The State Of The Nation: A Dictatorship Without Tears

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Submitted by John Whitehead via The Rutherford Institute,

“There will be, in the next generation or so, a pharmacological method of making people love their servitude, and producing dictatorship without tears, so to speak, producing a kind of painless concentration camp for entire societies, so that people will in fact have their liberties taken away from them, but will rather enjoy it, because they will be distracted from any desire to rebel by propaganda or brainwashing, or brainwashing enhanced by pharmacological methods. And this seems to be the final revolution.” - Aldous Huxley

There’s a man who contacts me several times a week to disagree with my assessments of the American police state. According to this self-avowed Pollyanna who is tired of hearing “bad news,” the country is doing just fine, the government’s intentions are honorable, anyone in authority should be blindly obeyed, those individuals who are being arrested, shot and imprisoned must have done something to deserve such treatment, and if you have nothing to hide, you shouldn’t care whether the government is spying on you.

In other words, this man trusts the government with his life, his loved ones and his property, and anyone who doesn’t feel the same should move elsewhere.

It’s tempting to write this man off as dangerously deluded, treacherously naïve, and clueless to the point of civic incompetence. However, he is not alone in his goose-stepping, comfort-loving, TV-watching, insulated-from-reality devotion to the alternate universe constructed for us by the Corporate State with its government propaganda, pseudo-patriotism and contrived political divisions.

While only 1 in 5 Americans claim to trust the government to do what is right, the majority of the people are not quite ready to ditch the American experiment in liberty. Or at least they’re not quite ready to ditch the government with which they have been saddled.

As The Washington Post concludes, “Americans hate government, but they like what it does.” Indeed, kvetching aside, Americans want the government to keep providing institutionalized comforts such as Social Security, public schools, and unemployment benefits, fighting alleged terrorists and illegal immigrants, defending the nation from domestic and foreign threats, and maintaining the national infrastructure. And it doesn’t matter that the government has shown itself to be corrupt, abusive, hostile to citizens who disagree, wasteful and unconcerned about the plight of the average American.

For the moment, Americans are continuing to play by the government’s rules. Indeed, Americans may not approve the jobs being done by their elected leaders, and they may have little to no access to those same representatives, but they remain committed to the political process, so much so that they are working themselves into a frenzy over the upcoming presidential election, with contributions to the various candidates nearing $500 million.

Yet as Barack Obama’s tenure in the White House shows, no matter how much hope and change were promised, what we’ve ended up with is not only more of the same, but something worse: an invasive, authoritarian surveillance state armed and ready to eliminate any opposition.

The state of our nation under Obama has become more bureaucratic, more debt-ridden, more violent, more militarized, more fascist, more lawless, more invasive, more corrupt, more untrustworthy, more mired in war, and more unresponsive to the wishes and needs of the electorate. Most of all, the government, already diabolical and manipulative to the nth degree, has mastered the art of “do what I say and not what I do” hypocrisy.

For example, the government’s arsenal is growing. While the Obama administration is working to limit the public’s access to guns by pushing for greater gun control, it’s doing little to scale back on the federal government’s growing arsenal of firepower and militarized equipment.

In fact, it’s not just the Department of Defense that’s in the business of waging war. Government agencies focused largely on domestic matters continue to spend tens of millions of taxpayer dollars to purchase SWAT and military-style equipment such as body armor, riot helmets and shields, cannon launchers and police firearms and ammunition. The Department of Veterans Affairs spent nearly $2 million on riot helmets, defender shields, body armor, a “milo return fire cannon system,” armored mobile shields, Kevlar blankets, tactical gear and equipment for crowd control. The Food and Drug Administration purchased “ballistic vests and carriers.” The Environmental Protection Agency shelled out $200,000 for body armor. And the Smithsonian Institution procured $28,000 worth of body armor for its “zoo police and security officers.”

The national debt is growing. In fact, it’s almost doubled during Obama’s time in office to nearly $20 trillion. Much of this debt is owed to foreign countries such as China, which have come to exert an undue degree of influence on various aspects of the American economy.

Meanwhile, almost half of Americans are struggling to save for emergencies and retirement, 43% can’t afford to go more than one month without a paycheck, and 24% have less than $250 in their bank accounts preceding payday.

