Thousands Flood The Streets In Germany As Fury Over Refugee Sex Assaults Reaches Boiling Point

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Update: the water cannons are out as is the tear gas:

Full story:


Over the last several days, more information has come to light with regard to the wave of sexual assaults that occurred across Europe on New Year’s Eve.

What some observers initially assumed was an set of isolated attacks in Cologne’s city center now appears to have been a bloc-wide phenomenon as women from Austria, to Switzerland, to Finland come forward to report being accosted by what some police say were gangs of drunken Mid-East asylum seekers.

“In Sweden, police said at least 15 young women reported being groped by groups of men on New Year's Eve in the city of Kalmar,” AP reports, adding that “in Finland, police said they received tipoffs on New Year's Eve that about 1,000 predominantly Iraqi asylum seekers were intending to gather near the main railway station in Helsinki and harass passing women.” 


“Women with or without accompaniment went through a literally 'gauntlet' by the heavily intoxicated men masses, as one can not describe it," a clumsy translation of a report by the German Federal Police reads. Some have suggested that the string of attacks was initially played down by the media and by German authorities in an effort to avoid triggering an anti-migrant backlash. Indeed, the mayor of Cologne, Henriette Reker, got herself in a bit of hot water for comments which seemed to suggest it is German women’s responsibility to keep would-be attackers at “arm’s length” and to not send the wrong message to “people from other cultures” by acting too “jolly and frisky.”

Meanwhile, Angela Merkel is attempting to salvage the “yes we can” narrative vis-a-vis Berlin’s refugee open-door policy while simultaneously condemning the attacks.

On Friday, Cologne’s police chief Wolfgang Albers was dismissed in connection with his department’s mishandling of the ordeal.

According to a draft document seen by Reuters, Germany may now change its policy with regard to the deportation of refugees. "The paper says refugees and asylum seekers who have been sentenced to prison or probation should be barred from eligibility for asylum,' Reuters writes. "Why should German taxpayers pay to imprison foreign criminals," Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel asked. "The threat of having to spend time behind bars in their home country is far more of a deterrent than a prison sentence in Germany." 

("Respect us! We are not fair game even when naked!" a sign held by Swiss artist Milo Moire reads)

"Women's groups and many politicians have long been arguing that Germany's sexual assault law is archaic, with loopholes that mean groping and surprise attacks are not necessarily prosecutable unless the woman tries to fight off the attack - which police often advise against," Deutsche Welle notes. "There have been very many cases that you and I would probably unequivocally describe as rape or sexual assault that haven't come to a conviction, because the women allegedly didn't defend themselves enough," Elke Ferner of the Social Democratic Party's women's group told the broadcaster.

That law is about to be changed thanks in part to the attention the New Year's attacks have brought to the issue. 

And speaking of drawing attention to the attacks, protesters are once again massing in Cologne where "thousands" of demonstrators took the streets on Saturday. "The protesters included the Islamophobic Pegida movement and the right-wing extremist Pro Cologne party" USA Today says.

More than 1,500 police officers were deployed across the city in anticipation of the rallies. Here's more from DPA

Cologne police are gearing up for a day of highly charged demonstrations, with 1000 far-right protesters expected to hit the streets in response to the mass sex assaults and thefts targeting women on New Year's Eve.


Hundred-strong teams of police were deployed on Saturday to locations across the western German city, totalling 1700 officers, a spokesman said.


The Islamophobic Pegida movement and the right-wing extremist Pro Cologne party were to stage a rally on the square in front of the main train station, where about 1000 intoxicated men are thought to have robbed, sexually assaulted and, in some cases, raped women during turn-of-the-year celebrations.


Of the 32 suspects identified by police in Cologne, 22 are asylum seekers, the German Interior Ministry said.


One suspect was carrying a document with Arabic-German translations of sexist phrases and threats, which mass-circulation tabloid Bild published on Saturday.


Several pro-migration counter-protests have also been planned for Saturday, underscoring the division in German society over the government's open-door migration policy, which allowed more than one million people to enter the country last year.

And from Reuters:

Migrants who commit crimes should lose their right to asylum, German chancellor Angela Merkel said on Saturday, toughening her tone as crowds gathered in Cologne angered by mass assaults on women on New Year's Eve.


Nearly two dozen asylum seekers were among those suspected of carrying out the attacks, police said this week, heightening tensions over immigration and fuelling criticism of Merkel's refusal to place a limit on the numbers of migrants entering the country.


