Sprint Fires 2500: 8% Of Its Entire Workforce

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Anyone who dares to question Obama's grand renaissance is supposedly peddling fiction. Meanwhile, in today's latest mass layoff event (which, oddly enough, has become a daily thing during the "recovery") some 2,500 Sprint workers  - 8% of the company's 31,000 total employees - have already received, or are about to be "peddled" pink slips.

According to the Kansas City Star, "layoffs and cutbacks at Sprint Corp. have claimed at least 2,500 jobs and struck six customer care centers, company officials confirmed.

The job cuts are coming mostly in customer care but also include 574 other positions eliminated at the Overland Park headquarters campus. The total does not include any jobs that may have been eliminated at other Sprint employment centers.


Last week, Sprint notified Kansas officials that 829 Sprint employees were told their headquarters jobs were being eliminated. Boyd said these included 255 at the Overland Park headquarters campus call center. She said 360 employees at the center would remain on the job after the cutbacks.


This wave of layoffs is part of a months-long effort to slash $2.5 billion in spending across all parts of Sprint’s operations. It also marks the third round of cutbacks at Sprint in the last two years.


Sprint shed 1,700 jobs in the fall of 2014 and announced plans to cut 2,000 more. The 2,500 come on top of those totals, bringing the announced job cut total in that time to more than 6,000.


An email notified all employees last week of the six call center closings that will idle about 2,000 employees. Marci Carris, Sprint’s senior vice president of customer care, said in the email that all of the layoff notices had gone out and that all of those employees would qualify for the current severance benefits, which can amount to two weeks pay for each year employed plus $1,000.


Sprint is reducing severance benefits for employees notified after Jan. 30. The new benefits will provide one week of pay for each year worked.

What little good news there is for Sprint employees is that they will largely know their fate over the next week: Michelle Boyd, a Sprint spokeswoman, said the layoff notices would be “largely completed” by Jan. 30.

However it is Sprint's customers who may be stuck with the worst news of all: with fewer call centers operating, Sprint is urging customers to handle routine inquiries – such as checking bill balances and making payments, checking on device upgrade status, and checking on phone lease status – online or through the Sprint Zone app.

Also, if for some reason ObamasRecovery.gov gives you a 404 error, just keep trying.

And now, unleash the Sprint activist investors and bring on the debt-funded buybacks.

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We fired some folks...

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Y'all hear the Recovery now?

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We peddled some fiction to folks...


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Durrmockracy (not verified) Tom Servo Jan 25, 2016 2:29 PM

all these unemployed fone stars :(

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How soon until mobile phones become mesh network nodes?

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We welcome our  newest Donald Trump voters 

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Sprint as been in a death spiral for years.

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Correction: USSA. Prediction: by September, the only people with jobs will be in the military or government security businesses.

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OrangeJews (not verified) Implied Violins Jan 25, 2016 3:56 PM

"I have sprint."  said no one I know or have met in the last 5 years.

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The shadow of the crisis has passed!

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Military Industrial Complex

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Recovery is awesome. We should make rents and housing go up some more in a consumer driven economy while we are at it. That would be icing on the cake!

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What about their stock price? Oh ok, everything is fine then.

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Awesome! Moar buybacks!!!!

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Yeah, if you consider a stock price of $2.60/share and a drop of 10% from the open and a better than 90% drop in value from its $70 high in 1999, then everything is fine.  LOL.

It's hard to imagine, but the cell phone service and customer service at Sprint actually makes Verizon look good.  But nothing underpasses (the opposite of surpasses?) AT&T for customer service.  They are ridiculously bad.

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And don't forget US Cellular.

Is it not amazing that the major so called 'communication' companies have, hands down, the shittiest commuications with their customers of any industry you can name?

I mean ALL these fuckers develp phone trees that DEFY you to get ahold of a human being; i.e. they do not want talk to you.

So if you need to cut costs, OF COURSE you cut human contact further: "Your wait time will be approximately 4 hours and 26 minutes".

I truly believe the so-called communications companies HATE their customers.

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Any corporation not able to make a handsome profit is simply peddling fiction.


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Durrmockracy (not verified) Jan 25, 2016 2:22 PM

I can't wait to see the Michelle Boyd's of the world get the axe too... and all the other lemmings praising efficiency by firing.

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Probably so quiet at Sprint you could hear a pin drop.

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Dow 16,000!!!!!

"can u hear me now....."

scintillator9's picture

I sure miss the days of fuckedcompany.com

I would to see some of the internal memos that that site used to provide back in the day......

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How long until Sprint goes bankrupt? They must be getting close.. they've been in huge decline since the late 90s.

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What I like about Sprint? The little motors they use in their phones for the vibrate feature have weights that are easy to remove. Making them more useful for a variety of miniature 'projects' requiring small motors.

Just made a dollhouse popcorn popper with one of 'em. Little bits of colored styrofoam go flying about inside the little container...just like the real thing.

Actually, there are lots of cool things you can do with old electronics. I wish I could figure out the brushless motors...they apparently require some 'programming' to function properly, and I'm only at the "On/Off" stage...

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Dead company walking. You can't offer unlimited data and have shitty cell service. If they had better service then they might be able to pick up more subscribers, but nobody wants a provider who can't provide coverage.  

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Coverage does not equal network reliability.  Sprint only covers cities and highways.  If you are rural look elsewhere.

As far the the network goes Sprint keeps getting more and more No. 1 rankings every week.  Unfortunately, it takes 2-3 years for public perception to change.  I got 12Mbps download speed, last week, on a rural highway.  I would expect even better equipment on towers in the city...

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More Sprint layoffs coming on Friday.  They say IT was cut too deeply, last go 'round, and we're safe.  We'll see...

Ajax_USB_Port_Repair_Service_'s picture

And I'll bet ZERO Sprint employees based in India lost their jobs.

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Just keep those nasty pink slips at arms length and you'll be safe.

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those 2500 will be replaced by 5000 in douchebagistan

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Nope, 2,500 replaced with the 3 people who make/manage the self-help app. Who needs jobs when you have apps?

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That's gotta hurt.  For employees and customers.  Get ready for worse customer service and higher prices, just like cable.  Mobile service is an uncompetitive cartel established and sustained by by artificial spectrum scarcity created by the FCC.

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There's no competition like no competition.

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Gosh, it's just a simple misunderstanding folks, Obama's grand renaissance is really all about the rise of marxism. Anyone who denies this really is peddling a tricycle called fiction.

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the real headline is that sprint is still in business. who knew?

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The tiny amount of people that go to NASCAR races?

847328_3527's picture

We drove by that monstrous track near Austin the other day where they ripped up every cow pasture for miles to build that eye-soar.

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"The tiny amount of people that go to NASCAR races?"

I don't think that NASCAR events use Sprint Cars.

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And who cares?  One of the WORST companies on the planet...and of course they are putting the axe to customer care, which couldn't possibly get any poorer. If any company deserves to go down the toilet, it is Sprint.

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Makes earnings go up so it's bullish.

They'll replace them with those from India or the Philippines.

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Soon we wil be interacting with AI customer service... or are we already...