On any given night, over half a million people in the U.S. are homeless, and half of them are elderly. In fact, studies indicate that the homeless are aging faster than the general population in the U.S.

While the U.S. spends more on education than almost any other country, American schools rank 28th in the world, below much poorer countries such as the Czech Republic and Vietnam.

The American police state’s payroll is expanding. Despite the fact that violent crime is at a 40-year-low, there are more than 1.1 million persons employed on a full-time basis by state and local law enforcement in this country. That doesn’t include the more than 120,000 full-time officers on the federal payroll.

While crime is falling, the number of laws creating new crimes is growing at an alarming rate. Congress creates, on average, more than 50 new criminal laws each year. This adds up to more than 4,500 federal criminal laws and an even greater number of state laws.

The prison population is growing at an alarming rate. Owing largely to overcriminalization, the nation’s prison population has quadrupled since 1980 to 2.4 million, which breaks down to more than one out of every 100 American adults behind bars. According to The Washington Post, it costs $21,000 a year to keep someone in a minimum-security federal prison and $33,000 a year for a maximum-security federal prison. Those costs are expected to increase 30 percent by 2020. Translation: while the American taxpayer will be forced to shell out more money for its growing prison population, the private prison industry will be making a hefty profit.

The nation’s infrastructure—railroads, water pipelines, ports, dams, bridges, airports and roads—is rapidly deteriorating. An estimated $1.7 trillion will be needed by 2020 to improve surface transportation, but with vital funds being siphoned off by the military industrial complex, there’s little relief in sight.

The expense of those endless wars in Afghanistan and Iraq will cost taxpayers $4 trillion to $6 trillion. That does not include the cost of military occupations and exercises elsewhere around the globe. Unfortunately, that’s money that is not being invested in America, nor is it being used to improve the lives of Americans.

Government incompetence, corruption and lack of accountability continue to result in the loss of vast amounts of money and weapons. A Reuters investigation revealed $8.5 trillion in “taxpayer money doled out by Congress to the Pentagon since 1996 that has never been accounted for.” Then there was the $500 million in Pentagon weapons, aircraft and equipment (small arms, ammunition, night-vision goggles, patrol boats, vehicles and other supplies) that the U.S. military somehow lost track of.

Rounding out the bad news, many Americans know little to nothing about their rights and the government. Only 31% can name all three branches of the U.S. government, while one in three says that the Bill of Rights guarantees the right to own your own home, while one in four thinks that it guarantees “equal pay for equal work.” One in 10 Americans (12%) says the Bill of Rights includes the right to own a pet.

If this brief catalogue of our national woes proves anything at all, it is that the American experiment in liberty has failed, and as political economist Lawrence Hunter warns, it is only a matter of time before people realize it. Writing for Forbes, Hunter notes:

The greatest fear of America’s Founding Fathers has been realized: The U.S. Constitution has been unable to thwart the corrosive dynamics of majority-rule democracy, which in turn has mangled the Constitution beyond recognition. The real conclusion of the American Experiment is that democracy ultimately undermines liberty and leads to tyranny and oppression by elected leaders and judges, their cronies and unelected bureaucrats.  All of this is done in the name of “the people” and the “general welfare,” of course.  But in fact, democracy oppresses the very demos in whose name it operates, benefiting string-pullers within the Establishment and rewarding the political constituencies they manage by paying off special interests with everyone else’s money forcibly extracted through taxation. The Founding Fathers (especially Washington, Jefferson, Franklin, Adams, Madison, and James Monroe), as well as outside observers of the American Experiment such as Alexis de Tocqueville all feared democracy and dreaded this outcome.  But, they let hope and faith in their ingenious constitutional engineering overcome their fear of the democratic state, only to discover they had replaced one tyranny with another.

So are there any real, workable solutions to the emerging American police state?

A second American Revolution will not work. In the first revolution, the colonists were able to dispatch the military occupation and take over the running of the country. However, the Orwellian state is here and it is so pervasive that government agents are watching, curtailing and putting down any resistance before it can get started.

A violent overthrow of the government will not work. Government agents are armed to the teeth and will easily blow away any insurgency when and if necessary.

Politics will not help things along. As history has made clear, the new boss is invariably the same as or worse than the old boss—all controlled by a monied, oligarchic elite.

