"They Want To Occupy Poland Again" - Merkel, European Union Compared To Nazis In Latest Diplomatic Spat

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Ever since the Polish Law and Justice party (PiS) party won elections in October on a Eurosceptic platform, relations between the formerly staunchly pro-Europe Poland, and the European Union have been on a sharp downhill slide, and earlier today they hit a rock bottom when Poland's justice minister dismissed an EU commissioner's criticism of new media regulations as "silly" in a confrontational letter which according to Reuters, "marked a low in the new government's relations with the bloc and the commissioner's home Germany."

It got so bad, Poland pulled out the Nazi card: minister Zbigniew Ziobro questioned Berlin's own record on media freedoms and alluded to Nazi Germany's occupation of Poland during World War Two in the message to EU commissioner Gunther Oettinger.

The reason for the spat is that Oettinger, responsible for the bloc's policy on society - which supposedly means Brussels' current propaganda director - said last week the EU's largest eastern member should be put under supervision over its plans to put Polish public TV and radio broadcasters under state control and to change the makeup of the constitutional court. The EU executive has written to Poland asking how the new media law, giving the treasury minister the right to appoint heads of state-run broadcasters, tallies with EU rules on media freedoms.

The response was scathing: "I am not in the habit of replying to silly comments on Poland made by foreign politicians," Ziobro wrote to Oettinger in a letter published by state news agency PAP on Saturday.

"Such words, said by a German politician, cause the worst of connotations among Poles. Also in me. I'm a grandson of a Polish officer, who during World War II fought in the underground National Army with 'German supervision'," he said.


The National Army was the main Polish resistance movement during World War Two, while "supervision" appeared to be a reference to the Nazi occupation of Poland.

The vocal defense promptly turned into an even sharper offense when Ziobro, whose party advocates higher state spending and conservative Catholic values, also accused German authorities of trying to cover up news of attacks on women in Cologne on New Year's Eve.

"I came to a sad conclusion that it is easier for you to talk about fictitious threats to media freedom in other countries than to condemn censorship in your homeland," Ziobro wrote.

There was no immediate reaction from Brussels or Berlin to the letter. Meanwhile, Poland's foreign minister summoned the German Ambassador for a meeting tomorrow in connection with anti-Polish remarks by German politicians as relations between the two formerly close nations disintegrate.

Finally, assuring that the diplomacy between the two nations is impaired for the foreseeable future, the front page of the Polish Wprost weekly, one of the more popular media outlets in the country, showed the following picture of Merkel, and the EU Commission cronies Juncker, Oettinger and Schultz, with the title "They want to supervise Poland again." Which, as Reuters explained above, means "occupy."


We find it ironic how, for a continent that has supposedly overcome the tensions of its turbulent past and which is pushing for even deeper economic, social, and cultural integration with every staged financial, social and political crisis passing day, its various nations are so willing to remind us that absolutely nothing is forgotten (or forgiven), and that a United State of Europe is about as grand a pipe dream as they come.

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knukles's picture

Yes, the NWO does indeed wish to assimilate Poland. 
One country at a time.
Resistance is NOT futile.

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"I came to a sad conclusion that it is easier for you to talk about fictitious threats to media freedom in other countries than to condemn censorship in your homeland,"

Imagine, an elected incumbent European politician speaking truth to power.  How would have believed it 1 year ago?

highandwired's picture

Hey Tyler,


there's been another chemtrail plant explosion in China:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mynwBknrR_g


here it is from the People's daily China:  https://twitter.com/hashtag/Lengshuijiang?src=hash

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Meanwhile, Poland demands multiple permanent NATO bases to be built on its territory, claiming that Germany’s long-standing Veto has been the only obstacle.


cherry picker's picture

One good reason for Canada to leave NATO and to stay away from the ME and to quit kissing Israel's ass.

Haole's picture

...and that is never going to happen as long as the majority of Canadians are brainwashed sheep to the fullest extent of the definition, indebted deeper than many on the planet, and enamoured with sunny-days-blathering, selfie-taking, skittle-shitting-unicorn-riding leftist, NWO-jaggar-sucking, liberal mascots for national destruction.  All the while financing/aiding in the criminal nightmares being perpetrated in the ME, Ukraine, etc.


IndyPat's picture

You have a way with words, brother.

Fuckin A. All that goes X10 for the failed state just south of Canada.
Time to flush out headgear in many, many countries.

Scooby Dooby Doo's picture

Scooby hates The Nazi! Boo Nazi! Go crack yourself in the head with a champagne bottle!

