"It's All The Fed's Fault" Santelli Rages, They "Will Certainly Turn Us Into Japan"

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Who is to blame for all this volatility? CNBC's Rick Santelli scoffs at the growing mainstream media's recognition that The Fed is to blame for daring to raise rates - "a group of unelected officials ruining the party and taking away the punch-bowl."

Santelli's problem is that "every time the picture of the world was not what The Fed wanted us to see, they changed the channel," and now they are cornered in their lies, "all along The Fed should have been honest about the true quality of the jobs data.. and now they are force to tell the truth about it, they risk losing all of their credibility."

"The notion that a small group of people should control the price of money should be under review," Rick rages, warning that "if stocks are rallying because The Fed is retreating, we certainly will turn into Japan."


Here is Santelli with two minutes of simple truth...

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"Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation and I care not who makes the laws." 


-Mayer Amschel Rothschild


6.  Read The Creature from Jekyll Island: A Second Look at the Federal Reserve - 5th Edition, by G. Edward Griffin.

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"It's All our fault Fault" Santelli Rages, The FED "has Certainly Turned Us Into Japan because we let them. We deserve everythign that's coming and then some. Planet X, please save us all and hurry up and get here, so we can end this shit show."

I got news for him.

We been Japan for a while already.

Like, since The London Company.

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Sooo, that means we are going to have less sex....holy shit that is really bad.

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Yep, that's worse than being broke!

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Turning us into Japan?   We should be so lucky.

The government is trying to turn us into a turd world shithole.

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That's why Santelli has little credibility discussing these subjects. He works for the BlowHorn [CNBC] and is nothing but controlled oppostion.

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Someone tell him Bear Sterns is fine.

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It's probably time to watch this video (shot in the 80s) again.

Money Masters:


Has anything changed ? Nothing.... things have gotten worse.

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I've been to Japan, and I can tell you, the USA ain't no Japan!


I was never mugged or knockout punched and I could walk ANY street ANY time with no fear of being pulverized by a Soweto son.

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In the 1980's that was the mantra:  we need to be more like Japan.

It scared every on ewhen they bought the Ponderosa and landmark buildings in NY.

I guess "they" got what they asked for.

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Fiat banksterism turned Japan into what is it.

Fiat banksterism will turn this Walmart freak show of a "country" into far worse.

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I consider it a badge of honor calling Santelli out and getting down voted. Obviously, it rubs some people here the wrong way. Why? I'm not sure since nobody bothers to engage is a real argument about his overall analysis and motives for working for the BlowHorn. He didnt say anything new or original in that clip.

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'Support by United States rulers is rather in the nature of the support that the rope gives to a hanged man."


Nikita Khrushchev


Bummed how far in the crapper this nation has gone when i realize that this commi bastard was right all along!  


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wait....are you saying you still get to have sex even though you're broke?! I need to relocate

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Japan has fuckbots. 


Oh you meant sex w humans....

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That's on the males moreso than the females.

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The fed is turning us into a mix of Venezuela Haiti and Zimbabue

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@Hitlery_4_Dictator It is here and it brought a lot of friends:

Record earthquakes, volcano action, gulf stream changes course, get ready and strap in:


also youtube Jeff P or Steve Olson, or

go to allskycam.com where you can see the whole show incoming.

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Good, I've been praying for Planet X to come and save us for some time now. Wormwood please save us. When is it supposed to come, my Wife is going on a cruise in late Feb / Early March? I'd look to Jesus if I were everyone here. 

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And approximately 230 years after he uttered those ominous and prophetic words, the Rothschild Dynasty has now purloined nearly everything via its tentacles of the TBTFs, most central banks, the IMF, the World Bank, the BIS and any number of affiliated organisations like the Bilderbergers, G20 and so on.

Capitalism and Socialism are dead, what we have now is global Financialism.

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__Usury__ (not verified) Setarcos Jan 14, 2016 4:26 PM

I like to call it 'Banksterism'



“From now on, depressions will be scientifically created.”Congressman Charles A. Lindbergh Sr. , 1913

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"The issue which has swept down the centuries and which will have to be fought sooner or later is the people versus the banks."

John Dalberg Lord Acton

With all the wars being waged when are we going to start fighting the real terrorists

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quite using dollars to buy stuff? think we are trapped except for some outlying ideas like, trading labor, like exchanges, trading,  credit union, no debt ect. but, really we are a minor minority.

we are trapped in fiat dolla regime...

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"Put her in the buck" - Luther Campbell

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H_H - Been reading this very organized link; who's who on NWO, timeline history http://modernhistoryproject.org/mhp?Article=FinalWarning&C=2.2

Good resource since the timeline for NWO goes back many centuries ago.

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The RickSter is right on and the fact that Japan has not been destroyed means we can go much further down the road to Insanity . . .

