Dutch Politician: Male Refugees Are "Testosterone Bombs," Must Be Locked Up To Save Women From "Sexual Jihad"

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Earlier today, we brought you footage from riots that took place on Monday in the Netherlands.

When the town of Heesch attempted to hold a meeting to discuss the prospect of placing some 500 refugees, around 1,000 demonstrators arrived to storm town hall. “The atmosphere turned nasty”, to quote AFP, and ultimately, police were forced to use “extra powers” to disperse the crowd.

The riots came just hours after far-right Dutch politician Geert Wilders aired a new campaign spot for his Freedom Party.

“Wilders's views have already proved controversial,” AFP reminds us. “He is expected to go on trial in March for inciting racial hatred after pledging in local elections that he would ensure there will be ‘fewer Moroccans’ in the country.” Here’s the clip:

But trial or no trial, Moroccans or no Moroccans, Wilders’s party is expected to put up its best ever showing in the next parliamentary elections, due in 2017. Were elections held today, polls show The Freedom Party would grab some 36 seats in the 150-seat Lower House.

Needless to say, the party’s cause has gotten a boost from the wave of sexual assaults that occurred across Europe on New Year’s Eve.

Not one to let a good crisis go to waste, Wilders's new video finds the PVV leader calling on European officials to "lock up" male refugees in asylum centers in ordert to save the bloc's women from "Islamic testosterone bombs." 

"We have seen what they are capable of," Wilders continues, "it's sexual terrorism, a sexual jihad." 

Fortunately, Wilders has a "solution": "I propose we lock the male asylum seekers up in the asylum centers."

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Sexual Jihad? I think I saw that in a theatre in times square once.

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Baby Bladeface (not verified) Dave Thomas Jan 19, 2016 6:19 PM

Sex jihad brings special emotions. If living in society multicultural just have to bear with it.

Dindu Nuffin's picture

The Fed is the tip of the iceberg.  Its the Je.ws.  It always has been, and always will be.  WAKE UP GOYIM  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JUMwgsy6ZD4

& For the Record - I'm glad I switched to the Alt Right


macholatte's picture

“protect our women.


Seal the southern border, freeze immigration from Muslim countries, deport the illegals


Fill cruise ships with EU females and have the boats “run aground” on USA east coast, near shopping malls of course.  The women can simply jump off the boats and claim asylum as they head to the nearest DNC office to register as Progressives.



beemasters's picture

"Male Refugees Are 'Testosterone Bombs,' Must Be Locked Up To Save Women From 'Sexual Jihad'".

Spoken like a true primate trying to protect his sexual need "territory". Way to go Baboon!

Freddie's picture

ISIS praises?  Did that come off Rita Katz fax machine or one at Langley?

underman's picture

"You want asylum?  Castration is your cost."

JamesBond's picture

Just can't make this shit up.


klaatu nikto barada




the phantom's picture

Nahhhhh, no need to lock them up.  Just send them across the border to the promised land... Germany.  Angela "we can do it" Merkel would love to have them.

Bunga Bunga's picture

Germans will send them back to ISIS soon. There they can sexually Jihad their own people.

Bumpo's picture

Geert needs to stop talking about it, and start rounding these guys up. If the offending 'Refugees" are offended, put them on the next boat to Algeria or Libya and see how they like them apples. Vigilante Justice is next.

janus's picture


this is the Hedge...you can use the term "jew" howsoever you like, and you don't need to hyphenate or otherwise hide it.  generally speaking, casual anti-semitism is tolerated...just don't go so far as to call for their extermination.



Bumpo's picture

At this point, identifying the bad guys is becoming clearer every day. Unfortunately, Semites of many stripes are involved now. See Israel, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Jordon, Turkey, NATO. Maybe its best to use an ancient term to group these uncivilized barbarians ....

Are you a 'Medizer'?

Proper noun


  1. One who is suspected of having "Persian sympathies." A common slur against one's political opponents in ancient Greece.


janus's picture

medizer is more specifically in reference to the medes, of the medeo-persian empire, who were collectively -- according to Daniel's vision(s) -- the bear among the beasts and the breast & arms of silver on the towering image (respectively).

the medes were semitic peoples...now, here's where it gets curious -- the persians are ayrian, yet the medes were a cousin/companion tribe of the early persians/ayrians; the babylonians and assyrians were likewise semitic, as were the chaldeans (who have ancestral connections with the medes & persians), and Abraham was from Ur of the chaldeans...and Abraham was most certainly semitic.  now, here's the common misapprehension: most think semitism has something to do with Abraham and his seed -- and it does, but more in a 'all khakis are slacks, but not all slacks are khakis' sorta way.  in other words, all the seed of abraham are semites, but not all semites are the seed of abraham.

the term semite is used to describe all the descendants of Shem, son of Noah.  Noah had 3 sons, Shem, Ham & Japeth.  it is written that Noah was pure in his generations (God is, apparently, an ardent racist).  the view of antiquity's scribes is that ham took a negro wife aboard the ark, as he is held to be the father of the negro races (the kusim and hammites -- among others).  the complexion (or what-have-you) of japeth's wife is subject to some debate, but most agree that his descendants went east and compose the races of the orient.  shem and his descendants went west & north from ararat, and through him would issue forth the promise to eve (that her seed would bruise the serpent on its head).