Jack Burton's picture

Excellent post +100.

The duality is amazing. You have fascist policies abroad mixing with the leftists self hating white liberals demanding that Canada be made into a third world hell hole with Open Borders. And all those Ukrainian Nazis out west. I know several that I met in the past. Their minds are an amazing thing, it is still 1944, and they want to fight the Reds more than their allies the Nazis. Yet it is 2016! Mindwarp!

Tarshatha's picture

One good reason for Canada to leave NATO and to stay away from the ME and to quit kissing Israel's ass.


highandwired's picture

I am from Poland.  Poland is a vassal.  Poland did not exist for 123 years and do you people know why?  Because the corrupt, criminal bankster controlled politicians sold out the country and it's people to the occupiers just like they did to the EU! 

McCormick No. 9's picture

Iron shall not mingle with miry clay.

CheapBastard's picture

I'll still have to side with Poland [and Czech people and Hungry] since those are the only safe ones for Westerners to visit anymore without being attcaked by a gang of african/arab muslim thugs.


I'd like to see the tourist number this next year for Germany and France. Also publish the attacks and muggings ...which I am 100% sure they will not. Even my own tour agency told me not to vist anywhere in southern Europe or any part of Germany this year.


Even Spain is too dangerous with africans beating up elderly Spaniards there:




Hard to understand why they don't round these people up an deither send them back home to the jungle or lock them up for >20 years.

Haus-Targaryen's picture

Still doesn't matter, the Poland A/B theory is reemerging.  


But I digress.   



I'd love to hear commentary from the Polish ZH readers on this.  I'd like for them to note which part of Poland (A or B) when commenting.  

IndyPat's picture

Seems like a lot of divide and concur bullshit to me.

More tools to subvert any country from becoming a strong unified nation.

highandwired's picture

"Divide and concur bullshit" works because all these sleazebag politicians are paid off!


In January of 2015, Nigel Farage says this to the European Union President Donald Tusk, who is Polish:

"You're the newest Polish émigré

and you've gone from a salary of 60 thousand Euros a year to 300 thousand Euros a year

so congratulations, you've hit the EU jackpot!"  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x6uiuStbRNM

Expat and Happy's picture

I've been in southern Poland for over 7 years now.  In Krakow, it being a university city, there are a lot of bleeding-heart useful idiot liberals.  However many of these are from other countries, both from around the EU and around the world, while most of the liberal young Poles I've met tend to be to the right of, and much less bleeding hearts, than those from western countries.  That being said, there are a lot of young, conservative Poles as well.

Now that I've moved out to the country, it's an entirely different scene.  I've yet to meet one Pole who agrees with the mass immigration, and most view Merkel as a criminal as opposed to a potential ally.  Many ask why she is doing this?  I answer, either she's an idiot or she knows exactly what she's doing.  It takes a while for them to understand, but many actually do.

I hadn't heard of the A and B theory before, but I live in a place that is solidly blue on the first map.  That would indicate over 50% PiS (conservative) party, and jives with the feeling on the street.

When people find out that I'm from the States, they always ask about Obama.  The vast majority express relief and acceptance when they hear my opinion of him.

highandwired's picture

All of this has been planned for a long long time my friend. 

Just as you, I have emigrated from Poland as well.  Now live in Canada. 

They are doing the same thing to Canada. 

MILITARY planes are bringing in "Refugees" to Canada! 

Military planes?  WTF?  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sx2haIRJHeY

Europe is becoming a warzone just like Canada will become so get ready to defend yourself. 

monk27's picture

I happen to know Canadians very well and I've always been shocked by their apparently ingrained level of self-delusion. They like to think of themselves as being such a great country full of superior people, when in fact they live in a mediocre (resource based) economy, have a terrible weather for most of the year over about 90% of their territory, and most of their people, while not inherently bad, have been thoroughly brainwashed to become statist clapping seals. On top of everything most Canadians (less 1st gen immigrants), having very little personal exposure to the outside world, tend to suffer from a deep inferiority complex, especially when it comes to US and UK.

Right now, instead of counting their blessings, many Canadians look baffled and somewhat offended that many refugees don't want to relocate to Canada, despite being offered the chance:


Go figure...

Qynsen Choc Chip Cookie's picture

It is rather simple. It's not as much about the territorial division, as it is in the mind of people. 

