Japan's Nikkei Closes Below 17,000 As Hong Kong Money-Markets 'Break' Again

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With Hong Kong Dollar spot little changed (but pressing the weaker end of its peg band) and 12-month forwards suggesting notable weakness/depegging to come, it appears that the Hong Kong interbank lending debacle is far from over. While overnight money appears stable, 1-week Yuan HIBOR is up 370bps at 11.90%, and 1-month and 3-Month HKD HIBOR just snapped higher ( to Jan 2013 highs and July 2010 highs respectively). It appears comments from Hong Kong Monetray Authority's Norman Chan that it's just a matter of time before outflow of funds lead to the local currency hitting the low end of the peg sparked heavy medium-term demand for liquidity. Offshore Yuan is crepping back weaker (as is crude) after an early bounce.


And while the levels are not as exciting the relative spike is notable in HK interbank markets.





But for now spot is stable (albeit at the weak-end of the peg band)...


After an early bounce, crude is retumbling as stress hits HKD...


Offshore Yuan is giving up more short squeeze gains...



And Japan's Nikkei 225 closes below 17,000 for the first time since September...


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We're slummin' it: McDonald's restaurants become makeshift homeless shelters across Hong Kong


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Tuesday's gonna be exciting I gather.

Bet's on the DOW?

I'm calling 14,392.

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More like Janets bowels open and we get an about turn and dow 18000..

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Lucky tonight. Can Zerohedge report. World Bank, IMF and the fucking BIS (Bank of International Settlements). These cunts are up to no good. Be aware. 

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Have to sign off now.

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"so goes january so goes the year."......heard on wall street week circa 1980. rest in peace lou ..cramer can't wash your jock.

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 What is this, The Price is Right? Whoever gets closest to the actual price without going over, or under in this case, goes to the jackpot round?

 Time to Spin The Big Wheel! (Hey you Old Phart, quit playing grab-ass with Bob's Honeys...Security!)

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You leave me alone..they like being fondled.

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This is IT!!

I'm SO looking forward to the Tuesday Trashin'!!


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But can they actually afford to eat there?

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What ships are transferring our Sovereign Wealth Fund (SWF) pay check? iPhone apple pay application doesn't work. Don't tell us you didn't understand English. 

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I always press Zero, pretty much the response I expect from anyone in goobermint.

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More United States taxpayers looting stories to be told. Stay tuned into this channel.

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answer: since 1913...

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Jekyll island. I have a old original. The reproduction is a lie. Check the copyright date. 

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I know...one of the better books around...I understand what you are saying...in fact, 5 secondsafter 1776 we were yet again under brithish rule...nothing new under the sun.  They lost the war of guns, but took it back with rothchild money.  In a matter of about 5 seconds.  :-(

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One last note. Microsoft and Google are going to die by a thousand paper shreds. Think Enron accounting. Remember? Burn baby, Burn. The shell companies are transparent. You must think we're low fruit hanging muppets to invest. 

Bad mistake on your part. 

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That fucking Jim Cramer will poke you into stock market derivatives to bail out World Bank, IMF. Giving money away to jump start a economy is difficult. These bastards need to fleece you to made their plan seem viable. After it gets fucked up again, they'll just ask for more money. Wash, rinse, and repeat. Shhhhhh. You cannot tell the peasantry. 

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off the low though [/cnbc blather]

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Bullish or Bullshit?


Both the PBOC and ECB prop desks had a busy day.  Perhaps we should send them some coffee and donuts to help them out in their buying spree?

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The damage will be held in check; the big boys aren't stupid and they have a BIG Silver-Lining Playbook.  Look for other ways to prosper rather than counting on the financial system taking a HUGE shit....

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LoL! Monkey markets.  A market ran by monkeys would be a huge improvement.