The "Putin Is Isolated" Meme Officially Dies As Japan Calls For Closer Ties With Russia

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One of the great ironies of the Obama administration’s foreign policy record is the extent to which Washington started 2009 with designs on normalizing frosty relations with Russia and started 2015 with the worst US-Russo dynamic since the Cold War.

To be sure, not all of that was Washington’s fault - but most of it was.

Of course the international community probably should have curbed its enthusiasm early on, given that the entire effort got off to a rather inauspicious start when then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton presented Sergei Lavrov with a big red button that was supposed to say “reset” (a nod to the “resetting” of relations between Washington and Moscow) but which actually said “overcharged” in Russian.


Six years, one annexed Crimea, a raft of economic sanctions, and one Ukrainian civil war later, and we’re back to Soviet-era politics.

Part and parcel of Washington’s PR and foreign policy strategy over the last three or so years has been to perpetuate the idea that Vladimir Putin is “isolated” on the world stage. This, along with subtle reminders in the media and on the silver screen that America needs to preserve a healthy bit of Russophobia if it is to be safe, has worked domestically, but not internationally.

Russia has strengthened ties with China, kicked off the BRICs bank, cemented an alliance with Iran (another “isolated” state), and worked to de-dollarize everything from oil markets to cross-border financial transactions.

Moscow’s dramatic entry into the Syrian conflict and Russia's common sense approach to ending the years-long affair has resonated with the likes of France and everyone else who understands that the way to fight terror is to kill the terrorists, not arm them.

Indeed, The Kremlin’s successful attempt to wake the world up to the fact that Washington and its regional allies are actually exacerbating the war in Syria by arming rebel groups with questionable motives has gone a long way towards forcing the international community to rethink who the “good” superpower really is.

Now, in what may be the best evidence yet that the “Putin is isolated” meme is officially dead, none other than US ally Japan is ready to “bring Putin in from the cold.”

Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe is pressing for President Vladimir Putin to be brought in from the cold, saying Russian help is crucial to tackling multiple crises in the Middle East,” FT writes, adding that “Mr Abe said he was willing to go to Moscow as this year’s chair of the Group of Seven advanced economies, or to invite the Russian president to Tokyo.” Here’s more:

Pointing to tension between Saudi Arabia and Iran, the war in Syria, and the threat of radical Islamism, Mr Abe said: “We need the constructive engagement of Russia.”


The former G8 excluded Russia following its annexation of Crimea and military support for separatist rebels in eastern Ukraine. But while Japan has joined in sweeping economic sanctions, Mr Abe made clear he wants to work with Mr Putin.


“As chair of the G7, I need to seek solutions regarding the stability of the region as well as the whole world,” he said, noting Japan’s ongoing territorial dispute with Russia over the Kuril Islands. “I believe appropriate dialogue with Russia, appropriate dialogue with president Putin is very important.”

As the only Asian nation in the club of rich democracies, Japan prizes its G7 membership, and Mr Abe is determined to make the most of the Ise-Shima summit he will host in May.

This is the kind of talk that will get you blacklisted in Washington and we wonder how long it will be before Abe gets a courtesy call from the Obama to remind Tokyo of the grave "threat" Putin poses to global peace and security.

Or maybe The White House will take a step back and ponder whether decades of foreign policy blunders combined with a misplaced (and highly off-putting) sense of exceptionalism have now left America as the "isolated" superpower.

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The Next Millennium is Now's picture

Remember... threat without the H is treat.

Sudden Debt's picture

There goes Azia...


KingTut's picture

Nurnburg trials for War Crinimals.  What a novel concept.  I like the Dr Evil wardrobe.


WTFRLY's picture

Joo World Order installation has encountered problems. Do you want to troubleshoot? Yes?


Oliver Jones's picture

I prefer Clippy as the ultimate do-gooder:

"It looks like you're planning world domination. Would you like help?"

vollderlerby's picture

Yeah right.  Remember when Obozo was voted in by the free shit army and they wanted Obozo to go after Bush & Cheney for war crimes? LMFAO - that idea died before the cocksucker took office.

o r c k's picture

Make sure there's room (and rope) for hundreds of Presstitute traitors.

uhland62's picture

The idea of exceptionalism implies that they are exempt from the rules that apply to other people. 

Demdere's picture

How awkward of you to bring that up now.  That is a revelation for the generation of revisionist historians after the next.  The next will finally understand that the evidence for 9/11 FF was valid, Jesus all those people weren't crazy after all, it was another example of groupthink and King's clothes like they said all those years, poor deluded fools.

