U.S. Government Has Long Used Propaganda Against the American People

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The United States Senate Select Committee to Study Governmental Operations with Respect to Intelligence Activities found in 1975 that the CIA submitted stories to the American press:

Wikipedia adds details:

After 1953, the network was overseen by Allen W. Dulles, director of the CIA. By this time, Operation Mockingbird had a major influence over 25 newspapers and wire agencies. The usual methodology was placing reports developed from intelligence provided by the CIA to witting or unwitting reporters. Those reports would then be repeated or cited by the preceding reporters which in turn would then be cited throughout the media wire services.


The Office of Policy Coordination (OPC) was funded by siphoning off funds intended for the Marshall Plan [i.e. the rebuilding of Europe by the U.S. after WWII]. Some of this money was used to bribe journalists and publishers.

In 2008, the New York Times wrote:

During the early years of the cold war, [prominent writers and artists, from Arthur Schlesinger Jr. to Jackson Pollock] were supported, sometimes lavishly, always secretly, by the C.I.A. as part of its propaganda war against the Soviet Union. It was perhaps the most successful use of “soft power” in American history.

A CIA operative told Washington Post editor Philip Graham … in a conversation about the willingness of journalists to peddle CIA propaganda and cover stories:

You could get a journalist cheaper than a good call girl, for a couple hundred dollars a month.

Famed Watergate reporter Carl Bernstein wrote in 1977:

More than 400 American journalists … in the past twenty?five years have secretly carried out assignments for the Central Intelligence Agency, according to documents on file at CIA headquarters.




In many instances, CIA documents show, journalists were engaged to perform tasks for the CIA with the consent of the managements of America’s leading news organizations.




Among the executives who lent their cooperation to the Agency were [the heads of CBS, Time, the New York Times, the Louisville Courier?Journal, and Copley News Service. Other organizations which cooperated with the CIA include [ABC, NBC, AP, UPI, Reuters], Hearst Newspapers, Scripps?Howard, Newsweek magazine, the Mutual Broadcasting System, the Miami Herald and the old Saturday Evening Post and New York Herald?Tribune.




There is ample evidence that America’s leading publishers and news executives allowed themselves and their organizations to become handmaidens to the intelligence services. “Let’s not pick on some poor reporters, for God’s sake,” William Colby exclaimed at one point to the Church committee’s investigators. “Let’s go to the managements.




The CIA even ran a formal training program in the 1950s to teach its agents to be journalists. Intelligence officers were “taught to make noises like reporters,” explained a high CIA official, and were then placed in major news organizations with help from management.




Once a year during the 1950s and early 1960s, CBS correspondents joined the CIA hierarchy for private dinners and briefings.




Allen Dulles often interceded with his good friend, the late Henry Luce, founder of Time and Life magazines, who readily allowed certain members of his staff to work for the Agency and agreed to provide jobs and credentials for other CIA operatives who lacked journalistic experience.




In the 1950s and early 1960s, Time magazine’s foreign correspondents attended CIA “briefing” dinners similar to those the CIA held for CBS.




When Newsweek waspurchased by the Washington Post Company, publisher Philip L. Graham was informed by Agency officials that the CIA occasionally used the magazine for cover purposes, according to CIA sources. “It was widely known that Phil Graham was somebody you could get help from,” said a former deputy director of the Agency. “Frank Wisner dealt with him.” Wisner, deputy director of the CIA from 1950 until shortly before his suicide in 1965, was the Agency’s premier orchestrator of “black” operations, including many in which journalists were involved. Wisner liked to boast of his “mighty Wurlitzer,” a wondrous propaganda instrument he built, and played, with help from the press.)




In November 1973, after [the CIA claimed to have ended the program], Colby told reporters and editors from the New York Times and the Washington Star that the Agency had “some three dozen” American newsmen “on the CIA payroll,” including five who worked for “general?circulation news organizations.” Yet even while the Senate Intelligence Committee was holding its hearings in 1976, according to high?level CIA sources, the CIA continued to maintain ties with seventy?five to ninety journalists of every description—executives, reporters, stringers, photographers, columnists, bureau clerks and members of broadcast technical crews. More than half of these had been moved off CIA contracts and payrolls but they were still bound by other secret agreements with the Agency. According to an unpublished report by the House Select Committee on Intelligence, chaired by Representative Otis Pike, at least fifteen news organizations were still providing cover for CIA operatives as of 1976.




Those officials most knowledgeable about the subject say that a figure of 400 American journalists is on the low side ….


“There were a lot of representations that if this stuff got out some of the biggest names in journalism would get smeared” ….

Former Newsweek and Associated Press reporter Robert Parry notes that Ronald Reagan and the CIA unleashed a propaganda campaign in the 1980’s to sell the American public on supporting the Contra rebels, utilizing private players such as Rupert Murdoch to spread disinformation:

Reagan-MurdochPresident Ronald Reagan meeting with media magnate Rupert Murdoch in the Oval Office on Jan. 18, 1983, with Charles Wick, director of the U.S. Information Agency, in the background. (Photo credit: Reagan presidential library)

In the 1980s, the Reagan administration was determined to “kick the Vietnam Syndrome,” the revulsion that many Americans felt for warfare after all those years in the blood-soaked jungles of Vietnam and all the lies that clumsily justified the war.


