The "Monsters" Unmasked: Cologne Police Admit "Most Of The Attackers Were Refugees"

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This week, many German citizens were appalled to hear the details of what allegedly occurred on New Year’s Eve in Cologne.

According to eyewitness accounts and a number of apparent victims, hundreds of “Arab or North African” men engaged in coordinated sexual assaults and robberies across Germany with attacks reported in Cologne, Hamburg, and Stuttgart.

"These people that we welcomed just three months ago with teddy bears and water bottles ... started shooting at the cathedral dome and started shooting at police," one hotel bouncer who witnessed the melee in Cologne said. "Ms Merkel where are you? What do you say? This scares us!,” read a sign carried by protesters in demonstrations held on Tuesday.

While German officials universally decried the attacks, Cologne mayor Henriette Reker drew sharp criticism for suggesting that it was German women’s responsibility to keep would-be assailants at “arm’s length.” Reker dug herself an even deeper hole by saying Germany needed to better educate migrants on cultural norms. “We need to explain to people from other cultures that the jolly and frisky attitude during our Carnival is not a sign of sexual openness,” she said.

For her part, Angela Merkel is attempting to do the impossible: convince Germans that Berlin’s open-door refugee policy is a good idea while simultaneously explaining how intolerable the string of alleged attacks is. “Right now we’re seeing a very differentiated positioning among EU member states,” the Chancellor told reporters at meeting of her CSU Bavarian sister party. “It’s important to me that we have a noticeable reduction in refugee numbers, but at the same time preserve the freedom of movement within the European Union, which is an engine of economic development and prosperity -- and nobody is more reliant on it than Germany.”

Yes, we are indeed seeing “a very differentiated positioning” among states. Take Slovakia for instance, where Prime Minister Robert Fico says his government will not allow Muslims to create "a compact community." "We don't want what happened in Germany to happen here,” he said on Thursday. “The idea of multicultural Europe has failed. The migrants cannot be integrated, it's simply impossible."

On Thursday, Merkel sought to appease angry voters by encouraging Cologne police to be thorough in their investigation. "Chancellor Angela Merkel has called on Germany’s local authorities to ensure that public places remain safe for women following a mass sex attack in Cologne during New Year’s eve and mounting criticism of the government’s immigration policies," FT writes, adding that "her intervention came as the rightwing, immigration-sceptic AfD party capitalised on the outrage by blaming her liberal refugee policy for the assaults, which were allegedly carried out by men of Arab or North African appearance." This is the tweet (from AfD chief Frauke Petry) that FT references:

"We want public streets and squares which are safe for men and women,”  Merkel said.

While previously there was some ambiguity with regard to who actually perpetrated the attacks, authorities are now sure that "most" of those involved were "freshly traveled asylum seekers." Here's Die Welt (translated):

The identity checks revealed Cologne police report continues: "Only a small minority Was it North Africans, the majority of Controlled by Syrians."


That had resulted from submitted documents. So far aimed guesses that it is the perpetrators were North African young men, because they are known as petty criminals problem group in Cologne for more than one year. But many of the Controlled talked only a few months in Germany. "Most of them were freshly traveled asylum seekers. They have presented documents that are handed out at the points of an asylum application." The receiving site then gives the applicant a copy of the application, with a copy of the photos.


The most controlled were Syrians. Crime Scene Investigation, it had gone mainly to "sexual entertainment".


In another point contradict New Year's Eve employed officials of the official representation. It is said that the offender had gone primarily is to steal from passersby. The sexual harassment were only incidentally happens. "In reality it behaved exactly the opposite," said Cologne police to "Welt am Sonntag"."Primarily it was the most Arab perpetrators to sexual offenses or, to put it from their point of view to their sexual amusement. A group of men circling a female victim, closes it and takes on the woman."

