore because...Got that in writing (well, that's not the quote.). And, there lots more than that.

No original mortgages and no original notes ever made it into the court room! My attorney did NOT present any evidence on my behalf...he had all the proof since the start!! I wanted the docs inspected for wet signatures and the like...That other name and signature was never on the papers that I signed. Anyway, lots more facts and events of bankster ville.

So, now, I'd like to ask my fellow ZeroHedge readers to help me find someone willing to take this system on. I need help to find a qualified, all-knowing attorney and/or firm, I'm thinking malpractice. I had a case in Florida and its crazy what's happened to me,just like what's happened to so many others!
I need a firm/attorney to represent me in one or more of the following: 1) Legal Malpractice or Personal Injury, 2) Title Insurance claim, 3) Wrongful Foreclosure, and most likely 5) enforcement of a Void Mortgage and 6) Breach of Contract. This is what I think. I need an experienced, professional to represent my best interests and provide their recommendations.
I have a full overview along with some links to documents, filings, transcripts, my deposition, briefs and much more, if I can find anyone interested in looking at my case.

3 arms of what?

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Pumping more info into the brain really doesn't help unless change within occurs.

From what we know of recorded history it has always been a battle of one type or another facing mortals, whether it be the masses versus the controlling few, poverty, ignorance, religion and so on.

Jesus Christ is one of the most recognizable names on this planet and has been for awhile.  Whether he really existed or not is immaterial to my mind.  What he was reported to have taught while on this planet is largely ignored by most, including many who claim to be his so called followers.

His teaching was of love.  Reaching out a hand to fellow man.  Not sending in drones or fucking nukes or napalm.  We live in a world where the old testament rules and god in a box reigns and JC's teachings are pandered to but mocked by our actions.

I'll take my chances trying to follow the path the so called man from Galilee followed, if I get thrown in jail or murdered so be it.

DisasterCapitalist's picture

If Jesus never really existed, then all of Christianity FALLS right there.  The entire premise is that God sent his son to die for all the sins of the planet..in what turned out to be a fake sacrifice. If it were a REAL sacrifice of the son then he would have remained dead. So the story is pretty stupid either way. But make no mistake..if Jesus never existed then the entire teaching crumbles.  MANY other teachers/monks teach about love, Jesus certainly has not cornered the market on that topic.

Overdrawn's picture

They opened Jesus's tomb last year: https://www.nytimes.com/2016/11/04/world/middleeast/jesus-tomb-opened-je...

Think it's established that a man named Jesus Christ existed, as to his powers..... well that's where faith comes into it I guess.

Thing about him, is that he was a revolutionary, that's why they murdered him. His ideas were too radical and a threat to the corrupt system.  A lot like what progressives are up against today.

As for the Bible, it was written long after his death.  The only people who could read and write at the time were the rich, so the Bible has been written, and no doubt corrupted by their motives, perspective and prejudices.

The true purpose of man made religion is demonstrated perfectly with Islam, Muslims are not allowed to do anything enjoyable, they are completely controlled out of fear. This fear has long lost it's threat in Christianity, maybe thats one of the reasons behind the Muslim invasion of the West, they want us all to convert or die.  Therefore the true nature of religious doctrine is exposed as a political tool to control the uneducated masses.  That isn't to say God doesn't exist, just that you can't believe any of mans interpretation of him.

SunRise's picture

The point is not "that the son would remain dead".  The point is that God evidently thinks you are worth as much as He is.  This is the statement everyone understands - that what you trade your life for (golf, a spouse, a child) proves that in your opinion it is worth as much as you are.

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Hedgeless - Thank You. And many Thanks to the ZH posters I've come to recognize as people far smarter than I, for posting their thoughts as to this....issue.

I was a little slow in responding to this excellent reference/article,

You see, I am an introducing broker/trader and investment adviser. Been one for decades now, and like many others on here, I lament the destruction of the markets, which have now become, as we all know (or should), a rigged casino.

I have clients looking to me for answers - not the rich elite - the working man. The "Joe Sixpack". This is why I rail against those here who say traders are "not good". Some are. And some of them - like myself - care. They care about their clients.

Back to them. I have many of their assets - NOW - in cash. PM's as well, but balanced - not gone crazy with the percentages overall, but now, at this point in time, I am worried that I do not have answers to their question of "what now"?

Add to that, the US becoming persona non grata to the rest of the world. My FX and CFD brokers are flagged out of the US (AU and UK) and I saw my US business evaporate in 2014 with the tentacled involvement of the I.R.S.. Being kicked out of a country - because of your own government's policies, was ....devastating.

