The Machines Are Going Mad - HFT Quote-Stuffing Desperation Spikes To Record High

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It appears - for now - that the machines are losing control. Amid the chaos of the last few days in US equities, Johnny 5 and his ilk have been quote-stuffing in desperation at the highest rate in history... but it's not working!!


Source: @NanexLLC

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Not working?  ES is going up, that's what they want.

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It's working, trust me. No one will lose confidence in the US dollar but they will in every other currency. There will be record Tbill sales with ultra low interest rates on them. Housing will reach new highs as the world continues to let us spend and borrow with zero or negative rates. No one will call our bluff.  Americans will continue to become more dumbed down as more and more will get hurt by walking into things while looking at "smart" phones. Meanwhile I will continue with my dumbphone and make fun of most retarded Americans who watch the NFL and TV. I will continue to call them sport dorks.  I will most likely contiune to post on ZH, God only knows why because we are the losing team, big time. I will prolly piss off most ZHers because the truth hurts. 


I'm sorry it's not what you wanted to hear. +400

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Takeaction2 (not verified) Hitlery_4_Dictator Jan 14, 2016 3:07 PM

You didn't piss me off....  I agree with you 100%.  This Shitshow will go and go and go and go....until it doesn't.  When that will be?  I always think  "This is it..."  Then they pull the rabbit out of the hat.  I DO think...when it goes, it will go like it did last week...just faster and all the way.  Timeframe is impossible with this corruption.  Deck is stacked, and they keep doing a "Light Shuffle" to keep it going their way.  When that "Light Shuffle" fails, look out.

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I will continue being a chicken little to my family and friends, and when it fails to come true, like it always does, I will lose all credibility. My life will sprial into dispair and turmoil. I will be a pathetic blob that no one wants to be around. 

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It will go on until the shooting starts, so you should be a busy little ant, and getting your shit squared away. 


Learn a useful skillset, get your shooting on point, and get fit as you can. 

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If you're young, join a combat branch of the US military

When things go bad, desert, steal as much gear as you can, and destroy as much as possible of the remainder. 

God bless our boys in uniform.

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As a Veteran I can't recommend that course of action. Our military is not what they will use. They will be using foreign troops just like the Bolsheviks used to defeat the Russian Loyalist Army during the second attempt to take Russia. 


Read up on the Bolshevik revolution. They always use foreign troops that will not hesitate to kill as invaders. Our military will likely be told to stand down while they bring in these foreign troops... 


It's also very likely that they will bring in these foreign troops and tell our troops that they are a part of the special operations community at first to keep the regular line guys off guard while they move in as spearhead groups to secure vital infrastructure and facilities. They want the infrastructure, but not the people that built it or maintained it.  


This is of course, assuming that the foreign troops are not already within our borders. 

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Surely they are here now. 

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I think you misunderstand what is going to happen.  What we are going thru does not end with a collapse.  The PTB can create whatever money they to hold things up.  What they cant do is resolve the wealth inequality issue.  Meaning, this began and will end with politics.  Watch Trump and Sanders.  When the political powers change hands from the status quo to someone that is not in on how "things work", then you will rapidly see things come apart and the status quo will attempt to place blame to regain control.

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My money is on a series of collapses that, if you stand far enough away, look like a big fucking collapse.

What you speak to at the end is called "every man to himself" and I agree with that. It won't be every man, it will be every community, however.

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I can more easily see the US breaking up now than every before as States or groups of States are forced to make impossible decisions - especially when pensions begin to implode.  And that pattern repeating on smaller scales right down to communities and neighborhoods. 

Not one big event.  But what will feel like a neverending series of events.

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Sanders would be a disaster. Good brain, no spine. Plus, he's a fucking socialist. Trump will never be president. He will be assassinated if necessary. Let's just pray for Hillembolism ASAP!

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I'm betting Trump is aware of this and will make it through to inauguration.

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Ted Cruz is a Goldman Sachs guy.

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You do not get to the top of the Federal, State, and many cities without the main qualification is being corrupt to the core or open to being corrupt with few exceptions and those exception cannot get a thing done.


Reagan, what he said has come to fruition.

“A nation which can prefer disgrace to danger is prepared for a master, and deserves one.” - Alexander Hamilton
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Uses assets available.

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Trump is a shill like all the others except for one and people are too blind to see the obvious one who is not.  The same type of people that voted for "Hope and Change" are the same type on the other side of the isle that will vote for Trump in the "hope" for some "change".  The overlooked fact is that Presidents are SELECTED; not elected.  Some overlook the fact that if Trump were not an insider; he would be made to be an insider apart from divine intervention.

