"Our Europe Is Dying": German Youth Blast Merkel's "Multicultural Utopia"

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Earlier this week, we documented the riots that took place in tiny Heesch where 1,000 Dutch protesters took to the streets to demonstrate their extreme displeasure at the town’s decision to settle some 500 refugees.

Just hours before the melee, far-right Dutch politician Geert Wilders (who is set to go on trial in March for inciting racial hatred by promising to rid the Netherlands of “Moroccans”) released a new TV spot for his ascendant Freedom Party. In the clip, Wilders says male Mid-East refugees are “Islamic testosterone bombs” who should be locked away in asylum centers in order to “save the country’s women” from “sexual jihad.”

If you watched the clip, your first reaction was probably to laugh, but if you’re like us, that laughter quickly gave way to consternation because what the video clearly demonstrates is that not only is Europe succumbing to xenophobia, the bloc is increasingly receptive to messages that in any other context would likely be met with revulsion.

Of course you can’t exactly blame Europeans for their newfound tendency to lean right (so to speak). Between the Paris attacks and the wave of sexual assaults that took place across the bloc on New Year’s Eve, the EU electorate has come to associate refugees with violent crime. The bloc is in fact so frightened that pepper spray and gun sales are soaring as Europeans arm themselves against what they increasingly view as a hostile foreign invasion and an usurpation of Christian values.

All of this has served to boost the popularity of far-right groups like PEGIDA in Germany and the “Soldiers of Odin” in Finland, where vigilante justice has arrived in the form of roving patrols of young men donning black bomber jackets with Viking helmets stitched on the back.

It’s against this rather disturbing backdrop that we bring you the following video from the “Identitarian Movement” in Germany. As you’ll see, some German youths are prepared to stage an open revolt against policies and politicians they believe are “sacrificing German values and traditions.”

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Eirik Magnus Larssen's picture

A much needed reality check: Merkel's CDU party is down but 4% since the last polling. 

samjam7's picture

Eirik, patience, elections are in March not today! I bet you'd prefer the results of polling to be binding over actual voting with your sense of democracy, wouldn't you?

Eirik Magnus Larssen's picture

Both reflect the voice of the electorate, so you make little sense. Perhaps you are partial to this kind of "reporting", because it grants a platform as well as a measure of legitimacy to the complaints of a vocal minority. But in the end, a vocal minority is all that it is.

It's also worth noting that organized, systemic violence against women only seems to become a major issue when it befalls white women. This contemporary form of institutionalized racism/racial discrimination is so prevelant in many Western media outlets (Zero Hedge apparently being no exception), that Sociologists have come to formally name and define it:


Money Counterfeiter's picture

Don’t really understand Germans.  They elect a communist youth leader and they get Joseph Stalin immigration policies.  WTF are they complaining about?

Seriously what did they expect from her?

Miles Ahead's picture

Cue the pretty girl so we'll all understand what's truly at stake...

(edit) lol, Eirik, I wrote this comment before reading yours... just my reaction from the image alone.  I see I hit the nail on the head.

Haus-Targaryen's picture


There is outrage when women are abused in Europe, irrespective of color, because we as a culture cherish women.  These animals do not.  Thus, you had a NPD demonstration here in Germany yesterday because 3 immigrant men gang-raped a 13 year old immigrant girl.  The NPD.   

You being upset because we aren't outraged because women are treated shitty in parts of the world not our own is based on your premise that rich white people have a duty to take care of the rest of the world, which we do not.  

You are nothing but a leftist authoritarian.  You are a re-incarnation of Hitler with Stalin's economic policy.  The worst of both worlds.  You are a mentally defective individual, and it is a shame you vote, much less fog a mirror.  

While the Union is only down 4%, the AfD has gone from 2.5% to 12.5% Bundesweit.  E.g., they are getting people to vote that haven't voted before.  Moreover, Germany have a notorious history of saying one thing, and voting another way, especially when it is controversial.  Its the "nail that stands up is quickly hammered down" mentality they have.  Expect AfD to dominate come March 13.  

I'll make sure and send you a gloating private message.  