"The right to asylum can be lost if someone is convicted on probation or jailed," Merkel said after a meeting of the leadership of her Christian Democrats (CDU) party.


"Serial offenders who repeatedly rob or repeatedly affront women must feel the full force of the law," Merkel told journalists in Mainz, promising a reduction over the longer term in the flow of migrants to Germany.


Under German law, asylum seekers are typically only deported if they have been sentenced to at least three years in prison, and providing their lives are not at risk at home.


About 1,700 police officers were on the streets of Cologne as protesters, including members of the anti-Islam PEGIDA movement, waited for official permission to march through the city.


At a separate left-wing protest, more than 2,000 mostly women gathered close to the train station where many of the attacks, including muggings and sexual assaults, happened.

So once again, we see a deeply divided society, with right-wing demonstrators staging a kind of "we told you so" rally and pro-refugee Germans staging counter protests even as they decry the wave of assaults. 

Meanwhile, the flow of asylum seekers continues unabated. "We had an average influx of 3,200 refugees per day arriving in Germany, and the numbers are not declining in the last days," Ole Schroeder, the deputy German minister, told a briefing in Brussels. "Our problem at the moment in Europe is that we do not have a functioning border control system, especially at the Greece-Turkey border," he added.

Where things from here is an open question but it appears many Germans are at their breaking point. How TIME's person of the year responds may ultimately determine how the world remembers one of the most indelible and revered politicians in European history.

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How do you say Donald Trump in German?  ;-)


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Apparently a wall keeping out illegal immigrants is only racist when white Americans do it. I'm fine with that, in California we'll probably pay mexican labor to pour the concrete anyway.

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a physical wall is meaningless in an age of power facilities and other critical infrastructure systems run by strings of 1s and 0s.

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Ausgezeichnet! Death to political correctness.

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Ich bin ein Cologne fraulein*

* holding sign, pink shoes (yes, she's wearing shoes)

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Cologne's police chief was forced to resign over the attacks. The mayor is blaming the police for not letting her know what happened on New Years Eve (she must have taken lessons from Hillary on blaming others).

The link below is worth looking at for photos of the former police chief , who could be Barney Frank's dweebier brother.

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You notice they didn't use the water cannons on the mass rapists.

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Muslims amoung us.

yes all Muslims aren't rapist.But Mohammed wasn't exactly a respecter of women. he was more of a weirdo.  

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But... But... But... But... But... But... But... Queen Frau Muckrel Bring Us IN, we are VIP's Here Now... Und VIP's...

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They seem to have enough Polizei for the Germans, just not the rapists and muslesters

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SEXUAL Terrorism

"The savagery that occurred in Cologne on New Year’s Eve can be described as nothing less than sexual terrorism. As shocking as this neologism might be for those who have just read it for the first time, it’s actually the only way to accurately depict the event itself and the implicit motivations behind it. Terrorism has always been about making the target feel so afraid that it coweringly complies with whatever the aggressor demands of it, it’s just that in the recent conception of this tactic it’s popularly taken the form of killing (notoriously by means of beheadings, explosions, and indiscriminate shooting) in order to advance a Wahhbist agenda. In this case, the Wahhabist agenda is still implied, but the means are a bit different. Instead of wanton killing sprees, a wave of wanton sexual assaults is being used."


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One more thing Angela.....Greece just called.


They want more money....


Cut away to close shot of Angela's hand shaking as she slowly pulls off her glasses

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According to a friend of mine, AH made a hideous mistake by going to war after only 7 years in power. In truth it was impossible to create a durable and permanent culture of ethnic German nationalism in a mere 7 years. It would take 30 years - a full generation - of conditioning and continuation of freedom from central bank debt based money for Germany to have set itself apart from the rest of Europe and become immune to multiculturalism. Sadly the decadence of Wiemar quickly returned and 70 years of endless German guilt propaganda has taken a fatal toll, serving as the basis of power for the existing elites. Germany and thus all of Europe is doomed. Hitler was half right.

It would appear that Putin has learned from history and is not repeating his error.

hongdo's picture

One theory is that Hitler was too sick to wait.  Both to start and to bring in the new weapons.  Others argue that he just had poor judgement or was crazy.

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These vicious intentional attacks are actually Hate Crimes against women.


Yet, there's not a peep out of the MSM or women's lib groups, or even women's health groups.


That's odd.