The one after that revisioniost history frees everyone of guilt, allows them to think their civilizaton genuinely the best ever, and so exceptional, can be like us, wondering wtf?  Can't you guys see what is in front of your face?

Ours is the generation where we have the psychiatrists writing books explaining all of the crazies, some of the Fox 'news' segments are so over-the-top simple it makes you wonder who their audience is, or perhaps how they got where they must be, anyone still watching, and various other intellectual prostitutes providing the intellectual foundation for another reign of propaganda.  Wow, right in front of everyone, and none appear to see.

So awkward of you to notice.

12357111317's picture

Clearly, they are not all in this group, just as they were not all followers of either Jesus or the Pharisees.  But the Central Bankers aka Neoliberals/Neoconservatives, certainly seem to be worshipping the Golden Calf.  They even put a huge bronze bull on Wall Street. 

I keep going back to Moses and God rescuing them from Pharoah, whereupon, instead of humbly reflecting, they created a Golden Calf.  I imagine this was their thinking "let's get even with Pharoah by becoming richer than him", when maybe they should have been thinking, "let's humbly return to our Promised Land and try to think about what we did wrong to get sent to be enslaved by Pharoah in the first place."  I guess they were some very left-brained people. 

Well... self-love, self-will, and self-justification constitute "sin".  "Sin" is "missing the target".  The target is the Kingdom of Heaven, and the Kingdom of Heaven is within, and the archer who would hit that target must practice humility.   The Golden Calf, or the Wall Street bull, is the symbol of financial empire, or control of others, a Kingdom without, not within, and the archers aiming at that target seem to practice vanity.  No man can practice both humility and vanity.  No archer can aim at both the Kingdom within and the Kingdom without.  No man can serve two masters.

BarkingCat's picture

There is an unwritten agreement that no administration goes after the previous one. They all do things that they should not do. Without the security of knowing that their illegal activities will be left in the past they would actually have to follow the law.  What's a psychopath to do?

cossack55's picture

Too funny on multiple levels. LMFAO

22winmag's picture



So did Clinton and Bush.

Freddie's picture

Bushes, Clntons, Obola, Paul Ryan, McCain = is there any difference?  All puppets for Soros, Adelson, Zuckerberg, Red Sheild, CFR et al.

BarkingCat's picture

Please don't elevate Zuckerburglar to some master status.

He is only an errand boy. 

Joe A's picture

The US Congress adopted a law that specifies that the Hague can be invaded in case an American is brought there to stand trial. We talk about a city in a country (the Netherlands) that is one of the US oldest and most loyal allies. A country that spent billions in nowadays money to help the young US Republic in its fight against the Brits.

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Lets hope they give Obama the same treatment the tribe assigned torturers gave to the German leadership.

Yen Cross's picture

 The more Japan has to pay for commodities, the longer they can keep the farce of inflation alive. With such a dramatic drop in rub/usd, and oil priced in $usd it makes sense for Japan to buy Russian oil.

 Smoke and mirrors, to keep Abe and Kuroda in power.

Dr. Engali's picture

Damn vassal state getting out of line. Drop another nuke on those fuckers and show them who is boss. Better yet have GE build them another reactor.

cooperbry's picture

LOL - that's fucked up man...

BarkingCat's picture

GE = Genocide Enterprise

GE = Giant Error

I need more asshats's picture

Your country, USA, is toast! Everyone now want Russia as an ally. See what happens when you let joos run the show?

Bye buy America!

Savyindallas's picture

We'll be okay once we get rid of these treaonous globalist bastards-and I'm not just referring to the Joos. We will pay the price first  - the price to pay for getting rid of thes demons is worth it  -We have no choice-they are leading us to calamity and destruction. 

Haole's picture

...leading?  Uh, we've arrived in case you've been in a coma for a decade or two...

I need more asshats's picture

DallasSavy is not too savy. The point that he misses as he did not study history is that joos are like cockroaches. He thinks that removal of a few banksters will solve the problem. HA!

bonin006's picture

It looks like we humans just might get something good from the cockroaches (the 6 legged kind):

besnook's picture

they found cockroaches in the most radiation contaminated areas of chernobyl.

Freddie's picture

A web site theorized that Japan was hit with undersea nukes to cause the tsunami because they were going to reprocess Iranian nuke fuel.  Who got the security gig at Fukishima just before the event?  Same people who ran security at US airports and the World Trade Center before 9/11.

12357111317's picture

That's why the next war will be fought with nuclear cockroaches.  Great armies of them, dropped from high above and circling down in swarms and settling into garbage cans and pickup trucks and back yards and crawling into your houses carrying deadly radiation.    :-)

Otrader's picture

I think with sound money and a sane foreign policy geared toward trade and good will with others, the USA could be great again. 

