Man Who Stormed Paris Police Station With Meat Cleaver Tied To German Sex Attacks

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Angela Merkel just can’t catch a break these days.

The “Iron Chancellor” was already under intense pressure to effectively repeal Germany’s open-door policy on Mid-East refugees after attacks in Paris left 130 dead and a bomb scare in Hannover forced the evacuation of two soccer stadiums. Then, on New Year’s Eve, hundreds of men purportedly of “Arab origin” sexually assaulted women gathered in Cologne’s city center in what has been variously described as a premeditated mass attack.

Over the weekend, some 1,700 people showed up for a PEGIDA rally where demonstrators held up signs carrying slogans such as “Rapeugees not welcome.” Some speakers at the event called for Merkel’s ouster.

Now, we learn that the man who last Thursday ran into a police station in northern Paris shouting “Allahu Akbar” and waving a meat cleaver spent time in a house for asylum seekers in Germany. That residence was raided on Saturday when German police, acting on a tip from French intelligence, stormed the building and found SIM cards, “documents” in Arabic, kitchen knives, and a banner reading “Islamic State forever” hanging in the kitchen.

(investigators search the refugee center in Recklinghausen)

At this point, no one appears to know exactly who the man is because according to various accounts, he's used "at least seven" aliases over the years. “What we know today is that the identity the investigation had focused on at first was not the right one, that he is probably of Tunisian origin, that his name could be Tarek Belgacem and that he could have stayed in several European Union countries,” French interior minister Bernard Cazeneuve said on Sunday.

Yes, his name "could be" Tarek Belgacem but he posed as an asylum seeker using the name Walid Salihi. "The man had already been classed by German police as potentially dangerous after he posed at the refugee centre with an IS flag, but he disappeared in December," AFP notes, citing Spiegel. "He travelled across Europe and made (asylum) requests everywhere," German Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere told ZDF television. "He had a criminal past," de Maiziere added.

That criminal past allegedly includes a 2014 arrest for sexual assault in Cologne (no less) where Salihi (or Belgacem or whoever he actually is) purportedly "rubbed the behinds of females' and touched their intimate parts," The Daily Mail says, referencing a German police report. "In February 2014, the terrorist was captured by the police, because he [was] in a Cologne Disco women harassed, took the victims to the rear and in the genital area. In the same month he should beat up a homeless man attacked a passerby, who strangled a roommate," a clumsy translation of Bild's account reads. Here's more from the Daily Mail:

Officially he is registered as Walid Salihi, 18, who was seeking asylum seeker in Germany. In France he said he was 20, Moroccan and called Tarek Belgacem. He also pretended in turn to be a Georgian and a Tunisian.


Police initially identified him as Sallah Ali, born in 1995 in Casablanca, Morocco, a homeless man who was arrested for theft in the Var region of southern France in 2013.


He had been apprehended by police three times during his short time in Germany. He sat in police cells for drug possession, causing bodily harm, threats, thefts and unlawful weapons possession.


A man who shared a room with him in an asylum home told Germany's Bild newspaper: 'He became aggressive very quickly, especially when it came to matters of religious belief.


'All non-believers were 'worthless' to him and had to die.' But using his various aliases he managed to avoid being deported.


On 31 January 2011 he registered as an asylum seeker in Romania, on April 8 that year, in Austria. On October 14 the same year in Italy and on January 8 2013 in Switzerland.


On the 7 January 2014 he registered in Germany and the following month again in Romania. On March 17 last year he registered in Sweden and in August in Germany again, in Recklinghausen.


'It is entirely unclear why he was not rumbled by authorities sooner,' said the Bild newspaper. 'For every offence and for every registration he was fingerprinted.' 

And here's The New York Times:

The man first surfaced in Germany in 2013 after living illegally for five years in France, and had been under investigation on suspicion of dealing drugs and weapons, and assaulting and harassing women, Mr. Jacob said.


Besides serving a monthlong jail term in Germany, the man had also been arrested in France and Luxembourg, the German police said.


But the French interior minister, Bernard Cazeneuve, speaking to the iTélé news channel on Sunday, said he could not confirm that the man had spent time in a center for asylum seekers in Germany, nor that he had sought asylum there.


“It is an information that I cannot confirm, because I am simply not sure that it is correct,” Mr. Cazeneuve said, adding that news media should exercise the “greatest care” in reporting on the man’s identity and past.