Eirik Magnus Larssen's picture
"There is outrage when women are abused in Europe, irrespective of color"

In that, you are mistaken.

Haus-Targaryen's picture

Apparently you have forgotten the shit storm that broke out in Germany when this happened last September: 


Eirik, you look at the world through your rose-colored-glasses of cultural relativism.   You really believe that all people are equal in all things, their cultures and beliefs are no better and definitely not worse than yours are, and a little "mutual understanding" would solve the world's problems.  Its a nice thought I suppose, but it is just flat wrong.  Even if we, as Western Civilization, have understanding for these people coming in ... would they have understanding for us, and could we retain our cultural identity while allowing them not to respect our traditions, cultures and values?  Forget your idealism for just 2 minutes, and ask yourself: 

Would these rapes, beatings, violence & threats be happening if 1.5 million Japanese showed up in Europe seeking asylum with the same frequency and severity they are happening now?

The answer is obvious.. 

But I get the feeling I lost you when talking about western traditions, cultures & values.  Having read your posts for months now, often not commenting due to a sheer loss for words ... I believe you are a "self-loathing" westerner.  You hate the culture you come from, you hate the fact that the "West" has something like 80% of the world's wealth, and you hate the color of your skin.  You see these things as evil, and probably can watch a Louis Farrakhan video from the 80s and agree with almost everything he has said.  

I believe in freedom, Eirik.  I believe if you want to hate yourself, your culture, your country, the religion of the people around you, etc., etc., you have the ability to live anywhere in the world you want to to absolve yourself of these feelings.  I believe you should be able to marry, donate to, adopt, or do whatever it takes to absolve yourself of the guilt you feel.  I want you to live the life you see fit for yourself, given your moral compass.  The problem Eirik, and the reason you are encountering so much pushback here on ZH and your political ideals are getting fed through the metaphoric wood-chipper at the moment, is you are an authoritarian.  

You believe everyone should live & think like you do, and you are willing to support politicians, groups & ideologies that advance your interests.  The problem is -- your interests prohibit me from living my life the way I want to.  By bringing in people from an inferior culture, you make it impossible for my Fiance to walk to Uni (past a newly erected "refugee" shelter) without having to worry about herself (forget how scared to death I am).  You make it impossible for restaurants to leave blankets on the tables outside them during the fall and spring, or H&M able to hang clothing outside when its nice, due to high amounts of theft, like they once could do.  By bringing in these people you make it impossible to go about in various German cities without having to watch your wallet, your fiance's purse, & your car keys.  See, if people like me get our way, those of us already in Europe, including yourself can live the way we want to -- e.g., a "free" continent.  If people like you continue to get their way, those of us already in Europe cannot live like we want to anymore.  Its the opposite of freedom -- it is a small vocal minority (of people like you) imposing their will on the masses.  

Thankfully, Europe is waking up to this, and the political blowback will be epic.  I am supremely disappointed in whatever Tyler wrote this article in equating self-preservation with Xenophobia, I get the feeling whichever Tyler (perhaps Max Keiser) who wrote this hasn't had to deal with these "refugees" first hand.  

I would glady have a good chunk of the world's population starve to death than live in a Europe where my wife has to wear a bee-keeper outfit to go to the grocery store.  Think that's impossible?  We have Iran & Afghanistan as prime examples of exactly this thing happening. 

Check yourself Eirik, and have a "get out of dodge plan" for you and your wife when the politically correct gloves finally do come off this debate.  



JoeSexPack's picture

Eirik has a bad case of white guilt...


...with a side of Stockholm Syndrome.


Celebrate Diversity!

Haus-Targaryen's picture

At the end of the day, we want nothing more than to live our lives and be left alone.  People like Eirik bringing in these people make that impossible.  The pushback he and the Marxist-Authoritarian-Left will begin to encounter will be a political change Europe hasn't seen for decades.  This time it isn't just happening in Germany ... but across all of Northern & Eastern Europe.  

Congrats Eirik, you have created specifically what you saught to avoid.  You have no one to blame but yourself.   

fleur de lis's picture

Erick is a product of nonstop leftist brainwashing.

Haus-Targaryen's picture

Meanwhile in Cologne, 

The Cologne police cite a German for throwing confetti on the 18th of December.


