50 Million Americans Prepare For "Potentially Historic" Winter Storm

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With the exception of a handful of one-time events, it had been such a mild winter across most of the U.S. that numerous retailers have been complaining how negatively impacted their topline has been as a result of the warmer weather (clearly having forgotten how they complained about precisely the opposite in prior years).

All that is about to change, and all those warm weather-slammed retailers are about to get just the top line-boosting gift they have been waiting for because according to AccuWeather, the Northeast - from Charleston all the way to Boston - is about to be hit with a major winter storm, with the potential for heavy snow to impact more than 50 million people at the end of the week.

AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Dave Dombek says that "we are just now at the point [of the winter] where the air is cold enough with the ongoing storms to awaken a sleeping giant in terms of a snowstorm."

He adds that unlike most storms so far this winter, this system will have enough cold air to produce snow and disruptions to daily activities in areas of the East that have received little thus far.

The exact track of the storm will hold the key as to which areas in the mid-Atlantic and southern New England are hit with heavy snow, dangerous highway travel and scores of flight delays and cancellations during Friday into Saturday.

The heavy snow with the storm is likely to have a fairly sharp northern edge. At this time, the northern edge of the storm is most likely to extend from southern Ohio to southern New England. A distance of less than 50 miles could bring snowfall ranging from an inch or less to more than a foot.


There is a chance the major storm will not evolve into a full-blown blizzard: if the storm develops to its full potential and takes a track just off the mid-Atlantic and New England coasts, then a blizzard can unfold. The storm could shut down highways and perhaps cause airport closures.

According to AccuWeather Chief Meteorologist Elliot Abrams, "This could be a long-duration snowfall that could last more than 24 hours in some locations." This is also the type of storm that is likely to produce a very heavy rate of snow.

Based on the most likely storm track at this early stage, areas from the Virginia and West Virginia mountains to the major cities from Washington, D.C., to Baltimore and Philadelphia, as well as the suburbs, are included in the swath of heavy snow potential.

AccuWeather warns residents in the region that since the storm will strengthen rapidly, reduce its forward speed and tap plenty of moisture from the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean on its path, snowfall rates of 1-3 inches per hour are possible. There is the potential for the hardest-hit areas to receive 1-2 feet of snow or more from the storm, where rain does not mix in.

According to AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Brett Anderson, "Should the storm continue northeastward, rather than turn more to the east at the last minute, New York City, Boston, Providence, Rhode Island, and Hartford, Connecticut, would also be buried in snow."

A wintry mix is likely to occur from northwestern North Carolina to the Delmarva Peninsula, southern New Jersey and Long Island. Exactly how much snow accumulates in the coastal areas will depend on the amount of rain, if any, that mixes in.


In the swath of the heaviest snow, motorists who venture out during the storm could become stranded.


Thunder and lightning could accompany the heavy snow in some coastal locations. As the storm strengthens near the coast, winds will increase, and blowing and drifting of snow will occur.

But while AccuWeather is still on the fences about the storm's ultimate impact, the WaPo's DC-based meteorologists are far less sanguine and are confident that the storm's impact is now assured: as it reported, "a high-impact snowstorm for the region is nearing inevitability and there is some chance it will be historic, paralyzing travel and disrupting normal routines."

They add that "every major computer model is now forecasting double-digit snowfall totals for the D.C. area Friday and Saturday."

If the WaPo is accurate, the storm will be truly 'historic': "The agreement among forecast models for a severe winter storm in this case is remarkable and a hallmark of some of our most memorable snow events." However, even the WaPo hedges somewhat and notes that "this storm is still three days from starting, which means there is time for shifts."

Meanwhile, the National Weather Service has raised its winter-storm-threat scale to its highest level. It warns there is potential for significant travel delays, closures, and threats to life and property, and is urging residents to start planning ahead.

In addition to heavy snow, the combination of wet snow and high winds are possible Friday night through Saturday, which could lead to power outages.

How much snow should the up to 50 million residents in the impacted region anticipate?

The snow is forecast to begin between Friday morning and afternoon. The heaviest snowfall and most difficult conditions are likely to start late Friday afternoon into Saturday.

Exactly how much snow falls and where is sensitive to the exact storm track, which will invariably jump around a bit. As areas along and east of Interstate 95 will be close to the snow-sleet-rain line, these shifts could well have profound implications on specific amounts and the overall storm impact.

There is still a small chance the storm tracks far enough to the southeast that this is more of a moderate snowstorm rather than a blockbuster. As such, we are not yet in position to forecast specific snow amounts, but rather provide percent likelihoods of different totals.

