US Factory Orders Deep In Recession - Tumble YoY For 13th Month In A Row

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US factory orders have never dropped this far for so long without the US economy overall being in recession. November's 4.2% YoY drop is the 13th consecutive monthly drop. Revistions to durable goods data shows a 1% drop in new orders ex-defense in November after rising 1.4% in October.. and as a reminder, this data was buoyed by a 46.9% surge in defense aircraft and parts orders to all-time highs.

Factory Ordedrs are flashing deep red recessionary indicators...


And nominally orders are going nowehere...


Traders better hope for moar war or the reality of the economy will peak out from behind the military-industrial complex veil. This was the highest level of defense spending since 9/11!!

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We still have factories in this country?

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All you really need is a building with a printer...and voila...manufacturing.  We're manufacturing beautiful pieces of paper with colorful ink on them...  Merica, fuck yeah!

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Once again because I was late to the party on the services thread:


Here is is for the retards:

  1. You make shit
  2. You sell shit
  3. You hire an accountant to do the books

Services follow manufacturing

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Deep Recession is Soweto's 'Legacy.'

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stumbLebum (not verified) nuubee Jan 6, 2016 12:49 PM

Advanced service economies like ours don't need to produce manufactured goods. America's brilliance is doing what it does best.

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What is to happen when the foreigners have learned from us, plus their actual experience in manufacturing? Seems to me that they'll be holding all the cards eventually. America is a nation of sellouts.

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I want more rate HIKES!

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Green Shoots everyone!

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I guess it is time to get my resume over to Raytheon or Lockheed Martin and jump aboard the gravy train....

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yup ... Lockheed got the okay to sell 600 Patriot missles to the Saudis


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Funny how the Fourth Reich will sell weapons to those savages, but the Bastard-in-Chief cries as he informs us that we should not be armed...

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MOAR war?

I think we can make that happen....


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I am made even more cautious and even cynical by reported economic stats when we have this and must try to reconcile it to the ealier story today:

ADP Payrolls Soar To Highest Since 2014, Zandi Sees "Return To Full Employment By Mid-Year"

It just doesn't make any sense.

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and as we speak, the "market" starts to go parabolic!!


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The article yesterday about the Hedge fund closing - Nevsky Capital - says it all -

No one believes the data from anywhere - too dangerous to make a money ball decision on fiction - easier to shut the doors

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And look at them pound away at silver LMFAO!

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The hundreds of billions in stimulus money went straight into the pockets of our factory owners and other rich people. Now the slowdown is back so it’s time to cut workers pay again and the cycle continues…

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Here's one layoff I approve of:

Hopefully it'll be balanced on the non-GMO side with growth!

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Update on recovery!

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Can Paul Ryan explain to the American people how he could approve a 1.1 Trillion dollar spending spree with this immediately on the horizon.  What the hell is going on in DC and why are we allowing such incompetence?

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explanation--he's a democrat./sarc

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Preps for the coming apocalypse.

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The other day I pulled a bottle opener out of the drawer to open a good craft beer...

fucking thing was made in china...

The Fourth Reich doesn't even manufacture its own bottle openers...

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Stock markets are like DraftKings or FanDuel connection to financial economy

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Simply redefine manufacturing to include burgers, fries, and fiat and we're in hyper-growth

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"US factory orders have never dropped this far for so long without the US economy overall being in recession."

Yes, but things have changed, it's being supported by prostitution, ice labs, FED market fluffing, media fluffing and because people got too fat to drive they sold their cars to pay their Obamacare, so now have cheap oil and gas as well, hence bus fares have actually decreased. So it may look a bit bleak until you drill down, but then you find all these new positive trends going the other way. And suddenly you realize we're on the threshold of a boom.

If you then bring back slavery you can put all these Mexicans and Muslims to work in camps, and undercut the Chinese at their own low labor cost games, whilst deterring further illegal immigration.

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Uh, this article might have a bit more credibility if it wasn't so full of typos and misspelled words.

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It's a good thing recessions no longer affect stawks.

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"It's a good thing recessions no longer affect stawks."

Ahhh, so that's what "decoupling" means!  Thanks.

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yes but FED supported Wall Street Bonuses are EPIC! K Street Lobbying bonuses are Awesome. Thin AIR IPO's for loyal leftists in Silicon Valley never been better! 

So what is the problem! Just hit PRINT!

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I guess that whole idea of U.S. companies using China to manufacture products isn’t working out too well. After all, Chinese consumers get paid shit and can’t afford to buy American goods.

Originally, it was American consumers who bought things. Now that their jobs have been outsourced to China and other countries that offer cheap labor, American consumers have no more spending power.

So, companies like Apple have cannibalized their own market. Thus, the entire idea of globalization simply doesn’t work.

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Volume up and dollars down due to the decrease in raw material prices.