The French police took the man’s fingerprints in 2013 when he was arrested in connection with a theft in the south of France, but he appeared to have lied about his identity at the time, telling the police that he was a Moroccan citizen born in 1995, the Paris prosecutor has said.


Several people in Tunisia claiming to be members of the man’s family have told the Tunisian news media that he had no links to extremist groups. But Mr. Cazeneuve did not express certainty about the man’s identity.

Uwe Jacob, director of the local state criminal office which is investigating the man's background put it best, saying "we don't know who the man really is."

But it gets worse. 

The man's friend - or "accomplice" as Bild calls him - was arrested in connection with the New Year's Eve Attacks. Here's Bild again (translated): 

After image information was his cell phone in the first days of January - tracked in Cologne - shortly after the Sex Mob and shame before the assassination attempt. An accomplice, with whom he is said to have committed crimes, had police checks than those involved in the sex-mob. Despite an arrest warrant, they let him go.

So if all of the above is accurate, it's laughably bad for Merkel. Here's a man who openly flouted European immigration authorities for years while embarking on a petty crime spree that included "rubbing the behinds" of females in discos, robbing people, beating up a homeless man, attacking a "passerby", and "strangling" a roommate. And that was all on the way to storming a Paris police station with a meat cleaver while wearing a fake bomb vest and carrying a note declaring his allegiance to ISIS. Oh, and he may have been involved in the New Year's Eve attacks for which his friend was allegedly arrested.

Here's his "asylum marathon" (as Bild puts it):

  • January 31, 2011, Romania 
  • April 8th 2011, Austria 
  • March 14, 2011, Italy 
  • January 8, 2013, Switzerland 
  • 7 January 2014, Germany 
  • 21 February 2014: application for readmission Germany to Romania 
  • March 17, 2015 , Sweden 
  • In August, then the application in Recklinghausen.

When it comes to explaining why Germany should halt its open-door migrant policy, you couldn't craft a better story if you tried. In fact, it's so outlandish that one wonders if it's at least partially contrived.

In any event, you can expect this to prompt still more calls for Merkel's head (figuratively speaking we hope) and create still more social upheaval in a country that is quite literally coming apart at the seams. 

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researchfix's picture

Had it coming then.

Big Corked Boots's picture

His list of crimes makes him sound like the average Brooklyn thug.

Haus-Targaryen's picture

Realty, this is pandemic in the "refugees" coming to Germany.  

The Left wants you to believe this is a "one off" and "won't happen again" and "Thank God for 11 million more on the way for more cultural enrichment."  

The world is becoming a very dark place.  It will get worse before better.  May God be with us all in the coming years.  

Newsboy's picture

Terminal Lithium Deficiency

mtl4's picture

Sounds more like just old fashioned religious brain washing to me.

MANvsMACHINE's picture

I could swear that I've seen that guy jaywalking too.

PR Guy's picture



He just sounds like the average nutjob you can find anywhere these days.

Only difference between him and other nutjobs currenly running around out there is that he's a dead nutjob.

NidStyles's picture

Imagine that, organized invaders are organized....

SheepRevolution's picture

That Adolf guy wasn't to shabby after all...

NoDebt's picture

There's a better than even probability we fought the wrong enemy.

847328_3527's picture

Perhaps after a thousand more rapes throughout Germany, the people will convince Merkul and her PC buddies to change thier policy.

o r c k's picture

That didn't work in Swedistan and it's the rape capital of the world now. And they're still begging for more migrants. Is Germany any different? No, it's not. Only a small minority are upset about the suicide of their culture. Germany is lost. Deutschistan is born. The insanity quickens as more and more Countries accept more and more immigrants. The die is cast. The future is set in stone.

Somewhat Evolved Monkey's picture
Somewhat Evolved Monkey (not verified) o r c k Jan 11, 2016 9:54 AM

I'm curious.


This guy has seemingly been nomadic for at least since 2011 according to this article.


How has he lived/ earned in income? He apparently had enough money to go to discos and travel all over the place at least.


Was it welfare? From which country? Could he have been bagging multiple streams of welfare under various aliases from multiple countries?


Or, has he been on the Islamic state payroll?