Omen IV's picture

more fundamentally - the rapes on the PUBLIC square is - symbolism - for multiculturalism to rape the German Culture.

if the women can be raped without retribution (cops say it is ok) nor a word from the press and Merkel minimizing the action  - means -  the German culture should be eliminated by destroying German DNA.

no more no less - this is not about Muslims - this is about the NWO:


Haus-Targaryen's picture

Funny, the Cologne police have enough man power to shut down a peaceful anti-immigration protest today, but not enough man power to prevent 80+ molestations and rapes on New Years.

Skateboarder's picture

That can mean only one thing - someone's paying these rape-you-gees.

the phantom's picture

Yeah, kind of strange how it was the same modus apperendi in several countries by the refuge moooslims.  A little too coordinated methinks.

RafterManFMJ's picture

Water cannons used in winter? Isn't that close to attempted homicide?

Wake me up when the Germans start executing the traitors importing these invaders.

Four chan's picture

the cannons and tear gas and tanks and guns and batons are only to be used on germans. merkel

Handful of Dust's picture

...and I notice the 'refugees welcome' signs are held by the muslims themselves.


not surprised about that!



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<< That can mean only one thing - someone's paying these rape-you-gees. >>

The pro-refugee protesters are sponsored by Sadui Arabai most likely. If SA can 'volunteer' to build billions of dolllars of mosques throughout Europe, they can pay off a bunch of thugs to riot and protest and continue raping and attacking.


It's shameful the police water-cannoned their own people. Disgusting.

MANvsMACHINE's picture

Don't the German police officers have mothers, daughters, sisters?

How are they putting up with this shit?

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Chris Dakota (not verified) MANvsMACHINE Jan 10, 2016 8:09 AM

White people the world over have caused this by not having children, not wanting to work in factories instead they want to get drunk, protest in the nude, pierce their noses, ears, mouth, tongue and color their hair blue.

Our own people are pretty much worthless. Go work retail and see how crazy, selfish and violent these nuts are. Someone here was talking about yard work and the Mexican guy making 75 dollars per hour to blow leaves. Blacks used to do yard work, but not anymore. Whites barely want to work anymore. I am the only one in my neighborhood who paints my own house and does my own yard work, and I am a 60 yr old woman, and I run a business full time and commute several hours per day. I haven't had a vacation in 10 yrs. I just take long weekends at Christmas, New Years.

All this talk about only white countries getting immigrants. Uh...that's why. No kids, no labor only bitch and protest.

I have no more sympathy for whites and I am sick of hearing their bitch.

Chris Dakota's picture
Chris Dakota (not verified) Omen IV Jan 9, 2016 7:09 PM

The Germans themselves eliminated German DNA by not having children for decades.


PT's picture

The farmer stressed and abused the sheep and the cows and now he wonders why they don't breed.
"Fuck this", he says, "From now on I'll just farm snakes and crocodiles.  Much easier."

Dancing Disraeli's picture

'This is about the NWO:


Bangin7GramRocks's picture

I guess the Germans need to come up with some for of, I don't know. A solution?

847328_3527's picture

While these arabs and middle easterners are raping German and Swedish girls, Obama continues to sacrifice young American men and women, getting their legs and arms blown off,  to their muslim countries to fight their tribal/religious battles with each other.


Why not round these young aggressive angry muslims up and return them to their houses to fight for their families and countries?

Helena Bonham-Carter's picture

Because they haven't a chance against the military weapons solde and tactics taught to their governments. The US, Russia, and China do make sure of it.

Helena Bonham-Carter's picture

Because they haven't a chance against the military weapons solde and tactics taught to their governments. The US, Russia, and China do make sure of it.

Xibalba's picture

"The world defeated the wrong enemy"  -  General George S. Patton, Commander of the 3rd Army, USA

Handful of Dust's picture

It appears most of the pro-arab rapist protesters are muslim.


That's odd.

Chris Dakota's picture
Chris Dakota (not verified) Handful of Dust Jan 10, 2016 8:54 AM

The Germans who refuse to do manual labor have asked these people to come there.

Their culture is not compatible to Western world, who would have thought there would be

consequences? What a bunch of fools the Germans and you people are.

Invite people into your base and then expect them to be YOU from day one.

Refuse to work to keep your country functioning, neat and clean? Expect others

to do that job while you color your hair green and get new tattoos on your neck.