Total Charges for 12-31 to date ... zero.

To email them and describe your dissatisfaction with this nonsense: 


ali_baba's picture

I much prefer the joo-hating Europe of even just over half a century ago. Somewhere along the way Europeans lost their identity and the joo turned Europe to shit. This Bolshevik style leftism/liberalism has only one purpose. To make Europeans ashamed of themselves and hold joos above all others. Fuck that shit.

Eirik Magnus Larssen's picture

My concern is that you represent the true face of many here.

shutterbug's picture

My concern is there are too many people like you who think themselves "better", "justified" or whatever - label - you think on a certain moment.

Does my or your concern matter? it means nothing. Welcome to the real world and reality.

Group labels are too often used by people who have a cetain mindset. Either pro this or anti that.

hansg's picture

Explain this to me: how is it possible that you can pursue an agenda of cultural and racial genocide against the people of Europe, and be considered 'normal', while even the slightest criticism of the barbaric hordes entering our countries (or their vile ideology) is automatically 'extreme right', 'neo-nazi', 'fascist', and a whole lot of other unkind phrases?

How come that any kind of concern about islam is immediately elevated to apparently also include a desire for genocide, racial purity, and a cessation of trade? Can't one legitimately feel that our own culture is worth protecting without _also_ having a desire to kill everyone who looks or thinks the slightest bit different? Worse, don't you realize that in doing so, you have only made nazism, fascism, racism, and discrimination _acceptable_ to many? It works like this: "I'm a regular person, and I am concerned about the rise of islam and the attitudes and problems that go with that. People who share my point of view are being called neo-nazi's. I'm not extreme myself, so neo-nazi's must also be ok."

These days, if I read about neo-nazi's being on the rise, I shrug and think "good for them".


froze25's picture

Xenophobia means irrational fear, the fear the Germans and other Europeans are feeling and expressing is rational and warranted.  This will fall ultimately on the women of Europe supporting their men in acting and behaving as men do.  The vigilante groups is a sign of men no longer being able to suppress their masculinity as the feminazis / progressives have been training them to do via social propaganda brain washing.  It will grow and I am happy to see it.  Remember, Nationalism is the opposing form to Globalism. Language, culture, boarders. Being proud of who you are isn't a bad thing.  Empowered individuals are the number one enemy of the control freaks. 

Xibalba's picture

They call me Racist, but I'm Christian...there is only the Human Race, Creation.  Prejudice perhaps....but what's wrong with spotting a culture-mindset-religion, that gives birth to hate, and is backed up by violence for 'kaffar' and 'infidel'... and then saying I don't want that?  They call me Phobic, but I'm not afraid.  They call me Nazi, but I'm expat.  This spineless fucker (Erik), and many like him, want to shove his drivel down my throat.  My ears are not trash cans for your vomit.  FUCK YOU!   You are blind and cannot see.  You are the enabler of hate.  You are the embodiment of cowardice. 

Chris Dakota's picture

Eirik is a Jew.

Jews use impersonation as a very effictive weapon. The Khazar Jews killed and impersonated merchants along the Silk Road.

It's why they are naturals as actors.

The original creators of identity theft.

Polonius's picture

See how THEY cleverly inserted a new form of man-shaming into an ostensibly conservative meme?  Expect to see our controllers using the term "testosterone bomb" a great deal in the future.  If you are a man who does not embrace the LGBTQ-whatever agenda you are a testosterone bomb, buddy.

Cliff Claven Cheers's picture

Look at Haus and EriK vehemently fight, this will result in a bloody civil war in europe between Libs and Conservatives, may even happen in USA some day.  Erik may be right it may be a small vocal majority but backed by a large silent majority and if history is a clue then at some point Conservatives will start killing Liberals because of the liberal tyranny now in effect in most western governments.  I have been saying this for years, when the leaders fail to do as the people want the conservatives will push back and most likely it will explode.  I abhor violence so I hope a drastic sea change in political will resolves it peacefully, but I have my doubts as those in power seldomly cede it peacefully.