As I make clear in my book Battlefield America: The War on the American People, there is only one feasible solution left to us short of fleeing the country for parts unknown: grassroots activism that strives to reform the government locally and trickles up.

Unfortunately, such a solution requires activism, engagement, vigilance, sacrifice, individualism, community-building, nullification and a communal willingness to reject the federal government’s handouts and, when needed, respond with what Martin Luther King Jr. referred to as “militant nonviolent resistance.”

That means forgoing Monday night football in order to actively voice your concerns at city council meetings, turning off the television and spending an hour reading your local newspaper (if you still have one that reports local news) from front to back, showing your displeasure by picketing in front of government offices, risking your reputation by speaking up and disagreeing with the majority when necessary, refusing to meekly accept whatever the government dictates, reminding government officials—including law enforcement—that they work for you, and working together with your neighbors to present a united front against an overreaching government.

Unfortunately, we now live in a ubiquitous Orwellian society with all the trappings of Huxley’s A Brave New World. We have become a society of watchers rather than activists who are distracted by even the clumsiest government attempts at sleight-of-hand.

There are too many Americans who are reasonably content with the status quo and too few Americans willing to tolerate the discomfort of a smaller, more manageable government and a way of life that is less convenient, less entertaining, and less comfortable.

It well may be that Huxley was right, and that the final revolution is behind us. Certainly, most Americans seem to have learned to love their prison walls and take comfort in a dictatorship without tears.

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Cangaroo.TNT's picture

Was that the state of the union address?  I thought I was watching Dumb and Dumber but couldn't figure out what Chewbacca was doing there.

38BWD22's picture



Perhaps if .gov is more incompetent that our citizenry, America might be saved.

The Merovingian's picture

Sadly, .gov is already operating pretty much at peak incompetence, but hope springs eternal that they can always do worse. It is the peak apathy of the Sheeple that is more concerning. The FSA is growing and knows they have to vote for their entitlements to continue, and they will. Hitlary Strong! Forward Soviet!

BobPaulson's picture

Still thinking that changing the sock puppet matters? How cute.

OldPhart's picture

The problem with government is that the 'Peter Principle' and the 'Psychopath Principle' are in equal play:  You wind up with the highest psychopath with the highest incompetence.  When things don't go the way they demand, shit happens.

roddy6667's picture

I'm always amazed how Americans think what they do in the voting booth controls the country. But then, millions of them worship a 2000 year old Jewish zombie and await his return from the dead at the end of the world, which is coming in our lifetime. Meanwhile they pretend to eat his flesh and drink his blood.

On second thought, I shouldn't be surprised at all.

MFL8240's picture

...... government to keep providing institutionalized comforts such as Social Security, public schools, and unemployment benefits, .....


Goverment does not give this as a freebie, each and every item is paid for with tax dollars .

Phoenix Pilgrim's picture

The Abrahamic religion narrative was actually lifted from a prior civilization's story (~2100 BC) in Sumer/Akkadia. Google the Epic of Gilgamesh or the story of Utnapishtim and the Great Flood. There is no physical proof of what peoples carry the genes from the people who wrote the original stories.

It amazes me that so few do any research on the origins of their belief systems.

roddy6667's picture

Islam is a shallow rehash of the moon god worship in the mideast.Anybody who talks to an invisible Magic Sky Daddy is not competent to run a country. They shouldn't be allowed near a voting booth.


__Usury__'s picture
__Usury__ (not verified) Jan 11, 2016 10:47 PM

just end the interest/usury payment on currency/money created Ex-Nihilo...........problem solved....'s picture

The average American is an idiot.  Seriously.

There is no righting this ship.


Ignatius's picture

The system has worked at producing this result ("idiots") and I fear they've succeeded and that your assessment is unfortunately correct.

The federal government is now thoroughly privatized and corrupted and involved in every aspect of our lives.

divingengineer's picture

And half the country is dumber than the average American.'s picture

You forgot to give attribution.


-George Carlin

OldPhart's picture

And the rest are assholes.

- George Carlin

AssN9's picture

Dumber than a second coat of paint - GC

JusticeTBuford's picture

[Bandit and Frog walking through the wooded area] When you tell somebody somethin', it depends on what part of the country you're standin' in... as to just how dumb you are.