Sure those are the people we want to hire, yeah right. But wait a minute, they do that

so they won't have to work, ever. They want to be artists and rock stars, models and

protesters. Go to an elite University and start protests about racist Halloween costumes not

yet worn by anyone but imagined. The Italians don't want to make pizza anymore, they feel

that work is beneath them. So what's gonna happen? Import labor.

I find it odd this group of people here who are championing personal responsibilty have no

intention of working and keeping their own house functioning. That work is beneath them.

But bitching, Hell Yeah!

LOSERS in Germany and America.

Vasilisk's picture

Yes, yes. The right will be to help Hitler rape Russians.

Son of Loki's picture

'Merkel Out!': Germans Vent Fury After Cologne Refugee Attacks


"Merkel has become a danger to our country. Merkel must go," one speaker earlier told the 1,700-strong crowd, which loudly echoed the call, expressing their anger at Germany's 1.1-million-strong migrant influx last year.

"Tolerance is the final virtue of a dying society," read another banner in the protest, organised by the local chapter of PEGIDA, the self-styled "Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of the Occident".

Xibalba's picture

because no Ruski has ever done that?  Russians raped many Germans .... smh.  We're all people.  The more you dehumanize the past and claim 'Hitler', the easier it becomes for you to justify the darkness in your own heart. 

And how many generations will you blame for for the Eastern Front?  You are part of the problem with society these days, and in the days to come.  I will visit your grave and spit on it.

Vasilisk's picture

When Russians plan to exterminate Germans like animals? That what planned to be done - stab russians and settle it's land with german. No fucking way people - we not some Mohikan on american continent.

Read something about Plan Ost.

Never heard about that?

Russians raped Germans... village of my grandma was burned out with its inhabitants inside by retreating germans... Tell me about it... You will wellcome someone if see burned bodys of kids by someone that treat you like subhuman? I wonder what another nations will do on russian's place. Meanwhile rapes of german woman was not wellcome in Soviet Army by evil comisars and was judges and bullet in forehead. That was not for german troops who fuck russian female. Feel the difference if you can.


===We're all people.  The more you dehumanize the past and claim 'Hitler', the easier it becomes for you to justify the darkness in your own heart.


What was Hitler idea - for my people - extermination. Well, i don't see reason which light he could bring to me, to russians. If he something positive to you that's your way.


===And how many generations will you blame for for the Eastern Front?


Someone said abot Patton's word that we, americans, must fight with another foe.

===You are part of the problem with society these days, and in the days to come.


Yes of course. Me and only me. Not you, shiny. Main problems of society of these days that people don't grow out from monkey's motivation - fuck, eat, dominate. And most motivated monkeys we see on top.


===I will visit your grave and spit on it.


Keep dreaming.

WorkingClassMan's picture

Exposure to diversity is always a good thing though, right?

Chris Dakota's picture
Chris Dakota (not verified) WorkingClassMan Jan 9, 2016 5:43 PM

German guy told me "They want to keep the factories in Germany. Germans won't do that work, these people

are the new factory workers." He also said the first people who came before the war started, smart enough to know what was coming, were highly educated such as doctors, lawyers, engineers and are working in Germany. These people have few skills and are slated to do factory work and that Germany can not afford welfare for all of them many don't really want to work.

I remember in the 80s the governments in Europe offered to pay citizens to have children and they said that it was too expensive. More like too selfish. This they knew was coming.

makes sense

PT's picture

"Don't want to work" is code for "don't want to work for nothing".  "Willing to work" means "was starving to death before, anything is better than the old country, I still don't understand the pricing system in the new country".

"Too selfish"?
1.  If you can't afford to have kids without govt bail-outs then don't have kids.  THAT IS CALLED TAKING RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR ACTIONS.

2.  When childless taxpayers pay for other people's babies, WHO ARE THE SELFISH ONES??????

Chris Dakota's picture
Chris Dakota (not verified) PT Jan 9, 2016 7:01 PM

1. They were offered gov money to have kids so that  it could still remain Europe and not end up like this.

2. Childless taxpayers need to pay tax too, so that the country keeps functioning.

We are seeing what happens when people drop out of traditional life, kids, working in factories.

If you want that then don't blame the new workers or the government. Collapse would be what

comes after.

you sound irrational, I am facing the reality of this situation.

Do you think the nude girl is planning on getting a job? No, she wants to be paid to protest, create art, be a rock star....not work in a factory. The West is dying due to selfish Westerners.


I am manufacture, its how I support myself. I am not above that, its called work.

