Soros Reveals He Is Short The S&P 500: Warns China Will Have A Hard-Landing, Says "Fed Hike Was A Mistake"

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There’s been no shortage of commentary from market heavyweights this week thanks to the World Economic Forum in Davos, but for anyone who hasn’t yet gotten their fill of billionaire talking heads, George Soros gave a sweeping interview to Bloomberg TV on Thursday, touching on everything from China to Fed policy to Vladimir Putin to Europe’s worsening refugee crisis.

As for China, Soros says he “expects a hard landing,” a contention we won’t argue with considering said hard landing probably arrived a year ago. "A hard landing is practically unavoidable," he said. "I’m not expecting it, I’m observing it. China can manage it. It has resources and greater latitude in policies, with $3 trillion in reserves." $3 trillion in reserves which, we might add, are rapidly evaporating. 

As for the Fed, Soros is on the policy mistake bandwagon, saying Yellen may have mistimed liftoff. That echoes sentiments voiced by Marc Faber among other prominent investors and speaks to what we’ve been saying since September, namely that December's hike might go down as the worst-timed rate hike in history. "The investor said he would be surprised if the Federal Reserve raised interest rates again after hiking them in December for the first time in almost a decade," Bloomberg writes. He, like Ray Dalio, says the FOMC is more likely to cut than hike going forward.

Draghi, Soros thinks, will ease further. No surprise there. This morning we got a bit of dovish jawboning out of the former Goldmanite and it seems likely that the ECB will move again in March given the rather dour outlook for inflation across the euro.

And speaking of inflation (or a lack thereof), Soros warns that deflation has indeed arrived and China, along with falling oil prices and raw materials, are the root causes.

He also voiced concern over the bloc’s refugee crisis and says he’s worried about the political fate of Angela Merkel. The EU, he contends, is falling apart.

Commenting on Vladimir Putin, the billionaire says the Russian President is operating from a position of weakness and thus has to act erratically and take “big risks.”

But the most important point - for markets anyway - came when Soros revealed that he is short the S&P, and long TSYs which again recalls Marc Faber's take on what's likely to work during a year in which the US slides into recession. Here was the reaction in equities:

Finally, speaking about the outlook for global growth, Soros says that although he "sees the light at the end of the tunnel," he "just doesn't know how to get there."

Neither do we.

Trade accordingly.

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Why is this steaming pile of stool still breathing?

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The rate hike was not a mistake and you know it Soros. It was done on purpose. 

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fuck off & die already Soros you sociopathic elitist pedophile p.o.s.

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Vee vill matter vat u do.......vee vin

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Hearing that im frontrunning this asshole on sp shorts/puts makes my day.

Fuck you SOROS





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Captain Debtcrash (not verified) Deathrips Jan 21, 2016 3:55 PM
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Father Thyme (not verified) Captain Debtcrash Jan 21, 2016 4:03 PM

Yep, the Fed has been tasked with taking money from your 401K and putting it in Soros' pocket.

Simple as that.

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Gosh darn it, I am long USD and short stocks,Yen and every other currency (I have stated many times on other post). Now that this jerk said it and I know he lies for a living I have to reconsider my position.

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Chris Dakota (not verified) froze25 Jan 21, 2016 4:31 PM

He seems so gay to me, no wonder he now backs the other homo Hillary.

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he looks like a pedophile who likes live snuff shows involving gentile chidren.

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And Swedish and German women as he unleashed a mass of rapists loose in Europe.

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Dont tell me hes a joo as well

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KesselRunin12Parsecs (not verified) ali_baba Jan 21, 2016 5:56 PM

May 'The Schwartz' be with you.

Squid-puppets a-go-go's picture

soros is a vampire requiring industrial quantities of blood

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Soros is in no way, a political zionist.

We should all listen to him. :D

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his last name is pure evil when you spell it backwards

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Stainless Steel Rat (not verified) bamawatson Jan 21, 2016 8:21 PM

George Soros = goose rogers

Usage: He really makes money when he goose rogers a currency.

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Chris Dakota (not verified) bamawatson Jan 21, 2016 8:21 PM

Fired Congressman Cantor takes a shot at Trump in Davos, because the elites don't want a Great America, they want an erased America.

Bloomberg reports that at Davos:

The prospect of Trump in the White House is ratcheting up anxiety among the 2,500 business and political leaders gathered at the Swiss ski resort for the annual World Economic Forum.

“Unfortunately I do think that if there were to be a Trump administration the casualty would likely be trade,” said Eric Cantor, a former Republican House Majority Leader and now vice chairman of Moelis & Company. “That’s a very serious prospect for the world.”

Trump should take Dave Brat who ousted Cantor as his VP.

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It takes a real asshole to choose a name that's a palindrome.

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Chris Dakota (not verified) swamp Jan 21, 2016 9:37 PM

Child of Syrian refugees stabs 14 year old in the heart at school and he dies.

Syrian Father said they had a fight a few weeks ago and the school did nothing to help his son

establish his honor in school at all.