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yes and no?

japan could use global trade and an expanding global debt bubble 

would this have 'worked' for japan in the current global context?

as best i can understand - to the degree that it 'worked' at all - was just a giant can kicking exercise

with global conditions as they are - even if you are the US - i doubt you could kick the can as high and as far this time around.....

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japan has the "advantage" of having a conservative, patriotic, believe in authority type society.

usa fortunately understands that dissent is patriotism, and people are getting fed up with the bullshit (better late than never i suppose!)

add to that, usa has been living on "exorbitant priviledge" (global reserve currency), and when that advantage goes away we have much farther to fall.

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So the bankers who asked for/accepted a bailout are not at fault? Only the fed?

Sounds like the same baby crying over and over again that the fed hasn't worked hard enough to improve the yield for all of the bankers.

The banker class in the west seems to be a brainwashed mass that truly believes that currency is root value, and that value can be created with proper financial moves. They have no concept of the basic truth of their existence, that they're merely trading value back and forth, not creating it.

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yea i feel the same when I see congress cry about the banks or the banks cry about congress. Its like neither group has any big boy pants. 

Im the one who should be crying- just watching my economic fate twist in the wind.

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I want to give him a 10!  ROCK ON BUDDY!  What a tangled web we weave, its so much easier in the end to have been honest and only immature people are the ones who have yet to learn that lesson.

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I dont know, I just work here


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Minions (not verified) Jan 14, 2016 4:00 PM

They already turned us into Japan.

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Close but not yet.  When our 10 year is yielding 23 bps, then we're Japan.

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been saying this for 20 some years. ever since getting into r.e.

lower rates keep the train on the track.

r.e. and treasuries baby> lower to save yesterday...

big pic and math

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 You forgot the </sarc> tag.

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trains have been know to derail...

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At least they didn't flood japan with third world immigrants, destroy the traditional family structure, destroy Christian culture and turn the Japs into a bunch of hedonistic pagans who let their Luciferian leaders lead us into ruinous and immoral foreign wars of detruction. At least they didn't export all their high paying jobs and manufacturing overseas. Does political correctness rule the day in Japan? Do they have the largest incaceration rate in the world as we do? Is their education far overpriced and produce the lowest math and science scores in the entire free world? Does japan have the most expensive and mediocre health care in the world as we do? In many ways, I wish we were more like japan. 

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Yea, but our Pentagram Pure Evil Lucerferian MIC / CIA can bomb, murder & steal some Folks Resouces the best.

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Besides for the Japanese not questioning authority.

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We will go full Japan.  But it won't hold out for long.  The culture isn't there.  Nor is the timing.  Japan gets away it because of culture and timing.  But, that won't stop TPTB from trying.  There isn't any other option.  Well, except WWIII.

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That's a very interesting observation.  Can the U.S. be Japanned without having the Japanese culture.  Hate to say it, but so far the answer has been yes.  As the rack stretches, suppose we will find out if any of the original U.S. spirit remains or not.

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Why cant we find out who the owners of the ny fed are, and please dont tell me this us necessary to preserve the FRS' 'independence.'

What the Fed needs 'independence' from the most is Lloyd and Jamie.

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"What the Fed needs 'independence' from the most is Lloyd and Jamie.".......well, imho, the Eccles Building needs to be flattened, everyone who works there, janitors all the way to the top with THE BITCHkeepsYELLEN, needs to be thrown into a pit and be eaten alive by wild dogs. as far a goldfiend and diamond, they, along with greenspan, geitner, corzone, rubin, bernanke, and ole hank paulson, should be drawn and quartered in public and their semi lifeless corpses be burned on an FRN bonfire on the dc mall. NOTHING LESS.................

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We might have found out more about the Fed if Rand Paul's 'Audit the Fed' bill had been passed in the Senate this week. However, despite having a 53:44 vote for cloture (it needed 60%) it was derailed by a filibuster launched by bought-and-paid-for Fed stooges like Sherrod Brown (OH), Elizabeth Warren (MA), and Janet Yellen's favorite Republican, Bob Corker (TN ) and, of course, Harry Reid.

Ted Cruz didn't bother to show up to vote.

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This will fade just like the Tea Party, Sadly.  Back to Business as usual.  That little Santelli rant was weak....I'm ready for some honest person to fucking unload with a REAL fucking RANT!   When they start demanding criminal prosecutions....well Rick...Take your little porn chart with the two phallic symbols and stuff em up your fucking ass.   Another Media shill.

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He's been ranting like this since '09. Controlled opposition.

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Yup.  His rants relegate him to theater - unfortunately.  Sort of like Nigel Farage.  The interesting thing though is that eventually the dynamic will change.  Just like is happening with Trump.  The formulas will backfire.  And when that does, watch what happens to him (and Nigel, and the like).  That will be very telling.