BarkingCat's picture

he could be..but if he really did marry an negro then that's very unlikely.

they want others to destroy their identity, but not their own

Chris Dakota's picture

Most half blacks in the USA are also half Jew.

Most white looking guys who marry Chinese in SF are Jews.

Don't know about other places.


RagnarRedux's picture

No there is not just one "human race". The basis for race and ethnicity is biology, either choose to educate yourself about this issue or continue in ignorance with spoon fed Cultural Marxist drivel about racial classification being simply a "social construct".

Thirty Years Of Research On Race Differences In Cognitive Ability


Racial Average General IQ Differentials Are Largely Due To Genetics


Genetic Structure, Self-Identified Race/Ethnicity, And Confounding In Case-Control Association Studies


12% Of DNA Differs Amongst Human Races And Populations



Deep Sequencing Identifies Ethnicity-Specific Bacterial Signatures In The Oral Microbiome
shovelhead's picture

We have the second string lib-multicult Tyler with us today. It's xenophobic for a female not to want a strangers hands under her sweater or shoved inside her panties while in public and anyone who would object to that outlaw behavior is a racist.

The sad thing is that these defective thinking people will be among the first martyrs for their multicult religion.

I see no humor at all in Geert's common sense approach. Let the multicults practice their religion in Morocco to their hearts content.

new game's picture

what if your wife(assuming you are married and male), stopped for some shopping and on the way to her car or rail ride got rapped by a muzzie? ha, so when your neighbors wife gets rapped it is ok? now we are talking about rape? not theft, as in purse being stolen (which if you have traveled to euro is rampent). pick pockets everywhere. so that being the norm, rape is now ok, for your agenda of diversity. ever wonder why it don't work? simply put, like peoples want to be near like peoples. duh, language and culture might have something to do with this phenom.

we live in a world of spitefull idiots, and unfortunatly they are shaping policies that will not work, but instead become moar divisive and lead to power struggles as we see. moar war as 7.2 atoms collide moar frequently...

oh, and don't forget to thanks YOUR leaders in dc for this mess.

ali_baba's picture

My concern is that you're a cryptojoooooo!

snodgrass's picture

Who are you, one of George Soros's hired whores?

mygameon's picture

Erik, you'll realize your mistaken concern when the match flies toward you in a steel cage, in the town square while being soaked in petrol.

noless's picture

Fuck off faggot, most of the jew hate here has gotta be paid shills, the rest are either misguided or just following the money.


It's pretty hard to deny that Jews are over represented in the top classes, and without some formal explanation it would be only natural to assume conspiracy, whether or not a direct link existed.


Have you considered how many of the people here are black? Muslim? Do you honestly believe this is exclusivly whitey-ville?


Go cry to the fempire about bad words and mean names, or cackle maniacally, whichever suits your current delusions.

Haole's picture

Our concern is that you are breeding.

Chris Dakota's picture

The Jew turned the entire West to shit.

They started in the 60s, I was there at the center of the storm here in America.

San Francisco 1967

This guy who looked like one of the three Musketeers told me in SF "don't work for the man, don't get an education, don't get married and have kids. If you need money just panhandle." He was just going around talking to young people as

an agent of change.

That was the message and now I see the real reason was to destroy the white race.

Looking back he looked like a Jew, most likely was.

Then came feminism to split up the family, the whole gay revolution, free love, abortion.

All of it was promoted by the Jews, we see the end result in Europe.

They had no children, lived only for today and themselves, now they are short on people.

My Jew education told me there were too many people on the planet back then.

Too many white people was their real message.

Jews via media and Hollywood created a narcissistic culture that would end this way.

Evil Jews have been plotting and planning while we were all sleeping and rejecting our own

traditional values.

First enemy is the Jew, second are liberals.

Two German trannies were groped by a group of Muslims, when they realized they were men

they said they were going to stone them to death and began throwing rocks.


Woman in Germany who wanted to sign up to help refugees working in a center said 90% are angry

liars who call for others to be beheaded.


shovelhead's picture

Jimi Hendrix was a Jew.

No kidding. His sun sign is under Jew. That "Watchtower" was to throw you off and make you think he was a Jehovah's Witness.

Deep cover Jew.

I know these things. They're in the stars.

