Caught On Tape: 1,000 Dutch Villagers Storm Town Hall In Anti-Migrant Melee

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As regular readers are by now acutely aware, Europeans are growing increasingly frustrated with officials’ response to the bloc’s worst refugee crisis since World War II.

To be sure, some countries were skeptical from the very beginning. Take Hungary for example, whose firebrand PM Viktor Orban built a series of migrant-be-gone fences late last summer and defended them with tear gas and water cannons.

Be that as it may, most Europeans were willing to give refugees the benefit of the doubt. That began to change after attacks on Paris killed some 130 people in November and sentiment took a decisive turn for the worst earlier this month when scores of sexual assaults allegedly perpetrated by men of “Arab origin” on New Year’s Eve created a bloc-wide scandal.

Now, right-wing movements like PEGIDA in Germany and the Soldiers of Odin in Finland are gaining popularity as nationalism rises from the ashes of Europe’s checkered past. Meanwhile, sales of gun and pepper spray are soaring and in a testament to just how frightened people are, one German town moved to ban male adult asylum seekers from public swimming pools.

In the latest example of how quickly things are spiraling out of control, far-right Dutch politician Geert Wilders inadvertently incited a violent riot in tiny Heesch where town officials attempted to hold a public meeting to discuss plans to take in 500 refugees in the town over the next ten years.

Hours before the meeting was set to take place, Wilders called for all Islamic male asylum seekers to be locked in their asylum centers in order to “protect our women.” Shortly thereafter, a Facebook page “Protest AZC Heesch” garnered some 3,000 likes and before you knew it, 1,000 angry villagers actually stormed the castle - literally.

“The atmosphere turned nasty, and the meeting was abandoned as dozens of protesters tried to storm the town hall,” AFP writes adding that  “the town gave police extra powers after the demonstration ran out of control."

Below, find the footage.

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Nothing to see here.  Move along!

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hopefully pussified indoctrinated American MEN find their balls and do something like this before it's too late 

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The Dutch should declare war against Russia and sign an unconditional surrender 5 minutes later.  ;-)


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This is what America wasnts.....european chaos & bankruiptcy....strengthens the US petrodolaar vs the euro

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And british parliament is trying to ban Trump instead of migrants...

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We are all right-wing zenophobic nationalistis. Get used to it.

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This is just a taste of what is coming.  

People like EML -- take note, its only a matter of time before these crowds see people like you no differently than the immigrants. 

new game's picture

hopefully some europeans come to merica and protest...

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Europe Is Self-Distructing, Disintegrating... DRIP DRIP DRIP

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Come on, get off it! The Euros simply need to get over these tiny cultural differences:


Afghan Woman’s Nose Is Cut Off by Her Husband, Officials Say

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“protect our women.


Seal the southern border, freeze immigration from Muslim countries, deport the illegals


Fill cruise ships with north EU females and have the boats “run aground” on USA east coast, near shopping malls, of course.  The women can simply jump off the boats and claim asylum as they head to the nearest DNC office to register as Progressives.


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the police have received 653 complaints of robberies and sexual assaults, and several rapes. The mother of a 19-year-old who said she had been raped called the police by 10 a.m. on Jan. 1



653 thug assaults/rapes/attacks ... And yet the Cologne polizei have arrested ONLY 1 'suspect?!




Now that's outrageous!


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Leftist,socialist nwo's won't read it, if they do it will bounce right off their thick skulls..

Bismarckrises's picture

We had teens of Central Americans come here in SouthWestern States in 14, and they were not well received. The people were told to give them food and shelter. Go away was what people shouted

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Well my MILF of a Dutch neighbor like to come outside in the morning in tiny panties and a very tight t-shit... breeding was on my mind...

Calmyourself's picture

Vlad, NONE of us believe that story....   Got pictures?

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no more MILF after breeding - better fantasize of breeding in a paper towel (that's what I do)

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Well, European men refuse to breed with European somebody's gotta do it.

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This is just a taste of what is coming.  

People like EML -- take note, its only matter of time before these crowds see people like you no differently than the immigrants


No, they will be seen as much worse.

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Works for me.

Everyone should be proud of their nation and its culture and heritage.

Everyone should also want to protect it.

That is nationalism.


What is bad is when one wants to invade another nation to force them to accept their culture. That's not exactly nationalism.

There is no reason why the French cannot be proud of their thing and the Germans of theirs. They both can be correct and live in perfect peace.

They can even hate each other and have no interaction and still live in peace.

Either way is fine as long as they live in peace.

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"to protect our women"

They won't be getting sympathy from Obongo any time soon.


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The illuminati invite millions of aliens to a country and expect kudos for their grand gesture. The cost is borne by the poor and middle class with crime, destruction of culture, defacement of their cities, accustations of racism, and taxes.  Now may I suggest a 50% wealth tax on anyone with a net worth over ten million Euros to take care of the poor refugees? Any refusal is tantamount to racism and genocide.

FireBrander's picture

A progressive WEALTH, not income, tax would be better; I'd say a 90% top rate for billionaires would put an end to the immigration madness real fast.

BarkingCat's picture

Normally I am against such ideas but I think this might be the right time for it.

Also make sure that all the trusts and other asset protection schemes are also included.

HopefulCynical's picture

Make it a 75% tax, raise the threshold to 50 million Euros - and NO DEDUCTIONS. No loopholes. All assets tallied, regardless of debts against them. Cash on the barrel - Sir Evelyn.

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This is what America wasnts.....european chaos & bankruiptcy....strengthens the US petrodolaar vs the euro

This is what Israel wants.....European chaos & bankruptcy....strengthens the Israeli case vs Palestine.