ham was at one point cursed, shortly after all Noah's clan landed on ararat.  it is an odd story.  Noah made for himself a vineyard, produced the first post-deluvian vintage, got drunk, passed out in his tent wallowing about totally nude, ham stumbles in, giggles about his father's nakedness, tells his brothers, Noah gets PISSED, curses ham, and they rest is -- as they say -- history.  anyway, in the curse, Noah stipulates that ham and all his descendants are to be servants of servants; and that japeth will dwell in shem's tents; and that shem will be blessed the mostest.

whatever of all this is true, it's hard to say.  assuming for one moment that any of it is true, it is similarly difficult to say for certain just who is and is not semitic, japethite & hammite based solely on linguistic ontology & teleology.  insofar as babel (nimrod's tower) was brought to ruin after the flood -- a time in which all people spoke the same language -- and through this ruin God divided the tribes by confusing their languages, it is likely that, for example, some japethites have totally distinct linguistic histories yet share much in genetics (at least, from the Y chromosome).  so, even though indo-ayrian languages are distinct from assyrian/'semitic' languages, it doesn't mean they aren't both shemites.  nevertheless, most hold that the ayrians were japethite...but there are competing theories.

also interesting to note that nimrod was a hammite.


Milestones's picture

If all of your post is even reasonably accurate, your post is an absolute monster; and having a minor in acient history I would say you are reasonably right on.

Congrats for a n excellent, pointed paper  Thank you.        Milestones

Bumpo's picture

Persian didn't really mean the same thing back then. I have a graduate degree on the subject as well. Medes were generally thought of as arabs, before the word arab was even around. Point is, there was nothing lower in the mind of the average Greek than to be in cohoots with the East, especially after what happened at Thermopolye. Thus, a Medizer is anyone who even secretly sided with the East.

jemlyn's picture

Thanks, Janus.  Posts like yours are the reason I read ZH every day.

rockface's picture

Quit playing mindless word games.  You know what anti-Semetic refers to.

Bumpo's picture

In that case, fuck the zionists.

HowdyDoody's picture

Yet another politico sucking at Israel's teat.

beemasters's picture

Amazing. The sheeples are slowly being led by the Zionists to hate the Muslim world for them. It's more amazing that ZH/ readers would fall for the scheme.

zvzzt's picture

Understand what you're saying and indeed Geert is quite close with lots of Israeli's. Nonetheless, he's voicing what a serious amount of people here in Europe (and/or Holland) are experiencing. Don't try going to the swiming pool with the kids because boat loads or North Africans are fucking things up, especially in the bigger cities. Same with the cinema, amusement parks, schools etc. These are not the recent immigrants, but the second/third generation immigrants with low prospects and no decent integration We let it happen and nobody dared to voice concerns. Being payed for by Israel is unfortunate but his underlying case remains strong nonetheless. Other point, but much more interesting, why no problems with the Chinese or (biggest group) of Indonesians? 

Lost My Shorts's picture

Do the women actually want protection?  It seems like the same feminists who would jail a native man for touching them are keen to import swarthy foreigners to fill the "grope gap".  Maybe the politics of the matter are more complex than it first appears.

Laddie's picture

@Dindu Nuffin

It certainly is...

Facebook Begins Europe-Wide Campaign Against Extremist Posts

The U.S.-based group launched its "Initiative for Civil Courage Online" in Berlin, pledging over 1 million euros ($1.09 million) to support non-governmental organizations in their efforts to counter racist and xenophobic posts.

Facebook Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg said hate speech "has no place in our society", including in the Internet.

1 Billion Refugees Moving North

Jews Demand Open Borders for USA, But Use DNA to Keep Israel Racially Pure December 20, 2013

Professor Kevin MacDonald’s ‘The Culture of Critique’ Reviewed This review, written in 1999, explains EVERYTHING that has happened to the White nations.

Freddie's picture

NGO's backed by Soros, Zuckerberg and the rest.

Freddie's picture

Maybe Europeans women will stop voting for politicians who want them raoped and maybe European males will hang the politicians allowing rapists to flood in.

American men will just get excited about ball games on TV and their Trayvon heroes.  texans are especially pathetic in the did jack shit about Waco 1 or Waco 2 mass murders.

Laddie's picture

You hit the nail on the head, as you so often do.

What we have in each of these situations I have described for you is White men on the defensive; White men thinking and acting like women; White men so terrified of being criticized, so terrified of being called "racists," that they will not protect themselves, their women, or their communities. They have let themselves be pushed into positions that are less and less defensible.

It's really difficult to sympathize with White Australians and White South Africans. Through their own foolishness and weakness they brought their present problems upon themselves. When men begin acting like women, that is what happens. When White men let themselves be bamboozled into feeling guilty and defensive about their natural, healthy racial feelings, that is what happens.