It forced me to leave the country, to accrue new clients. Read my profile as to how that worked.

People I met in Jamaica - while I was there  - and were told by me that "I cannot open an account with you <being that they were from the US> was met with shock...and even more ....sad...indifference. They could not see that the US has become it's own worst enemy.

Jamaica  - for me - was my own "way out"/ You might scoff, but I have traveled to the island for 36 years. Given thousands of my own money to charity. Sponsorship of worthy young people there. The latest; a new doctor that is working her way to - hopefully - a better life than the vast majority there, who have no hope. That's a project that has been ongoing with her going on 6 years now. I'm very proud of her. Brains are rare anywhere you go - Nicolson was spot on.

Recovering from the robberies, deceit and loss - as Jamaica has regressed (see aforementioned profile), I came back to the states, and see the difference in the populace; their apathy, ignorance. It is sobering.

I now face "Plan B". And face it, weakened. Not humbled, but weakened. I am not the "DYI" type. My skill set is limited, and at my age - 61 - hard to acquire the skills needed to become more self-reliant. I do have my list of those that are, and am lucky to even have them.

I went over your list. Having a Tee Vee - for me - is essential - for now. The reasons are I must keep tabs on what the sheeple are told, to get a handle on the mindset OF my clients (some of whom, glue themselves to Fox, NBC and the like), and my comments about encountering groups of them over the holidays I made on here reflect their mind sets; buried in the Trump/Clinton/Sanders distraction, racially angry, and angry overall.

I've read most all the books on your list; some, decades ago. I'd add to it "Atlas Shrugged" - but the ending of it, after 1,000 pages - is overdone. The point(s) were made in the meat of the book.

I hesitate to re-read some on the list, akin to not wanting to read something where I know the "outcome". If the message did not sink in the first time, well....

But Thanks....I'm going back to reading some of the intelligent posts on here, and check on the sites you had on your list.




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I prefered The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand, and her first major literary success.

Why didn't I wake up after reading that in the 80s? What's that saying about the young?

I stayed true to myself but I didn't see the big picture, I didn't see the wizard behind the screen...Never could hold a corporate job very long. Couldn't play the game. The dues are tough for those who play my way. I wouldn't change my ways, then or in the future.

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There are two points of view here, one self-improvement, two force.  I believe they both will fail. One will fail for the simple fact that if it was up to the better nature of man we wouldn’t be in this pickle. Two may work for a while but eventually you will end up where you started, because the central element has not changed – man.  Here is the solution – Change the playing field. I don’t mean rearrange the pieces but change the field. How?  Everything we speak of here the evil and the good takes place in the mind of man.  Change the mind of man. More specifically change the way man comes to conclusions, the conclusions which form perceptions.  The answer is Collective Intelligence, not group think , collective intelligence. Each man or woman forms perceptions based on how they interpret information. Enter the fallacy.  Even when we are trying to be honest we have errors in our logic and reason. So we change the playing field from a singular processor to a multiple processor. History and humans have a new start. Leaders are obsolete. Lies, fallacies and more lies not longer work. You have taken away the vehicle which our leaders and others use to control us. You have pulled the plug on the machine and no one fired a shot or had to lock themselves in a room to get educated. How is this Possible? computer hardware and software. Our technology is reaching to the heavens and  we are the same as we were 300 years ago.  When we change our relationship to information and processing information internally we will change. Picture Vulcans. How 1 anonymous propositions and collaboration.  vs.  ownership of perspective as here in this comment section RESULT – a. They cannot disqualify it based on gender, race etc.  b. Less fluff,  wit and humor, insults etc. , straight to the point. C. unity as conclusion is owned by all.  2. permanence – central platform available to ALL 24/7/365 as opposed to transient publications. RESULTS – a.  will not disappear or become yesterdays news as with books, magazines. b. Will retain relevance as it is the source of human reason and logic.   3. Software – tools for applying reason and logic as opposed to individual reasoning and logic performed in the black box we call a brain.  a. Transparent – all points or conclusions have a trail from the initial comment to the tested or proofed perspective. Anyone at any time of the day can challenge or improve the understanding b. historical – same as a. in a way but more emphasis on the processes as opposed to the integrity c. efficient – tested or proofed reason and logic applied, don’t agree with the reasoning, improve it. no more what the “experts” or “leaders” think. It will have to make sense period no matter how popular, good looking or fierce they may be.  Do all this and they tables are turned, the environment has changed and the opportunist and oppressors will shrivel and suffocate from the lack of human idiocy and irrational, moronic perceptions.

