Clinton Email Shows that Oil and Gold Were Behind Regime Change In Libya

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On New Year’s Eve, 3,000 emails from Hillary Clinton’s private email server were released.

One of them confirms – an email dated April 2, 2011 to Clinton from her close confidante Sidney Blumenthal – that:

Qaddafi’s government holds 143 tons of gold, and a similar amount in silver.




This gold was accumulated prior to the current rebellion and was intended to be used to establish a pan-African currency based on the Libyan golden Dinar. This plan was designed to provide the Francophone African Countries with an alternative to the French. franc (CFA).


(Source Comment [This is in the original declassified email, and is not a comment added by us]: According to knowledgeable individuals this quantity of gold and silver is valued at more than $7 billion. French intelligence officers discovered this plan shortly after the current rebellion began, and this was one of the factors that influenced President Nicolas Sarkozy’s decision to commit France to the attack on Libya. According to these individuals Sarkozy’s plans are driven by the following issues:


  1. A desire to gain a greater share of Libya oil production,
  2. Increase French influence in North Africa,
  3. Improve his internal political situation in France,
  4. Provide the French military with an opportunity to reassert its position in the world,
  5. Address the concern of his advisors over Qaddafi’s long term plans to supplant France as the dominant power in Francophone Africa)

This may confirm what some of us have been saying for years.

The REAL Reason Sunni Governments Like Saudi Arabia Are At War Against the Shias

While the Sunnis and Shias have been competing for more than a thousand years, they have largely co-existed peacefully until recently.

Why are they involved in an open war across multiple countries now?

Much of modern geopolitics is driven by hydrocarbons … i.e. oil and gas.

Is this true of the Sunnis-Shia war?

Yes, the U.S. and its allies are backing the Sunnis against the Shias … in order to wage war for oil.

And it turns out that the lion’s share of oil in the Middle East happens to be located in Shia countries … and in the Shia-minority sections of Sunni-majority countries.

Specifically, as Jon Schwartz reports this week at the Intercept:

Much of the conflict can be explained by a fascinating map created by M.R. Izady, a cartographer and adjunct master professor at the U.S. Air Force Special Operations School/Joint Special Operations University in Florida.


What the map shows is that, due to a peculiar correlation of religious history and anaerobic decomposition of plankton, almost all the Persian Gulf’s fossil fuels are located underneath Shiites. This is true even in Sunni Saudi Arabia, where the major oil fields are in the Eastern Province, which has a majority Shiite population.


As a result, one of the Saudi royal family’s deepest fears is that one day Saudi Shiites will secede, with their oil, and ally with Shiite Iran.


This fear has only grown since the 2003 U.S. invasion of Iraq overturned Saddam Hussein’s minority Sunni regime, and empowered the pro-Iranian Shiite majority. Nimr himself said in 2009 that Saudi Shiites would call for secession if the Saudi government didn’t improve its treatment of them.


The map shows religious populations in the Middle East and proven developed oil and gas reserves. Click to view the full map of the wider region. The dark green areas are predominantly Shiite; light green predominantly Sunni; and purple predominantly Wahhabi/Salafi, a branch of Sunnis. The black and red areas represent oil and gas deposits, respectively.


Source: Dr. Michael Izady at Columbia University, Gulf2000, New York

As Izady’s map so strikingly demonstrates, essentially all of the Saudi oil wealth is located in a small sliver of its territory whose occupants are predominantly Shiite. (Nimr, for instance, lived in Awamiyya, in the heart of the Saudi oil region just northwest of Bahrain.) If this section of eastern Saudi Arabia were to break away, the Saudi royals would just be some broke 80-year-olds with nothing left but a lot of beard dye and Viagra prescriptions.


Nimr’s execution can be partly explained by the Saudis’ desperation to stamp out any sign of independent thinking among the country’s Shiites.


The same tension explains why Saudi Arabia helped Bahrain, an oil-rich, majority-Shiite country ruled by a Sunni monarchy, crush its version of the Arab Spring in 2011.


