The Ultimate "Truth Bomb" - The East Knows The West Is Bankrupt

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Submitted by Bill Holter via Jim Sinclair's Mineset blog,

What a tangled web the global geopolitical situation has become.  Geopolitics and finance have always been interrelated but recently much more so.  As many readers know, I have speculated we would be hit over the head with a “truth bomb” from the East and most likely from Mr. Putin himselfJust this week Britain has alleged Mr. Putin personally ordered a “hit” on an ex KGB agent for calling him a pedophile.  Another story came out that Turkey shot down a NATO helicopter which made no press coverage at all in the West.  Also, Victoria Nuland recently travelled to Russia and was refused an audience by Mr. Putin.  This, after John Kerry had a meeting where he went into it saying “Assad must go” and came out saying Mr. Assad can stay …  Why all of this now?  I would simply say this reeks of desperation and also a VERY dangerous strategy to attack Mr. Putin personally.  I say “dangerous” because it raises the likelihood of a response from him.  Can you imagine the outrage were Russia to accuse president Obama or the Prime Minister Cameron of Britain for ordering the murder of someone who called them a pedophile?

Before going any further, I believe nearly ALL of what we are seeing is centered by and on the “petrodollar”.  Will it survive or be replaced?  In my opinion it is no longer “if”, but “when” and by “what” will it be replaced with?  Just over the last two weeks we have seen three very important yet interrelated events.

First, the sanctions against Iran in place over the last 35 years were lifted.  Along with this comes the ability for Iran to sell oil and they will now have access to up to $150 billion worth of assets and accounts previously frozen as reported by many credible non-government sources.


The day after, we saw 10 U.S. captured sailors on their knees as they were said to have “strayed” into Iranian water.  The official U.S. account has changed at least twice.  We heard “mechanical failure” at first, this is unlikely as there were reportedly two separate vessels.  If one had mechanical problems, the other could have tied off and either towed it or held it steady until help could arrive.  Then the story changed to “navigational” problems.  This one I believe …but not the official story they “strayed” into Iranian water.  Again, if it was just one boat, maybe their navigation system malfunctioned …at the same time their communications failed …MAYBE?  But both boats …at the same time lost their comm and navigation systems?  Probably a better chance one of these sailors winning the Powerball lottery two weeks in a row!  Speculation on my part, I believe the electronics were somehow hacked or blocked just as happened with the Donald Cook in the Black Sea in late 2014.


Just a couple of days ago, President Xi of China met with Iranian leaders one day and then the Saudis the following day.  We can only speculate what was discussed but surely oil was the centerpiece.  Naturally China wants to make and diversify oil supply deals from them both.  We have no proof but I believe it is a very good bet President Xi told the Saudis they would be expected to accept yuan for settlement instead of dollars.  There is no denying, the Chinese have done everything in their power to prepare for the dollar being dumped as the world’s reserve currency.  You can argue about timing, you cannot argue about “intent” as China/Russia have set up non Western clearing facilities similar to SWIFT but without any Western interference, trade deals, currency hubs, trading banks, and even gold and oil exchanges where the dollar will not be welcome.

It is not tough to tie all of this together.  I ask you this, what would the world look like the day following a “truth bomb” dropped by Mr. Putin and the Chinese.  Would Americans even notice if he documented several false flags or frauds embedded in U.S. finance such as outright monetization of U.S Treasuries?  No, most certainly not.  Americans would however notice if financial markets collapsed or were shut down.  Russia and China know full well the situation in the West.  It is a bankruptcy waiting to happen as everything is fractional reserve and running on maximum margin while the underlying system is shrinking and no longer supplying enough liquidity.  The way I see it, the stage is truly set for a financial attack on anything and everything American.  Is it implausible for the Saudis to announce they will sell oil in yuan to China?  Or Iran to withdraw their funds from U.S. institutions and then bid for gold with these funds?  If the East does in fact have jamming or hacking capability of Western technology, is it far fetched for them to show it very publicly in one or several situations?  How would the “bookies” react if they saw a prize fighter enter one of the later rounds with his hands tied behind his back?