Or maybe something else.




the phantom's picture

Very convenient that a dead person was involved in this "crime spree".  Guess he can't really argue that one.  He and Bin laden.

NidStyles's picture

He's doing "God's work" just like the other Tribe members. 

Lea's picture

"Was it welfare? From which country?"

Yes, it was "welfare". Prolly from Saudi Arabia.

"Could he have been bagging multiple streams of welfare under various aliases from multiple countries?"

 Yes, they generally do. From Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Qatar, etc. All tried and trusted US allies.

"Or, has he been on the Islamic state payroll?"

That, too, is most likely the case.

Ghordius's picture

truly iconic: a sheep "revolution" guy writing "That Adolf guy wasn't too shabby after all". let me guess, you like the fact that Hitler was a vegetarian

Haus-Targaryen's picture

I always found it strange he refuse beer.  I love beer.  How can people refuse to drink it.  Seems like a foreign concept to me.  O_o

Ghordius's picture

well, there is this story about the GröFAZ entering the planning room full of generals and bringing the news of Pearl Harbour's attack. and then getting enraged about the generals blinking like sheep uncapable to understand what this means

one side of the story is that the generals did not know where Pearl Harbour was, or what it meant for the war effort

the other side of the story is that the generals were digesting what it really meant: the US giant waking up from his sleep and coming eventually to Europe, too. again

beer? I don't refuse beer when offered, but I dislike the (cumulative) effects of beer, particularly in the long run. Hitler was famous for his rants on those effects, btw

Haus-Targaryen's picture

I dislike being intoxicated as well.  Its just not a feeling I enjoy.  It happens sometimes, a dozen or so times a year, but a good beer or two with a meal or after work -- nothing is better.  

I have found a great Micro-Brewery here in Bad Homburg.  I forgot its name, but if you remind me tomorrow, I'll get you the name.  Best Weißbier I've ever had.    

Ghordius's picture

note I wrote "cumulative effects". it's a careful wording which might, but should not be misunderstood for immediate cumulative effects

BarkingCat's picture

No. I think he is a collector of rare art; especially paintings.

conscious being's picture

Oh, I don't think a lack of lithium is the problem given that NASA is spraying it on us ... all over the world. Youtube

Ghordius's picture

fact is, some are refugees, and some are "refugees". this one was a "refugee". meanwhile, the Left has it's fill of xenophiles and the Right has it's number of xenophobes

"The world is becoming a very dark place"... perhaps, but some carry darkness in their hearts, nevertheless. meanwhile, you are on the record here on ZH for wishing that things get worse... "so that they can get better"

in Scotland you can find supporters of the Scottish National Party that can be fairly denoted as moderate National... Socialists. meaning that they apply for example the principle that oil belongs to the Scottish Nation and so it's revenues, if not the whole business extracting it, should be nationalized, i.e. go to the Scottish state and perhaps even to the Scottish people, in the same manner as Norway does it with their sovereign fund that pays out to all Norvegians

so there is the moderate National Socialist (as well as the moderate National Conservative and even the moderate National Liberal)

then... there is the SA-Brownshirt. the one that prefers wearing a uniform, getting on the street and play violent redress, indiscriminately. with all the ideological understanding of a butterfly, and the tact of an elephant in a constricted china store

and then there is the black-clad SS officer planning for some solution, independently if it's done or not, as the solution of deporting all Jews to a foreign land was entertained

how dark does it need to become to satisfy some people's need for "more darkness"?

you, Haus-Targaryen, nevertheless need to beef up on your understanding of ideology. not because everybody needs to. no, because of where you are. you are where ideology is taken seriously

example: in Western Texas, is completely OK to write "read Hitler, is interesting". big laugh, no strings attached. in Germany, in Poland, there is the expectation that you did read ideology before you write to others to read it, and that you understand the context. at least some of it. (including the very comments you recently did about it. did you really read Hitler, btw?)

otherwise, people will think of you as a wannabe Schutz-Abteilung Brownshirt... just from your comments

in the same way, if I was in Western Texas, I would have to take seriously what locals take seriously... or face consequences. context matters

Haus-Targaryen's picture

Ghordo, I have read both sides of the argument.  Both sides (MK & DK) have their points I cannot disagree with and their fallacies.  

What I will not allow is for the "ideology" of those around me to dictate what I think or believe.  This is a form of intellectual slavery of which I will not take part.  