Similar calculations were behind George H.W. Bush’s decision to stand by while Saddam Hussein used chemical weapons in 1991 to put down an insurrection by Iraqi Shiites at the end of the Gulf War. As New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman explained at the time, Saddam had “held Iraq together, much to the satisfaction of the American allies Turkey and Saudi Arabia.”

So the Sunni Gulf monarchies in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Oman, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Kuwait are single-mindedly going after Iran and the Shia world – because the Shias are sitting on the oil and gas resources – and doing everything they can to start a Sunni-Shia war across the entire MENA area (Middle East and North Africa) in order to “justify” a resource grab.

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One4Liberty's picture

GW blog has been at the forefront of trying to warn people about this issue.

Stopshouting also posted a piece about this as well this morning, with a slightly different spin on it.  They also had a good intelligence analysis piece awhile back about the kidnapping of members of the Qatari royal family coincidentally timed with the announcement of the Saudi-led "anti-terror (Shia) coalition".

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"Oil and Gold Were Behind Regime Change In Libya"

When aren't they?

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Thanks for posting this, GW. This is incredibly vital information and helps clearly tie the US and French governments to issues such as:

1) The strategic importance of gold and silver

2) The threat of a gold-backed currency

3) The Cabal/One World Bank/Rothschild Banking Syndicate

4) The Western MIC

5) The false Sunni-Shi'ite religious conflict (a cover for House of Saud geopolitical ambition)

atthelake's picture

Swing, Hillary. Swing.

steelhead23's picture

It is well past time that the U.S. abandon the Carter Doctrine.  These stinking kings are NOT our friends.


Sorry_about_Dresden's picture

They can't do it!

The petrodollar was the scheme to back the reserve currency when Nixon took us off the gold standard in 1974.

Without this scheme 30 trillion in US Treasury paper would become worthless and we would become barter town. 

There are 60 million EBT cards relying on this scheme.

Just think of the chaos if OPEC repudiated the petrodollar scam!

We are but 7 meals away from anarchy! 

ThisIsBob's picture

To explain "like I'm five:"  G+O=$.

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I seriously doubt the Sunni-Shia rivalry is just about oil and I know that claim that it was only recently that Sunni-Shia rivalry has been less that peaceful, is a LIE . They have been at war for 1000 years. But more importantly, the Saudis know the current world oil supply will be too much to maintain high prices in the second half of the next decade.  Its likely they will see a reprieve from low prices inside of the next couple of years, but world demand will reverse itself in the next 5-7 years, and a marginal drop in demand will cause oil prices to plunge.  Oil has seen its heyday. It'll still be used for the next 50 years, but the world supply will need to drop at a steady rate to sustain sufficient price levels a few years from now. 

Grandad Grumps's picture

Oil and gold were behind it? ... actually banker control of Libya and its assets were seemingly behind it. The BIS tied central bank was set up coinincidentally in Benghazi BEFORE Gaddafhi was dead.

I believe that resource control plays a part in the middle east war, especially for those not on the very inside of the circle. But, ultimately it is about installing the global banker run and satanically directed government.

There can be no countries that are not under banker control and no independent "leaders". They have decided that humans are not strong enough to manage the world ... especially under the weight of satanic interference.

DYS's picture

Exactly.   The $7B was the "service charge" that was handed over to the hitmen for passing the country over to their zionist masters.   But if I know anything about the Zionist masters, they probably got most of that gold and sivler and only a fraction made it to Clinton.   Fuck all these dirty bastards.  

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Travelling with slower internet, all of these postings hang as they try to connect to   Can we just be free of this corporate fungus and just read the articles on an open browser?  Are submissive slaves an important component of zerohedge readers?

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Install AdBlockPlus browser addon and block facebook

Grandad Grumps's picture

Or just turn off java scripting in your internext security options until you need to watch a video or something like that.

Joe A's picture

The map is really an eye opener. Hence the Saudis trying to rally the rest of the Sunni world agains the Shia.