Jeffersonian Liberal's picture

Oh, I see.

You use ridicule.

And that proves your opponent wrong.


The Culture of Critique, by Kevin MacDonald.

Read it and learn.

Or don't and remain ignorant. Your choice. 

fedupwhiteguy's picture

hey dork head,

Bob Dylan wrote all along the watchtower. Quit shoveling it.

inhibi's picture

Hahahahahahaha oh man that's rich.


Jews turned the West to shit huh? You must be living under a rock to call out once of the smallest minorities in the downfall of America. Its asinine. The downfall of capitalism has been MILLENIA in the making. Its simply the victory of the ego over the mind. Some people want EVERYTHING for doing next to nothing. Capitalism merely allows that, and some.


If you think Jews someone brought greed into this world, your buying into Hitler's propaganda, which puts you somewhere between an amoeba and a mushroom.


Sure they have Zionist/aka 'ultra religious' factions. SO DOES EVERY RELIGION UNDER THE SUN. You think Catholics are better than Jews? Why dont I just pull all the stereotypes out of my ass like you and blast them for being paedophiles?


Humans are human. Which means that we ALL have neolithic emotions, are ALL capable of atrocities, are ALL implicit in the game of capitalism.


Get a fucking life.

Chris Dakota's picture

Jews own the Fed. Check

Jews own Hollywood. Check

Jews own the record industry. Check

Jews own the media. Check

Jews run all social movements. Check

Jews run congress. Check

Jews run the President (see cabinet) Check

Jews run the Judicial. Check

Do you think I am stupid?

EddieLomax's picture

I really don't care for Jewish causes.  Zionism was a force in the early 20th century and it resulted in the creation of the state of Isreal, today it is a force trying to preserve the state of Isreal, that cause cares little for whatever happens to Europe although a Europe that is Islamic would be a existential threat to it.

So please move on, our problems in Europe are our own now and we have been cultivating them for decades.  They are caused by various types of European left wing, socialists and other progressives who believe in multiculturalism and oppose the nation state.  We can continue to futilely lay the blame for it all on Jews and Zionism, we could even try to deport all the Jews from Europe, something our new Muslim citizens are doing for us anyway, the result will not be to roll back multiculturalism nor preserve our European cultural heritage.

Chris Dakota's picture

And how did you get leftists?

Europe was the breeding ground of leftist poison at the Frankfurt School and they

were all Jews. When Hitler came to power in 1933 they fled to America and set up shop

at Columbia University and UC Berkeley as an incubator.

They were created by the Bolshevik jews.

Every leftist movement is run and promoted by Jews in the United States.

ali_baba's picture

A muzza'd out Europe and America plays into joo hands. They are backward and a result of mass immigration with no checks, whilst at the same time getting the two to be at war w each other through neocon agenda, could be predicted by any halfwit.
All it does is keep the two busy fighting each other and not notice whilst joo enslaves all by controlling the money. Why has the u.s always been kept at war? Is it so no one questions the existence of the fed? The loss of the gold standard? Oh no, gold standard would not have worked because there's not enough gold (to cover all the fake money they create to tempt all society to be their whores- porn, Hollywood, politics, media and finance all whored out)

The Black Bishop's picture

As a Norwegian I can confirm that Eirik is a 100% political correct conformist spouting the same feeling-based drivel we see in Norwegian media. And as a fellow Norwegian I think he is a fucking retard.


He is one of the fuckers who is destroying our country. They claim we dont have any identifiable culture. Even our fucking retarded King in his new years speech managed to claim that. Look up the definition of genocide, retards...destroying norwegian culture (or any culture for that matter) is genocide.


Fucking fuckers need to get fucked!

Bendromeda Strain's picture

Indeed. Everyone is up in arms and marching against the nonassimilable newcomers, when in actuality it is the self loathing relativists who need to be the target of their anger. When folks like like Barbara Lerner Spectre and Eirik start paying a personal price for their folly then I will know that the situation has a glimmer of hope to improve. Polls can flip in an instant, especially when circumstances require that liars conducting slanted polls desist in that pernicious behavior (see "unexpected" Tory victory). 