For the D.C. metro-area, the WaPo gives the following prediction:

  • Chance of at least 1 inch: 90 percent
  • Chance of at least 4 inches: 75 percent
  • Chance of at least 8 inches: 65 percent
  • Chance of at least 12 inches: 50 percent
  • Chance of at least 20 inches: 15 percent

The answer will be revealed on Friday, and if the worst case scenarios are accurate it will present retailers with a major quandary, because if after blaming Q4 sales on warm weather, should the top line not recur in the first quarter after what could be a "historic" snow storm, then the contradictory explanations will get more problematic.

And then there is the US economy in general: recall that in 2014 and 2015 it was the harsh winter weather that was blamed for the dramatic drop in Q1 GDP of both years. Well, with Q4 GDP already tracking at 0.6% according to the Atlanta Fed, and 0.1% according to JPM - and could potentially be negative - it will be the height of scapegoating irony if GDP declines from a zero, or negative, print and one strong winter storm is the factor that pushes the US into a technical recession.

At least the NBER will have a convenient climatic "alibi" on which to blame the "first recession" in 7 years.

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SelfGov's picture

Queue idiots denying a human hand in climate change.

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Let’s blame it on the Global Warming…

BTW, the Global Warming meme is nothing more than a self-imposed guilt trip sprinkled with megalomania.

The original name wasn’t working, so it was changed to Climate Change.

The whole scam was designed, and is being shoved down our collective throat, by the likes of Goldman Sachs for one reason only – CARBON CREDITS.

As to polar bears – fuck’em! They will survive, but if they won’t, I will miss them as much as I miss dinosaurs, mammoths, or saber-toothed tigers. ;-)


gmak's picture

It will be an intersting time in the future when  the glaciers loom overhead and the Alarmists are still calling for reduction in CO2 as plant life disappears from the planet.

Overfed's picture

Well shit, there goes the recovery. BTW, the word you guys are looking for is 'cue'.

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Chance of my wife getting at least 1" = 100%

Yes We Can. But Lets Not.'s picture

<<< Climate change will destroy mankind

<<< Man will destroy mankind

Over/under - 150 years

OrangeJews's picture

There was 5 times as much CO2 when the Dinosaurs were around http://www.livescience.com/44330-jurassic-dinosaur-carbon-dioxide.html

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Where is Boris?

Boris will laugh at us, shake his head and say things like "This is not snow. This is flurry...is good fishing weather. Good time to work on car."


The Juggernaut's picture

I remember this shit last year.  You know what precipitated?  Absolutely nothing.

pods's picture

We used to call these snowstorms.

Then it was a N'oreaster. (special snowstorm)

Then superstorm "Bob, Kate, whatever"

I can't wait till all cable TV dies.

Then it can go back to snowstorms.

Only going to be cold and wet in RTP. So like Hillary when she reads about a wedding bombing I guess?


Bunghole's picture

I blame this storm on the plastic microbeads in the body wash I bought last week.

You know thay cause havoc at the WWTP, unlike the 5,000,000 tampons flushed down the toilet each day in the USA.

Manthong's picture

Global cooling, er, global warming er, AGW, er,  climate change is mostly a religious cult now promoted by the UN to get some form of global tax so that they can self-sustain, keep their scams going and even expand them.

Those blue helmeted African rape squads cost a lot to keep deployed.


LowerSlowerDelaware_LSD's picture
LowerSlowerDelaware_LSD (not verified) Manthong Jan 19, 2016 4:21 PM

Milk, bread, toilet paper...

And for God's SAKE(!!!!!) - watch the "news" corporations or you're all gonna DIE!!!!

And keep watching as they tell you that Hillary(!) is the awesomest and to buy, Buy, BUY this dip that never should have happened because Obama's economy is the best!

Uchtdorf's picture

This historic storm brought to you by the University of East Anglia, home of the Mighty Morons!

N2OJoe's picture

Everyone panic, there will be no more snow in Canada by 2020 according to some Global Warmists!



I MISS KUDLOW's picture

It will be a good weekend to watch CNBC reruns of American Greed,,,miss Kudlow miss everyone and their crony capitalism

brockhardman's picture

Make no mistake...this will be priced in to the market.  Never let a snowstorm go to waste.  We showered some folks.

Save_America1st's picture

I hear the lib-tards are trying to figure outta way to ban snow.  Just too "white" for them to handle.

And don't you all even dare mention "black ice" anymore you fucking raaaaaaaaaayciiiiiiiissssssssssssstsssss!!!  ;-)

Stainless Steel Rat's picture
Stainless Steel Rat (not verified) Save_America1st Jan 19, 2016 7:55 PM

When NASA's GISTEMP data comes in within the next day or two, it will show that 2015 was the warmest year on record.

Joe Davola's picture

Short term play - bread, milk and liquor

9-12 mo. play - diapers, formula and liquor


Only 10.99/month for my newletter.

Manthong's picture

Y’know, the original faulty data the UN has based its whole climate scam on was a "hockey stick" projection developed by Michael E Mann in the 90’s.. it was at best, bad science and at worst a scam.