And regarding Libya: Sarkozy's ambition and foreign policy eventually contributed to terrorism on French soil.

SmittyinLA's picture

Gotta wonder why they would release that doc, might be used in a criminal war crimes prosecution, not just of Hillary but America and the American treasury.

Ask the Germans about reparations for war crimes.

r0mulus's picture

War Crimes are something that the winners of a war charge the losers of the war with. As such, don't hold your breath for any serious war crimes charges in the West until we in the West are forced to do so at the end of a Chinese or Russian gun-barrel.

PoasterToaster's picture
PoasterToaster (not verified) Jan 11, 2016 2:03 AM

Don't forget the arms dealing.  There's always some CIA arms for drugs shit going on in these things.  That's what got the ambassador and his people killed in Benghazi.

TheProcinctu's picture

Yeah..the arms dealing...  But you wonder if anyone will actually be held accountable. (Hillary, etc)

I knew/wrote about this 4 years ago!! regards to the petrodollar..and im just a guy with a website, with no inside information.

If anyone goes down, it will be for some other motive from the powers that be.  Emails and proof will just be convenience for them. 

YHC-FTSE's picture

I think we can add Turkey (75% Sunni) to the list of "Sunni Gulf Monarchies" without flinching at the morphological differences between monarchs and presidents.

This explains NATO Turkey's support of Saudi Wahabist nutjobs and Langley's terror brigades currently wreaking havoc in Iraq and Syria in the guise of ISIS.

I remember somebody posted a relationship between Sunni Muslims and Israeli Zionists from a historical perspective citing the Circassian people in Israel (Muslim-Zionists) who are predominantly Sunni muslims. So, while acknowledging that these are disparate pieces in the puzzle of the Syrian conflict, it goes a long way to explaining the current confusion of Israelis and Turks supporting ISIS for their own reasons other than the classic cooperation with Langley.

It'd also be interesting to take a demographic survey of CIA personnel to find out the % of agents who are zionist supporters of Israel.

PoasterToaster's picture
PoasterToaster (not verified) YHC-FTSE Jan 11, 2016 2:04 AM

Turkey is a dictatorship.  Like all the "good friends" of the US Government.

atthelake's picture

It's, generally, agreed, here, that Obama favors Muslims. Does he prefer Shia or Sunni?

PoasterToaster's picture
PoasterToaster (not verified) atthelake Jan 11, 2016 2:04 AM

It is?

Joe A's picture

He grew up in a Sunni country. Remember how he bowed to the Saudi King once?

Element's picture


Interesting isn't it that the Bushehr nuclear reactor, built supposedly as a national energy supply backup investment, is built almost atop one of numerous 'giant' Iranian gas fields in the area.

I'm kinda of the suspicion that it was maybe not built for economic profit-making commercial reasons at all, nor as a national backup energy supply ... gee, what can the real reason be?

A tech base from which tritium could be sourced, within an underground unknown pile, maybe?

atthelake's picture

Anyone who traded American lives for money should swing.

DYS's picture

War "It is the only one in which the profits are reckoned in dollars and the losses in lives."

General Smedley Butler,USMC

One4Liberty's picture

Yes.  Where are the indictments? 

All Risk No Reward's picture

Don't forget the motive to enslave more people to their debt-based money fraud as soon as they set up a Debt-Money Monopolist central bank.

Is this result being orchestrated for Europe and America by the Debt-Money Monopolists?

Argentina's Economic Collapse (FULL VERSION)

BTW, Argentina was a deflation from the perspective of Debt-Money Monopolist US dollars. The DMM will NOT hyperinflate their money until after they've turned their money into as much of your real assets as possible.

This is uncommon common sense.

ozziindaus's picture

Wouldn't put it past Hilary and her accomplices to "doctor" up a fake email to implicate someone other than her or her handlers.

Ms No's picture

I am watching the Asian markets crashing again at 8:30 at night and thinking that they must have needed that 143 tons of gold badly because there is no way in hell, that with what is going on in Asia right now that individuals at the very least are not buying gold hand over fist.  Gold is NOT going up fast enough to reflect any of this.  They are going to get broken if this keeps up.  Or so one can hope. 

