"Bowels Emptied! Women Molested!" German Media Reveals "Monstrous" CCTV Footage Of Refugee Pool Mayhem

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Europeans are struggling to come to terms with the wave of Mid-East refugees that have inundated the bloc over the course of the last 12 months.

The challenge, for those inclined to believe that German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s multicultural utopia is feasible, is to adopt an open minded approach to the prospect of integrating millions of Muslim asylum seekers into a largely Christian society while retaining a healthy level of skepticism with regard to the prospect of unifying two vastly divergent cultures.

Even those who are predisposed to being patient with the integration process are beginning to question the wisdom behind Berlin’s open-door policy.

Interestingly, it wasn’t the murder of 130 people in Paris that served as the catalyst for what amounts to a wholesale shift in sentiment towards migrants. While there was certainly a public outcry in the wake of the Paris attacks, the backlash coalesced after New Year’s Eve, when scores of women were reportedly assaulted by men of “Arab origin.”

Since then, voters have moved to express their discontent with the bloc’s handling of the refugee crisis by taking to the streets in what on many occasions have turned out to be violent protests.

The official response has been mixed. Germany has endeavored to keep the faith (as it were) by preserving the “yes we can” narrative in public, but in private, many German politicians claim the country is on the verge of closing its borders. Austria has apparently had enough, has suspended Schengen, and is now requiring refugees to learn German or risk losing access to welfare. The country has also developed a pictographic flyer designed to coach migrants on what types of behaviors are acceptable in polite Western European society.

Switzerland has adopted the Austrian flyer and Germany has developed its own cartoons the government hopes will to clear up any “confusion” about how asylum seekers should act once settled in Europe.

A particularly sensitive issue is pool etiquette. If you believe the media, refugees are having a particularly difficult time figuring out how to behave when swimming in public. The controversy led one small German town near Cologne (the site of the New Year’s Eve assaults) to ban adult male asylum seekers from swimming.

Well, despite the best efforts of European cartoonists, some refugees apparently didn’t get the message about proper pool behavior because according to “reports,” some asylum seekers were caught on closed circuit TV doing some rather lewd things at the Johannisbad baths in Zwickau. Below, find the story from Bild, which we present without further comment because frankly, there’s not much we can add here.

*  *  *

From “In The Swimming Pool, Bowels Emptied! Women Molested!”, originally published in Bild and Google translated for your amusement

According bathrooms GmbH have masturbated refugees when visiting swimming baths in pools and emptied their bowels in the water. They are women in sauna harassed and have tried to storm the ladies' locker!

All this is evident from a letter from clerk's office manager Rainer Kallweit to his superior departmental head Bernd Meyer. In the letter dated 19 January (Image exists) summarizes Kallweit a report of the security that service the city's baths GmbH. The city administration has towards BILD confirm their authenticity letter!

Kallweit reports of a memorandum from the Johannisbad. It states inter alia: "An asylum seeker has masturbated in the hot tub and ejaculated into the basin. This is also recorded on the surveillance camera "And further:". The lifeguards threw him out. The asylee came with his, cronies' but again purely to get his cell phone.Together, visitors have 'in the hot tub a hooting, Selfie' done. "

"The users of this contaminated pool by there got rid of one's own intestinal contents. Native people have immediately leave the bathroom. "

The memo continues: "Furthermore, the lifeguards have to protect women and girls from the asylum. Young men wanted to forcibly penetrate into the dressing of women and girls. These actions could previously be blocked."

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Bushwood on Caddy Day!

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The "Migrants" are deliberately doing all of this to disrespect Europe, and especially European men.  So far, they are succeeding way beyond expectations.

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(I tried to add this link to my above quote, but was too late.)

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Agreed. Not a fan of the concept of "zero tolerance," (like when a kid in the US brings a butter knife to school and gets expelled for being terrizz) but in situations like this, it is a necessity.

Jail for those questioning the holocaust. Free shit and a pat on the back for invadefilers.

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Disagree. This is all a big misunderstanding with a healthy dose of paranoia.

Let's all settle down now and get rational, please.

This blog is off the reservation with the Muslim hate.

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Arabistan te espera!

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people need to bone up and march in massive numbers to their congressional house of worship with pitchforks. Until then, they're facked.