You can laugh at the above speculation if you choose but it is all quite plausible and actually probable if you look at where things are and what posturing has already been done leading up to this.  Western markets, ALL markets are a fraud.  Our Treasury market is one where the biggest buyer is “our self” …the Fed and the ESF.  We have already seen $1 trillion of foreign reserves offloaded with no effect on yield nor the dollar itself and NO ACCOUNTING ANYWHERE as to “who” bought these offloaded central bank reserves.  Accounting fraud and no rule of law here, nothing to see …please move along!  You can laugh if you want and say Saudi Arabia will never move toward the East …  Saudi Arabia is now in very dire straits financially, who do you think they will side with when Western markets melt down?  Do you really believe they will go down trying to support our dollar?

The stage has already been set.  The East knows the West has bankrupted.  They know we have no gold left because they have it!  They can see the finances of the various cities, states and federal government.  They know the situation in derivatives is one giant mountain of dynamite waiting for a spark.  They know our rule of law is gone and bail ins of depositor funds is next.  We are monetizing their sales of Treasury securities.  “We” are fooling no one except ourselves.  And by “ourselves” I am talking about the vast majority of the population who have grown to rely on the government for everything.  Everyone knows we are broke, yet ask anyone and the odds highly favor you will hear “the government will never let it happen”.  Even if you are silly enough to believe this you must ask yourself, what are the ramifications when markets become “make believe”?

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Money Counterfeiter (not verified) Jan 24, 2016 10:31 PM

The Zionist win again.

Escrava Isaura's picture



That’s funny. The prior post by Kyle Bass says pretty much the opposite.

Only at Zero Hedge that we can’t get conflicted post back to back, I guess.

Stainless Steel Rat's picture
Stainless Steel Rat (not verified) Escrava Isaura Jan 24, 2016 10:38 PM

The value of the dollar speaks for itself.  Because what else would?

FIAT CON's picture

Whats the value of a dollar?

Hmmm  .001 Grams of paper... .0000001 Grams Ink.

erg's picture

Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive.

I've found it very useful to stick to the truth in all matters as best I may. My memory isn't great but I always remember the truth.

Chris Dakota's picture
Chris Dakota (not verified) erg Jan 24, 2016 11:46 PM

Jew banks

Jew media

Jew government

all turned to water...

PrezTrump's picture

is it really coming tyler?



phaedrus1952's picture

Prez Trump


Yes, it is coming ... and probably way sooner than later.

Otrader's picture

What Trump will do is surround himself with the Rothchild agents to handle the money machines of the Fed.  After the banking mafia grab Trump by the balls, he will run the country similiar to all previous prez's after JFK.  Basically, a whore for the money changers.  Wake up people!

Gold Eyed Cat's picture

No one person is going to save you Otrader.  Not Cruz and his Goldman Sachs wife, not Ron Paul, not any one person.  As long as banksters control our money, ALL politics ARE theater.  So feel perfectly justified in not voting for Trump, but don't pretend he's any more of a whore than any of the rest.  (With the exception of Hillary.  That rotting witch is pure poison. She would gleefully burn us all alive, if she thought Gorgar, the red William's demon, would bless her with balls.) 

Plus the fact, ALL the country's voting machines are owned by bankers and Washington insiders. I listed them all in a post here once.  You're going to have to Google it yourself tonight.

Sad, but true!

undertow1141's picture

The only thing that will save us is when we all decide to stop playing the fuck along. If everyone were to stay home for one week you'd see shit happen.

NidStyles's picture

Here's the funny thing, the east is even more broke, as they rely on slave labor.

SilverDOG's picture

As do we the West.

How else could we so readily export inflation.

Bokkenrijder's picture

So how does this story correlate to this one?

ZeroHedge manages to post two, more or less, completely contradicting stories within 1 hour!

MarsInScorpio's picture


Posting 2 opposite views is a GREAT thing! It means ZH is providing the information we need to decide for ourselves the validity of either, however, more importantly, it allows us to see the shades of grey that are what really exists. Sounds like you don't like working with your brain to figure it out.


Socratic Dog's picture

Agreed.  But it has become a bit narrow.  I was reflecting the other day that I don't think I've ever seen an article on the Hedge  laying out the case for 9/11 being a false flag.  Plently of commentators have, and there are mentions of or allusions to it in various articles at times, but never a "the government covered up, and are thus conspirators", never a "it wuz the israelis, in league with our own government".  Maybe someone can correct me, but I shouldn't have to ask this.  The 9/11 false flag and its implications is the biggest issue of our times.  It should get regular coverage.