Victory_Garden's picture

Hat tips to ALL Watchwomen, on the Wall!


Victory_Garden's picture

GW, thank you for the continued powerful, hard to match by any one, good arse reporting. You Good One, have done most excellently at shinning the light on the evil cancerous corruption that has hidden in the dark corners of govt for too many decades. It is way past time to clean out the whole lot of these evil cretins from hell starting with the, Hag!

Posting this rant below here prolly moar foar posterity reasons, than for anything else. It is a two day rant. Please read on if you care too. Choice is a God given gift to all. Embrace that Truth.




Time? You can not control time, but you can numerically document for posterity study later, the good instances of time that are conducive to the thoughts transferred from ones brain to print, at the time. Every moment of time is powerful, some more than others. You the Heart Energy you are, Knows this.

Introduce planetary influences, growing amounts of radiation, atmospheric borne conductor-nano-chips in to the natural sequence, you are asking for real troubles. The matrix will eventually violently react to foolish mortals messing into the natural mathematical plan of Creation. Or, who gave the two year old a loaded hair-trigger .44 mag?

Plant the seeds of peace now, for they will certainly grow later. These mighty trees will see many wars, but will always remain true. Perfect in the way they were created to stand witness to all the calamities of a foolish species that has no respect for the world in which they survive. Who shits in their bed, and then sleeps in it?

Speaking about monkeys, didya see the head puppet in the town hall meeting the other night? Heck, what a shit show that was. When faced with real thought provoking questions, all he could do was the al-CIA-duhhhh dance. He actually looked like a perplexed monkey with no tele-prompter answers to spew upon the audience. The lies were unbearable, but e'nuff of the clown show for the foolish, and deranged.

Wanna know why the hitlery Hag will not be indited? Because she would implicate the head puppet soterobama and many many al-CIA-duh others as being complicit and accomplices to the horrendous murderous crimes the fbi have barely even talked about. The Hag knows where all the bodies are buried, and will take down a lot of the corrupted criminals with her if they actually do the right thing and bring her to the Scales of MA AT, including her hubbi, billi-bob the pedo-rapeist treasonous traitor that Scumbucket is. One would surly really hope and yes, pray that real Justice finds it's way through the EVIL mukity-cruck of the abysmal darkness of the cronic-corruption that has infested the American govt for long, too long. Hope that yes, the imprisonment of the Hag and her sidekick billi-bob raper boy, AND ALL TYHE REST OF THEM CRIMINALS, including the liar in chief soterobama, the worst evil fake president in the history of America.

Channel change.

Shift to humanitarianism. What is, and do you have it?

How many readers here had grandparents that fought in WWII? Did you hear the real stories of all the killing, and evil instigated between the opposing armies from their own lips? Many stories were never told. They were so horrible no one wanted to repeat, or re-live them. Much was to be learned from those who fought in another bankster woar for profits, and population reduction agendas. Question: is this generation so stupid that they will fall for the same bankster instigated BS world woar for their profits, and their population elimination agenda, again? Do you support that? Do YOUR govt representatives support that?

Watched an episode of Combat that was called, “A Cry In The Dark” two nights ago. We saw the opening scene with the shelling of a town and German soldiers running to get out, being blown up all over the place. After the shelling stopped, we see a woman crying and digging into some rubble. The American Squad was mopping up and cleaning out the town looking for enemy soldiers. They came upon the woman who cried, her baby was down in the buried basement, and would they please help her. As they all decided to help her and started digging, the shelling of the town began again and the squad ran about furiously with the woman looking for cover dodging the exploding rounds. In the confusing haze of smoke and explosions, she broke away and went back to the spot where they had earlier found her.