Nunya Bidness Gogl's picture

And why do you think that whatever utopia/technology you are describing here will not (or has not already been) co-opted by the very same elites / Joos / evil satanists that we already have at the top, running things today?

Decentralized power (or even better, no government at all), and an educated populous, I think is a better solution. Difficult, to be sure, but anything worth doing often is.

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WulfKind, is truly WulfKind...Right?


like to have like minded in my revolution

joego1's picture

Actually we all need to cave man up and be willing to sit in the weeds for 5 years eating bugs and shooting revenuers. Then we can restart.

Pumpkin's picture

Gonna need some good dipping sauce to eat some bugs. 

tarabel's picture



The real question is not one of revolution but of erecting a more just society in the event of victory.

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss is indistinguishable from defeat.

So it is important to hearken back to the wellsprings upon which our own nation's foundations rest. Truth be told, it is their perspicacity in embedding such things the ultimate failsafe Second Amendment which offer us the hope of redemption that other, less fortunate nations lack.

So  it is a good idea to lay in some Aristotle and John Locke, as well as to burn every copy of Germanic philosophy that one can strike a match to.

Some of the earlier histories of the American Revolutionary era should be obtained. I like John C Miller's two-volume Origins of the American Revolution and Triumph of Freedom as a good general guide. 

For those of a more academic or research-minded bent, Bernard Bailyn's stillborn Pamphlets of the American Revolution 1750-1776 Vol I can occasionally be found on the cheap. Unfortunately, the last three volumes were never issued so far as I have ever been able to discover. But the overview he provides as well as the general commentary that accompanies each individual pamphlet are priceless and thought-provoking.

As guilty pleasures and a guide for youth, some Heinlein is in order. The Moon is a Harsh Mistress. Tunnel in the Sky. Farnham's Freehold. Just a few among many.

Given the apocalyptic possibilities facing us, a copy of Alas, Babylon is almost essential and can be followed by the legion of imitators and successors that followed. Lucifer's Hammer. Lights Out. Patriots. But Alas, Babylon is key. 

Some practical examples of successful campaigns against modern tyrannies may also be of help. I am partial to the stories of the Fil-American efforts to eject the Japanese from the Philippines in the 1942-45 era. American Guerrilla in the Philippines is a great story in itself and essentially a sequel to They Were Expendable about the US PT Boat actions before the fall of Bataan. They Fought Alone. Behind Japanese Lines. Lieutenant Ramsey's War. Lapham's Raiders. Stranded in the Philippines. Yay Panlilio's unique The Crucible.

Apart from these, I would also recommend two excellent books from Martin van Creveld: Command in War and Supplying War. Both cover topics along a historical timeline that shows how armies tried to deal with these topics as new methods came into play.

Wiley's The Life of Johnny Reb and The Life of Billy Yank are another pair that provide much food for thought on organizing, training and maintaining volunteer forces in the field.

A good copy of The Lincoln-Douglas Debates coupled with the equally enlightening Secession Debated (where the future VP of the Confederacy argued with great effect for the Union)

My point is that one needs to have a complete roadmap of the entire journey and not just various favored way stations. So I'd probably add the Documentary History of the United States as well.

Maybe throw in a nice free online copy of Cresson H Kearny's Nuclear War Survival Skills just for insurance purposes. If you want to make a usable fallout meter out of a tomato sauce can, this is the place to start.

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  1. Make a commitment to not use mind-altering substances for 90 days.  If you fail, go to an AA meeting and restart the 90 days. 

So just roll with it?  Living in a fascist police state and read books?

Long Porn and Booze!!

sapioplex's picture


I'm writing an open response to this on sapiocracy.com.

Edit: My response is here.

American Sucker's picture

"Join my revolution!  We're going to change the world, right after you finish my reading list!"


acetinker's picture

With all due respect- BULLSHIT!

No reading is required.

No amount of pleading to the state for your freedom, or reading Rothbard, or Huxley or Orwell (aka Eric Arthur Blair) will ever make you free.  No amount of silver and gold will protect you, just as no amount of lead and brass will.

It's a simple choice between love and fear, and you knew that before you ever read any of that pseudo-religious bullshit, didn't you?

I read 'em too, but those men wrote fiction from the comfort of cushy lives... (just like you) I, otoh, am living their fucking nightmare in real time.

Mebbe I should write a fkn book?

LO fknL!