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Hillary would look awfully good intubated.

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Collapse, war, and revolution are coming throughout the west, peobably within 5 years.

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Are you healthy?  Loose that and no amount of money can help..I know because I'm there.

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Health is a zero-sum game. If you squander it, you will lose it forever. That's on you though, no one else. 

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Amazing the compassion here; not that I am looking for any, but it does speak volumes about the Scripture says; at the end days the love of people will grow COLD.  You have no idea what I have gone through and continue to go through and the prognosis is only more pain and it never subsides and medicine is of little to no help and I am not yet 50.  I eat healthy and I am not overweight, but it is people like you and the above that grieve me the most because you are the majority and a reflection of a declining society.

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Compassion doesn't come from asking for sympathy. Compassion comes from making sure that you are doing your best for your fellow man, not crying to him about what ailes you. Compassion is keeping your mouth shut about how much you are suffering in the face of your mortality and dealing with it bravely. Compassion is not taking your suffering and sadness to the level of asking for pity from your fellow man, and thus being either a physical or emotional burden upon them.

You can't expect compassion while you are virtually begging for it. That is the status of a person with no regard for the plight of their fellow man, no compassion themselves, and quite honestly the cries of the eternal victim of their own misfortune. People whom truly deserve compassion, never ask for it. People whom are truly victims never ask for compassion or sympathy. 

If you had actually read the Bible, you would know all of this already. Romans 8:14. Follow in his foosteps or forever suffer the plight of misfortune. Only by following in the footsteps he laid out can you expect to acheive peace in Heaven and on Earth. Fight the good fight, and never turn your back in fear of the wretched. 

I hope you figure out how to correct your suffering in the future so that you can better understand what he was trying to say. First clear you mind of self-pity, because God has no patience for those that selfishly ask for compassion. 


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did you loose the 2nd grade spelling bee? loooser...

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Wealth can buy Health in some Countries,you just have to 'Research' your condition and then talk to the Scientists direct and maybe offer yourself up as a "Guinea-pig".

Remember the old saying "There is no pockets in shrouds"

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Wealth cannot buy health, but I suppose it can provide services one might not otherwise have access to to make things more bearable, but that depends on what the problem is and many issues the medical profession has no clue.

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No worries I have family members cover their ears and sing la la la rather than listen to any more of my rants.

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If you turn into a blob, you're fucked. Better exercise and eat right. I do even though I sleep in homeless shelters.  Your health is the most priceless asset of all. Unless you're an idiot and/or delusional, it's pretty straightforward to take care of. I lost my will for a time though, due to a virtually unlimited supply of free cakes and pastries. However, since May of 2015 I have lost over 40lbs in a healthy manner. No boozing and no starving myself otherwise. Just good old fashioned diet and exercise.

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I'm in good shape. Good wheight, I can do 40 pull ups and 100 pushups. 

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Water off a duck's back.

Been telling people for over a decade.  Likely since 1998 that the system was going to fall and why.  And I do not mean the burps in 2000 or 2008.  I have been doom and glooming a long time.  People cross the street now and look the other way...

Ok by me.  One day it will prove true.  Only real difference between 1998 and 2015 is that I am not alone anymore.  There are far more aware people.  Far more.  Just not in my neighbourhood.

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The FED's ultimate plan comes to fruition. 

1) Contain US economic meltdown. Check. 

2) Launder taxpayer money back into the banks. Check. 

3) Export economic damage, hyperinflation and Nuclear Dollar Trojan Horse into the global economy via Quantitative Easing. Check. 

4) Use conservative economic rhetoric to shame other countries into taking the abuse and convince our enemies that we are down and out. Check. 

5) Allow our enemies (BRICS) to spend money they don't have at super low interest credit. Check.

6) End QE, open the Trojan Horse of Strong Dollar policy causing worldwide currency chaos by raising the rate just .25. Check. 

7) Nuclear Dollar Attack on all global currencies and reassertion of US dominance, checking in now. 

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There is no doubt in my mind that this is full blown economic warfare with globalists leading the charge.  One of the goals clearly is to unleash civilian populations against thier own governments.  The old saying that the pen is mightier than the sword really sums it up pretty well.  Perhaps necesary to say that after the pen will come the sword though.

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I don't think the people that you are referring to as globalists aren't united in the least. I think there are three factions. 


The Germanic factions. Facists, nat soc, and Euro traditionalists/holders of the Republic. 

The Jewish/Anglo faction. Zionists, progressives, and anglos that believe that getting into heaven because they helped the Jews (chosenites) nonsense.