I think for myself, and find both positives & negatives of almost all tyrannies in the past century save for Pol Pot.  

Did the Nazis, Soviets, Red Chinese, etc., etc., do some stuff very, very, very correctly?  Definitely.  Take a ride on the Autobahn here in Germany as a great example.  

Regrettably, based on what you have just written, you want me to fall into the "everything the Nazis did was bad" camp.  Just like I won't do that for the Soviets (because not everything they did was bad), or for the Nazis, or for even the current power structure in the world -- the good comes with the bad.  

When I reflect on the tyrannies of the past century, I normally end up walking away thinking the same thing about all of them "what unbelievable stupidity." 

Things will get worse before they get better, I am not hoping for it, but it is a reality you need to accept.  Realizing something is going to happen is not the same as wishing it will happen.  

I will admit, I have been on record quite a few times asserting that the Germans could use a good dose of poverty to knock some sense back into them.  I stand by this statement.  Never have I wished for a cultural extermination, which is what many of the Left want, and which is currently going on.  

I find it interesting you tell me I am wishing for things to get worse, simply because I accept they will.  I wonder will you call out your Leftist friends for want things to get worse, and are actively working to make them so.  

Edit: The scariest thing for the German political establishment is the group of people in Germany, who are educated, who are articulate, who are level-headed & who are wealthy.  This crisis is bringing these people to realise that the self-loathing narrative they have been brought up with is incorrect.  These people emphatize with PEGIDA and now support the AfD.  They don't have shaved heads, black boots or white shoelaces.  These people don't live off Hartz IV & don't drive a tuned Opel Astra.  They get up in the morning, they go to work, they pay their taxes, and they talk with people about the realities of the current situation in a unemotional manner.  They talk with people similar to themselves, and the numbers of these people are growing.  I expect in the not-too-distant future the face of the "far right" in Germany won't be the Skin-Head, but an intellectual.  Think of people like Lücke, but 15 years younger, and not afraid to say the current immigration policy is nuts and not all people are the same. 

Edit 2: And now the FDP slides to the Right --

Offenbar stehen doch einige der Flüchtlinge in vollem Saft und strotzen nur so vor überschüssiger Energie. Da stelle ich mir die Frage, warum kommen diese "Drückeberger" in unser Land und treten unsere Kultur mit Füßen anstelle zu Hause für ihr Land und ihre Familie zu kämpfen? Das wäre m.E. richtig männlich. Aber vielleicht läßt man es sich lieber hier gutgehen und macht mal richtig Party, während daheim die Freunde krepieren.

Ich will hier nochmal ergänzen, dass mit diesem Post die Kriminellen gemeint sind, die in der Silvesternacht in Köln, Hamburg und in anderen Orten Frauen belästigt, angegriffen oder sogar vergewaltigt hatten.

Thanks Thomas Fehling 

Ghordius's picture

"you want me to fall into the..."

nope. that's your usual approach, that's your usual expectation, that's possibly part of the culture you come from, or a result of all the propaganda you have been subjected do, I don't know. how often do you read more into what I am writing?

I mean exactly what I am writing, and not one iota more. that's called a frank exchange of views, continental style. and you live on this continent, or at least pretend to

again, two messages. first, there is the national socialist... which can be moderate. or go brownshirting. or even go SS-style, and there are even deeper depths

second, on this continent ideology is important. even more if you want to distance you from ideology, or free yourself and others from ideology. on this continent you don't meddle with ideology with the careless attitude that is OK for Americans in America. on this continent, any sane continental that listens to you advocating a good read of "Mein Kampf" expects you to be proficient in ideology, at least enough to make various differences... a proficiency you don't exhibit here on ZH

like religion, you don't need to believe in ideology to be proficient in ideology. but you don't talk about ideology here if you can't stand your ground about it intellectually

so again nearly every continental listening to you might then make a question, find out that you are utterly non-proficient, and come to one conclusion: SA-Brownshirt

that conclusion might be wrong, but there you have it. part of continental culture is exactly that: you talk about ideology only if you have some grounding in it... or you are a Brownshirt, considering the themes and ways of talking about them you choose

on "...cultural extermination, which is what many of the Left want..." I agree with you. on "...your Leftist friends..." well, there you have it. is it an Americanism? is it a part of your upbringing? a need for projection? you bristle about things I did not write which you nevertheless read in my words, but then engage in the same behaviour against which your bristle against

if you are indeed against "cultural extermination", then take this advice as a piece of continental culture: talk about ideology... if you have groundings in it. do not advise reading books you have not read, or you can't talk about in a continental cultured manner

