Atlanta Fed Explains Why It Waited Until The Market Close To Reveal The Lowest Q4 GDP Estimate Yet

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As we noted earlier, the Atlanta Fed waited until the market close to reveal its most dire GDP estimate yet: a paltry 0.6%, matching the 0.6% recorded during the "harsh winter" first quarter: one could be forgiven to think that during today's already chaotic selloff, the last thing traders and algos needed was news that US economic growth had ground to a virtual halt in the quarter in which Yellen decided to hike the interest rate.

Moments ago the Atlanta Fed was kind enough to explain the reason behind this surprising delay for a report it usually releases before noon. The answer: "technical delays" and "nothing nefarious."

Thanks for the explanation.

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Tinky's picture

"We had an intern working on the twitter account, and she kept exceeding the 140 character limit. Apologies to all."

BaBaBouy's picture

""TEchnical Difficulties""

Is It Anything Involving A NAIL-GUN ???

Wulfkind's picture

Yeah...we just disconnect the CAT 5 cable from the router for....ohhh....all day.  It's back in now.    OOooopsies !

Government needs you to pay taxes's picture

Tell the truth.  They were all @ the Pentagon playing that fun new 'Drone' game.  That game gets a Peace-Prize Winner's 2-thumbs up!

greenskeeper carl's picture

That is fucking hilarious that they responded to you guys. I would have no doubt they are well aware of who you are, but I would think they would avoid answering your questions or potentially even leading others to wonder "hmm, what is this zerohedge thing the ATLFed is responding to?" and look it up. If there is another website that has been doing more to erode their credibility over the years, I haven't seen it. They no doubt know this, too.


Keep up the good work, ZH

ThaBigPerm's picture

I can't shake the hilarious image of the Tyler who tweeted the question sitting in the office next to the person who replied.  Probably get coffee from the same pot.

quintago's picture

The guy that triple checks the fudged numbers to make sure they're somewhat correct was taking a bathroom break

Herd Redirection Committee's picture

Aaah, yes, incompetence ever the cover for criminal intent.

Now I wonder why a criminal would say such a thing as "Just technical difficulties"?  

"Its ok, we're just stupid, not criminals"


ebworthen's picture

"nothing nefarious..."  yeah, just hemming, extra starch, double rinse, and a fur-ball in the drain of the Atlanta FED data-washer.  And someone forgot to clean the lint screen in the dryer!  Perfectly normal, happens all the time.

cheka's picture

funny that the paranoid get so defensive.....nefarious?  proof they DO monitor zh

NoDebt's picture

Their reply, dripping with contempt.  I guess we should consider ourselves lucky they condescended to give us any number at all.

Luck Dragon's picture

It's always a "glitch" yet no one knows what the hell that means. Tell us, what was this "technical difficulty" you speak of? Quick! Before you google possible tech "glitches".


"Uhhhh, we had an IP conflict on the proxy due to DDoS attacks......." Come on, make up something. It doesn't even have to make sense. A "glitch" means lie.

runningman18's picture

At the Atlanta Fed the phrase "technical difficulties" is code for - "Something absolutely fucking nefarious..."

DeadFred's picture

It's OK, I wasn't at a computer at the end of the day and I do sooo want to watch the market crash real time. LOL, I was in the bathroom when the bottom dropped out in August and came back to see it already halted. For reals.

Stuart's picture

Dear Atlanta Fed: Bullshit you disrespectful bunch of cretins...  you really do believe the public is this stupid...   where's the rope.

bigkahuna's picture

its only a small fire...

HardlyZero's picture

Tonight is not an accident. There are no accidents.

SuperRay's picture

So based on their use of the word "nefarious" when nothing of the kind was indicated by zerohedg's request, they just presume that people think their activities are nefarious.

WTFUD's picture

Triple Filtered quintago?

Scooby Dooby Doo's picture

Yea how about respond to the request for a fucking audit!

Mr. Universe's picture

From best understanding at the moment the Fed is not one big happy family right now and NY runs the show.  The other banks are said to be less than thrilled with having to continue to report data they know is manipulated.

DeadFred's picture

Wait for the FBI to recommend that Hillary gets indicted. When Loretta refuses the skeletons will come out of the closet. I'll bet the Fibbies know where the bodies are buried at the Fed too.

o r c k's picture

ATLFed likely now on the no-fly list due to this communication (with ZH)

Xatos's picture

There's creedence to that statement, Greenskeeper Carl. I personally found ZH during that pesky little cyber attack that took down the NYSE, Wall Street Journal, American Airlines, and some place called Zero Hedge. 

3Wishes's picture

Its not as if the FED arn't subscribed on ZH ;)

robertsgt40's picture

Just curious.  When was the last time the Atlanta Fed  released info after closing that it normally releases at lunch time?

Truther's picture

No, they simply walked around blindfolded with a large pin to pop something they couldn't nail.

Winston Churchill's picture

Long range paint guns would be better.Metalic paint of course.

Perhaps the Atlanta Fed was getting its jungle drums re strung.


tc06rtw's picture

 …  Their Magic 8 Ball  kept answering:  “Ask again later.”

Occams_Chainsaw's picture

Our system tried to upgrade to Windoze 10 in the middle of our publishing process.  Bill Gates is a fucker...

Government needs you to pay taxes's picture

Keystrokes captured!  All those office drones typing "FUCK THE FED" "FUCK THE FED" "FUCK THE FED" will soon be on their way to FEMA reeducation and psychological retraining camps.

ThroxxOfVron's picture

<---  Super-Geniuses capable and worthy of managing the World's Reserve Currency.

<---  Dumb-Fucks incapable and unworthy of managing a simple Twitter Post.

Max Cynical's picture

For whatever reason, we kept getting a busy signal on our dial up modem...sorry.

back to basics's picture

The bigger story here is that they read ZH. 

Icewater Enema's picture

Exactly. And not only that, they feel the need to respond.

cheka's picture

terrified -- that's why poilice state has been turned up to 11

Government needs you to pay taxes's picture

Those goons will melt into the general populace as soon as it becomes clear wearing those uniforms and trying to execute tyrant's orders are hazardous for one's health.

Flagit's picture

No proof of that. They just responded to a Tweet.

Trucker Glock's picture

The use of the word nefarious in the reply suggests they know who they're replying to.  They may not read ZH, but they know who their critics are.

Didn't junk you. 

TeamDepends's picture

One of them is Eirik Marx-Leninsson. They think it's hilarious.

Herd Redirection Committee's picture

Erik Bernays-Freud Marx Leninson, to you, stranger!

BellevueTrader's picture

This the best shit I've seen all year! Perhaps ZH and Fed are related...just perhaps. The fake data comes outta CNBC/CNN...the real goods thru ZH