The hardcore Leftist faction. Outright open communists and third worlders, which also includes the non-cucked Semities and Arabs.


I think the first group is at war with the second and third group, and there is a lot of infighting between the second and third group even though they are realistically on the same page against the first group. The first group has been fighting a losing battle until recently when the second group over-played their hand and let the exposure of the third group hit the mainstream news in an effort to try and control the narrative that the second group created that was already collapsing. Propaganda is only effective as along as it's the only narrative being presented. 


I think this war has been going on since the US "Civil War". I think the first battles were the French Revolutions, of which there were several over a period of years ending with Napolean. I think the real war kicked off when the US was split by the first and second factions. 

I think the second faction that controls the majority of the media has been very clever in creating a narrative where the first group doesn't actually exist, and is just a few outlier groups of crazy rednecks in trailers, thus making people that would support such an idea as crazy and lone wolf terrorist types.

I think all of these factions are fighting for control over the US and it's infrastructure and military capacity. The US is the crown jewel of Germanic imperial legacy, for very obvious reasons, and this is why the media never acknowledges the size of the non-Anglo Germanic populace in the US. The Zionists seized control once before in the 50's thanks to what FDR and Truman did, and the fight has gone back and forth since then. We can clearly see it by examining the evidence brought forth by Smedley Butler. However the Bushs have since switched sides to the second faction from what I can tell by George's loyalty to the Zionist and Communist ran CIA. 

That is my take on what I have seen and read. 

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Nid - thanks for the post.  I agree.  It is a mess.  There are multiple groups tugging at this - and with thier own internal power struggles as well.  The old saying applies - no honor among thieves.  And the people that have risen to power are pure-bred sociopaths.  Same as the rest of history.

The internet is curious though.  A game changer.  I expect significant moves to clamp down on it coming up soon.  That will be the real warning signal.  The optimist in me thinks the genie can't be put back in the bottle.  The pessimist in me says that if push comes to shove, everything goes to rubble.


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Yes, but you forgot the side effects of what they have down.


1) Create all time high wealth inequality.  Check.

2) Make the political system unstable.  Check.

3) Ignore the fact that there would be political consequences to what they are doing.  Check.

4) Help elect political outsiders that will reshape government and the FED.  Checking in Now



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The idiots at the Fed don't have that many steps in their plan.

Here is their flow-chart:

1) Lower rates to zero, print trillions to monetize the debt and bail-out bank's bad lending and greed

2) Crash the economy because of high debt, exportation of jobs, bubbles

3) Federal government spends trillions on entitlements and war since there aren't jobs at home for the citizens from step 2.

4) If currency has not crashed then Loop to step 1,  else get to the bunker before the riots, Fed audit, and retribution starts

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Hitlery +1.  When I come to ZH and read posts like yours, I realize there is at least some reason in a sea of Murkin' ignorance.  When the NFL comes on and I happen to be with "sport dork" family/friends, I ask about why they banned Bocefus . . .

Hitlery_4_Dictator's picture

Yea Hank Jr is awesome. It's much like how Nascar banned the Confed Flag. We are being marginalized by the minions of the TPTB and the millions upon millions of super uber debt slave sheeple. Pissin into the wind, we are pissing into the wind I'm afraid. 

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Its done.  Cooked.  Finished.  We are in full blown smoke and mirrors territory now.

Anything and everything will be done to keep the power structures intact though.  Heck, one could even argue that what we see as shenanigans are in the interest of national security.  A sudden financial collapse would surely result in all sorts of nasty things.  When viewed from this perspective, anything is possible.


Hitlery_4_Dictator's picture

Correct. But you have failed to see one thing. This has been going on for at least 45 years. 

centerline's picture

I suppose one could even argue that it goes back to Bretton Woods. 

Hitlery_4_Dictator's picture

Right, the real shit started in 1971 though. It's been managed and a total lie ever since. 

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Dates vary depending on when countries jumped on the bank bus.


I think 1913 for US.

Canada was done in by Trudeau the 1st.

Central Banking is the octopus world wide.  Resistance is futile so they say.  But I have hope that what was created can be dismantled.  Awareness is spreading via info sharing that bypasses the media control.


Y'all are just jealous that Johnny Rotten has a bigger higher harder market spike than you do.

HFT Viagra, perhaps ?

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It looks like you pissed off NO ZHers. We are much smarter than that. We know we are on the losing team. Maybe one day Tyler will get tired of trying too. It's over. We lost. Doesn't matter. Who gives a fuck. 

Hitlery_4_Dictator's picture

Agreed. It's over. We have lost the info war.