PT's picture

1.  Why were they not simply paid enough?  Why did govt have to have any input?  Short answer:  Bankster loans pushed the price of housing through the roof.  Pay rises are useless when the price of housing rises ten times faster.
How are single people supposed to build businesses when the excess money they have by remaining childless is stolen from them by the govt and given to the irresponsible baby factories?  Oh, that's right.  All problems can be solved by BORROWING money and saving is selfish and ineffective SAY THE MONEY-CHANGERS.

2.  Straw-man argument.  I wasn't arguing about paying taxes.  I was arguing that the childless should not have to pay for others to have children.  IF THE GOVT PAYS PEOPLE TO HAVE BABIES THEN THE NET RESULT IS THAT THE CHILDLESS PAY MORE TAX THAN THOSE WITH CHILDREN, THEREFORE TAXES OF THE CHILDLESS PAY FOR OTHER PEOPLE'S BABIES.  Can't afford to have kids?  That is a wage problem, not a govt subsidy problem.  By stealing the savings of the childless, you are stealing potential business investment money and using it to create unemployed people ... creating an endless cycle of the "need" to "subsidize" people so they can have children.  You are breeding irresponsibility into the system.  Those who try to pay their own way go childless.  Those who expect hand-outs from others can have as many children as they like.  Where the fuck do you think that leads???

3.  Do you think people don't like to fuck?  If people choose to not have kids, there's probably a damn good reason for it.  If the people choose to die out, then perhaps the slave-traders should have cut them a better deal.  But instead of admitting that the current deal is unsustainable, they bring in the cheaper, more desperate slaves.  You bet the old slaves don't want to work.  Not for the wages and conditions that are acceptable to the new slaves.  In a choice between hell and nothing, some of us choose nothing.

Chris Dakota's picture
Chris Dakota (not verified) PT Jan 9, 2016 8:00 PM

Don't be unhappy when you see foreigners. When I see them I am going to say to myself my ex and I  had only one child and my current husband had no children.

Hispanics find joy in having children not so much in monetary success. That you will see if you live near them.

White people want vacations, cars, houses, clothing, plastic surgery, toys, pets.

Working is not slavery, it is supporting yourself. I have never been bitter about that.

True Blue's picture

Oh bullshit. It is called being responsible enough to pay for kids and whatever else. It is kind of hard to raise a family outside the trailer park, when 1/2 of your hard work and time is stolen at govern-point to subsidize someone else's lifestyle and bad choices. (According to TurboTax, in NY you work every day from 8 AM until Noon just to pay taxes.) Maybe if Americans could spend 50% more time with their families for the same take home pay; instead of paying for someone else's families...

I got to see this first hand time and again in the construction industry -I had to pay 1/3 of every dime I earned to the govern-beast, whilst illegal aliens (paying No taxes) could undercut my 'Top Ramen for dinner all month' bids on contracts by at least 25% to 35%. More than that, because they were also willing to live (illegally) in overcrowded housing unfit for pigs; dressing their dozen squalid brats from charity and the Salvation Army, letting TANF and SNAP pay for their kids food (because the kid is a 'citizen' for being plopped out on this side of the Big River) letting the emergency room eat it on the costs of their healthcare, and letting the rest of us pay for everything else, like suddenly overcrowded schools and the need to hire English as a Second Language teachers; duplicating written materials in English and spanish etc. etc. etc.

It is easy to have a big family when someone else is paying for their own AND yours.

Chris Dakota's picture
Chris Dakota (not verified) True Blue Jan 9, 2016 8:44 PM

You guys are all bitter and don't want to pay

for the basics services. I got a clue for you

go make more money

sheesh....grow up.

PT's picture

Grow up?  The one who expects others to pay for her children asks those who try to live within their means to grow up???

For the braindead, we'll try once more:

What if everyone had kids?  Would you still expect govt handouts for the upkeep of those kids?  Why? You pay the govt $100 in extra tax so the govt can give you that same hundred dollars back again to pay for the upkeep of your kids?  Except it is no longer $100, it is $90, because $10 was needed to administer the scheme.  Your bullshit only works because some people are childless. 

Some people are childless through choice.  Other people are just ugly losers.  Either way, you expect ugly losers to help contribute to the upkeep of your kids.  I call that a kick in the guts to those who are already down.

Chris Dakota's picture
Chris Dakota (not verified) PT Jan 9, 2016 11:26 PM

Can you even read?

I never asked anyone to pay for my child.


My kids, I had one child in the 80s, I never got a dime from the US government.

you sound crazy!