Why not Tyler?

ali_baba's picture

Wouldn't bet against anything with a following becoming infiltrated with joos. They never blatantly call out the Joo takeover of the West. In fact the Joo connections with anything negative are never called out.
Can't expect the truth in America when it's suffering such a severe infestation.

More Ammo's picture

From the stategically timed outages I've personally seen on ZH, I suspect that the Tylers know exactly what happens when you call out the name of those in charge.

de3de8's picture

Even on ZH there are closed minds

Oracle 911's picture

While the facts are somewhat alright, Putin is far more clever then the author.

3 main reasons:

1st Putin doesn't care what the siomedia spew out. Especially when he have enough evidence to sink the whole British royal family together with the MI6 and CIA.

2nd He don't want to be blamed for the collapse of the Western economy/finance/civilization.

3rd The whole system is on the brink of collapse. It have enough internal reasons and contradictions for doing that. Putin don't need dirtying his hands, but he have to prepare for it.

DownWithYogaPants's picture

Escrava Isaura -  is it lost on  you that ZH aggregates articles from several authors?  Of course there will be diametrically opposed opinions at times.

ali_baba's picture

The joos will cut a deal with Russia/China and go short of involvement with the fed. Russian/China unable to agree on whose ccy to use will turn to jooMF to provide a global currency. Joo will, by hook (nose) or crook (mind) enslave the world for Israel. U.s will be left with trillions in debt to the jooMF

Dicey's picture
Dicey (not verified) ali_baba Jan 25, 2016 5:59 AM

"Once we squeeze all we can out of the United States, it can dry up and blow away." - Netanyahu, Israeli Prime Minister

NoDecaf's picture

Replace all candidates for POTUS with Victoria Secret models... In yoga pants.

It's a plan we can all get behind.

BeansMcGreens's picture



As revealed in the greatest source of Truth.

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

Their real trick is in turning water into wine and other magical feats, and getting the masses to believe it.  After that, they'll believe almost anything.

You can't beat them at story telling, something their culture has been doing for millenia, and its skills passed from generation to generation, via its Storytellers-in-Chief: the Rabbis.

NidStyles's picture

The story telling comes from European sources, not Jewish sources. Every story they tell is traditionally a part of our folktales. Even the Jesus stories.

ali_baba's picture

Even the baby cock-cutting and sucking?
Give em some credit. They do know how to tell a good story. Usually about how they're persecuted but in no way ever organise themselves to make use of their host nation for their collective gain

new game's picture

i basically agree with above article, but it hink it is very simple, russia iran and china are tired of getting sand kicked in their face and this beach party is about to get unruley and they have put together their system to fuck the petro dolla once and for all and take down the MIC with  merica losing the reserve currency status due to out of control neoconic behavior by the likes of bump head from AZ. enough has become enough, as their rise in power couples with their resource reserves. so then and therefor the gold manipulation will end when reserve status is broken.

so, the federal reserve is finally going to be broken, but not without some major bloodshed, when and where is predicatably unpredictable, but soon the pedulum swings, tic fucking toc...

blue51's picture

+ 100 for the bump head from AZ nickname !

KesselRunin12Parsecs's picture
KesselRunin12Parsecs (not verified) blue51 Jan 25, 2016 9:02 AM

I'd agree 100% with all of what you said. So the question, naturally, shifts to 'execution'. (IOW~How do the criminal fucks who run NY & DC manage to spill it all on a land of people of 350 million, with guns)?


I'm sure even Putin & the Chinese have factored in that scenario (& there are no easy answers). The BEST answer is... "as quickly as possible", because the longer a transition goes on, the messier it gets.


Obviously, here at ZH most know that 'The Elections' mean jack diddly, but to MOST, that's a point of focus. I FULLY believe that 2008 (both the 'Lehman' situation & Obama), were engineered. IOW ~ the 'collapse' could have happened at just about any time in the period of, say, 2005 - 2008, but they managed to hold it together until just that moment. I believe we'll probably see something similar here (something 'timed' for for the October/November frame).