I clearly recall several European nations siding with Palestine against Israel right before all this shit started.

...the French Foreign Ministry issued a statement that indicated Paris was beginning to set the groundwork for future French recognition of “Palestine.”

yovatti's picture


CheapBastard's picture



The Dutch don't want their Blond Babes raped by refuggees?


How odd?

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What's fascinating is the silence...not a peep...from women's rights groups around the world. Not even a Peep from NPR or Barry.




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similar to code pink going dark after the nobel winner was elected

Buckaroo Banzai's picture

Meh... Europe (except for Germany, of course, because "HOLOCAUST!!") has been siding with Palestine for decades. Nothing new here.

And with Germany clearly and irrevocably on Israel's side, why would Israel put Germans at the front of this refugee nonsense? Israel needs all the allies it can get, the idea that they would massively infect and destabilize their tentpole European ally with millions of military-age Islamic men seems absurd.

Don't conflate the interests of the Jewish state, with the interests that certain particular Jews in positions of global power might have. They do not align always, and sometimes they might even be orthogonal to each other.

HopefulCynical's picture

Except the Jewish state is the very creation of those globalist Jews. The idea that they diverge in agenda in any meaningful way is just more smoke and mirrors.

Many rank-and-file Israelis do object to the globalist Jewish agenda, if Israeli newspapers are any indication. But they don't protest adamantly enough, probably because they figure that they'll be on the winning side ultimately, so why bother?

mortem-tyrannus's picture

I am with Banzai on this one. Can we please get a clear term that identifies the small group of elitist liberal fucktards so we quit saying stupid shit like "Kill the Jews".

Jews are overwhelmingly good people. Chances are about just about 100%, you can let you daughter sleep over at her jewish neighbors house and she is going to come back completely unharmed.

You can't say that about even 1% of the Sand Niggers invading Europe and the USA.

Give me Jews by the boatload. I don't want a single #Rapefugee.

And for the record, once we come up with the term for the elitist, I am all onboard for burning those motherfuckers at the stake like witches because they are.

besnook's picture

zionazi includes all the criminals and excludes the innocent. the zionazi wants to turn this into a race, religion war. you are suppose to hate all muslims and any attempt to refute their intent is antisemite. judging from comments on zh they have succeeded in turning normally inteeligent people into bottom half of the class dwellers....beware of the zionazi hasbara.

conscious being's picture

On target besnook. Israel is a Red Shield creation from the get go.

froze25's picture

One of my longest customers is Jewish and a good man at that. Pay quick and no BS. 2 of my 3 Jewish employees are hard workers and all 3 are very bright and of a kind heart (They donate to help people for Thanksgiving). I have only had bad experiences with the Hasidic Jews they typically try to pull fast ones in business deals at the last minute. I have no tolerance for it and will kill a deal on the spot if they try to change terms, it is the only method they respond to and back off quick but you have to be willing to walkout of the room. I do not care if I lose money because so will they.

besnook's picture

i could give you an opposite experience but i will agree the most powerful word in your arsenal is "no" . the take away close works wonders with them and the chinese. i like dealing with devout christians. they will negotiate a win win deal with no problems.

BarnacleBill's picture

Tell me: what possible or imaginable good is done by disparaging a million people as "Sand Niggers"? Only a bigot would use such a term, and a bigot's opinions are worth nothing.

mortem-tyrannus's picture

It is a fair question.

I think it is closer to a billion than to a million and for me, it conveys the absolute lack of respect I have for this pack of feral apes the insidious acts they commit on a daily basis acorss the world everywhere they are found.

I believe you should judge a man by his deeds, regardless of his race or religion.

IMO the overwhelming vast majority of muslims come up short no matter the yardstick used or how sypathetically you try to paint their actions.

They are a cancer than must be removed from the global collective body before it metastisizes and kills us all.

conscious being's picture

If Zato wasn't bombing them and supplying the head choppers to drive them from their homes they would have all stayed home. Focus on who's driving this mess, not the poor masses being driven.

Jack&#039;s Raging Bile Duct's picture

Can we please get a clear term that identifies the small group of elitist liberal fucktards so we quit saying stupid shit like "Kill the Jews".

Agreed vehemently. I'd say that even needs a dedicated thread. I'm caught between Statist and Oligarch. I think Statist is a better term, as it is inclusive of both the evil elite and any dellusional proles.

conscious being's picture

Sorry, you can not hide the ethnic component to this particular crime syndicate. It's a Jewish Mafia. Are all Jews in the Jewish Mafia? Of course not, but if you gloss over the ethnic make up of the mafia, you obscure the big picture. Why are all the Fed Heads Jews?? Why is Israeli Stanly Fischer part of The Fed? Why are Hollywood and the mass media Jewish businesses? Why does every major politician have to bow down to AIPAC? Israel has a problem with Muslims because they have been kicking them for decades. Now they want to drive them into the West so you can kick them too.

Their problem becomes your problem.

Jews used to say that all the Fed Heads are Jewish because they are sooo smart, Greenspan was the Maestro, etc. Well smart at what? As far as serving the American people goes, they have been a disaster. As far as skimming productive labor and rewarding their fellow tribals, they have been a big, big success.

conscious being's picture

From your VT link "the Khazarian Mafia's secret World Zionist System and their Globalist NWO Plan is now checkmated and has become a Titanic headed for an iceberg."

Khazarian Mafia captures the perpetrators even more succinctly than Jewish Mafia.

conscious being's picture

Excellent article from Preston James, btw.

From the link - the Federal Reserve System "easily meets all the definitions of a criminal RICO crime syndicate as does their owner and controller the Khazarian Mafia."