Parents of the other child said the Syrian sexually harassed a Lithuanian girl and he intervened.

He said the Swedes are afraid to talk, only in private. In Lithuania we discuss issues in public. If

my son was bullying the kid the school would have told me, and they didn't say a word.

These people that Obama, Hillary and Soros brought to Europe have no business being there. Their whacked out culture

is toxic to the West.

In other news white Ukrainian refugees are turned away from Germany.

So we know exactly what the Syrians are meant for, to destroy the white race, they already got one.


Seer's picture

Fucking shallow idiot.

The fucking wars brought this mess to Europe.

Regardless, demographics is calling it a dead end anyway.

Chris Dakota's picture
Chris Dakota (not verified) Seer Jan 22, 2016 6:53 AM

"demographics call it a dead end anyway"

talk about shallow...

You sound like a hardcore communist.

Im sure that I read you well.


All accounts will be settled

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Nutsack (not verified) Seer Jan 22, 2016 8:26 AM

Fucking shallow idiot. The fucking wars brought this mess to Europe. Regardless, demographics is calling it a dead end anyway.


Your name calling does not mask your incredible ignorance. This is all part of the Joo World Order, which is WHY SOROS IS SPENDING MILLIONS ENCOURAGING MUSLIM REFUGEES IN EUROPE.


The Joo World Order cannot flourish unless all white countries perish. Whites fight back against tyranny, at least they used to.

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bes nook

"...Soros gives a bad name to Satanists the world over!



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if soros is talking his book he is covering his bets.

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Chris Dakota (not verified) Mr. Magoo Jan 21, 2016 8:22 PM

Where are the fuckin pitchforks?

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Soros reveals he is the same speculator that the regulators fear but because he is in on the fix there is nothing the moneychangers will do about it.  

Heads he wins, tails you lose.

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Is there some way to short Soros? 

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@ RPS -  that has been my trade Long SPXU and TLT.

Now, I'm starting to feel creepy - does my trade make me a Soros..???




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"One of us always tells the truth and one of us always lies."Labarynth(SP)


Is not always true. Credibility is important to oligarchs. Sometimes they mix it up.
Fuck soros. Look at the fundamentals, then technicals and think!





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Well, like it or not, the FACT is that if you're here you're way above the average human on the planet.  The attraction is to stay above the masses.  More people need to look in the mirror: we are hardly that much different than the likes of Soros when compared to the hordes of people that our lifestyle and wealth are compared to.

750 MILLION people in India live on $0.50/day.

Deathrips's picture


In positions of turbulence one must put their own oxygen mask on first.

Sustainability basics. Water, Food and Energy.

Through discovery we make it better. Build a basis level support. Most people work to put food on the table. How else could one say NO. Through discovery and competition through the haves...the have nots can benefit. Tools are available.


Im sure you can imagine th possibilities with relearned independence sustainability..Renaissance.

The real rubber to road moment is when you realize only you can move your feet and show the path.

Tis the way of life my friend. Cheers.


Back to the bar....



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Chris Dakota (not verified) Seer Jan 22, 2016 11:02 AM

The head of Davos threatened One Billion refugees coming into Europe from Africa and Middle East, UNLESS the whole world is the same economically.  Weapons of mass destruction.

Jew World Order

of which you are one.

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...Soros gives Satanists a bad rap the world over...




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The FED hike was not a mistake the FED itself is a mistake.

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Soros just needs to walk towards that light in the tunnel! Come on Georgie .... Walk to it Baby!

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Why should anyone listen to the slurring fool Soros.  We should instead hear from his 42 year old Asian wife, who from the look of it, will do pretty much anything for money to marry old George.  I guess she will be the fastest billionaire on record.  Now that is shrewd, cunning determination we want to learn from.


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I think is has something to do with drinking the blood of infants, but that's just a rumor.

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"Soros says that although he "sees the light at the end of the tunnel," he "just doesn't know how to get there.""

That's because there won't be any light for you once you 'get there', you fucking worthless baby-eating SOB

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Not sure about drinking but I have heard and read that the old elites (queen of England, Soros and others) get blood transfusions from young people and it does work to slow down aging. Doesn't stop it but slows it down. Any one else remember a science channel episode when they showed using pig organ skeletons, they basically used dish washing detergent to only leave the structure of the organs from a pig. Then they used adult stem-cells to re-colonize the organ making a perfect match for the recipient? They had a heart pumping, lungs, kidneys... Anyone remember that? I wounder what happened to that.

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I believe that was an episode of The Simpsons.  After his anti-aging treatment Mr. Burns was mistaken for an alien.

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Soros is a dirty filthy pile of steamy smelly garbage

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ZH stop reporting on this evil satantists piece of filth, we don't want to know.

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Agreed. No reason to publish stories about this guy anymore. Nobody cares.

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The only story I want to see about ol' Georgie should appear in the Obituaries (preferrably with photos of the stake pounded through its heart to kill it).

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Can you imagine the line to pee on this guy's grave? Probably would take years for people to get their chance. Who knows, could be as popular as Jim Morrison's at Pere LaChaise.