Mid-East Massacre: Qatar Crashes, Saudi Stocks Plunge Most Since Black Monday

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Broad middle-east and african stock markets crashed over 5%, erasing any gains back to November 2008 as the carnage from last week continues. From Kuwait (-4.3%) to Qatar (-8%) it was a bloodbath as Saudi Arabia Tadawul Index plunged 5.4% - the most since Black Monday (now down over 50% from their 2014 highs). These losses are far in excess of US 'catch-up' moves and suggest a dark cloud over Asia this evening.


It's been a bloodbath in the Middle-East since the year began...


Africa/Middle-East Stocks crashed 5%...


Saudi Arabia's Tadawul Index is down 5.4% on the day - the worst since August's collapse and has lost over 50% since its exuberant peak in 2014...


Kuwait down over 4% to 2009 lows...


But Qatar was carnaged... (down over 8%)


Makes you wonder where all that hot-money from The Fed flowed eh?



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It's the Persian Disease.

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Fuck anyone whose last name is Bin Saud.

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Hmmm... Looks like a coordinated global "Take Down"... M.A.D. (Mutually Assured Destruction).

If you haven't been preparing and have not seen this coming, then I do not know what to tell ya.

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Gulf shares in free fall after oil rout, Iran deal

Dubai market peaked in May 2014, a month before oil peaked at USD 115 in June 2014. Dubai stock market is down 50% while oil is down 75% since June 2014, so......
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A New Cold (oil) War  

Saudi Aramco: The IPO Aimed at Iran

Hey DB can you do me a favor ? You commented on one of the zh article describing how Japan and China economies are different and how it's foolish to equate them. You wrote 5-6 points but i went through your comments and unfortunately zh isn't showing your older comments. If possible, can you go through your comments and share the particular article or those points again ? Thanks

And can i contact you anywhere else apart from this forum, your own blog or facebook page  or any group , mail id etc ?


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Dont want to leave my email here.

so please contact me on the chat and we can exchange contacts.

I dont remember my points and what context it was....

Even I cannot see older comments on ZH except for the same month....

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.............I can't find your name in chats. If you can ping me or drop a mail to me at mayankakb@gmail.com.

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Bend over and grab your ankles?  SOP for any muppet....

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That region is about the most predicatble area to have massive stock declines. Oil is down like 75% from its high, so....


Just curious how asia will do tonight....

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Someone misspelled the name of the Saudi Stock Index: its not Tadawul, it's  TadAWFUL....and getting worse.

Thanks! to Our Friend Gravity.  (Don't forget your helmet and shin guards.)

SAUDI ARABIA!  America's BBFF!  ©®    (Best Beheading Friend Forever).

AMERICA!!  Jesus' Favorite Country!  ©®

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I am shocked...shocked...to find that investing in Persian Gulf stocks involves substantial risk.

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Don't be shocked, there will be no real recovery what so ever, anywhere!

The elite will soon run and hide in the bunkers paid for with citizens taxes, after engineering a full economic collapse as well as starting WW3, plus they will make sure that there are enough Jihadi's in the West to start a race war.

That should be enough to cover up the failed fiat ponzi scheme and take care of the 'excessive' population......


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A race war could be fun. I owe a black man my fist for stealing some turtle eggs. 

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Ok one time every so often to promote your blog, OK.  Now you are just asking to be banned...

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So does Persian women (but they are beautiful) or any woman for that matter.  Little womder they call it MS MARKET...

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Truly built on sand in all sorts of ways... 

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Dark cloud?  I'm about to get a nut!  Release the cracked! (Obama, Hillary, McCain, Reid, Nancy) McCain is probably on a plane on his way to Saudi Arabia to console the royal family as you read this.  Who voted for these people?

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The Saudi "More Than a TADAWFUL" Index is diving more than Greg Louganis....

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It's going down faster than Greg Louganis at a bath house.

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November 2008:  Back to the future folks.

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Is he looking for Barry and Reggie again?

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Dow Dax Ftse all up everything is good

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Not too much longer before the people figure out that they are beheading the wrong guys

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Persian Gulf Palaces to plummet promptly.

Any thoughts on the role of margin?

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The fireworks are starting early for a Sunday. Should be a very interesting overnight session in Asia, followed by either Black Tuesday in the US, or Fed Speak before the open on Tuesday.

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Those places have stock markets?

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Been trading live stock (goats) for centuries before they discovered Eurpean women...

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And central banks, if you can believe that.

The Sauds opened the SA Monetary Agency in 1952 at the insistence of their American and British patrons, against the better judgement of the natives, who had got on just fine with silver coins till then.

Make of that what you will. 

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How much was oil down on Friday?   That is the catch up.  US still imports 10 mm barrels of oil a day.   Lower oil prices are a net benefit to the US.  Importing deflation is a good thing longer term for a consumer based economy.  Less money leaving the US means more can be spent or saved here.  Bears will be wrong.  Enjoy your few months of doom and gloom.

