European Stocks Enter Bear Market

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When "whatever it takes" meets "get me out now!"...


Europe's broadest Stoxx 600 Index is down 21% sicne the April 2015 highs...


A Q€-driven Bear Market has begun.

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no chit. let's just go to -10% and get it over with. let's just get rid of all money all together. then we won't need these fukking bankers.

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Just testing the lows, move along.

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When are thse fuckers gonnastart jumping out of the windows ???????

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They are jumping out the windows, problem is they keep breaking their fall on all the immigrants down below.

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The European Bear Market is fiine!  It's fiiine!!!!!

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"Terra Incognito" for the lords of the universe.......

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What does the Keynesian playbook say about this?  Mass extinction event caused by biologics?

ParkAveFlasher's picture

No snow.  If we snewed, things would be better. 

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Things are about to get a whole lot NIRPyer.

asteroids's picture

Imagine the German DAX down another 40% with a few million muslims streaming towards Berlin.

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Makes me think of T-34s...

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What's the big deal? They're only harmless fighting age male refugees.

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From frying pan into the fire.   Europeans go from equities into NIRP accounts.  They are trapped.  The EU CB's checkmate.


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Should have let Greece default.  Could still happen I suppose.

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2016 no. 1 TV show - "I am a 0.1%, get me outta here"

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"This is the end! Armageddon! No Future!

- Vyvyan Basterd

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"Whatever it takes to get me out"

One huge global downturn.

With people maxed out in debt.

The Central Banksters will have to start sending out checks.

And hoards of refugees attacking and overtaking the liberal Eropeans.

Sorry_about_Dresden's picture

I cashed out of my 401k on 12.30.2015, paid the 24% tax, and glad I did!