Welcome To The Recession: Industrial Production Crashes Most In 8 Years

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There comes a time when you just have to admit you were wrong... You were wrong. Industrial Production plunged 1.8% year-over-year - the fastest pace of collapse since May 2008 and a level that has never not produced a recession.

MoM IP dropped 0.4% (double the 0.2% drop expected) as Capacity Utilization plunged to 76.5% (the lowest sicne July 2013) as Manufacturing hovers at its weakest growth YoY since Feb 2014.


Does that look transitory in any way?

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But obammy just told everyone the other night that everything was doing great.  He must not read ZeroHedge.

I guess it's just us pesky gun owners messing everything up. 

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This level is actually where the other levels were at the DEPTHS OF THE LAST 6 RECESSIONS.........AND THEY STILL HAVEN'T CALLED RECESSION !!

These sons of bitches will do anything to save Obummer's ass.   And Hitlery's for that matter.

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They've simply figured out what Wile E. Coyote never did. If you don't look down, you won't fall. This graph actually proves that we will never have a recession again. The last recession was the recession to end all recessions. I feel so dirty after using the "R" word so many times.

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Ironically they used the word "Depression" during the 1930's since FDR felt that the words panic or crisis were dirty words.......


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Comforting to know the elimination of certain words from our vocab will save us from another downturn.

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Off to a FEMA camp you go for uttering the word "downturn".

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Bye, everyone.  They're sending me off to a FEMA camp for saying FEMA cam...ummmphhh...mmpphh !!!

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I thought the plan was to let Bernie Trump into office and pin it all on them.  

It's kinda nice when TPTB play out their own in-fighting.  *popcorn*

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Did someone hear president Golfstix ask "I'm still going to get my pension, right?" As he stepped from the state after the SOTU?

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Inverse correlation.  The more money the Clintons get, the poorer the country gets.

"A Canadian charity founded by mining billionaire Frank Giustra released a legal opinion Wednesday affirming that its donors have a right to remain anonymous and public disclosure of their information requires their consent.

The charity, the Clinton Giustra Enterprise Partnership, has come under scrutiny because of its intimate connection to the New York-based Clinton Foundation, a charitable body established by former U.S. president Bill Clinton in 2001. In 2008, when Hillary Clinton became secretary of state, the foundation promised to release annually a list of all its contributors."

100% of the "Canadian" charity's anonymous donations is funnelled to the Clinton Foundation. And now you know how China does it.  "Hey, Hillary, if you use a private servor, we can certainly help with that liquidity thingy issue you have."  

Dirty politicians are what is sinking this nation.

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Is Janet Yellen hiding in a well yet?

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She will be down there hanging out with Jimmy Hoffa soon enough.

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Pretty healthy gold spike.

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76.5% capacity utilization.  Just think how bad it'd have been if we hadn't been reducing capacity the past 40 years.

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waiting to hear about economic enemy number one, the D word...

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Good one!  I was thinking something similar.  They are cranking down production on all 200 ice cream machines in the shopping malls.  This is turning into a real sh_t show.  Now it hurts to LOL.

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Hussein says you are peddaling fear.


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Keep clinging to your God, Guns, and Gold!

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"the fastest pace of collapse since May 2008 and a level that has never not produced a recession."

So you're saying there's a chance.

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last I heard slim was a transvestite who sometimes goes by the name of jim.

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there's a first time for everything.  be advised, I am watching my apple tree expecting any moment an apple will fall up to the moon.  It will be another first.

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Warm Weather ! ?

Warmer than usual weather last month probably curtailed purchases of winter gear including clothing. 

from article... 

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'We're gonna need a bigger toner cartridge'

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Mmmm, nice and doomy.

Oh, and look!!  The BDIY is down another 10 to 373 and the market just went sub 16k in the first 15 minutes.

Think I'll have some fries with that doomburger.

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It's all written in the charts.  Notice that recessions usually start during the last year of a sitting President. 

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with a new president on the horizon, does this mean we can finally start saying, "it's omommas fault"?

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Got schlonged by Shkreli.

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What industrial production?  ( other than the bomb makers at the MIC,,, or the PIC [Prison Industrial Complex] )