So, the challenge for the U.S. government became: how to present the actions of “enemies” always in the darkest light while bathing the behavior of the U.S. “side” in a rosy glow. You also had to stage this propaganda theater in an ostensibly “free country” with a supposedly “independent press.”


From documents declassified or leaked over the past several decades, including an unpublished draft chapter of the congressional Iran-Contra investigation, we now know a great deal about how this remarkable project was undertaken and who the key players were.


Perhaps not surprisingly much of the initiative came from the Central Intelligence Agency, which housed the expertise for manipulating target populations through propaganda and disinformation. The only difference this time would be that the American people would be the target population.


For this project, Ronald Reagan’s CIA Director William J. Casey sent his top propaganda specialist Walter Raymond Jr. to the National Security Council staff to manage the inter-agency task forces that would brainstorm and coordinate this “public diplomacy” strategy.


Many of the old intelligence operatives, including Casey and Raymond, are now dead, but other influential Washington figures who were deeply involved by these strategies remain, such as neocon stalwart Robert Kagan, whose first major job in Washington was as chief of Reagan’s State Department Office of Public Diplomacy for Latin America.




Declassified documents now reveal how extensive Reagan’s propaganda project became with inter-agency task forces assigned to develop “themes” that would push American “hot buttons.” Scores of documents came out during the Iran-Contra scandal in 1987 and hundreds more are now available at the Reagan presidential library in Simi Valley, California.


What the documents reveal is that at the start of the Reagan administration, CIA Director Casey faced a daunting challenge in trying to rally public opinion behind aggressive U.S. interventions, especially in Central America. Bitter memories of the Vietnam War were still fresh and many Americans were horrified at the brutality of right-wing regimes in Guatemala and El Salvador, where Salvadoran soldiers raped and murdered four American churchwomen in December 1980.


The new leftist Sandinista government in Nicaragua also was not viewed with much alarm. After all, Nicaragua was an impoverished country of only about three million people who had just cast off the brutal dictatorship of Anastasio Somoza.


So, Reagan’s initial strategy of bolstering the Salvadoran and Guatemalan armies required defusing the negative publicity about them and somehow rallying the American people into supporting a covert CIA intervention inside Nicaragua via a counterrevolutionary force known as the Contras led by Somoza’s ex-National Guard officers.


Reagan’s task was made tougher by the fact that the Cold War’s anti-communist arguments had so recently been discredited in Vietnam. As deputy assistant secretary to the Air Force, J. Michael Kelly, put it, “the most critical special operations mission we have … is to persuade the American people that the communists are out to get us.”




According to the draft report, the CIA officer who was recruited for the NSC job had served as Director of the Covert Action Staff at the CIA from 1978 to 1982 and was a “specialist in propaganda and disinformation.”




Federal law forbade taxpayers’ money from being spent on domestic propaganda or grassroots lobbying to pressure congressional representatives. Of course, every president and his team had vast resources to make their case in public, but by tradition and law, they were restricted to speeches, testimony and one-on-one persuasion of lawmakers.


But things were about to change. In a Jan. 13, 1983, memo, NSC Advisor Clark foresaw the need for non-governmental money to advance this cause. “We will develop a scenario for obtaining private funding,” Clark wrote. (Just five days later, President Reagan personally welcomed media magnate Rupert Murdoch into the Oval Office for a private meeting, according to records on file at the Reagan library.)


As administration officials reached out to wealthy supporters, lines against domestic propaganda soon were crossed as the operation took aim not only at foreign audiences but at U.S. public opinion, the press and congressional Democrats who opposed funding the Nicaraguan Contras.


At the time, the Contras were earning a gruesome reputation as human rights violators and terrorists. To change this negative perception of the Contras as well as of the U.S.-backed regimes in El Salvador and Guatemala, the Reagan administration created a full-blown, clandestine propaganda network.


In January 1983, President Reagan took the first formal step to create this unprecedented peacetime propaganda bureaucracy by signing National Security Decision Directive 77, entitled “Management of Public Diplomacy Relative to National Security.” Reagan deemed it “necessary to strengthen the organization, planning and coordination of the various aspects of public diplomacy of the United States Government.”


Reagan ordered the creation of a special planning group within the National Security Council to direct these “public diplomacy” campaigns. The planning group would be headed by the CIA’s Walter Raymond Jr. and one of its principal arms would be a new Office of Public Diplomacy for Latin America, housed at the State Department but under the control of the NSC.




In the memo to then-U.S. Information Agency director Charles Wick, Raymond also noted that “via Murdock [sic] may be able to draw down added funds” to support pro-Reagan initiatives. Raymond’s reference to Rupert Murdoch possibly drawing down “added funds” suggests that the right-wing media mogul had been recruited to be part of the covert propaganda operation. During this period, Wick arranged at least two face-to-face meetings between Murdoch and Reagan.