Yes, "only a small minority was it North Africans," so North Africans living in Germany are apparently off the hook here. Rather, reports supposedly indicate that large groups of "primarily Arab perpetrators" out for sexual entertainment "circled" the female victims, "closed" in and "took on" the women. A terrifying scene to be sure. Here's more: 

Arnold Plickert, chairman of the police union (GdP) in North Rhine-Westphalia, defended in the "Welt am Sonntag", the Cologne police: "The allegations by Interior Minister de Maizière, many colleagues in Cologne feel completely unjustly attacked and pilloried . It is simply wrong that the police had at night anyone arrested or taken into custody. " And it also does not agree that any personal data had been taken, Plickert said. "According to my knowledge were at least 80 cases, Personal checks, arrested people or taken into custody."


Plickert also defended that Cologne policeman told journalists the truth expressed about the New Year's Eve: "That the colleagues now anonymous pierce information to the public, I can understand that you want to do away with the widespread misreporting and defend Some officials have I already told.. they felt as if they were the perpetrators. "


The GdP state leader went on to say: "Even that allegedly there is no evidence to refugees as perpetrators, I think is a hoax colleagues According to the registration certificates of the Federal Office for Migration were multiple controlled men submitted There were quite sure.. Refugees among the perpetrators."

What that seems to suggest is that there's an effort on the part of some authorities to cover up the involvement of migrants in the attacks, presumably to avoid triggering social unrest. Or, as we put it on Wednesday, "you'd be forgiven for suggesting that perhaps some German politicians are going out of their way to avoid applying negative stereotypes to migrants." 

Be that as it may, something tells us the German media isn't about to let this be swept under the rug...

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FreeMoney's picture

Who ever could have predicted this?

Payne's picture

All women not of the Faith are available for Rape.  Just takes a good crowd.

Haus-Targaryen's picture

Behold ladies & gentlement, the rebirth of the European Right. 

Xibalba's picture

It will happen in every Christian country.  This is a religious ideology that must be removed from the earth.  FUCK your 'prophet'.  FUCK Mohamed and his slaves.  We welcome you to enjoy your death. 

TeamDepends's picture

Like we said months ago, there MUST be ZERO TOLERANCE. Just got here and you rape, rob, murder? YOU DIE.

Haus-Targaryen's picture

Death is all these people understand.  Its only a matter of time before one of these Untermensch tries to molest or rape a girl in front of a boyfriend/father/brother/husband who isn't having any of it and kills the little fucker right then & there.  

The police will try and send they guy to jail for life for protecting a woman important to him, and the public outcry will be deafening.  If he gets off, it will very quickly turn into open season on these worthless subhuman pieces of filth.  

Buckaroo Banzai's picture

Haus, do you see any signs on the ground around you that the German people are even close to waking up?

Haus-Targaryen's picture

Yes.  For many people who are conservative, they are seething and have abandoned the Union.  Many of the Left are very confused.  Take for example my Fiance, who grew up voting for the SPD & Grüne.  She sees what these fuckers on TV are saying, but it doesn't line up with reality, and she doesn't know what to believe anymore.  

When Germany experiences a Charlie Hebdo style event, gloves will come off, or at least I can so hope.   

Also, this shit happened not only in Köln, but in;

Frankfurt am Main:

München & Salzburg:

3 Syrians FUCKIGN GANG RAPED a 14 & 15 year old in


I could go on ... all done by "refugees" 

Haus-Targaryen's picture

We get it.  Enough now. 


I could go on as you can essentially pick a German city name, type it into Google, type "Silvester" and "vergewaltigt" or "

attackieren" or " belästigt" and you'll get something.  

Media has yet to tie it all together.  I would imagine you're looking at numbers in the thousands of incidents, all done by the poor innocent refugees.  


Xibalba's picture

I am in Pfalz.  You can come to my Haus and enjoy peace and safety anytime.  Together we stand against them!

Haus-Targaryen's picture

Danke dir! 

I have a house in the middle of literally nowhere in MeckPom.  When shit goes upside down, I am punching out there.   

NidStyles's picture

Stay safe, and good luck. You guys are always in our minds. 

Government needs you to pay taxes's picture

Well . . . maybe enough of this will cause the German people to resurrect the Afrika Korps to go tear shit up in the sandbox.