Sir John Bagot Glubb's picture

...A testament to federally controlled public education.

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

IOW... You got the 2% who are "Comfortably Numb", and the bottom 90% who are "Willfully Dumb".

SixIsNinE's picture

 i gotta wonder though how many people I "warned" of Peak Oil since Operation Iraqi Liberation, are now smug as a bug that they never paid mind to my "facts" that we would shortly be scarce of the black gold ... glad I was diversified though

check out Saudi Aramco's Manifa Field, stated to pump a 1mbpd - manmade on a gorgeous coast just offshore among the reefs : 

the ZH post :

and here's the scenic docu by Saudi Aramco and sounds like David Attenborough narrating : -  really gorgeous coastline and sealife

pipes's picture

The "idiot" - on his own - will NEVER cause you any real trouble. Indeed, if left to his own devices (and nature), idiocy is largely self-correcting.


It is the "intelligent" who are at the same time WRONG and/or EVIL, who are the real problem. THEY are the ones to be routed out.


You are correct though - there is no righting THIS ship - but recognizing that, make way to the lifeboats...and once the ship goes under, DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES pick up a single wrong/evil intelligent person out of the water and allow them in to your fact, use your oar and hold them under. 

Dragon HAwk's picture

The nice thing about a house of cards, is not everybody has to lean against one of the walls to make it come down.. sometimes it is the smallest amount of a breeze to make one of the cards flutter

KesselRunin12Parsecs's picture
KesselRunin12Parsecs (not verified) Dragon HAwk Jan 12, 2016 12:39 AM

The not so nice about a house of cards is that 2% have an ace up their sleeve.

drendebe10's picture

Watch the movie:  V for Vendetta

malek's picture

It's OK.
But the central point of the movie will be lost on most viewers.

Jack's Raging Bile Duct's picture

The Second American Revolution can occur, and will occur, just not like before. We won't have many unified states within proximity to eachother rallying together, no. We will have one or two states declare secession, which will in turn inspire a few more. The Feds will have no credible context for restraining them, and military action will only garuntee that the whole union collapses. The US will then likely Balkanize.

The greatest risk is what will happen when the dust settles, and people start talking about Articles of Confederation part 2, which will then be used to foist more Federalism upon us a generation or so later. Furthermore, several of the regional groups formed after this dissolution will likely be equally as tyrannical as the Fedcoats are presently--if only smaller in scale. It's not a matter of if the USA will dissolve, it's a matter of when and how.

Sir John Bagot Glubb's picture

Well said.  It will start with a state like Idaho asserting its Tenth Amendment rights and maybe protecting its citizens from prosecution for failure to pay federal income taxes to a brazenly corrupt federal government.  There are many possibilities.  I'd like to see a Hillary Clinton try to take guns away from people in Utah, Wyoming, Idaho, Eastern Washington and Montana.  Good luck to her with that.  

KesselRunin12Parsecs's picture
KesselRunin12Parsecs (not verified) Sir John Bagot Glubb Jan 12, 2016 12:41 AM

I suppose it's those Tenth Amendment rights that are in THE CORPORATION OF THE UNITED STATES (1871), by laws that you refer to.

Demdere's picture

I say again : this country is balanced on a tall needle of high-tech infrastructure.  It is trivial to take down the government, they can't possibly protect it against individual action.

Business, ditto.  Sabotage can take down the gov, and airports are the first obvious targets.

When we have people pounding pots and pans and firecrackers creating enough noise at 9PM every night, airliners will stop flying because they spend so much time looking for bullet holes in aircrafts that were parked there for the night.  That is a good first move, and federal force and espionage doesn't help them at all, because no coordination is necessary with everybody.

Nobody is hurt, clear goals of ending the wars and a 9/11 investgation run by complete outsiders, never any connection with government.  Maybe resignation of Congress, the corrupt bastards.

That wont' be the last move, but this is a game that leaves them defenders against distributed attackers coordinated with the internet but independent of each other.  They can't fight that.

SixIsNinE's picture

 - according to this, the Navy will begin training drills in Washington State across Puget Sound at very public and popular trails, beaches and other public areas.  No oversight.