Alarmed at a CIA director participating so brazenly in domestic propaganda, Raymond wrote that “I philosophized a bit with Bill Casey (in an effort to get him out of the loop)” but with little success.




Another part of the office’s job was to plant “white propaganda” in the news media through op-eds secretly financed by the government. In one memo, Jonathan Miller, a senior public diplomacy official, informed White House aide Patrick Buchanan about success placing an anti-Sandinista piece in The Wall Street Journal’s friendly pages. “Officially, this office had no role in its preparation,” Miller wrote.


Other times, the administration put out “black propaganda,” outright falsehoods. In 1983, one such theme was designed to anger American Jews by portraying the Sandinistas as anti-Semitic because much of Nicaragua’s small Jewish community fled after the revolution in 1979.


However, the U.S. embassy in Managua investigated the charges and “found no verifiable ground on which to accuse the GRN [the Sandinista government] of anti-Semitism,” according to a July 28, 1983, cable. But the administration kept the cable secret and pushed the “hot button” anyway.




As one NSC official told me, the campaign was modeled after CIA covert operations abroad where a political goal is more important than the truth. “They were trying to manipulate [U.S.] public opinion … using the tools of Walt Raymond’s trade craft which he learned from his career in the CIA covert operation shop,” the official admitted.


Another administration official gave a similar description to The Miami Herald’s Alfonso Chardy. “If you look at it as a whole, the Office of Public Diplomacy was carrying out a huge psychological operation, the kind the military conduct to influence the population in denied or enemy territory,” that official explained. [For more details, see Parry’s Lost History.]

Parry notes that many of the same people that led Reagan’s domestic propaganda effort in the 1980’s are in power today:

While the older generation that pioneered these domestic propaganda techniques has passed from the scene, many of their protégés are still around along with some of the same organizations. The National Endowment for Democracy, which was formed in 1983 at the urging of CIA Director Casey and under the supervision of Walter Raymond’s NSC operation, is still run by the same neocon, Carl Gershman, and has an even bigger budget, now exceeding $100 million a year.


Gershman and his NED played important behind-the-scenes roles in instigating the Ukraine crisis by financing activists, journalists and other operatives who supported the coup against elected President Yanukovych. The NED-backed Freedom House also beat the propaganda drums. [See Consortiumnews.com’s “A Shadow Foreign Policy.”]


Two other Reagan-era veterans, Elliott Abrams and Robert Kagan, have both provided important intellectual support for continuing U.S. interventionism around the world. Earlier this year, Kagan’s article for The New Republic, entitled “Superpowers Don’t Get to Retire,” touched such a raw nerve with President Obama that he hosted Kagan at a White House lunch and crafted the presidential commencement speech at West Point to deflect some of Kagan’s criticism of Obama’s hesitancy to use military force.




Rupert Murdoch’s media empire is bigger than ever ….

An expert on propaganda testified under oath during trial that the CIA now employs THOUSANDS of reporters and OWNS its own media organizations. Whether or not his estimate is accurate, it is clear that many prominent reporters still report to the CIA.

John Pilger is a highly-regarded journalist (the BBC’s world affairs editor John Simpson remarked, “A country that does not have a John Pilger in its journalism is a very feeble place indeed”). Pilger said in 2007:

We now know that the BBC and other British media were used by the British secret intelligence service MI-6. In what they called Operation Mass Appeal, MI-6 agents planted stories about Saddam’s weapons of mass destruction, such as weapons hidden in his palaces and in secret underground bunkers. All of these stories were fake.




One of my favorite stories about the Cold War concerns a group of Russian journalists who were touring the United States. On the final day of their visit, they were asked by the host for their impressions. “I have to tell you,” said the spokesman, “that we were astonished to find after reading all the newspapers and watching TV day after day that all the opinions on all the vital issues are the same. To get that result in our country we send journalists to the gulag. We even tear out their fingernails. Here you don’t have to do any of that. What is the secret?”

Nick Davies wrote in the Independent in 2008:

For the first time in human history, there is a concerted strategy to manipulate global perception. And the mass media are operating as its compliant assistants, failing both to resist it and to expose it.


The sheer ease with which this machinery has been able to do its work reflects a creeping structural weakness which now afflicts the production of our news. I’ve spent the last two years researching a book about falsehood, distortion and propaganda in the global media.


The “Zarqawi letter” which made it on to the front page of The New York Times in February 2004 was one of a sequence of highly suspect documents which were said to have been written either by or to Zarqawi and which were fed into news media.


This material is being generated, in part, by intelligence agencies who continue to work without effective oversight; and also by a new and essentially benign structure of “strategic communications” which was originally designed by doves in the Pentagon and Nato who wanted to use subtle and non-violent tactics to deal with Islamist terrorism but whose efforts are poorly regulated and badly supervised with the result that some of its practitioners are breaking loose and engaging in the black arts of propaganda.