VWAndy's picture

I wrote a book awhile back. It sucked but I did learn alot of good things in the process. Well worth the time.

manofthenorth's picture

"It's a simple choice between love and fear"

You nailed it Tink, dead ringer.

Many people do not get that simple fact.

acetinker's picture

When you get right down to brass tacks, Andy- Those who project force do so out of fear.  So we agree, maybe.

VWAndy's picture

I think so. Many people get a tingling of fear and go straight to forcing things. Hood rats do it and so do government types. I learned about that the hard way growing up around slower kids.

acetinker's picture

Three days later, I find your reply.  I know I'll sound like a dickhead, but how'd you find your way clear of 'slower kids'?  Shit!  I'm 58 now and the fuckers seem more prolific than ever.  Am I doing something wrong?

VWAndy's picture

 Sometimes its best to embrace the inner asshole and not play games. It does cut down on friends a bit. But the ones that can hack it are worth keeping. The slow like their dogma more than you and just go away rather than have it taken out back and shot again. ymmv


Nunya Bidness Gogl's picture

I've been following that philosophy my whole life. Problem is, some of these muppets vote. And now laws are being written that are affecting me. Look at what's happening in society. We can't get away from them any more, and all of those little conflicts and hassles that we avoided for all that time are now coming home to roost. Hillary actually has a few supporters which is extremely alarming and frightening to me.

Grandad Grumps's picture

Not sure why you want people to play right into their hands. The want open revolt to justify their actions and so they can claim the high ground.

Better to pick away at their support base through shame and reason.

Nunya Bidness Gogl's picture

Did you only read the title, and not the article itself? That's exactly what he is advocating.

northern vigor's picture

-Grow a vegetable garden

-chop some wood

-don't do anything the government can tax

A neighbour asked me over the holidays how things were going? I said I was turning into my worst nightmare...I was becoming my old man. I've started to enjoy doing things that don't make any money.


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"don't do anything the government can tax"

I really like this, and am trying to implement it, but wow not easy.

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Imagine you were a proletarian who has nothing to lose than his chains.

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I'd like to add two more recommendations to the reading list:


1) "From Dictatorship to Democracy," by Gene Sharp, free to the public here: http://www.aeinstein.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/FDTD.pdf

In a nutshell, it's about lots of ordinary unarmed people each doing a tiny part in a larger organized resistance. The organizing is the problem, but that's actually gotten easier nowadays due to social media and flash mobs.

2) "Why Nations Fail," by Acemoglu and Robinson.

This is an important read because we have to make sure any replacement gov't isn't also doomed to fail. As in most of the Arab Spring uprisings, the new gov't is worse than the old. "Why Nations Fail" explains why.

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Do more mind altering substances, not less.

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Hedgeless Horsemen,

I've read your stuff around here and enjoyed it.

Ya had me up until #5!

No booze and no tv makes not only Homer, but Swe’Doug crazy, too!

Just kidding.

I’ve actually done most of those. And I thought I was the only kook as shockingly, I do have a list of logical fallacies that I’ve grown, cultivated, and treasure! That’s when I knew you were completely off the reservation, too! What kind of weirdo compiles a list of logical fallacies!?

(I use Genius on the mac, for flash cards and reference. http://lifehacker.com/315064/memorize-anything-with-genius)

I pass this observation of mine unto you:

It is my theory, that one of the reasons we are in the crapper of idiocracy, is that going back to the 50’s, (or 60’s) we stopped teaching basic logic in public school.

All this bunk about teaching kids ‘how to think’ and ‘critical thinking’ is hooey. We stopped that when we stopped teaching logic.

I found myself, as I grew into adult hood, stymied, when people would explain to me that 2 + 2 = 5 not 4.

Or that I had 11 fingers… Count’em! 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, and 5 is 11, because after all, math doesn’t lie, does it?

And so on and so on.

I’m not so smart, so I’ve got to work at it.

It was years before I figured out my Dad’s fair option for who would get the last cookie in the pail:

“Pick a number, between 1 & 10!”

“‘6’ Dad!”

“Damn! You were close! It was 5!”

I was 26 before I figured it out.

Correlation and conclusion, straw men et cetera. They are used and misused all the time, amongst others.

It is the malaise of our time, especially with the era of the Internet and commenting and forums.

My logical fallacy list that I refer to, is approaching 50 items. I love it. I never am able to remember them exactly, but I know what I know and know where to refer to them, especially when I get that “Hey!-Hey!-Hey!-Hey!-Hey!… Just a darn minute, there!” feeling.