Chris Dakota's picture

All refugees and mass migrants are problems.

Jewish mafia

Italian mafia

Irish mafia

Vietnamese mafia

Mexican mafia

Chinese mafia

Islamic mafia

Every country knows this, which is why we closed immigration from 1922 to 1965

when the Jews lobbied for mass immigration from everywhere.

Too many at one time, they never assimilate.

Eirik Magnus Larssen's picture

This is a perfect example of how right-wing extremists' newfound interest in women's rights is nothing but a front to attack other cultures.

Your position is immoral and exploitative.

Government needs you to pay taxes's picture

You Lying Lefties dont give a SHIT about women's rights.  Know how I know?  Cuz there isn't a fucking peep out of the US Fedcoat .gov about 'women's rights' amongst the dunecoons.  Shillary could have used her position as Sec of State to advance women's rights in dunecoonland.  NOT.  ONE.  PEEP.  So fuck off.

The9thDoctor's picture

Contemporary European society is very soft and was easy pickings for Islam.

Having a gender neutral, democractic, anti-gun, feminist, promiscuous society left Eurpoe with no backbone and utterly defenseless to Islam, who has been wanting to put Europe under Sharia since the 8th Century.

This artificial culture was put on Europe by the Fabian Socialists ON PURPOSE. With these decadent soft defenseless views, Europe was begging to be taken over.

Meanwhile the Zionist Transhumanists are living offshore and are attempting to achieve superintelligence and immortality. They will evolve into homo evolutis and direct their own evolution. Whats left of homo sapien will be degenerated into medieval barabrians with no hope of keeping up with homo evoltis rapid advancement. Mankind will be left in the dust.

Once Sharia is achieved at the street level, and homo evolutis has left mankind in the dust, nanotach and biotech will be released to wipeout the degenerate homo sapien and the new tech gods will have their own digital Mount Olympus.

Look at the big agenda people. Radical Islam has materiel and logistical support from the West ON PURPOSE! Fabian Socialism made Europe weak ON PURPOSE! This was by design.

The tech elite don't need obsolete homo sapien anymore. They want tech for themselves, and have the rest of humanity fight for table scraps and eventually be exterminated. Albert Pike wrote this agenda down back in 1871. Read it. Watch the TED talks on homo evolutis. Read Bill Joy's "Why the Future Doesn't need us". Watch Aldous Huxley's "The Ultimate Revolution". The Islamification of the globe is on purpose to quicken the societal bifurcation process!

ufos8mycow's picture

If the women had been wearing their Hijab this never would have happened. /s

Muh Raf's picture

Looks like those CIA bots are working fine these days. To think they started by creating all those fake ZH accouts and placing adverts about how they make so may US$ per month. Now they've got a swathe of accounts for voting up their planted comment. All part of their new astroturf approach. Shame ZH is facilitating them by putting up useless articles for them to hit. All very sad and pathetic. 

Chris Dakota's picture


I can't read about Germany anymore.

The level of brainwash is revolting.

They welcomed these losers into their base.

They must  want to die.

Germany not worth saving.

We need to seal off the borders

end all imports, zero immigration, point all the weapons out,

end the Fed, deport all troublemakers, fire up manufacturing,

fire all leftists in government, reject these communist Euro fags and be

done with it. We have a huge country, we don't need anything else or anyone.

Liberty2012's picture

Germany is worth saving - and the German people wll figure out how to do it.  

Four chan's picture

next up on all the jewish ambiguity channels: forced multicultural attacks on whites in the name of the false good, diversity.

KesselRunin12Parsecs's picture

 "If the women had been wearing their Hijab this never would have happened. /s"


I think the 'refugees' were attracted to their HaBOOBS

BiggerInJapan's picture

everyone saw german porn, they are group lovers lol... 

BiggerInJapan's picture

Ofcourse German girls prefer Portuguese frack so I must completly agree to reinstitute the templars and make sex safe again!!!

beemasters's picture

Are the crimes perpetrated by the refugees more widespread than those by Europeans or just more publicized?
They should probably have been given a "re-education" program before let loose with papers. Still, there are bound to be bad apples in any society. It takes time to weed them out.