The Pentagon has now designated “information operations” as its fifth “core competency” alongside land, sea, air and special forces. Since October 2006, every brigade, division and corps in the US military has had its own “psyop” element producing output for local media. This military activity is linked to the State Department’s campaign of “public diplomacy” which includes funding radio stations and news websites. In Britain, the Directorate of Targeting and Information Operations in the Ministry of Defence works with specialists from 15 UK psyops, based at the Defence Intelligence and Security School at Chicksands in Bedfordshire.


In the case of British intelligence, you can see this combination of reckless propaganda and failure of oversight at work in the case of Operation Mass Appeal. This was exposed by the former UN arms inspector Scott Ritter, who describes in his book, Iraq Confidential, how, in London in June 1998, he was introduced to two “black propaganda specialists” from MI6 who wanted him to give them material which they could spread through “editors and writers who work with us from time to time”.

The government is still paying off reporters to spread disinformation. And the corporate media are acting like virtual “escort services” for the moneyed elites, selling access – for a price – to powerful government officials, instead of actually investigating and reporting on what those officials are doing.

One of the ways that the U.S. government spreads propaganda is by making sure that it gets its version out first.   For example, the head of the U.S. Information Agency’s television and film division – Alvin A. Snyder – wrote in his book Warriors of Disinformation: How Lies, Videotape, and the USIA Won the Cold War:

All governments, including our own, lie when it suits their purposes. The key is to lie first.




Another casualty, always war’s first, was the truth. The story of [the accidental Russian shootdown of a Korean airliner] will be remembered pretty much the way we told it in 1983, not the way it really happened.

In 2013, the American Congress repealed the formal ban against the deployment of propaganda against U.S. citizens living on American soil.  So there’s even less to constrain propaganda than before.

Another key to American propaganda is the constant repetition of propaganda.    As Business Insider reported in 2013:

Lt. Col. Daniel Davis, a highly-respected officer who released a critical report regarding the distortion of truth by senior military officials in Iraq and Afghanistan ….


From Lt. Col. Davis:


In context, Colonel Leap is implying we ought to change the law to enable Public Affairs officers to influence American public opinion when they deem it necessary to “protect a key friendly center of gravity, to wit US national will.”


The Smith-Mundt Modernization Act of 2012 appears to serve this purpose by allowing for the American public to be a target audience of U.S. government-funded information campaigns.


Davis also quotes Brigadier General Ralph O. Baker — the Pentagon officer responsible for the Department of Defense’s Joint Force Development — who defines Information Operations (IO) as activities undertaken to “shape the essential narrative of a conflict or situation and thus affect the attitudes and behaviors of the targeted audience.”


Brig. Gen. Baker goes on to equate descriptions of combat operations with the standard marketing strategy of repeating something until it is accepted:


For years, commercial advertisers have based their advertisement strategies on the premise that there is a positive correlation between the number of times a consumer is exposed to product advertisement and that consumer’s inclination to sample the new product. The very same principle applies to how we influence our target audiences when we conduct COIN.


And those “thousands of hours per week of government-funded radio and TV programs” appear to serve Baker’s strategy, which states: “Repetition is a key tenet of IO execution, and the failure to constantly drive home a consistent message dilutes the impact on the target audiences.”

Of course, the Web has become a huge media platform, and the Pentagon and other government agencies are influencing news on the web as well. Documents released by Snowden show that spies manipulate polls, website popularity and pageview counts, censor videos they don’t like and amplify messages they do.

The CIA and other government agencies also put enormous energy into pushing propaganda through movies, television and video games.

In 2012, the Pentagon launched a massive smear campaign against USA Today reporters investigating unlawful domestic propaganda by the Pentagon.

End Notes: 

(1) One of the most common uses of propaganda is to sell unnecessary and counter-productive wars. Given that the American media is always pro-war, mainstream publishers, producers, editors, and reporters are willing participants.

(2) Indeed, the media provides so little insight into opinions contrary to the status quo that a history professor says that it "has rendered the constitutional right of free press ineffectual".

(3) A 4-part BBC documentary called the “Century of the Self” shows that an American – Freud’s nephew, Edward Bernays – created the modern field of manipulation of public perceptions, and the U.S. government has extensively used his techniques.

(4) Sometimes, the government plants disinformation in American media in order to mislead foreigners. For example, an official government summary of America’s overthrow of the democratically-elected president of Iran in the 1950′s states, “In cooperation with the Department of State, CIA had several articles planted in major American newspapers and magazines which, when reproduced in Iran, had the desired psychological effect in Iran and contributed to the war of nerves against Mossadeq” (page x).

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Little dick xavi, a very late bed-wetter.

When your only income is from BankCorp and .Gov, like a crack addict you gotta bend over.

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And the babylonian preachers of babel will blabitty-babbel to the very end of the game as they too slowly sink in to the slimy muckity-muck they created going gurgggle...gurggle...gurg...

WAKE UP to the Light!

It's just good for you. 

