Slovak PM Closes The Door To Refugees: "We Don't Want What Happened In Germany To Happen Here"

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Earlier today, Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico formally stood up to the Brussels supergovernment juggernaut and said his government will not allow Muslims to create "a compact community," adding that integrating refugees is impossible.

Slovakia has a tiny Muslim community of several thousand.

Fico's government filed a legal challenge last month to a mandatory plan by the European Union to distribute migrants among members of the bloc.

Fico said Thursday his government sees what he calls a "clear link" between the waves of refugees and the Paris attacks and the sexual assaults and robberies during the New Year's Eve festivities in Germany.

He says: "We don't want what happened in Germany to happen here."

Fico says "the idea of multicultural Europe has failed" and that "the migrants cannot be integrated, it's simply impossible."

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After the past week's events in Cologne, we wonder if there is anyone left in Germany who disagrees.

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Kirk2NCC1701's picture

Love those not so slow Slovaks!

Who's next, to embarass Merkel further?

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

FYI... Terminally Ill Jewish Whistleblower Aaron Russo Exposes The Zionist New World Order 

This dovetails perfectly with what I've been saying for a long time:  

"When all human bonds1 of possible Organized and Viable or Robust Resistance are eliminated against the Global Banker Cartel2, then global control over every person will be possible, via financial weapons of economic destruction."

1 Bonds or Race, Religion, Nationalism, Ethnicity, Culture, Heritage, Family, Gender or Heterosexual Orientation.  An ideal neo-Serf is a thoroughly mixed mutt of races, countries, faith-ambivalent, metrosexual or GBLT, living in single-parent of mixed-family group ('Modern Family').

2 A cartel of fiat-currency and fiat-debt .

And when all have been subjugated to the New Kings of The World, then a 1000-year reign can begin.  A Reign, that intends to take the new Royals to the Planets and the Stars, and to take up Seat in the very Heavens of its Deity, as veritable self-made Gods.

It's a grand vision that these Globalists and Zionists have.  A pity that Christians or peaceful Muslims can't come up with a defense against this, or with a better Vision themselves.  All they seem capable of, it seems, is propagating the same limited tribal worldviews of Antiquity.

p.s. One of the best YT clips I've seen on the Refugee/Immigrant crisis and European Nationalism I've ever heard, is from a German newsman with his own YT channel.  

   "Die Patriotenverfolgung läuft jetzt auf Hochtouren" ('The Patriot persecution is in overdrive')

I really wish that he'd provide a German or English Transcript of his program, or that he'd send it to TD/ZH.  His breadth and depth of journalism is that of ZH-caliber.

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old news dude, but thanks.  check out:  World defeated the wrong enemy.

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Unprecedented sex harassment in Helsinki at New Year: police


Helsinki (AFP) - Finnish police reported Thursday an unusually high level of sexual harassment in Helsinki on New Year's Eve and said they had been tipped off about plans by groups of asylum seekers to sexually harass women.

Helsinki deputy police chief Ilkka Koskimaki told AFP: "There hasn't been this kind of harassment on previous New Year's Eves or other occasions for that matter... This is a completely new phenomenon in Helsinki."






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Any Brit who doesn't vote to get the fuck out of Europe in the upcoming referendum is a traitor and should have their head stuck on a spike at the Tower of London.


Leave the rotten corrupt failed state to burn.

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The question is not so much weather Muslims integrate or not.  Evidence is clear that they don’t. The question is simply WTF is wrong with the politicians?



Itchy and Scratchy's picture

That my friend you never get the answer to! 

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The UK is already 30% Muslim and the native Brits have their heads up their butts:


Parliament to debate banning Donald Trump from UK




you're fired - British edition

The Trump Organization warns United Kingdom that banning Donald Trump would be a mistake

January 6, 2016 Donald Trump is making good on his promise to "counterpunch" anyone who crosses him — even if it means taking on the entire United Kingdom. Gotta love The Donald! sigh
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Well he is PM of MY country.

zippedydoodah's picture

Shiite. It was 4.8% in 2011. No fucking way it is 30% now. Asshole.

Jack Burton's picture

Muslims do not want to integrate, they only seek to grow until they can take over. Islamic Denmark is openly spoken of by the Muslims in Denmark. They count the years till they can grow their populations to overturn 13,000 years of culture and ethnicity.

greenskeeper carl's picture

thats whats funny to me about all of this. hey are literally telling everyone who listens that this is their intention, but the left just dismisses it as crazy and outlandish.


Good for this guy in slovakia. Its rare that you see a politican actually do what their people want, rather than doing the opposite while telling everyone its the right thing to do. Its also nice that its a big fuck you for brussels at the same time. Maybe there is a silver lining in this, in that the people of europe will finally realize that this whole EU/euro set up is detrimental to them in almost every way.

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The wetbacks say the same thing in the USSA and it's working...

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Too late the enemy is already within.

zeronetwork's picture

Now I think refuge looking people in colon were ISIS sympathizer who successfully campaigned to closed the door for people fleeing from ISIS.