Poland A, western, biggest cities, pro-european, always welcoming kind masters from Germany, a type of african colony in the heart of Europe; as long as I get pat on the back, I couldn't care less about the untermenschen, that only on paper are my countrymen; 

Poland B, had to struggle more with Russians, so they're patriotic, would rather have their own country, build strong society, have their own tradition, customs etc.; the fact that something/somebody is from the "West" is not a legitimation of quality in itself;

Now, it is still simpler to understand; German companies have taken over quite a few industries in Poland, of which most notable are media (TV, radio, press) and financial institutions; According to Global Financial Integrity Report, Poland is in top20 countries in the world with regard to illicit outflows, that amount to sth like $9 bn per year; 

Polish gov plans to change tax system, so that multinational companies can't transfer most if not all of their profit outside; cost to these corporations is estimated at $1.9 bn per year; 

It's not hard to understand, that for (mostly german) companies, it is another variable in the equation; Poland has very long tradition of traitorhood; people losing their power, and money, often seek help from abroad (the party that has ruled Poland, literally ruled, they had majority in parliment, president, judges, etc, PO [Civic Platform] lost in the last election / btw. the leader of that party had a soft landing, and is a President of European Council now)

So it's not a surprise when you hear that George Soros is "investing" something of a range $5-10 mln in la'resistance; that "polish" journalists cry out loud about all the injustice, that "polish" constitutional judges, making around 10-15x average persons salary are quite unhappy with the changes in the country; 

It's quite easy to divide people, and Donald Tusk was a master of that, especially after the president of Poland's death in plance crash in Russia; ever since, they've been trying to paint a picture of ubermanschen, corporate-workers, big-city-life fellows, pro-european and uncritical; and these untermanschen, less educated, catholic, proud to be Polish (blah) folks

It is quite complicated :)

WTFUD's picture

Poland C - the numbskulls who are in Kiev training the Right Sector.
Remember body and not head shots.

Totentänzerlied's picture

They west slavs have dreams of leaving the EU and forming a new Intermarium, replacing one suicide pact with another.

Germany and the EU will give the former bloc countries (the most hositle to immigration in the whole of Europe, excepting Finland) just enough rope to hang themselves with. Russians will watch with no small degree of schadenfreude, as befits a scorned suitor.

PolishErick's picture

Poland "B" is usually a derogatory joke about the eastern side of poland (Bialystock, Suwalki, Przemysl, Lublin, etc.) it is not a real divide. Its just that in the east it is still much more rural, lots of small farms, poor but happy people (the biggest joke will be that these folks will probably end up wealthiest, as they own their land for the most, while in the west and in the cities alot of real estate is in a bubble and mogadged up to the nose). If you look at for example Hooligan truce pacts they criss cross the immaginary line between eastern and western/central Poland (or A and B as you like).

Silesia might be an issue- although alot of Silesians (myself included) are loyal to Poland, and in early XX century (after ww1) Silesians fought 3 uprising for Greater Silesia to be a part of Poland (against verdicts of superpowers)... or cities like Poznan and Wroclaw- lotsa libtards in love with Merkel and all things german, also ze gerries claim those teritories to be theirs (cos their historical education got reduced to make room in the curriculum for gender studies, I guess)

spellbound's picture

Because the protocols of the elders of zion state that one of the goals is that "we will mix your races". Notice that israel is not accepting any refugees.

Countrybunkererd's picture

Neither is Saudi Arabia...

Neither is Russia...

Neither is Japan...

I am not certain, but i think neither is Australia...

This idea that zionism is the root of the worlds problems is astounding.  I didn't see ANY "average" Americans jumping up and down against our wars on two countries the first several years of the 21st century... and you still don't.  That goes for pretty much any western country.  Now you have a few, not average citizens mind you, but a few stand out now.  The blame lies in the blind stupid sheep of the world being blindly led by the power elite whoever and wherever they are (NOTE: most are outside of your zionist camp).  So to the point, are the Saudis, Japanese, Russians, and Israel colluding to collapse the system or are your views skewed by your worldview (or are mine skewed?)?

When the world is on fire, as it is now, finding an easy target for the problems, and to unite a people under false ideas, isn't the way to go forward it is the way to speed up confrontation.  Yes zionism has a role, but so does every other ideology in every country at the table.

True Blue's picture

The blame lies in the blind stupid sheep of the world being blindly led by the power elite whoever and wherever they are

Assume that the sheep aren't blind -do you see a different outcome? The sheep don't get to tell the sheepdogs what to do. The 'power elite' are the 'power elite' because they have -what was it, 'power' and are 'elite'. A man with a gun can control 100 without guns; what does that say about a man who can order 100 STASI thugs to your door...?