Jendrzejczyk's picture

There were thousands of bad apples from the same orchard acting like subhumans all over Germany on one night.


If they were guests in your home, would you invite more of them in to molest your wife and daughters?

12357111317's picture

Reeducation is what they should have done before they came.  They are only refugees because they and their fellow Arabs are defying the laws of nature, by having more children than there are jobs for them.  That's the bottom line.  And if those other Arabs take up arms and steal stuff from them, then it is their duty to steal it back, not to run away to Europe.  But if they do run away to Europe, then they must be on strict probation.  They have to live by our culture, and by our rules, or back they go.  No second chances.  They are GUESTS, not household members!

m96's picture

Yes, you and many many others will need this when you wake up from the mainsteammedia lies we all have been told since infants.. :)

Son of Loki's picture

Cone on! The mayor of Cologne was probably copying the mayor of Baltimore telling the police to stand down and, "let the peeples express themselves."


And oddly, the african and arab refugees did just themselves...raping, assaulting and beating women up.


It's a cultural thing.

BandGap's picture

Islam is single minded and not open to discussions of right and wrong. People of western cultures are blind to the fact that the minds of these people are already made up and the lines drawn. No amount of food, or teddy bears, is going to soften a view that they are "right".

It takes generations to assimiliate and when you come in with a mind-set that you aren't the one who needs assimilations, well, there you have it.


beemasters's picture

I have met many single minded ones in all religions. Trust me.

Eirik Magnus Larssen's picture

That sort of nuance is lost on this rabid anti-immigrant crowd, who relish the caricatures they create.

ebear's picture

"That sort of nuance is lost on this rabid anti-immigrant crowd"

Lost on you, apparently. I've met many single-minded Christians in my life, but I don't recall them ever endorsing the sort of behavior exhibited by these recent arrivals.

I dare say, amongst Syrian Christian refugees you won't find a single instance.

To whit, what you're single minded ABOUT makes all the difference.

Eirik Magnus Larssen's picture

"but I don't recall them ever endorsing the sort of behavior exhibited by these recent arrivals"

I invite you to study history a bit more closely, and specifically the periods known as the "Dark Ages", the "Inquisition" and the Christian behavior towards native peoples during the colonization of the Americas.

Christianity did not phase out of such behavior of its own accord. Rather, it was dragged kicking & screaming into the modern ages by secular forces. The existence of abberations as Creationism shows that the urge to return to these shameful, dark chapters still lives deep within the religion as well.

Leraconteur's picture

Everyone like you who  posts this, cannot comprehend that time has passed and Chrisitianity is now morally superior to the Chrisitianity of that time.

If a group behaves badly, then reforms, and then behaves well for HUNDREDs of years, then that group has a morally superior position to a group in the present that does what it did hundred's of years ago.

Understand the concepts of time and moral improvement? 

Lebensphilosoph's picture

Everyone like you who  posts this, cannot comprehend that time has passed and Chrisitianity is now morally superior to the Chrisitianity of that time.


"Morally superior" by what measure, if not that of our time (given that you see ethics as something thjat has been in flux)? How is this not begging the question?


If a group behaves badly, then reforms, and then behaves well for HUNDREDs of years, then that group has a morally superior position to a group in the present that does what it did hundred's of years ago.


Your first problem is a conflation of the deeds of nominal Christians with the teachings of Christianity, by which you can then claim that "Christianity" has "evolved" because the actions of "Christians" are allegedly different. I, as a Catholic, can take the same moral code that the Church has taught through all ages since its foundation, which I believe to be a direct revelation of objective, absolute and eternal moral truth unto man by the divine basis of all existence, as that by which to judge the actions of its members at any point in history. I may be wrong about that premise, but I at least have a basis for this in principle, unlike those among you who are metaphysical nominalists but want to speak as though moral realism were true.