The shelling had stopped, so she went back to digging and crying for her baby that was buried under the debris. As they approached the area again to help her, they suddenly saw an opposing squad of German soldiers stop by her side and also decided to help her dig for the baby. After a bit of diffing, one of the German troops spotted the American troops and yelled out an alarm, after which they all started shooting at each other. The one warning German was wounded in the initial confront. During the hailstorm of fire, the woman ran out in the middle of them all and started screaming and crying about her baby, and for them to please help her. Both sides stopped shooting, as she was in the line of fire. They basically agreed to a truce so they all could help her look for the baby. The wounded German was already being medically treated by the American medic and he had acted as a gobetween so the two lieutenants could initially communicate. The process of standing down and dis-arming was impressive, as well as the way the first fist fight was subdued without the excess of gun violence.

They had all been digging together for some time when suddenly one of the German soldiers fell into a big hole that was the hidden basement. He fell hard down into it, and was unconscious laying on the lower floor. They decided they needed a rope. One of the soldiers from each side went after a rope the American remembered seeing prior to all this. It was the two that were fist fighting earlier after a slight accident started it.

So working all together, they lowered a small American down to help them all pull up the unconscious German that was hurt. It was true two team, teamwork. They brought him up and the American medic went to work on him as the rest went back toward the focus of looking down in the basement for the missing baby, when an unexpected wounded German officer showed up and changed the truce back to a war situation in which he had the drop on all the Americans, ordering them all to get against a wall. He was overcome by the hidden soldier down in the basement that he did not see, and taken down. After the fall, the lieutenant of the Germans picked up the Switzer Machine-gun and pointed it at the American Lieutenant as if he were going to continue the dead captains order of, back to war. The American Lieutenant was reminding him of the honor in the truce they had, and then said to him, “WHY ARE WE ALL DIGGING HERE” to cause some sensibility in the German Lieutenant who said back to him, “FOR SOMETHING WE HAVE ALL LOST.” He then dropped the gun and ordered his men to do that also after which, they all together went back to looking for the baby in the basement.

The one America soldier that was down there looked and looked for a baby in the basement they had uncovered and reported finding no baby. Visual dismay took the faces of all around on camera one at a time. One could see they were all moved in the heart part. All still wanted to be in the hopeful searching mode. As they kept looking, a man came to the woman as if to console her. He spoke to the American Lieutenant and explained how they had lost the baby two years earlier in a basement, and that when ever she hears shelling, she goes about digging for the lost baby and crying out for help. It dawned on the American and the German lieutenants how they had been taken for a ride down a very important lesson road. They were after all all men, and all had this one thing in common. To help the woman find her missing baby(humanity) and to work together to do that, putting all war aside for this more important of human values. The value of humanity.

The epilog was they all silently bit the embarrassment bullet and then slowly in two rows marched out of the area, each grabbing up the implements of war and slowly moving off into two separate lines going in two different directions as if to say, yes we will all still have to obey the money-master's orders to make moar woar, but today we, these united for one cause, Man, will not make waor on each other any more, today. It was the best happy ending on a Combat show ever, considering there really is nothing happy about war at all.

Lesson: Man even at war is able to retain enough humanity to remember what the heart naturally knows, and to work as the One Energy all hearts intimately know we ALL are. There is no deviation from the truth of the Law of One. By choice, there is only temporary separation from the actual experiencing lesson of this universal truth that proves this. It is the brains control of the spirit, and not the hearts that causes so much disharmony. The human brain can be conditioned, edumacated, or deceived into believing in anything, but the heart always knows the truth, and will always resonate with truth life time, after lifetime.

Bottom line: always follow your heart and never loose sight of your humanity!

Dear Barry, if you really want to prove you and your ilk money-masters are not after America's guns, then just stop all the false flag events to blame on guns, using big pharmaceutical drugs to control your patsies, and your terrorist al-CIA-duh refugees to cause them all.

All congress critters and senate toads must have this question asked of them: do you support the muslim obama and the cliton isis mercenary army of terrorists and what they have done, or do you support the people of the USA? Do you support terrorism, or what??




atthelake's picture

Warmongering, killing of innocents for greed, killing of soldier Americans for lobby money. TREASON.