It would probably begin with capital controls, and my thoughts run as 'out there' as possibly even having the election postponed.

giggler321's picture

Die Hard with a Vengeance was on the box other night.  It made me grin, seeing supposedly Germans stealing Federal Reserve, NY, gold when in truth it's probably theirs anyway.

caconhma's picture

People who can read Russia opposition press noticed that

1. Few days ago a person who worked very close with President  Boris Yeltsin and Anatoly Sobchak (Putin was Sobchak's election manager in St. Petersburg, Russia) stated that

- Sobchak was killed a week after Putin was elected as the Russia President to keep his mouth shot

- He also stated that Putin was/is not a dictator but a manager for Russia Mafia elite who presently runs Russia. This Russia power elite was created during Boris Yeltsin's presidency and has very close contacts with CIA

- Presently this person is in hiding in Asia after Putin's people have threatened to kill him

2. Presently, Putin and his people are negotiating with Kerry removing the West sanctions against Russia In exchange for betraying Assad by leaving Syria and leaving Ukraine.  The reason for this a catastrophic fall of Rubble and standard of living of Russia.

BarkingCat's picture

Judging from event this is complete bullshit.


The story goes that Putin was chosen to replace Yeltsin because he was a quiet bureaucrat and thought he would be easily manipulated. 

As he consolidated power he went aftet the oligarchs criminals. Those that remain are not being troublesome to the national interests. 

Volkodav's picture

Yeltsin agreed deal save himsielf and family from corruption, treason charges, trials.

Then those around Putin of the intelligence and other agencies, moved to action.

That fulfillment was result best training of world...


Global Observer's picture

Vladimir Vladimirovich was handpicked by Boris Nikolayevich to succeed him and as such their goals could not have been different. Boris Nikolayevich played the part where Russia acted defeated to let the West expose its true colours and when any illusions that Russians had for the West's plans regarding Russia were removed, Vladimir Vladimirovich was picked to demonstrate to the West that Russia is not defeated by a long shot and was ready to confront the West and regain Russia's standing amongst nations of the world.

It is a multi-act play in which Boris Nikolayevich played the surrender act. He was as much a patriot as Vladimir Vladimirovich is.

caconhma's picture

Note that two days ago in Davos Kerry stated that the USA and Russia came to an understanding about Ukraine and Syria and later this year, after Russia would complete its part of the "understanding", the sanctions would  be lifted.

Think about it!

ali_baba's picture

Something going on for sure. As much as I'd like to believe Putin is our saviour, he is the richest man in Russia, surrounded by joos, was brought up by a Joo and his grandad cooked for a Joo.
He let all this shit get this bad before getting involved, and even then, he's doing it quite half-heartedly.
He will cut a deal with the joos and will align with Israel. If you ask me, joos are setting up the U.S. To look like the evil cunts, then they will jump ship to 'the good side'. We will be very anti American by then whereas, in actual fact, we were anti-joo

EddieLomax's picture

At least from the western press sources it did seem like the political change happened over Kosovo, the ham fisted manner NATO treated Russia was the last straw for Yeltsin's presidency, and it was Primakov would was effectively forced on Yeltsin.  He started the reforms that channeled money into state coffers, moved token forces into Kosovo and generally repaired Russia's standing and started repairing the federation itself.

He was sacked eventually just before the election, but initially the favourite to be elected until Putin's rise eclipsed his ratings and caused him to drop his bid (hint hint Jeb!) and eventually join Putin's government later on.  As a UK person looking on I would judge Putin's government on a whole has been a massive success for Russia, even today it is far better run then it was run before when the Russian federation itself looked in doubt, but Primakov ought to get some credit for starting the turnaround.

Tall Tom's picture

Whats the value of a dollar?

Hmmm  .001 Grams of paper... .0000001 Grams Ink.


Well since US Dollars still have UTILITY then they still have value.


I can still trade my US Dollars to purchase goods and services. I can still use them to purchase Gold and Silver...which is not a bad idea...or food and water.


So currently they still have value, to me, and to far too many others.


Oh I am not mistaken that the US Dollar will always have some value.


Even after they lose Monetary Value they may even be useful as fire starters or toliet paper. That may happen in the not so distant future.


Of course value means utility.


And if you do not value your US Dollars you can send them to me.


I am at


12223B Woodside Avenue,

Lakeside, CA USA 92040


I understand that if I do not value something then I discard it. Who needs the dead weight and clutter? You must not be that much different unless you choose to collect trash.