Dark Daze's picture
Dark Daze (not verified) TonyStewart14 Jan 17, 2016 1:31 PM

No, I don't think 'the bears' are wrong at all. If you knew anything, read anything other than CNBC you would know that every single economic metric is crashing, distorted or already on the ground in it's death throes. The US dollar is 'strong' not because people see it as a haven, but because everybody is selling Treasuries as fast as they can. Those treasuries are redeemed for soon to be wothless US Dollars. Unfortonately, there is no more gold left to buy for the large players. Times' up.

So, the US still imports 10 million barrels a day (which is in fact not true at all, but anyhow). Last month they had to EXPORT oil to earn foreign currency reserves. You're home in consumer heaven is burning down. Good fucking riddance.

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Selling treasuries...where? Treasuries rallied pretty hard and the 10 year is a cunt hairs width of away from breaking 2%. And that's after the fed "raised" rates.

Dark Daze's picture
Dark Daze (not verified) Tortfeasor Jan 17, 2016 1:53 PM

Selling Treasuries into the 'bad bank' in Brussels which currently has 1.5 Trillion in unwanted paper. Just becaue the NY Jews are buying doesn't mean squat. The Fed itself is probably buying via their intermediaries because now that the general public understands perfectly well that QE isn't 'free' money, they can't exactly show themselve to be working agains their own announced policy now can they?

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Another gold moron. How has that been working out for you? It must be worth something because it is so shiny.

Dark Daze's picture
Dark Daze (not verified) TonyStewart14 Jan 17, 2016 1:55 PM

Yeah, well, you know what cumquat. Some day soon, sooner that you think or realize, the government in the US is going to be held to account. You think you can continue to get away with this crap forever?

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Just got off of the phone with Janet. Apparently it's just a "temporary headwind".


Chuckster's picture

Thanks for the info Tinky.  I expect to see her in the media tomorrow with some off the wall rationalization.  I wonder if Janet could get together with Merkel and Hilary and cook up something.  They would be three to a royal (worthless).

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Is she farting on Jamie and Loyd's lap again?

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The Locals are not happy with Obama.

Ajax_USB_Port_Repair_Service_'s picture

The snowball is still near the top of the hill.

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Snowball, Oilball, Powerball.  

Some lose, others win.

Changes...again, Sisyphus.

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Wahhabi epoc-douchebag-alypse

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Couldn't happen to a nicer bunch!

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will ling (not verified) Jan 17, 2016 1:16 PM

if the PPT isn't callin' out for pizza next 48 hrs i'd be amazed.

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Dark Daze (not verified) will ling Jan 17, 2016 1:27 PM

You can only bend a piece of steel so many times before it breaks.

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Saudis were happy to crush Russia until they found there were consequences.  

Saudis were screwing Russia at the behest of the Nobel Prize Winner.

The USSR collapsed when the Saudis reduced the price of oil to under $10 a barrel in the mid-1980s.

Now Russia is losing $1 billion a day in revenue due to lower oil prices

The Oil Coup US-Saudi Subterfuge Send Stocks and Credit Reeling


U.S. powerbrokers have put the country at risk of another financial crisis to intensify their economic war on Moscow and to move ahead with their plan to “pivot to Asia”.

Here’s what’s happening: Washington has persuaded the Saudis to flood the market with oil to push down prices, decimate Russia’s economy, and reduce Moscow’s resistance to further NATO encirclement and the spreading of US military bases across Central Asia. The US-Saudi scheme has slashed oil prices by nearly a half since they hit their peak in June. The sharp decline in prices has burst the bubble in high-yield debt which has increased the turbulence in the credit markets while pushing global equities into a tailspin. Even so, the roiled markets and spreading contagion have not deterred Washington from pursuing its reckless plan, a plan which uses Riyadh’s stooge-regime to prosecute Washington’s global resource war. 


Falling oil prices and the plunging ruble are not some kind of free market accident brought on by oversupply and weak demand. That’s baloney. They’re part of a broader geopolitical strategy to strangle the Russian economy, topple Putin, and establish US hegemony across the Asian landmass. It’s all part of Washington’s plan to maintain its top-spot as the world’s only superpower even though its economy is in irreversible decline.


Haole's picture

...and when Russia ceases to use the $ for anything soon, this influence will be null and void. 

Russia and Eurasian Trade Zone 1

Collapsing Western gulag state  0


Omen IV's picture

your thesis gives zero value to radical change in demand in china and enormous new production coming on stream in Iran.

well after that Kerry meeting with the Saudi's -  Russia came into the Syrian conflict as Iran partner and SA could have backed off when it was clear the Russians, Iranians, Iraq's and Syrians are winning - they didnt do it - why?


The Russians were prepared for US gambit and so have partnerships with Chinese and Iran et al