Haus-Targaryen's picture

I think the problem is, at least from my perception is I am not proficient in your ideology, which is admittedly true.  I know enough about the Contemporary Continental European ideals of fraternity & egalitarianism to blow holes in them big enough to drive a truck through with a few simple questions dealing with the basics of human nature.  I don't need to study your ideology as I know it to be relatively new on the continent, when compared with its history, and thus far is ineffective & socially as well as economically regressive.    

I am quite proficient in my ideology, one of nationalism & isolationism.  While I realize one cannot live in a truly isolationist world given how closely compact Europe is -- I can appreciate the goal of isolationism, as opposed to the current ideologies, which is a fraternal structure based around a group of treaties that are followed when convenient (for example the Maastricht) and then not followed when not convenient (for example the Dublin Treaty).  This inconsistent application of the treaties which you hold so dear with not with the goal of isolationism & nationalism in mind, but fraternity (European Unity) and egalitarianism (we are all equal) in mind.  

While noble, the inherent problem with your ideology is it is fundamentally incompatible with the human condition.  Mine is.  

So you can continue with the ad hominems of calling me a Brownshirt, which I have been called before, and it doesn't bother me in the least, as I know when they get pulled out, I've intellectually won.  The person using them, especially in Germany, and especially ad hominems referring to National Socialism, is scrambling for support from others (because who will support a Brownshirt) or attempting to ignore what I have just said because it is logical, yet incompatible with their ideology, and because they cannot reconcile the two, they label me a "brown shirt" for example, to allow themselves to absolve them self of their intellectually bankrupt ideology, yet to still hold onto it none-the-less.  

Often you remind me a lot of my fiance, as I wake her up out of her Marxist based Green Party voting record slumber.  I believe you when you say you are materially older than I am.  I believe you have spent most of your life investing in this current fraternal & egalitarian economic & social system Europe has built.  I also believe you'll live to see people of my generation tear it apart.

Edit: This is another thing that is horribly scary for the contemporary German political establishment & the EMU's financial policy -- German voters who are no longer afraid or offended to be called Nazis/Goebbles/SS/Brownshirts, etc., etc., As when the fear of being called this wears off, the source of political power for many of these parties (e.g., we have to make amends for what happened in WWII) will disappear along with it.  New parties will be born to reflect the changing demographics of the country and the new ideals that come about as their result.  

I bet you in 20 years from now there is a FPÖ equivlant in Germany with about the same voter base.  

Ghordius's picture

is it really an ad hominem if I state that the way you talk about ideology makes continentals think you are brownshirting? that's a statement of a fact. I might be right, I might be wrong. Am I wrong? Not according to how you yourself write about how you get understood in Germany

"The inherent problem with your ideology is it is fundamentally incompatible with the human condition.  Mine is." you see, here you say that your ideology is compatible with human condition, while "my" ideology isn't. With me being a centrist, among other things. oh, well

again: you are not proficient in French revolutionary terms and you are not proficient in the relatively more modern ideological terms. and you live in a country that expects you to vastly improve on your German language skills. piece of advice: read up on ideology, best in German, then if you talk about it this way in this continent you might be taken for a Brownshirt, from the way you talk about it, particularly the carelessness about ideology that was a hallmark of the SA. perhaps you might want to start with why the SA got slaughtered by the SS. spoiler alert: lack of ideological understanding, excess of other fervors

Haus-Targaryen's picture

I appreciate you think I am not proficient in continent European ideology.  I agreed with you earlier (two posts above) that I am not.  I don't need to be.  It is an incompatible system with imperfect beings -- e.g., we human beings.  

I appreciate the "vastly" -- German is a damn difficult language, which I have been speaking for 3 years now.  Give me another 5-7 and I think I'll be ok.  

Anyone who thinks I am a brownshirt because I encourage intellectually curious individuals to read MK & DK are morons.   