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"Unprecedented sex harassment in Helsinki at New Year: police"

When liberal progressive politicians choose to invite predators into civilized societies and furthermore provide inexplicable justifications for the predators' reprehensible actions; civilzed society ceases to exist.

Some describe these predators as barbaric, uncultured etc etc   That is merely creating more excuses for the inexcusable.


We don't bring rabid dogs home so they can bite our family members.

Why is it a good idea to invite predators into our communities ?

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MrNosey (not verified) nscholten Jan 7, 2016 7:26 PM

"We don't want what happened in Germany to happen here."

No you certainly do not!

Grave's picture

"A pity that Christians or peaceful Muslims can't come up with a defense against this"

thats because abrahamic religions were created as a tool to control global society, both christianity and islam are slave religions spawned from master zionist religion

these slave religions are then periodically pitted against each other, for power, resources, abuse, exploitation, ethnic cleansing, genocide, enslavement, etc

common social control templates ("commandments") embedded in the "holy books" were pilfered from various older religions (egyptian, babylonian, cimmerian, hittite, etc) to allow infection, assimilation, domination and elimination of native religions in target regions

Lorca's Novena's picture

Profound statements, could you at least provide a source or twelve? I agrre to some extent with what you said, however, most people assume christians and Jesus followers are the same, I beg to differ. Jesus said if you want to follow 'me' take up your cross and leave EVERYTHING behind, including family. If Jesus were around today He'd make a mockery of these socalled Christians and their pathetic lives.

Constatine intertwined paganistic and christian beliefs to "combine" the masses into nice little peons. The RCC severly twisted the language in the bible to suit there sinful ways. So yes, religion was used to manipulate on that scenerio.

Abrahamic religions are just completely mishmashed into pure bullshit this day and age.


Sanity Bear's picture

If Jesus showed up in the Bible Belt tomorrow morning, he'd be dead by lunchtime.

Charles Wilson's picture

Grave, your letting your prejudice get the best of you.  The Romans did it.  "How do we get the Jews to worship Caesar without the Jews knowing it?"

That's the Story...

Tallest Skil's picture

Learn literally anything whatsoever about Christianity, please.

Space Animatoltipap's picture

God rules the material world, 24/7. Indeed, through the law of karma and reincarantion. What you do comes back to you. In this body or the next. Hare Krishna.

WayBehind's picture

Kudos to you Mr Fico! My grandma was born is Slovakia and I can see where she got her strength from. Nobody would ever mess with my "Baba"!

McMolotov's picture

Nobody puts Baba in a corner!

TeamDepends's picture

Baba could make Barry shed some real tears.

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Met a girl from Slovakia and spent New Years wirth her and her mom.  Mom was from the "old country" and was a huge Trump supporter.  I guess Slovakians know a thing or two about ethnic intergration and the problems it brings considering they were part of the failed experiment know as Yugoslavia.

tarabel's picture



A minor point. They were a part of the go-in-peace disunion of Czechoslovakia.

California Nightmares's picture

Slovakia not to be confused with Slovenia.

TAALR Swift's picture

Understood.  So what's Slovenia's/Cerar's position on all this? 

greenskeeper carl's picture

funny how that goes. I have a lot of puerto ricans in my wifes family. They almost all support trump.

BlindMonkey's picture

"Who's next, to embarass Merkel further?"




(Because that sounds an awful lot like a "Merkel in the bikini dance" request.  You're welcome.)

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True testosterone-driven male (unlike Obama) leaders make logical, sound decisions. On the other hand, women in leadership roles are motherly, emotion driven, and generally irrational. We need to keep women out of leadership roles. They make great accountants, though. Not bad at making sandwichs too.

kev the bev's picture

I know where you`re coming from, I don`t think there has ever been so many women in politics as there is now. It`s almost as if it is mandatory/politacally correct  to have an equal amount of women in high office and indeed, many governments are boasting of their inclusion! The choice of who should be chosen for office should be determined entirely on ability and not whether you are a male or female.

I can`t agree with you that women in leadership roles are motherly, how would you like to have Clinton, Nuland or even Thatcher as your mother? From what I see in politics, Men seem to have a more congenial prescence about them, a lot of the career minded women are like rabid dogs...Julie Bishop in Oz for instance!

blue51's picture

Ha. I will be checking back for # of down votes.

ToSoft4Truth's picture

“True testosterone-driven male “


Add it up. German women were raped in their town square by refugees.


What were the native Germans doing while their fellow women were 'being' raped?

newbie vampire's picture

"What were the native Germans doing while their fellow women were 'being' raped?"

European men have been beaten down for so long, they can only react in a passive non-threatening manner.

Their first reaction would be to look for a policeman to file a writen complaint and wait for the authorities to take action.  In addition ANY complaints about a certain religious sect will be treated as RAYCIST activity.

L_Estasi_dell_Oro's picture

Too much porn and masturbation makes men weak!

Even Napoleon Hill writes this in his book "Think and Grow Rich"!