Noted and studied author, comedian and part time radio show host Mark Steyn called him on it a while back. The East Anglia rigged, fraud data is just rancid icing on an old, hard cake.

Well, Mann sued Steyn, Steyn is fighting back and it seems that the court wants to drag this out at least until some kind of legislation is passed to lock this fraud into law and tax us all for the scam that keeps on giving, er, taking forever. 

Check out the YouTube.. it’s really quite good. 




Stainless Steel Rat's picture
Stainless Steel Rat (not verified) Manthong Jan 20, 2016 6:31 PM

Hahaha, three downvotes. :-)

What I said was true, though:

Luc X. Ifer's picture

Do you remember the same song last year around same time? That biggest snow storm which didn't happen?! Obviously, another massive social manipulation to keep people locked 

so that some strategic military maneuvers can happen without civilians witnessing. I bet no storm will happen this time also. 


yeah it never happened so it will be this time





knukles's picture

Every fucking storm is the storm of the century.
Viewership, ad revenues, Global Climate Whatever Meme....
Every storm is the storm of the century

                  In any case, let them freeze in the dark along Park Avenue

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Who ever heard of it snowing in winter?


Obviously crazy stuff going on! Historic!!

Gold Pedant's picture

Historic. I was sweating just thinking that we wouldn't be able to squeeze out a quadruple seasonal adjustment. Now I'm trying to claw the salt-ice that froze on my palms while hen pecking this post with my pointy nose. Hope I don't miss a digit.

--Ol' Yeller

Dave Thomas's picture

Does this mean Macy's saved? Need a lot of coats and hats and shit like that.

knukles's picture

No.  They'd listed to the Climate Change experts and stocked up on flip flops and string bathing suits left over from Nordstrom's rack that never sold due to last year's cold summer.

Handful of Dust's picture

Snow in winter...who couldaknowed?

Lore's picture

Remember the idiot reporter during Hurricane Irene, who rolled up his trousers, waded out in the seawater, and shouted into the camera "It's raining all around me!" 

It's interesting how the slanted journalism seems to be ignoring the "Polar Vortex" narrative this time around.  Of course, it's no surprise that there's not even the slightest attempt to discuss REAL reasons for the current meteorological state of affairs.  God forbid that anyone might trot out "Pacific Decadal Oscillation" or high altitude particulates from Russian volcanoes or the plume of warm water heated by undersea volcanic eruptions in the South Pacific.  Oh no!  It's "Globull Warming."  I'll pay my carbon tax; just SAVE ME FROM MYSELF!  Stupid, cud-chewing electorate.

conscious being's picture

GeoEngineering is real. Skys around the world are being painted white.

NASA scientist admits creating lithium chemtrails.

Jump to 2 minutes in for the recorded conversation.

Implied Violins's picture

Even better: a leaked 750-page Senate document from 1978 that lays out the entire global engineering scheme -


Link to the document at the bottom of the page. They've been doing this stuff since the '50's, folks. God only knows what they've been doing since 1978...

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Speaking of flip flops..

OK, so it’s +5 degrees F in my neighborhood, wind chill makes it about 10 below...

I’m leaving the public library and what do I see outside?

Some young chickie-poo getting into her car wearing what?..

You guessed it.. bare feet and flip flops.

What am I missing here???

If her car breaks down in any number of areas I can think of, she might kiss a few of those pretty toes good-bye.


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You want a toe, Dude?  I can get you a toe; believe me.  Hell, I can get you a toe by 3:00 this afternoon.

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"Her life was in his hands, now her toe is in the mail!"


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KesselRunin12Parsecs (not verified) Automatic Choke Jan 20, 2016 5:25 AM

How was her camel toe doing?

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That is great news! The globalist elites can import another few million immigrants from the middle east to be settled there!

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Don't forget the Catholic Church. They want their cut of the "science" of global scamming - I mean warming - too.

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Jesus Christ people are stupid.

Hey stupid - microbeads go down drain.

Drainwater gets drink by fishies.

You eat fishies.

You get microbeads in your idiot body.

Honestly people. You don't think things disappear when you can't see them anymore, right? You have passed infancy and gained object permanence... right...?

Yes We Can. But Lets Not.'s picture

Freshwater fish do not actively drink water, but absorb the water through their skin and gills.

On the other hand, saltwater fish do actively drink sea water. Their gills process the water and take out the salt.

* Cut and pasted straight off the interwebs...

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Sounds rayciss!

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OK .. godammit.. I have had all I can take of this racist, patriarchal white snow supremacy thing.

I demand that the almighty state task the clandestine Department of Chem Trails to assure we get at least 50% black snow.


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In the habit of eating fishguts?

You got more worries than microbeads, buddy.

You're Gollum.

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fermented fish guts are pretty tasty in stir fry and kimchi.