Eirik Magnus Larssen's picture

Your mentality is precisely why there no longer can be a sense of unity based on nationalist or ethnic identity in our times.

Conservatives like yourself will continue dividing people into ever more narrow categories, until only one man and his dachshund remain. This is not a bug of right-wing politics, but a feature. Fortunately, there also are many in society who look outward rather than inward, forward rather than backward, and who care about learning from history rather than to mindlessly repeat its mistakes.


Those who remember history are condemned by those who repeat it.

The Black Bishop's picture

"Your mentality is precisely why there no longer can be a sense of unity based on nationalist or ethnic identity in our time."

Who exactly is dividing our culture and our unity here? Who is destroying our ethnic identity? Yes, retard, you are. You and your cultural maxist friends. Fuckers like you deserve to get lined up against the walls and shot like the traitors you are. We got Quisling shot for far less.


"Conservatives like yourself will continue to divide people into ever more narrow categories, until only one man and his dachshund are left."

I'm not the one dividing our people and creating categories, fucktard. You are INTRODUCING new categories into our country you fucking imbecile.

"Fortunately, there are also many in society who look outward rather than inward, and who care more about learning from history rather than to mindlessly repeat the mistakes it features."

If you knew 1 fucking iota of history you would shut the fuck up and reconsider your position. Cultural clashes and religious differences are the number 1 reason why humanity has waged wars all this fucking time. It is retards like you who believe that humanity should be one big homogenous mass that are the real cause of unrest. Unlike you, I and my likeminded believe that all cultures and races should be RESPECTED instead of meshed together. If anyone comes to my country they better fucking respect our laws and culture. Try traveling to Saudi Arabia and preach some Christian gospel and see how you fare with your bullshit.

And quoting a fucking dreamy lyric by John Lennon doesnt change shit. We can all dream happy dreams but we also need to face reality, unlike dreamy fucktards like you.


"Those who remember history are condemned by those who repeat it."

The one who knows fuck-all about history and hasnt learned jack shit is you, dipshit.

What a fucking disgrace of a Norwegian you are. Jævla forpulte nisseladd.

Expat and Happy's picture

Thank you.

Every time I read EML's indoctrinated self-hating sociopathic socialist kumbayah fucking bullshit I feel like taking him to the woodshed and returning alone.  But I don't have the time nor patience to bang my head against someone with fewer cognitive resources than a brick wall.

You're a good person for doing so, but don't waste too much of your precious time doing it.  I appreciate you taking one for the team, but we all know that EML won't ever change.  At least not until he actually has to live with or alongside those who he thinks are the same as him.  Then he will find out exactly how intolerant the barbarians at the gate are for his tolerance.  

monk27's picture

Ideologues don't react to arguments, as they only care about their silly ideology even if (or especially when) it is self-destructive. Talking to an ideologue (more commonly known as a brain washed individual) is a total waste of time...

godiva chocolate's picture

Notice that all european and muslims along with their cultures are considered sacred valuable and equal EXCEPT Russia's? The leftist media continues to peddal "hate" and "division" in regards to Russia?  The discrimination and ethnic racism is so blatant I'm dumbfounded that "tolerant" "unifying" leftists refuse to see it.

There is a plausible ulterior motive for this selective joining and alleged respect for all cultures while blatantly and dishonestly demonizing that of Russia and it's allies -- they hope to unify through war against a common enemy and are creating that enemy through media, and government hoping it will aleve the internal warfare about to erupt.  Many corrupt government's have tried to do the same - to unify a discontented populace by creating and striking a common enemy.  It stands little chance of suceeding in spite of the rhetoric.  There is little reason to fight and die for your country if your country has betrayed you, enslaved you to provide for invaders, takes what you have to give to invaders, won't protect you or your family from invaders and destroys your way of life.

Why should I go fight some manufactured enemy to protect my wife from rape by some foreigner who has not even attacked when the rapists are being protected by my own government right here?  Ditto for my entitlement program, religion and possessions.  


Haus-Targaryen's picture

It sad you look to John Lennon for your political beliefs, but it explains a lot. 

CheapBastard's picture

Merkel unyielding in face of growing revolt over refugees