.... "Beginning in mid-January, Navy SEALs will be practicing unannounced and clandestine combat beach landings across Washington State's Puget Sound and many other coastal areas of that state.

The simulated combat exercises, which will include the use of mini-submarines and other landing craft, will deposit Navy SEALs carrying "simulated weapons" on 68 beach and state park areas in Puget Sound, the Strait of Juan de Fuca and Washington's west coast, unbeknownst to most of the relevant government agencies tasked with overseeing these areas.

Internal Navy emails, two slide shows (which can be viewed in full here and here) and other documents obtained exclusively by Truthout reveal the vast extent of the operations. They also reveal the fact that the Navy labeled the relevant files as "For Official Use Only" and emails as "Attorney-Client privilege," a move that exempts such documents from the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).     and this :

"They have exempted themselves from disclosing to the public the full scope and nature of their actions."

....Well over 100,000 people live on the Olympic Peninsula alone, and Olympic National Park hosts 3 million visitors per year.

"The Navy has millions of acres of Defense Department land to train in. Why do they need to invade our neighborhoods, too?"

"This is particularly galling with Navy SEALs about to conduct insertions, extractions, launch and recovery, special reconnaissance and other activities with 'simulated weapons' in populated areas without the knowledge of the public," Sullivan said. "Training like that cannot be considered anything but RMT. The fact that the public is completely unaware of it because the Navy has not notified them, despite legal obligations via NEPA [National Environmental Policy Act] and policy obligations as described in the SOCOM presentation, is further evidence of its intent to deceive the public and circumvent the law."


August's picture

But you have to have an outlet to the sea.

Bellingham may be the best we can do; this could play havoc with the North Cascades wilderness.

TheEndIsNear's picture

During deer and elk hunting season in Idaho I hear rifleshots echoing off the mountains around me from early morning until night. The gas station/convenience store down the road sells all manner of rifles and pistols, including semi-automatics with large capacity magazines. Idaho is the most well armed state I've ever lived in, and almost everyone here despises the Federal Government and flaunts many of its laws.


drendebe10's picture

.....more likely will have the cojones to pull the rip cord..... 

Hobbleknee's picture

Maybe when the dust settles, people will realize--á la Stefan Molyneux--we don't need articles of confederation to get roads built and defend ourselves.

pipes's picture

I think (and hope) your second paragraph event progression is wrong.


For starters, things will be VERY raw and fresh at that point (post dust). Folks will be post-"PC" to an opposite extreme. I think ANY utterance of anything remotely stinking of federalism will get you marginalized - or worse. 


We will have the benefit of OUR OWN history at that point. We can (and should) write our lessons learned in stone. Where the founders saw fit to enumerate certain things, we should see fit to footnote them within the documents themselves, as one measure against changing definitions and hijacking of history.


I think (and again, hope) that it is a mistake to overlay our current understanding and cycnicism regarding this disfunctional system and the idiot population it has spawned, on to a post collapse/post-revolution America. Like a fever burning through a deathly sick body, the coming events will purge that idiot population. Like always, it is just a matter of the fever achieving it's goals - and subsequently subsiding - while the subject body still lives.

Lumberjack's picture
Arizona woman to attend State of the Union as Obama’s guest


PHOENIX — An Arizona woman who served time for financial fraud and now champions prison reform will be a guest at President Barack Obama’s final State of the Union address on Tuesday. Sue Ellen Allen, now a Scottsdale resident, was imprisoned in 2002 and served seven years behind bars for securities fraud in Glendale. 


This is not an onion story....'s picture

Maybe Obama will be invited to Trump's last SOTU after he is released after several years in prison for HIGH CRIMES in a show of gratitude for President Trumps gracious pardon.



SixIsNinE's picture

the O-Man is more likely to be Celebrity Judge @  the HIGH TIMES Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam after he's turned in the futbol  



Haole's picture

...and the fact he's still there, the reasons for that exactly and why he has not been impeached and/or tried for treason, etc., etc., etc., are the real problems.   Until then we get what we deserve, or the best of the worst like Mr. Trump (God bless him) and the universe just unfolds as it should at any rate...


Demdere's picture

9/11 False Flag is the key issue.  Obama is puppet, ignore him.  The system makes the President now, and it is hopelessly corrupt.