The Economy Is Failing And This Collapse Will Be Much Worse Than 2008 - Episode 871a:



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I wonder if they've even infiltrated Bloomberg.  I saw such a factually piss poor article on there one morning I made an account to comment.  It was like propaganda designed to leave the impression that diesels emit nitrogen oxides, not carbon dioxide, and vice versa for gasoline.  Like it was designed specifically to hurt demand for diesels and boost demand for gasoline powered vehicles.  I pointed out that both types of engines emit both types of pollutants and admonished them for poor journalism.  Later in the day I couldn't find the article, not even a trace on Google.

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The National Security Council, Ted Cruz wife was on it 2001-2004, (they dictate propaganda policy)

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Here is the 1.7 B green energy propaganda bill to push Abengoa projects, "Experts for Action plans" sound Soviet enough?

Measure Number: H.R. 83 (A bill to require the Secretary of the Interior to assemble a team of technical, policy, and financial experts to address the energy needs of the insular areas of the United States and the Freely Associated States through the development of action plans aimed at reducing reliance on imported fossil fuels and increasing use of indigenous clean-energy resources, and for other purposes. )

Many idiot Republicans participated, there was actually enough Democrats opposed the Republicans could have killed it but didn't.

YEAs ---56
Alexander (R-TN)
Ayotte (R-NH)
Baldwin (D-WI)
Barrasso (R-WY)
Begich (D-AK)
Bennet (D-CO)
Blunt (R-MO)
Boozman (R-AR)
Burr (R-NC)
Cardin (D-MD)
Carper (D-DE)
Casey (D-PA)
Coats (R-IN)
Cochran (R-MS)
Collins (R-ME)
Coons (D-DE)
Cornyn (R-TX)
Donnelly (D-IN)
Durbin (D-IL)
Enzi (R-WY)
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Graham (R-SC)
Hagan (D-NC)
Hatch (R-UT)
Heinrich (D-NM)
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Isakson (R-GA)
Johanns (R-NE)
Johnson (D-SD)
Kaine (D-VA)
King (I-ME)
Kirk (R-IL)
Landrieu (D-LA)
Leahy (D-VT)
McConnell (R-KY)
Mikulski (D-MD)
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Murphy (D-CT)
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Toomey (R-PA)
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Udall (D-NM)
Walsh (D-MT)
Warner (D-VA)
Wicker (R-MS)

NAYs ---40
Blumenthal (D-CT)
Booker (D-NJ)
Boxer (D-CA)
Brown (D-OH)
Cantwell (D-WA)
Corker (R-TN)
Crapo (R-ID)
Cruz (R-TX)
Flake (R-AZ)
Franken (D-MN)
Gillibrand (D-NY)
Grassley (R-IA)
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Whitehouse (D-RI)
Wyden (D-OR)

Everybody that voted Yea needs to get the boot, but particularly Republicans and Democrats from coal states.


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They're idiots for supporting a clean energy bill? You're going to need to provide more info, dickwad.

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Not the way its done now thats as plain to see as wales washing up all over the place. But there is lots of good things that could be done regarding energies. Ya cant get there from here though, cuz scams get highest priority. Its like being trapped in a room with all the dumb kids.

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Judge rejects Obama's executive privilege claim over Fast and Furious records


A federal judge has rejected President Barack Obama's assertion of executive privilege to deny Congress access to records pertaining to Operation Fast and Furious, a gunrunning probe that allegedly allowed thousands of weapons to flow across the border into Mexico.

U.S. District Court Judge Amy Berman Jackson ruled Tuesday that the Justice Department's public disclosures about its response to the so-called "gun walking" controversy undercut Obama's executive privilege claim.



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RUSSIAN 9/11 DATA DUMP REVEALS STATE ACTORS “9/11 was an Anglo-American black operation executed in collusion with Israeli Secret Services.” — 9/11 Investigator Undoubtedly the 9/11 attacks on New York City and Washington DC are the most misrepresented by officialdom in US history.


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I believe that 9/11 was a false flag. However, Veteran's today is admitted disinfo:

Gordon Duff - Senior Editor at Veterans Today - Admits To VT Disinfo

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Didn't Anderson Cooper intern at the CIA during his summers at Yale?

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Yeah just around the time he was sucking dick and having his ass fucked. Ah those heady days of summer!

Shirt-lifters Anon.

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Fukushima has killed the Pacific. The whales that visit Hawaii every winter have not shown up.....story is here
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Their chant, "If you got it, use it" applies to military, legal system, financial system, communication systems with one of the worst offenders:

N A T I O N A L     P R O P A G A N D A     R A D I O

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Yesterday was the holiday set aside for Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., whose murder was most tidily disposed of with the usual "lone gunman" --- this time being a two-bit criminal or hoodlum, James Earl Ray.


I once saw a documentary on his assassination, whereby they detailed how Ray had escaped from prison, then went on the lam, traveling to Canada, to Mexico, various road trips, while living in apartments and motels, taking this course and that seemingly self-improvement course (at one point they even tried to tie in the relatively innocuous self-help book Psychocybernetics with the assassination) with Dan Rather, faux newsy, going on and on about Ray being the obvious killer, never ever explaining where Ray came by all those funds for his travels, courses and economic survival? ? ?