So I will be happy to take your discarded US Dollars, since you do not value them. as I will use them to increase my stack of Physical PM.


Do not be shy... I will be very happy to relieve you of that burden.


One man's trash is another's treasure...You can be certain that I will appreciate them and put them to good use.


Yeah. since that they have no value...send them my way.


Oh...BTW..The US Dollar weighs in at 1 gram if it is paper. It is also .001 kilograms. You have your units messed up. You must also be American.


Yet I will not expect it as I do believe that you still value them. Is that not accurate?

FIAT CON's picture

Good replyTT.

 Although, I am a Canadian, so your US$ is of no use to me, although I do not think more highly of any fiat currency.

 I cannot send you my worthless CDN$ either hence I put my excess into PM's as well as you and many other smart people do.

 Many currecies have lost major purchasing power recently, I am very glad that I have exchanged my Fiat for Gold, hence the CDN$ has lost 30% in the last 15 months.

I wil not travel to the US so I will not need any US$ in the future either, this is my personal boycott of the US. I know it's not much but I'm doing my share. If all the worlds people that get bullied or get their friends and families killed by the US .gov boycotted the USSA and especially their US$ that would weaken the USSA tremendously and of course their US$.

 Buy trading my CDN$ for PM's I am shorting the CDN$ as well, Remember what gives paper currencies Value is the "peoples belief" it is worth something, and when the citizens of the world reject paper currency we have a very different world.

P.S. Growing up in the 70's the CDN .gov changed to the Metric system so I actually know the Metric system as well as the Imperial system, both very well. the weight of the paper and ink was just used to get the point accross.


FIAT CON's picture

Gold CDN$ =under $1556.00 16 -$100 Cdn dollar bills weighs 14.9 Grams= .47 oz's

1 Troy oz =31.103 grams

So currently paper is 1/2 the weight/mass of Gold, when priced in CDN $100.00 bills.

.gov's like to make you think we should use Fiat because gold is too heavy...Alotofcrap.

Tall Tom's picture

Than you for boycotting my corrupted Nation.


I boycott it as much as I can.


Before Gold,


if you lack capital, as most in the States, I would buy up food, guns, anmmo, hygenic supplies, pharamaceuticals, tools, seed, water, and fuel, and some Silver before I'd buy Gold.


Those necessities will also experience the ravages of price inflation and are a good hedge because you will use them.


Gold is for maintaining wealth and is bought as INSURANCE against the currency collapse. (Right now the Insurance Policy is relatively cheap.) Silver is more speculative.  You may gain purchasing power in an inflation whereas you may lose purchasing power in a deflation. Silver is also acquired as a currency for small barters.


Best wishes in that cold weather up there.



FIAT CON's picture

Thanks TT
I am very very prepared,
I also have silver, many many tools and many many skills,
I have lots of food, seeds and the knowledge to grow.
Oh I almost forgot plenty of guns and ammo.
a very energy efficient house,solar panels, freshwater near by....
I live on an island on the So. west coast, far enough away from most of the trouble, not too cold ,and not too hot.

HenryHall's picture

>>  And if you do not value your US Dollars you can send them to me.

>>  I am at  12223B Woodside Avenue, Lakeside, CA USA 92040

 >> So I will be happy to take your discarded US Dollars, since you do not value them. as I will use them to increase my stack of Physical PM.

I would be happy to, but the Post Office hereabouts does not accept US Dollars in payment for postage.

Would you be willing to send something of substantial value to my Nigerian address so I can bribe the the person at the Post Office to accept US Dollars?

hansg's picture

What is the value of gold? None, because that's how much the average person has.

But then, why would it bother that average person that "the west" has none? That the oligarchs have none, that the politicians who destroyed our countries have none? Those guys stand to lose a great deal of wealth... but the people they rule over never had any, and will witness their downfall with complete indifference.

No wait, that's wrong. We will cheer!

OldPhart's picture

At present, I have 1/10 of an ounce of gold, and roughly 50 pounds of silver, one ounce is in my pocket at all times.

One of these is not like the others..'s picture

I often carry a 1973 20 balboas in a ziploc bag.

In a few seconds, I can take off a sock and combine it to make an improvised force multiplier. (sap!)

Or it can be exchanged quite quickly for a useful sum of money.

And when you hold it in your hand it feels like real money should...