Recession Imminent As Business Inventories-To-Sales At Cycle Highs

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Just as Wholesale inventories-to-sales ratios flash recessionary signals so Business inventrories-to-sales point to US heading towards an inventory-dump recession. At 1.38x, the ratio is the highest since the last crisis as both sales and inventories fell Mom but year-over-year, sales tumble (-1.4% YoY) and inventories rise (1.6% YoY).



And the breakdown shows the drop in sales and inventories (but no reduction in the overhang)

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Helicopter "money" to the peasants will fix this. 

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This one is very serious. Do not touch any kind of money you shall see like incidentally dropping or lost, they may be very well infested with a cocktail of deadly bacteria/microbes/viruses etc. anything which can trigger the big cleanup.

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RELEASE the Purple NIRPle !!

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Your quotes speak loudly.  Excellent.

Bill of Rights's picture

Go get'em Janet!

lol this is hilarious to witness....

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Yeah, tell me about it. I got so many pet rock inventory. None of the Wall Street traders want it.

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40 years of shipping all our jobs overseas. Jobs that are left, ain't payin shit. Boy, who would have seen this coming?

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Dear Leader says everything is great.

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The gig is nearly up...

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Well it makes absolute sense that the BDI would be down so much. Nobody buying the cheap shit at WalMart (closing stores/rising inventories) so nothing is being shipped. No shelves need to be restocked.

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What's even worse, I can't even think of anything I'd want to buy even if I did have some money hanging around. (Except maybe gold!)

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I took my grandmother shopping for a coat at Macy's. Not only was everything they were peddling garbage manufactured in Asia with the cheapest ingredients possible, but on top of it, they were asking hundreds of dollars for each due to the "names" printed thereon. The saleswoman told me to ignore the prices, as everything was on sale, anywhere from 40%-70% off - but still not worth buying. Also, the entire department was overflowing with jackets & coats - with extra racks in the walkways showcasing inventory.