BTW ... what sort of news website is http://www.bild.de/ anyways? There's some very interesting ads on the front page. 

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"If you want to keep your shitty pool, you can keep your shitty pool."


~ Soweto Hussein

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Stainless Steel Rat (not verified) Son of Loki Jan 24, 2016 7:54 PM

1 rape + a dozen gropings + 1000 refugees = 1000 rapes.

Welcome to the new math.

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to quote firesign theater ------ "don't forget to carry da bum"

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Baby Bladeface (not verified) bamawatson Jan 24, 2016 8:41 PM

Germans CCTV security cameras recordings of incidents of this should assemble into television reality show Grogan's Heroes.

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The saddest thing about all this is that there are some who think the answer is to make it easier to buy pepper spray.

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CCTV in a public pool???? Sounds too creepy to begin with. Don't they believe in a standby lifeguards anymore?

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Chris Dakota (not verified) beemasters Jan 24, 2016 9:29 PM

I can't even read this, makes me want to vomit.


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Arise! Arise, Riders of Theoden! Schlongs shall be shaken, bowels will be emptied! A shit day... a spooge day... ere the sun rises!

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Never forget who opened the gates in all Western countries.  Let it simmer... let it stew... then let it explode into a complete and total vengence.

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"Jail for those questioning the holocaust"

Always remember that the victors write the history books... Yes, the holocaust took place, but the numbers of dead have been embellished by a factor of 10X... To understand the real picture, you should probably begin investigation at the Balfour Declaration and work backwards in time... Dead jews in the name of zionism means nothing... 

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Chris Dakota (not verified) Keyser Jan 24, 2016 10:03 PM

Jews were jailed, some shot who were communists.

No gas chambers anywhere.

They were worked to death, died of disease.

There were Jews in Berlin, Jews in Hitlers army.

Transfer agreement, rich Jews went to Palestine in the 30s

before the war.

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"Bowels Emptied! Women Molested!" - another tough trading day at NYSE
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Chris Dakota (not verified) CapnJackDaniel Jan 24, 2016 10:19 PM

This is the same as ISIS, synthetic

army of terrorists.

The people who voted for Obama


SHIT SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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"Deport Them Now!"

Unfortunately, you've got to FIRST get rid...

Of the euroweenie leaders who welcomed them in!

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Chris Dakota (not verified) wee-weed up Jan 25, 2016 2:37 AM

Jew Mort Kondracke:

The way things are going in the presidential race, I’m going to write in Paul D. Ryan. …

Trump is nativist, xenophobic, misogynist, undignified, insulting and profane. Admittedly, he’s giving voice to the anger of working-class white voters who feel they are losing out in the modern economy and think establishment politicians have done nothing for them.

But his solutions — to the extent he has any beyond “I’m a billionaire. Trust me.” — are to expel 11 million illegal immigrants, renounce trade agreements our allies expect us to live up to and enact a tax plan that will widen income inequality and balloon the national debt.

Hey Mort,

How dare he give voice to the anger of the white working class who lost out in the MODERN CHINAMART ECONOMY, via your treasonous trade agreements implemented by your stooge Bill Clinton AND FLOODING THE COUNTRY WITH CHEAP MEXICAN LABOR.








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NOT a religion.


It is a political movement.


Learn it...live it....destory it!

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All religions are political movements. Destroy them all if you must, but refrain from harming one another. That's what TPTB is trying to make us all do.

This psyop publication is just the tip of the iceberg. Unfortunately, there will be more to come.

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Nutsack (not verified) beemasters Jan 25, 2016 5:46 AM

Obowelmovements in the pool, just like the brown rapist turds Obama is importing to America by the millions.


The jew world order cannot flourish as long as there are  white countries.



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Those bastards aren't that polite; they'll ass rape a glue factory mule if that's what it takes to make a buck. You left out the every other person on the planet, born or yet to be born, that they will/have molested/raped in their lust for your money.

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"Never forget who opened the gates in all Western countries.  Let it simmer... let it stew... then let it explode into a complete and total vengence."


That's right JS Bach......the guilty party is...............

*Barbara Lerner Spectre calls for destruction of Christian European ethnic societies *


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LOL. Personally I wish I was back in Hobbiton.