IronForge's picture

Disappointed in Mr. Sarkozy.  What an Asshole.

So what if LBY prospers with its new coin?  Many would have bought more French goods from that prosperity.  That probably would have encouraged more people to not only have the Gold_Dinar; but FRF as well.

Is Financial Self Sufficiency and Freedom of Association of Non-Member NationStates THAT MUCH OF A PROBLEM for NATO?

Guess it is so...

Setarcos's picture

Certainly is, whether the French Franc, English Pound, or US petrodollar.

As 'tis said, "Follow the money."  Ultimately back to the Rothschild Dynasty I assume.

stopthejunk1's picture

SO what?

All 5 of Sarkozy's goals are legitimate.

"War for oil" -- no shit, Sherlock. All wars are fought over resources. What did you think they were about? Insults to the prophet???

Ideology (including religion) is just a cover. It's always about resources.

Booked's picture

Well, if the Vietnam war was about "resources", I gotta say it was an awfully goddamned circuitous route to get to "resources"!!


Otrader's picture

With Vietnam, resources was more debt that was paid back to the bankers over several decades.  Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, South America, Libya, Syria, Ukraine...long list = $$$ for the select few.  Human lives...pffffft.

JamesBond's picture

I guess we were tyring to pick up some rice paddies on the cheap; just like in Korea.  Damn.  Failed on that resource grab twice!




WTFUD's picture

Pack Hillary ( one mouthpiece ) and the rest of the Bilderberg's and members of the CFR into Kim J's ICBM's and fire them into Vichy DC. That'll leave the Banksters in London, Istanbul, Saudi, Tel Aviv, Paris and Frankfurt to skip to New Zealand.

cherry picker's picture

Maybe 'Hell' is the likes of all these warmongers coming back to earth after they die, not to a place of privilege but to the rat and sewage infested barrios of the worst places on earth and they may have memories of this life, so people will not only stay away from them because they are poor and dirty, but crazy as well.

orangegeek's picture

Just more proof that Africa is and has always been Europe's financial raping grounds.

stopthejunk1's picture

Libya is not "Africa." It's part of the Mediterranean civilization dominated by Greece/Roman culture and history.

As far as Africa proper (which means, sub-Sahara) they had 70,000 years before the era of colonialism to develop their societies.

You can't blame colonialism for Africa's plight. That's a nice, simplistic, progressive excuse for what is a much more complicated failure.

Setarcos's picture

The last (sadly only) time I was in Libya was 1991 and I assure you that it's in Africa and was ruled by Ba'ath secular ideology of very much Moslem origin ... and Islam is a major religion of Africa.

Tripoli means "Three Cities" and there are side by side ruins of Phoenician, Greek and Roman cities, but nothing left of the cultures.

orangegeek's picture

when I look on a map, Libya is shown to be in Africa


but you keep up your fond memories of a few hundred years ago


good luck with that

sgt_doom's picture

Outstanding post --- and don't forget about their phosphates!

Very important . . . .

Lumberjack's picture

After bringing the phosphate issue to readers attention, the link was scrubbed. But here is what is left...


Prized Phosphate Drives Controversial Investments In Africa (Must Read)

Last year, the Norwegian government, which has the world's largest sovereign wealth fund, divested PotashCorp because of its purchase of Western Saharan phosphate. Several European banks have done the same. And the European Union last year ended a fishing agreement with Morocco, which included Western Sahara waters, because of concerns that it violated international law.

Other resources are still being exploited. Sand is exported to the nearby Canary Islands, owned by Spain, to bolster beaches there. Several international companies are exploring for oil in Western Sahara or off its shores. Activists say the Austin, Tex.-based company Crystal Mountain Sel Sahara is producing salt in Western Sahara. And several European companies as well as American company UPC Renewables are developing wind farms in Western Sahara, with plans to export the energy. Such investments go forward with little controversy, despite the legal gray area.

Lumberjack's picture

But for the record, it was warring tribes and greedy tribal leaders who sold the slaves to the europeans who then commoditized them.