Lebensphilosoph's picture


and specifically the periods known as the "Dark Ages"

The idea of a mythical "Dark Ages" that plunged Europe into centuries of barbarism and ignroance is no longer taken seriously by any academic specialists of Late Aniquity and the Middle Ages. Whatever hardships Europe suffered during that period were in any case overwhelmingly due to economic decline from being isolated from the rest of the world by the Islamic conquests of the Mediterranean region and the roads to the Orient that cut off the trade which had made the Rome so prosperous during the age of the Caesars. Nor do any take seriously Gibbon's tendentious assertions, derived from the ideological views of the Enlightenment, that Christianity had anything to do with it.


the "Inquisition"


Which Inquisition? The Black Legend concocted by English Protestants, to which you are obviously referring here, having never been exposed to any actual historical research on the subject, have anyhow been thoroughly refuted by 20th century scholarship. Further evidence you don't actually know what you are talking about terms of which you've picked up some vague and erroneous idea from snippets of pop history.


Christianity did not phase out of such behavior of its own accord. Rather, it was dragged kicking & screaming into the modern ages by secular forces.

As expected, the root of all your insane ramblings, as it was for every leftist from the bloodthirsty libertines of the French Revolution to the MArxists of the 20th century's killing field  is a deep-seated and irrational hatred for the Catholic faith that wells up from your disdain for any authority which lies between you and your own carnal desires. Ironically, your very self-deprecating, lovey-dovey, hold-hands-and-sing-kumbaya, bend-over-to-be-anally-raped moral sentiments are anything but "secular" in nature but derive from a distortion of Christ's teachings of charity. You're precisely the sort of walking contradiction of whom Nietzsche was speaking when he wrote of George Eliot, "They are rid of the Christian God and now believe all the more firmly that they must cling to Christian morality."


25or6to4's picture

Liebenphilosoph, whoever you are , excellent post. +1000

SunRise's picture

including the religion of politics

sschu's picture

I see what you are saying and it may be true.  But the idea that there is a new "human species" is bunk.  Evolution has yet to "create" a new "species".

That said, there is no question that totalitarianism is taking on a new form, and too bad to the average Joe.




Chris Dakota's picture

Aldous Huxley was a member of the most high Committee of 300.

Those are the rulers of this world, guess Brave New World was

not a novel but a plan.

two hoots's picture

This is why you don't want some nurturing female president/leader.  Hillary Clinton and her "Soft Power"/"Talk Power" will lead the US to exactly this (as she stays behind the castle walls).  Our survival is not from the soft heart but from strength and wisdom.

edotabin's picture

This has zero to do with gender or religion.

Make no mistakes about Hillary. She is a ZIOBITCH 1000000000000%  Hillary is incapable of uttering a single word without it being controlled or having some ulterior motive just waiting to be thrust on the unsuspecting public.  There is nothing soft about her. She is more cold and calculating than the devil.

I've seen many references to Muslims etc. in this thread.  Personally, I find their ways to be barbaric and backward. I'm not a fan but, either way, what did anyone expect with the influx of over a million of them from a war torn country?  And why do you think the police and press have been so hush hush about it? Naturally, it is because this is forced migration designed to dilute national character all while silencing critics with terms like racist, xenophobe etc etc. Those who tried to cover it up exposed their hand and their loyalties.

I'm all for immigration for all people from the four corners of the earth. Ultimately, I do believe we are all one and this is the logical conclusion.  However, the absorption rate has to be slow enough to allow for common ties and values to be built and for everyone to assimilate.  Instead, this too is being subverted and used as a tool of TPTB so as to better blend in and go undetected.  TPTB cannot assimilate, cannot blend and cannot be part of anything. They can only hide and hope everyone else is too busy to look behind the curtain to see the puppet master.



Lebensphilosoph's picture


I'm all for immigration for all people from the four corners of the earth. Ultimately, I do believe we are all one and this is the logical conclusion.


What does that even mean, "we are all one"? And how is unrestricted immigration its "logical conclusion"? You might be missing a premise there. One usually doesn't cut it.


If people wandering freely all over the earth is only "natural", as the left maintains, then so is people staking out and protecting their bloody territory.