I’ve got about 2/3 of your list down already, with a few on a ‘to do’ list. Haven’t read ‘Animal Farm’…

I haven’t had cable in years, and have gone years without TV, at all.

Here’s what I’d add to your list.

1. Open a bank account in a bank from several other foreign countries and learn how to transfer cash from your American account to them, without hindrance.

Explore some alternative monetary transfer ideas like Mpesa or bitcoin.


2. Get a bit of a prepper mindset, with some food, and such—You’ll quickly get the list in many places.—to be ready to be self-sufficient for several months.

Don't go overboard! Nobody likes those the 'Burt Gummer' types. Nobody. They'll be the first to be shot.


Make sure your home can function for several months without inputs from society. Fix the problems.

Get a rain barrel or two. Get a purifier.

There’s a lot of quick stuff to do that will cover off a lot. See #5 in my list.

3. Start stepping up into people’s faces in your community. That way, when the SHTF, people will know you were there first. When you hear ßµ££$?φ, call it out.

Call out the local lefties and environuts. Join their organizations and be a stink unto their noses.

Otherwise, reveal in your crack-pottery and smile with a knowing smile, how close so many were, and we dodged a bullet.

Pick a web site, and go at people. Mine is/was Business Insider, until they somehow, managed to eliminate my commentary. Calmly, rationally, pick the useful idiots apart. Leave no turn unstoned.

Use links, to substantiate your commentary. Use a ‘text expanding utility’ that you will place commonly used references and sites to save time.

Start downloading good articles and videos, to your own drive, in case they disappear.

Learn how to use and keep and excellent reference of segregated booksmarks in your browser, to access links immediately.

4. Read alternative media, and encourage your neighbours to do so, like ZH, TheBlaze, WND, and other feeds you find helpful, insightful and informative.

Make up a CD of the ‘Greatest Hits’ and pass it to some people, who don’t have a Internet connection or can’t be bothered looking up what you talk to them about, so they can explore on their own. Print stuff out and hand it to people. It’ll get read as a hard copy.

They will think you are a kook, and but they will actually look at the CD on their player or computer. They will never watch it on YouTube, or look it up on your computer, until they see what you’ve seen.

Try to see over the horizon. You’ll always get the timing wrong, but that’s just part of the game. You will have prepared. And the worst case scenario is you’re eating a lot of noodles.

5. Don’t pay a lot of attention to the gun stuff. You’ll be dead along with the rest of them. They can’t wait for the Mad Max movie to unfold. If we reach that scenario, we’re all pretty much @#$%ed. Society will crumble. It’s not like we’re all living on farms and such, like 300 hundred years ago. All of you, once your rations run out, will be the Walking Dead. Remember: We’re trying to prevent that. Better the ballot than the bullet.

You learn to lead. Notice in the apocalypse movies, the leader never carries a gun?

He’s the brains. You be the brains, the leader. At least you’ll get the chicks and the choice of the best looking breeders. Or so I’m told…

6. Get yer head out of yer @$$, intellectually speaking.

Stop this “The Jews are behind everything!” routine. Try to see your confirmational bias and test if your too wound up in it.

Figure out exactly why the Muslim issue is a problem. (It’s Sharia and their belief in it.)

Get real knowledgeable about freedom, the constitution, liberty and learn all the snappy comebacks to the snappy lines of the libtards, when you debate the idiocracy.

You’re all already reading ZeroHedge, so your miles beyond everyone.

Challenge the mouthpieces, who think “Limbaugh’s a @#$%ing idiot!” to the idea that they’ve never listened to him. (Or any others.) They won’t have. Trust me.

Be able to quote stuff, and give numbers and references. They won’t check them, but you’ll shut them up and down on the spot.

Listen to to a lot of talk radio. Listen to the other side, so you know their arguments. They’re usually pretty weak, if you’re on the conservative, libertarian side.

Read books by Levin, Beck, and others. They’re good at ‘splainin’ the issues. (It Is About Islam as an example. http://www.amazon.ca/It-IS-About-Islam-Caliphate/dp/1501126121)

Keep it comin’ HH!



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That is a fat comment!  Thank you!

You’re all already reading ZeroHedge, so your miles beyond everyone.

I find this to be true.  Commenting is the next step, #9 and #10.

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We are all revolutionaries.. each to our own ability, each solo in our own mind, all striving for the same end result.

 trust no one, act solo, support  others in your own way when you can. take no credit and shrink into the shadows,when it's all over in case your needed again.