Another escaped criminal proved important in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, earlier in 1963.  This time the escaped criminal was an accomplished assassin, Jean Souetre, with the fascist paramilitary organization, the OAS (Secret Army Organization of France/Algeria).  Souetre had been involved in at least one previous assassination attempt on the life of France's President de Gaulle, and was wanted for sedition, etc., having not only escaped from prison but also being a deserter from the French army, unusual for a combat vet officer.


We know this from several declassified CIA and FBI documents, detailing how the CIA had met with Jean Souetre months prior to the murder of President Kennedy in Dallas, and then would have an official expulsion order issued on him, having him picked up in Dallas just hours after the assassination of President Kennedy!


So, the CIA first met with known assassin, Jean Souetre, months prior to the murder in Dallas, and would issue (Documents #632-796) an expulsion order to remove him from Dallas hours after another assassination, this time sadly successful?


In between this, a patriotic cryptoanalyst and communications operator, Pfc. Eugene B. Dinkin --- who was stationed at an NSA site in Metz, France --- intercepted several cables between the CIA station in Italy and an OAS site he had been monitoring, detailing that the assassination of John F. Kennedy was scheduled to take place in Dallas, TX, USA, between 11/22 to 11/28.


Unfortunately for Mr. Dinkin, he notified the wrong higher-ups and was arrested and shipped to Walter Reed Army Medical Center, where a CIA MK ULTRA team used violent electro-shock treatments, and schizophrenia-inducing drugs, to alter both his mind and story!  (He would be eventually released after much effort on the part of his parents, who would later bring a lawsuit against the DoD and CIA.)


Also photographed that day in Dallas on Nov. 22, 1963 were Gen. Lansdale (CIA) and Lucien Conein, career CIA, frequent assistant to Lansdale and an assassin.


Lucien Conein had trained Iranian Special Forces during 1960 to 1962 period, many of them would later join with the Shah's brutal secret police, the SAVAK.


It would be later suggested as a strong probability that SAVAK shooters were used in the third assassination, that of Sen. Bobby Kennedy in Los Angeles, immediately after he won the presidential primary there.


Of note is one individual with an FBI rap sheet (Case # 799 631) who would appear at both the assassinations of John F. Kennedy and Bobby Kennedy:  Harold Jameson was detained and questioned by Dallas police just minutes after the murder of President Kennedy, as he would later be questioned by police once again in Los Angeles, just blocks from the murder of Bobby Kennedy.


Jameson had an office in the Dal-Tex Building at that time in Dallas, and was related to the head of the CIA's Soviet Russia/Covert Actions desk, Donald Jameson.


Whatever the dispositions of all those "lone gunmen" the factual circumstances of the murders of notable leaders and representatives of The People, President Kennedy, Rev. King, and Bobby Kennedy, would strongly suggest others were the guilty parties.



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Regarding that often used phrase, "Conspiracy Theory".

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 I pee in the kool aid whenever I can. It is kinda fun. 

 Question everything. Both propaganda and the dogma resulting from it cant stand up to any good questioning for long.


  One thing to note. Honest folks dont mind good questions and will in general answer. The liers, cheats and thieves hate answering good questions. Thats why they love the tv and radio so much. It gives them an uncontested venue. The same goes for the schools of indoctrination.

 These dogmas pretty much always involve a double standard. Point it out and this is key. Let them respond to the question. Stomp the lame answers they spew hard. Every now and then you run across a vested person. Keep at it. Even though they may never change their views. The chances of others falling for that line gets rather small very fast. Take your time and do it well.      The important thing is to keep it from spreading.

 Debating the dogmatic is easy using just basic logic. This method has worked consistantly for me here and in the streets.

A warning about doing it at the street level. Dont expect to be thanked for it. They have been known to get rather violent. People do love their dogmas more than you.

One-Eyed-Thong's picture
One-Eyed-Thong (not verified) Jan 19, 2016 1:30 PM

the only thing good on tv is the mexican weather girls

TulsaTime's picture

That was a long one GW. Well known information for the boomers that paid attention in the 70's. Amazing how it has shifted into the open at a certain level now. We hear how great things are up until the bottom drops out. Pretty good sign of the Spin at work!

rwe2late's picture

 Deserving mention is the fact that Big Business

has also made use of propaganda, lies, distortions, and secrecy

to promote its interests using BOTH 'private' AND 'government' means.

Joebloinvestor's picture

Goes back even furter then that.

I remember being told in the 50's that a little radioactivity was good for you (after they found it in milk)

SillySalesmanQuestion's picture

Thank you GW for an excellent read! The Ministry of Truth has existed for much longer than most can realize. The wide range of deceit and propaganda that has been written and broadcast for the last 50 years is staggering...
This is exactly why most of us came to the Hedge, seeking a bit of truth and journalism. A small island in a tidal wave of bullshit...

JamaicaJim's picture

The sheeple will swallow anything if it's in print/on the net..whatever.

Reminds me of the classic Godfather scene.....newspaper people on the payroll...

This was 1972...and it was blatant....


Nutsack's picture
Nutsack (not verified) JamaicaJim Jan 19, 2016 11:22 AM

but but but, Obama said.....