BarkingCat's picture

Yes. Problem is that psychopaths do not think like that.

Heavenlysunshine's picture

Let us remember that Vlad is a zionist-controlled puppet. His role is to play the role of the evil villain in world affairs.

Haole's picture

We peddled fiction to some folks...

lolmao500's picture

Yeah but can you really take example on tentacle porn lovers?

cooperbry's picture

Looks like everything's going according to plan...

Mat Cauthon's picture

Seeing as Canada and Mexico are falling hard in dollar based imports, I wonder how long until both of them decide to start buying oil in Rubles in Russia's new oil bourse.



Dovie'andi se tovya sagain (It's time to toss the dice)

The Daily Economist

BarkingCat's picture

Why would Canada or Mexico be buying oil???

viator's picture

Maybe the rest of the world, the Russian Orthodox, Sino/Mandarin, African, Muslim, Hindu, Japanese, and Latin cultures are sick of American cultural dog turds?

I need more asshats's picture

Vlad should fast track American innovators who are seeking asylum. Buy some teevee ad space from the american media for Citizen 4 to sell Russia.

Maybe a shot of C4 being chased by some FBI goons for reading and believing in the original constitution while being shot at by some usa negro street gangs. Then pan out hollywood style and see a hook nosed joo holding 2 marionette controllers pulling all the strings.

uhland62's picture

American innovators can look at rt or rbth and take it from there. If they don't find clues there, maybe they're not good enough innovators to have. 

Crush the cube's picture

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss..

When it does blow, watch them jump into leadership positions on the opposing side.  That's how the game has always been played.

chairman mao's picture

Japan would never have tried this without US approval.

This is an attempt to lure Russia away from China, which is in US's interest.

Demdere's picture

No, far too simple.

The US must be seen in the light of 9/11.  The US population may be deluded, but no foreign leadership class is.

9/11 FF means the US government is not at all what we think it is, rapacious evil criminals control us and that can't be good for any foreign country.

This is Japan sending the gentle signals to the world, including anyone still rational in our ruling classes, that the world is aligning atainst the criminal class ruling us.  I think we should help that part of the world, and do appreciate Vlad's efforts on our behalf.

ack's picture

But without a tipping-point of Americans -- whose quickening is rapidly accelerating -- none of these events to push-back ZWO deep state would be possible. What the "ruling classes" are seeing and tracking are more US citizens waking up from the bullshit. Even those who aren't fully aware know something is terribly wrong. And they're tired of sending their sons and daughters to wars in the ME for greater Israel and Neo-con wet dreams. You don't have to read ZH to "get it". This has people like Victoria Neuland making surprise trips to Russia. Cause she's scared shitless. 

The deep-state cartel is FULL of mid-level foot solders like V.Neuland. As the unraveling begins. The ones at the top won't be saving her ass. There's NO loyalty nor salvation nor redemption in those ranks. And KSA should look closely at what the USG did to former ally's like Hussain and Gaddafi. Those folks were USG assets. Kissinger said "The only thing worse than being an enemy of the US is being it's friend". 

Empires weaken from within. Russia, China, Iran and others wouldn't have enough traction otherwise.  Americans are realizing their nation has been hijacked by people who are morally INSANE. Tick-tock.


besnook's picture

japan has been trying to shed themselves of the zionazis for awhile. they already have a gas pipeline agreement to run a line under the sea to hokkaido. pre sanctions they had a yen swap agreement with iran. they have a yen swap agreement with china.

a little insight. there is a custom in japan that might translate to two-faced. it is unjapanese to be anything but the most gracious, generous host complete with plenty of gratuitous flattery and gifts in public and in private meetings. after the guest leaves, the japanese can be the meanest critics you've ever heard, judging physical features to character all the way to extended family relationships and status. that sets the basis for their relationships. the japanese know this. westerners have always had trouble understanding how this works, as in, i don't understand why i haven't been called back. they treated me like a king and gave every indication they liked the deal. they probably think you are an asshole. lol.

this is where the usa is now. you'll never hear japan say anything bad about the usa inpublic or to their face but their actions say a different thing. they really dislike jews considering them a neccessary evil to deal with because the very idea of chuztpah goes against the foundation of the japanese culture.

inosent's picture

Russia is Christian (not the American kosher style) and USA corp is the church of Satan basically. The zio turds in the fed gov are the problem. This is not a return to the old days. Russia has credibility, USA corp not. Death to USA corp. Long live Christian Mother Russia.