Until we get the Israeli-Neocons and deep state out of our government, we can have no peace, and this march to totalitarian government will continue.  Gulag is in your future.

It can never be fixed from inside, as Whitehead would like. Work up from local? When NSA has a blackmale database they can use to fix a school board election in Eliria Ohio because they know just who to call and what to talk about?  Access to phone records and interenet browsing history is rather powerful information about a person's life.

But maybe when local officials are all perfect and so can't be blackmailed.

Until then, Sabotage is the weapon of the peaceful and friendly.  You can smile with genuine satisfaction as you deprive an oligarch of profits by destroying his machinery.

maxwellsdemon's picture

Sandy Hoax is another chip in the armor of the DC gang.  It is a big chip really because it was run so poorly and it alone can convince most Americans that the DC gang is a criminal conspiracy against them by the bankers.   Robbie Parker laughing when he thinks (incorrectly as it turned out) that the cameras weren't rolling, and only after thinking he is 'on air' does he then go into a contortion of contrived angst is such an obvious anomaly to most sane people in this country that then can begin to question SAndy Hoax, which was a ploy to remove any means of self defense.    EMT's prevented from entering the school, no evacuation of kids seen (Other than the 2 pictures of the same 8 kids being led across the parking lot, kids arranged in different positions at the same place, on what appears to be evena different time and day!!!).  No lawsuits for years until recently when the lack of lawsuits became an issue. 

And for the engineering/scientists just one picture on 911 completely shows that WTC 1 was demolitioned; the rubble pile was actually a crater whose center was at street level, when any collapse should have resulted in a rubble pile about 100 feet tall, not zero feet tall, at the center.   The zero height is statistically impossible; it doesn't matter the way the building was constructed (although the central part of the building did have the most density) or that jet fuel and planes were involved.   The structure cannot collapse but become a crater unless it was exploded outward.   Trying to argue from the dynamics of the collapse may not the most effective way to show that the towers were exploded out from their core (as Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth has done), but seeing that the collapsed structure became a crater rather than a rubble pile might be better.

Pause 1 minute and 17 seconds into this video; a steel pole is seen sticking out from the center of the footprint of WTC 1 and the bottom of the pole can be seen to be at street level.


A high res photo can be seen here (second photo from the top)


Larry Silverstein leasing the money losing towers just 42 days before 911, a lease that ran 99 years!!!, and writing clauses such as getting a billion dollars payout if the towers were destroyed and he was prevented from rebuilding.   He also nearly trippled the insurance money for terrorisism.

Because of the internet, facts are available to all in just a few hours of research.   Facts can no longer be hidden from anybody who bothers to look. Therefore the gullible citizens that refuse to learn are the last of the true believers and they are a diminishing fraction of the country and composed of decreasing intellectual capacity. The DC gang cannot get much traction to carry out it's criminal schemes as easiliy now as it could even 5 years ago. 

SixIsNinE's picture

 yes - but... see's comment upthread about "righting this ship" - the comment with ZERO dissenters


Haole's picture

You may be interested in Dr. Judy Woods' stuff if you haven't seen it.  She comes across as a bit of a crackpot sometimes (don't we all in front of some Lib or something?) but a lot of her stuff is valid.  The rubble piles should have been hundreds of feet high, how did all that reinforced concrete and steel turn into fine powder before it hit the ground?  Not mini nukes, , not conventional shaped charges, not thermite, sure as hell not kerosine... Evidence of Hutchison Effect everywhere.

Anyway, of course Barry is a puppet.

My point is there is no longer the people's will to be free because they don't know what that is anymore.  There is no political infrastructure in place to enact any change, no meaningful personalities with ethics and values.  Even if a meaningful segment the citizenry was switched on and wanted to try.   Trump?  Remains to be seen.

venturen's picture

better hope that Trump Card works

khnum's picture

Available on you tube a Fox affiliate showing 2008 election results two weeks before the election

it is all a bright shining lie

FrankDrakman's picture

yeah? where's your link, then?

Phoenix Pilgrim's picture

I haven't seen that one either. Please provide the link.


Is it the BBC reporter that was reporting on the collapse of Bldg #7 23 min before it occurred?

RiverRoad's picture

More racissssst.