Reaper's picture

To govern is to control. Propaganda is a tool. The American sheeple were instructed to be thankful for Bernstein and Woodward, who supported one side in a palace intrigue between Nixon and his acting head of the FBI, aka as Deep Throat.

Information is not knowledge. Information is not validated by repetition. When everyone reports alike, they are copying. Trust is an opiate of sheeple,in government or in media, or in politics.

shovelhead's picture

I don't believe you.

Who told you to say that?

Reaper's picture

The same voice within that over 65+ years ago told me to tell my fifth grade teacher she was wrong. I don't expect you to believe, I only hope you doubt.

silverer's picture

Wow!  Thanks ZH for this one!  I knew this was going on in many places for many years, but even bigger than I thought.  USAwatchdog.com has Greg Hunter, who often picks on USA Today (among many other propaganda sources) for the in-your-face propaganda and outright lies.

The article states: "In 2012, the Pentagon launched a massive smear campaign against USA Today reporters investigating unlawful domestic propaganda by the Pentagon."

Well, apparently, the US government won over the hearts and minds of USA today reporters and management, because since then, it has become the printing press for government propaganda. 

I wish everyone in the USA could read what you published here.  Great job! 


sandman.s's picture

Greg Hunter is full of shit as well.  The other day I called him out for lying.  He said that Iran shot a missile at one of our aircraft carriers.  He absolutely flipped out when I said he's a liar and said that's not what he said.  I copied the text from his article and posted it for him again.  He still claimed that's not what he said.  And then he stopped posting my comments.  The dude is a total doosh and a liar.  Fuck him.  Anyone that has the need to approve comments before allowing them isn't for free speech. He's just for his version of it.  Fuck him.  I'll never go back to that sorry ass website.

WTFUD's picture

WOW, i'd like to torture you slowly over a couple of days and hear you squirm like the little cock-sucker you are.

Have you got no fucking Pride you snivelling little paid-off weasel? The question's rhetorical wanker.

Have a nice circle-jerk in the office tomorrow and say hello from me to your treasonous scum shit cleaners.

DuneCreature's picture

Exhibit Q: An ‘on the ground’ pair of witnesses from the recent CeyeA manipulated Libyan Clusterfuck.


Feeling queasy about US foreign policy and machinations yet?


Everyone there KNOWS who is behind this. ….. Do you?


~ DC

lordbyroniv's picture

what a beautiful beautiful NWO song.  One of their best !!!



Sandmann's picture

The British funded journalist Benito Mussolini to advocate Italy entering World War One on the British side.  JP Morgan bought newspapers to push for US entry into WW1 to protect his client as JPM was the British buying agent for weapons in the US and bribed the harbour authorities to falsify documents on the Lusitania to hide war materiel.

The European Movement was funded by Mi6 and CIA to advocate a European Economic Community.

The CIA funded sabotage groupds in GDR into the 1950s and in Ukraine also. 

Facebook is probably a CIA funded startup. 



Reginald Blome's picture

GW, thank you for your well researched information. Very enlightening, keep it coming kind sir!

Ghordius's picture

here is another nugget from the Kagan article

"The United States thus violated some of the cardinal rules of international relations. For decades, realists had believed that the only peaceful and stable world order was one based on a multipolar balance of power, a “concert” of nations poised in rough equilibrium in a system that all the players regarded as necessary and legitimate—like Europe in the years following the Congress of Vienna."

well, call me a paleo-realist, then. and yes, the Concert of Europe has to go on, regardless if other powers want to play a different "game" or not with each other

a lot of this anti-globalist rah rah is based on the assumption that we europeans want to extend our Concert to the world. I don't even know how to start replying on that

have your own concert, dammit. or focus on the rules for the damn Great Game that everybody seems to want to play while constantly changing the rules of it, and even when claiming isolationism in words... but not in deeds

Boxed Merlot's picture

have your own concert,...


Yes, it seems they've obtained their musical education from Stanford.

As for the article and the news that all the major US news agencies have been willing participants of disinformation from their inception, to say they haven't been and aren't would be news.  That being said, it is still very welcome to see it in print.


Personally, I find the timing release of feature films to be the diastolic equivilent of the public's blood pressure to the systolic readings of the daily surge being pushed by these "services".

These are the same forces with the same agendas force feeding their wares into the publics minds in a never ending barage of lies, deceit and obfuscation.  There's just enough "truth" in it to keep the patient alive but not healthy, vibrant and certainly not aware.



mvsjcl's picture

Whoa! You mean there isn't a media expose of all this nefarious activity! The horror!