With that kind of thinking in our government, our situation in just a few decades will be very similar to that of South Africa's Whites today. We will have a non-White voting majority in the country and a government staffed by a majority of non-Whites who will be just as amused by our cries for help as are the Black police officials of South Africa when White women there complain about being gang-raped by Blacks. And like the Australians we will not have weapons to defend ourselves or our women.

That basic problem is the continued programming of our lemmings by mass media controlled by Jews. As long as the Jews who control America's mass media are permitted to continue teaching our women that frolicking with Blacks is fashionable, and as long as they are permitted to continue teaching our men that being thought a "racist" is a fate worse than death, we will not be able to avoid the future the media bosses have planned for us. Because, believe me, our women are just as foolish and our men just as weak as are those of Australia and South Africa. The governmental structure is in place that will annihilate our race and our civilization, and the masters of the mass media are at the controls of this structure. Whether there is a Democrat or a Republican figurehead at the top of the structure makes very little difference. We must begin dismantling that structure; we must put a monkey wrench in its gears; we must yank -- we must blast -- the controllers from their seats of power in Hollywood and New York, or we are finished.

Time to Blast Our Enemies William Pierce PhD (Physics) August 4, 2001

CheapBastard's picture

The Dutch, like the Germans and Swedes, are slow learners:


The murder that shattered Holland's liberal dream


On the morning of Nov. 2 in a busy street in east Amsterdam, a 26-year-old Dutch Moroccan named Mohammed Bouyeri pulled out a gun and shot controversial filmmaker Theo van Gogh, who was riding a bike to his office. Van Gogh hit the ground and stumbled across the street to a nearby building. He didn’t make it. As the Moroccan strode toward him, van Gogh shouted, “We can still talk about it! Don’t do it! Don’t do it.” But the Moroccan didn’t stop. He shot him again, slit van Gogh’s throat and stuck a letter to his chest with a knife. He was slaughtered like an animal, witnesses said. “Cut like a tire,” said one. Van Gogh, the Dutch master’s great-grand-nephew, was 47 years old.



Freddie's picture

Nice photo here of Putin/Russia's jets incinerating a ISIS-Turkey-Haifa oil convoy.


Ziad Fadel at Syrian Perspective is a Syrian Christian attorney who has lived in Michigan for about 30 years.  He has been tirelessly been getting out the story of the brave Syrian people and brave Syrian military standing up against the savages of ISIS aka See Eye Aye.

Freddie's picture

Yes friend I hear you but that was 11 years ago.  Theo was killed like an animal.  The Dutch have done next to nothing while Americans are just as spineless.  

Don't forget that they also killed Pim Fortyun as well and have already paroled his murderer.  Pim was another hero like Wilders. 

Ms No's picture

I think that was the poo scene.

garypaul's picture

There is nothing racist about this politician's remarks. Everyone knows groups of young men always mean trouble.

ASACJon's picture

I pray to see that day that Merkel is arrested for treason, Germany snaps out of the 70 years of psychological conditioning, and these barbarians are expelled back to the Middle East and North Africa.

Europe is for Europeans, not a motley crew of goat fucking Arabs and Berbers.

RichardP's picture

We don't get to keep that which we cannot defend.  That is an immutable law.

Europe is only for those who can defend her.  If those folks end up being the goat-fucking Arabs and Berbers, then that is who Europe will be for.

If Europe is to be kept for Europeans, better start brainwashing the young European sons that Dulce et Decorum Est.  Maybe there is an App for that.


Soul Glow's picture

It has nothing to do with testosterone.  It has to do with cultural norms.

OrangeJews's picture
OrangeJews (not verified) Soul Glow Jan 19, 2016 6:28 PM


Gaius Frakkin' Baltar's picture


It has to do with racial DNA.

beemasters's picture

It has little to do with cultural norm. It has to do with bad apples that spoil the bunch. Rape isn't the norm in Arab countries. One should travel more to know.

l8apex's picture

I also might not say that it's the norm, but it's certainly accepted amongst the sand niggers.  Or do you disagree?  

beemasters's picture

How well have they manipulated you to hate! :) They have won. The more people hate Muslims and their world, the easier for them to wage future wars.

Not many are buying because many are already bought, brainwashed and scared off. Ask yourself...how many of you know of Muslim men personally? I do. I know not one rapist...but I guess that's just me. Use your common sense, for goodness sake.

NoPension's picture

I'm not scared and I'm not brainwashed.
We feel these feelings naturally, for a reason. It's survival instincts, ingrained over hundreds or thousands of generations.

And then a twat like you come along, and tell us we are wrong, or racist or this or that.

Well, fuck you. I can deal very well with black people. Groups of niggers on the other hand, avoid if you possess a survival instinct.
And with the camel jockeys, same thing.

Is that rayciss?

beemasters's picture

Well...Blacks are not the Zionists' problem (yet), are they? Those damned Arab muslims are... They will do their best to garner your support to annihilate them for they understand very well your "survival instincts, ingrained over hundreds or thousands of generations," as they did in 9/11.

NoPension's picture

Go somewhere else and peddle your horseshit, dickhead.

You will not enlighten or change any minds here. We are obviously knuckle dragging Neanderthals who will suffer the consequences of our myopic views.

This should please you. Now leave, troll.