Wasting your sexual energy at every possible moment or urge is like racking up credit card debt.

If you want to prosper, you've got to SAVE and spend/expend WISELY.


Try it for a month, you'll be shocked at the change in willpower, decisiveness, energy.

(Or you'll his the so-called "flatline" before getting better)


Two years ago I would have laughed at the above and not even consider writing it. After a few months of experimentation I now sooo much better.


Dear fellow-men: porn/sexuality has been weaponized against us, partially simply because of our own market demand!


Google: Your brain on Porn / NoFap.

unicorn's picture

gosh, why nobody is talking about teaching the women in scool allready how to defend themselves?!

crazytechnician's picture

The major of Cologne says it can be done by simply keeping a group of attackers away at arms length.

But strangely there was no mention of the pepper spray that would also be required.

Wulfkind's picture

Too bad this guy is a foreigner and was born overseas.  He would make a nice President of the United States.


123dobryden's picture

i am slovak


country is ruled by the very same people since the so callled velvet revolution. they immediately grabbed majority of state assets in a way that would put imigrants grabbing deutche brests a pussies on a new year to shame. my father at that time was a colonel in anti-corruption police, so i had info first hand since a child. I remember him be very depressed about what was going on at that time when he spent 1 year working non-stop to uncover and document a major tax fraud only to be told let it be. i had a big respect for him. After this smthing broke in him and he become slowly turning to the other side, that resulted in him teamed up with the head of parlament a become his white horse, now he controls around 300m euro for him in various assets. He changed, i no longer respect him as he immediately divorced mum, leaving her with no money and only personal belonngings in a bag on the street. He dragged her through 7 years of courts leaving her totaly devastated. At the very same time he tried to seduce me with money and power, but told him to FO, promised him the most extraordinary revenge one can come with. I spent 3 years of my life fighting him, putting as much stress on him as possible from abroad where we had to leave. I was succesful with making whole family of his new wife turned against her, which left her with 6month depression and my father's health dettoriated as well. I also hacked his home computer through email virus, gathering all the info about his new boss and uncovring all their robbery. He was supposed to be ambassador, but after this they decided to put him down from the list. After which he finally decided he had enough and called mafia on me, which i made public and they backed off. Simply put he got Hezbollah response to izraeli agression. Now they both look like trash. I survived only because i started strength training and never missed a workout. Before all this hell strted i was working guess where? yea exactly there, in the major bank heading all credit enhancement programme. Succesfully selling all my real eastate 2 months before 2009 crash. So much for the story.back to the subject. My father knows this guy, Fico personaly, there is nothing to love on him, be sure about that. He is only good in balancing interests of those very same people that de facto own and rule my country. There is  100 of them, I called them sitting ducks as they live and move without much security,making them an easy target for a coordinated assasination. they will have to be executed before any real change to take place, fico is one of them.


btw, i live in netherlands now and 2 weeks ago, when i was biking with my mum near city centre, there was a car with black windows totaly blocking whole lane for cyclist, whis i saw for the first time. so i stopped, tapped on car to tel them to FO, sudenly drivers door opened and small marocan guy around 30 came to me imediately hitting me in a face, as we were coming from a gym i was quite pumped from hormones, si i hit his teeth back, that made him go amok on me and then i saw another 6-7 of them running towards us, i decided it is time to run for my life :) , but after few second a thought came to me i left my mum there so i sudenly turned around, succefully knocking out the twat running after me.....i ended uncouncious on the ground of course, with my mum saving my life as she started a "little" nice scream which made all af 7 guys immediately dissapear :), i called the dutch police only to be almost charged with spreading racial hate, they refused to get CCTV footage and few days ago i recieved a letter from them, saying they dont have enough info and are stopping the case adn i am supposed to call a victim support line. So yeah, regarding the inflow of imigrants into europe he is right, but this issue is not an issue in my country as those immigrants that our country was forced to settle at the beggining, few hundreds, they simply dissapeared from the refugee camp within 48 hours :) They dont want to live in slovakia, they want to grab and suck deutche tits better. And if there would ever be forced qoutas from EU, they would be gone as well:)

TeamDepends's picture

Fico clearly did not get the memo. White people, wherever they have colonized, are to be multi-cultured until there are no more white people.

Handful of Dust's picture

He's obviously a ... xenophobic, homophobic, rayciss, cracka, hateful, honkey who has a Confedrate Flag hanging on his front porch (next to the Czech Flag) who eats "Mexican" enchiladas, "Chinese" egg rolls and "Vietnamese" noodles and has a poster picture of Putin on his desk at work.


My 'sensibilites' are sorely bruised, damaged forever.


[Did I cover everything?]

tarabel's picture



You forgot to mention his habit of beating his wife after a long afternoon session of fucking a donkey.


Other than that, I got nothing.

random999's picture

hes a sexistic swine, experts even say he looks like a pedophile!

ones he posted a hateful comment about kardashians ass destroying the selfesteem of millions of beautiful plussize amrrican women.

hang him by his neck !