Sanity Bear's picture

not only is it ad hominem, but it's deceitful as well since you are pretending to speak for other people and offloading the responsibility for your own opinion onto unaccountable third parties


if you're going to state an opinion, have the balls to stand behind it

Ghordius's picture

Edit1: my forecast is that they will bring the established conservatives more on the right. and Edit2 is evidence for that, the FDP is already shifting. being at the opposition makes for faster shifting.we'll see

NidStyles's picture

My forecast is that if I point a finger in your direction, you are screwed. 

Non-U's picture

This is not about refugees but about colonization

Lebensphilosoph's picture


meanwhile, the Left has it's fill of xenophiles and the Right has it's number of xenophobes

Right. Now tell me which of those two poses an actual and immediate threat to me, my family and the future of my nation.

Practically everyone of the "left" is a xenophile. Most on the "right" are just exercising common fucking sense.

Ghordius's picture

how about... both? depends if you see the gradual building up of a problem on one side as better or worse then the possible proposed solution... and the consequences therafter

malek's picture

1. Maybe you don't stop there but ask yourself why the gradual building up was/is happening at all?
Might it be the lies of politicians plus the (previous) self-deception of most of the populace?
But I remember how you always defended the politicians when ZH commenters shredded the latest (EU) politician's propaganda - sometimes you did it outright and otherwise along the line "benefit of a doubt". And now you moan about the consequences?

2. So when are you going to emigrate, and -more important question- where to?

Demdere's picture

Have you investigated how often 'common sense' goes wrong in history?  It is often characterized as 'group think'.

The problem here is the monoculture in damn near every area of thought put there by the modern education system and MSM.  We don't have enough different ideas and understandings in the world to work our way through our problems, identical in concept to a disease attacking a genetically uniform population..

Politics, society, business, technology, minds, ... are evolutionary systems.  You win in evolutionary systems by producing heterosis, hybrid vigor, which requires interacting, genetically, socially, technically ...

If your grandkids look and think like you, you are doing it wrong.

It has zip to do with zenophilia, rather understanding of how civilization improves : it requires incorporating new peoples and cultures and extending the research of positive sum games.  You fall into mono-culture and inbred groups if you don't do it enough.  'Pure bloodlines' are dangerous, useful for producing meat in carefully controlled conditions, but fragile to changes.

The idea that we ever had a single core, common culture that united us into one society and was necessary for building our great country is extremely wrong, a fantasy.  And the idea that very different cultures that do NOT assimilate is a detriment is wrong, e.g. the Amish.  But in fact, all other peoples have assimilated, that is how we got here, every one of us is a hybrid of hybrids of hybrids, even recently.  All of Europe was merged with Germanic tribes and again with the Norse and the movement of genes is continuous at all of the edges.

123dobryden's picture

i think Germany will need God in the coming months not years. If not he himself, then at least we can call his back up, 'Party of God'

MrBoompi's picture

So much of these immigration problems, not limited to Europe BTW, play into some people's theories that The Powers That Be are purposefully doing this to fuel domestic tension, justify military policies, and privide public willingness to accept the loss of civil rights.  The media is the mouthpiece of TPTB, so we need to pay attention to how they handle these type of incidents.  This guy was supposedly shouting Alluha Akbar while running into a police station with a meat cleaver.  This seems to point to a serious mental illness, not a terrorist or ISIS-related incident.  And BTW anytime you hear the media use the term ISIS, they are promoting the US psyop.  They mislead you instead of informing you.  

NoDebt's picture

Yeah, but Disco lives on on Europe, apparently:

"the terrorist was captured by the police, because he [was] in a Cologne Disco..."

We were smart enough to kill off disco in the US about 30 years ago.  You would be wise to do the same.


Haus-Targaryen's picture

Discos were exterminated here long ago as well.  Regrettably, the name stuck. 

Buster Cherry's picture

I only went after 12:30am so I wouldnt have to buy drinks for potential sex.

Pre-drunk. Didnt work every time, but close enough.

willwork4food's picture

 WHERE IN THIS does it state that he died??  Seriously, can't find it!

chubbar's picture

"touching women's behinds at a disco". FUCK! I'm a muslim terrorist!

RiverRoad's picture

   "a premeditated mass attack" and well-coordinated:  guerrilla warfare. It's ON Europe and in your face.  Don't you get it yet?

swamp's picture

Such an ugly disgruntled rapist.