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Rich Swedes get a dose of multiculturism:





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Hell Yes!

Now, if they just need to shit in their front yards to give them the full multicultural experience!

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Hey an Open Invitation from Merkel is an OPEN invitation. These guys are just OPENING orifices for the Mama Merkel.

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fuckin' funny.....Son of Loki

No Shit in Valhalla.


;) X-

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Just Keep the Poop at arms length and you'll be ok.

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Oehört, Smällar som Gäller.......på Svenska / Wow, Bang Insane.

Fuckin' -A !!!!

Thanks H_o_D_

btw Greetings from Sweden......Death-to-Swedistan !!!

;) & :) X-

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Possibly one of the funniest comments ever.  Congrats.

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Better bump the chlorine content

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the German media censor the true scale of what's happening

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The German authorities have a finger in the dike but that won't last much longer. Eventually the chaos will become unmanageable and the whole thing will spiral out of control. These migrants are a threat to girls and women of all ages. They have got to be sent home or sterilized as a condition of residency.

The migrants cannot mentally process their surroundings. They see all the women and think they are sexually available, and don't understand why everyone recoils when they suddenly show up like skunks. The sight of beautiful uncovered women everywhere is short-circuiting their stunted brains.

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Finally, the niggers can say -- see, we aren't the worst barbarians in the world.

Germany needs to bring back the ovens and make sure the politicians test them out first.

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Klaus Q. Public's hands are tied to act because they will be punished with the full force of the law.  The anti-islam change in media coverage is the tell for what's  coming. The police and elected officials will very soon switch from kissing the bureaucratic ass to protecting their communities.  Right now the idiots are worried about the poor demographic profile and not thinking about what these monsters are doing and will continue to do.  They key is that the savages have made themselves so hated by even moderate reasonable people that there is no middle ground left, only a radical fringe that stands in opposition to deporting them.

When there is an attempt to restrain their actions, the savages will try to get rough. Then they will be treated worse than a bunch of soccer hooligans. Police know how to deal with hooligan vandals. They won't have any balls left after after the German Shepherds get done with them.   

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I have had to cancel the membership to my very nice gym because it has become the hangout for all the disgusting Somali immigrants.  They treat the hot tubs like some sort of public bath.  Nothing is more enticing than a bubbling pot full of sweaty Africa.   I arrived early to spin class and didn't realize there were muslims in the back on their knees doing their nutty prayers. One of them came over and tried to intimidate me before a group of people arrived for class.  


I'm actually pretty pissed I've had to cancel my membership. This was a very nice gym and rather expensive.  I'd like to know how all those goat fuckers can pay for it. 

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3rd world muslim peasantry meets Liberal West?

what could possibly go wrong?

Imagine moving to Sweden and discovering that ALL the women there march around as naked as the ancient Greeks.

as far as these mooselimbs are concerned, they've died and gone to heaven and are surrounded by a lot more than 72 naked virgins...

The sheer clusterfucking ignorance and hubris of the multi-culti, PC Left is breathtaking here!

"Zey are just peeplez, like us und vee vill be ass one!!"

...an assumption, as mind-bogglingly FUBAR as "We'll be welcomed as Liberators" by the neo-cons like Rumsfeld

It's either that or the creation of massive inter-social chaos is intentional... there are NO other possibilities

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No more flowers and teddy bears, I guess...

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It's intentional. Multiculturalism is designed to destroy European culture.

Diversity means less White People.

The Jews invented it and direct it.  Africans, Latin Americans, and Muslims are their pawns. Pay no attention to the Moneychanger behind the curtain, and the Media director behind the screen. That would be anti-semitic, and a threat to your career, goy.

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I happened to watch a movie on The Disney Channel this weekend.  The commercials and advertisements for their other shows had maybe one white kid. 

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The entirety of western media was targeted for infiltration during the Soviet era, and the plan was executed perfectly. Just because the Soviets disappeared, the true believers certainly didn't. 

They're all either actively pursuing an agenda, or they are useful idiots too stupid to figure it out.

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A super-majority of the Soviet Kommissars were Jews. The International Tapeworm never dies, it just changes names and hosts.

Who was Lev Bronstein?