I didn't see ANY "average" Americans jumping up and down against our wars on two countries the first several years of the 21st century... and you still don't.

Ummm, I certainly did and do -only now, about half of the ones who were against it when the Shrub was doing it are oddly silent.

The problem comes down to accountability. No government in the entire history of mankind has ever been held accountable for its actions except for very rare, and sickeningly bloody revolutions or outside invasion. No -ism can gain traction if the governors know that the governed will not tolerate it, and there are real consequences for failing the people they are supposed to 'represent'.

popeye's picture

Thank you. Sensible comment.

beijing expat's picture

Thats not crime.  Thats social justice.  

Kayman's picture

My bride's parents came from Poland- fluent in Polish, German and passable Russian.  They never knew who the new masters were going to be.

And the border between Poland and Germany moved around so many times it was/is the eastern equivalent of Alsace-Lorraine.  They just wanted both countries to fuck off.

Countrybunkererd's picture

Poland has had issues for centuries.  Centuries ago they utilized outsiders to govern themselves, giving rise to the feelings of other european countries that they need outsiders to govern them because they can't do it alone... I don't suggest it is true, only stating historical truths.

Jack Burton's picture

Worse than Poland is so called Ukraine. Go back in history, there has never been a nation of Ukraine, intil 1990 and collapse of Soviet Union. Then the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic was made a nation by default!  Including large areas never a real part of any Ukraine. West Ukraine, Galicia only became part of USSR in 1939. Now IT claims to be the rightful heir of all Ukraine? Nuts, toally nuts. Non Ukrainians claim to be Ukraines leaders, and claim territories never Ukrainian either. Poland at least was at one time a major European power and ruled much present day Ukraine.

Perimetr's picture

Seems like the banksters (i.e. the Rothchilds) have the same plan for every nation: control the currency through the Central Bank they establish there. 

Once you control the money, you have all the power you need to run things.

High octane's picture

It looks like history is repeating itself. We are now in `32. We have changed `29 crash with long recovery into  slow capital destraction. Next step militarysation and next war.

Looney's picture

Hey, Poland!

 Why dontcha join BRICS instead the EU and NATO? ;-)


cigardawg's picture

Frau Merkel and Herr Juncker look awfully cute in their uniforms. Perhaps they can get cleaned up and go play outside, as the house is starting to catch fire.


MrNosey's picture
MrNosey (not verified) knukles Jan 10, 2016 10:20 AM

It has been rumoured that Merkel is the 'daughter of Hitler' which may explain her behaviour......


caconhma's picture

Merkel has Polish roots.

Barefooted_Tramp's picture

The Germans are indeed bigots critzizing Poland for abolishing freedoms of the Press and at the time blocking readers comments in publications like 'Der Spiegel' under the pretext of 'lack of netiquette' and 'racism'.

CheapBastard's picture

Exactly! 'The pot calling the kettle black,' when German media squashed media coverage of the brutal Europe-wide attacks and rapes of white European women.


Where's the media coverage there, Deutschland?

MalteseFalcon's picture

When the media serves the state to the absolute detriment of the people, don't even talk about freedom of the press.

It's BS.

Such media should be shut down.

Kayman's picture

Lots of holes in the old dike (sp) and not enough fingers.

Excursionist's picture

Let's not forget (or under-appreciate) the pressure Germany has been exerting on social media companies to fall in line.

Exhibit A is Merkel's scolding of Zuckerberg last year:  http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2015/sep/30/angela-merkel-caught-on-hot-mic-confronting-mark-z/


highandwired's picture

I put that picture of Angela Merkel right next to Klara Hitler, Adolf's mother, in one of my video's: 



justdues's picture

So you,re saying Merkel is a German patriot ?

yogibear's picture

With Merkel having come from East Germany it's understandable. 

Maybe re-institute a new version of the East German Stasi.

MalteseFalcon's picture



Good one. 

Prussians gonna be what Prussians gonna be.

The Saint's picture
The Saint (not verified) Jan 10, 2016 10:14 AM

Europe had better start confronting the Muslim invasion and stop bickering amongst themselves.  They are on the verge of losing the continent to the mongrel dogs.

Winston Churchill's picture

Then stop bombing, or being complicit in bombing , countries in the MENA.

The refugees are merely the symptom, not the cancer.

Getting sick and tired of the non thinking bigots on the board.

Try using that thing between your ears for critical thought.

debtor of last resort's picture

Yeah, let's bomb Hungary and Poland. Those refugees are welcome in my own house.