Ghordius's picture

excellent article, GW, well done

of course propaganda has too it's downsides. one of the most dangerous things that can happen when doing propaganda is that it becomes so pervasive that your own leadership starts believing in it

in fact a hobby historian like me could be led to quip that the downfall of every empire starts exactly at that point, for the simple reason that it poisons judgement

Rupert Murdoch's media empire already carries some simplified, repetitive messages that are already bending US official behaviour up to the point of having unforeseen consequences

"Earlier this year, Kagan’s article for The New Republic, entitled “Superpowers Don’t Get to Retire” touched such a raw nerve with President Obama that he hosted Kagan at a White House lunch and crafted the presidential commencement speech at West Point to deflect some of Kagan’s criticism of Obama’s hesitancy to use military force "

extremely interesting article from Kagan. from there:

"For Americans, the choice was never been between isolationism and internationalism. With their acquisitive drive for wealth and happiness, their love of commerce, their economic and (in earlier times) territorial expansiveness, and their universalistic ideology, they never had it in them to wall themselves off from the rest of the world. Tokugawa Japan and Ming China were isolationist. Americans have always been more like republican Rome or ancient Athens, a people and a nation on the move."

Kagan has a point, there. what he calls American "universalistic ideology" is, put simply, the belief that if the whole world would become more like America, it would become a better place. it's part and parcel of Exceptionalism. in a way, healthy. but no, not isolationistic as such, on the contrary, it feeds expansiveness

"Taft insisted on seeing the world as it was, not as idealists wished it to be. The European war was the product of “national and racial animosities” that had existed “for centuries” and would continue to exist “for centuries to come,” he argued."

well, lots of things can happen when "national and racial animosities" abound. as a reminder, Taft lived in a completely different US of A then today's

"Another lesson was that the United States had an interest in political developments in Eurasia. Walter Lippmann argued that, for Americans to enjoy both “physical security” and the preservation of their “free way of life,” they had to ensure that “the other shore of the Atlantic” remained always in the hands of “friendly,” “trustworthy” democracies. For two decades, people had sneered at “Woodrow Wilson’s demand that the world must be made safe for democracy,” Lippmann commented, but Wilson had been right. Under the control of “free governments the shores and waters of the Atlantic” had become the “geographical center of human liberty.” The Atlantic Charter and Roosevelt’s Four Freedoms reflected this revived conviction that the well-being of democracy in the world was not only desirable but important to America’s security."

as a reminder, Roosevelt's Four Freedoms are Freedom Of Speech, Of Worship, From Want and From Fear

not to be confused with the EU's Four Freedoms: of free unhindered flow of Goods, Services, Capital and People (inside the EU, mind)

note that indirectly security is defined by Roosevelt as a Freedom. From Fear, and indirectly From Want. and so part and parcel of the American Way of Life as envisioned by him

the above quote is an excellent recap of this long discussion since then, including several phrases that have been often misused, since then, possibly sounding stale by now for some ears

I can only reccomend to read Kagan's article in it's completeness. because in principle, he has many excellent points

Kagan's weaselness is elsewhere. encapsulated in one simple question: how much? like in "how many hundreds of bases?" or in "how much... treasure and blood?". or how much... propaganda and how many lies?

as well as how thin the guise of "doing it for democracy and free trade" can become

conscious being's picture

Ghordo, I gave you the green for complimenting GW, but Kagan does not represent the American people. Kagan is talking his book and projecting his greed onto the American people. Have you read Waldon Pond? It's interesting in many ways. One of which is when Thoreau makes a convincing case for pitying the rich guy who has so much to worry about and none of the freedom of Thoeau.

Ghordius's picture

oh, I could not agree more with you. Kagan is a weasel, and a warmonger. his article is nevertheless excellent. Kagan's sins are not there, but in the application of what he wrote

cheech_wizard's picture

I still dream of a day when Kagan is hanging from a lamp post, not by a rope, but by a noose made from his small intestine.

Standard Disclaimer: and the same goes for his spouse... (Yes, I'm getting over a cold, which means I'm a bit testy this morning.)


11b40's picture

Yess, indeed.  The neocon, dual-citizen power couple of Kagan and Victoria Nuland of "fuck the EU fame".


Undermining our Constitution, eroding our rights, sowing war and mayhem around the world, and working for Israel 24/7/365 on our dime since the 80's.

skippy9's picture

Hey George! You must work for the Obama machine.  What started as an interesting piece turned into an anti Reagan smear. Take your head out of Obama's ass. He's the real propagandist.

Eurotrash Sorehead's picture

Its too simple if you think this is only about "right wing" propaganda - CIA maybe also produces and owns the "counterculture"......:

silverer's picture

 Your comment is silly.   We all know where Obama is coming from.  Evidence will be in boatloads.  Tune back in about two years from now, you will have plenty to read.  If the US hasn't been made radioactive by then.

Agstacker's picture

Skipped over the Sandinista part, did you?

11b40's picture

Hey, Skippy! You want to dispute anything in this article? Come on. Give us your best shot.

silverer's picture

The history of central America is an interesting one.  There's plenty of awesome stories to read about in those times.  The US citizens were told nothing of what happened since the local governments got together and threw the US out, ending the "rebel" presence.  Because that's what happened.  One politician rose up, grabbed the bull by the horns,  and got the local countries in the area to sign onto an agreement.  They pushed the US out, essentially, by political will.  After that, all those areas have had peace and growth since.  They were lucky.  The middle east, not so lucky.