"Sweden Could Be At War Within A Few Years", Top General Warns

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On Monday we brought you the latest from the main train station in Stockholm, where “gangs” of Moroccan migrant children have “taken over” the terminal.

If you believe The Daily Mail, dozens of children, ages nine to 18, are dug in at the station where they wonder about in a drunken stupor attacking security guards, “groping” girls, and “slapping women in the face.”

This rather surreal development comes as Europeans struggle to cope with what they view as the disintegration of polite, Christian society in the face of a deluge of Arab asylum seekers fleeing the war-torn Mid-East.

Many Europeans feel as though their countries have been invaded, for lack of a better word.

Well according to Sweden's Major General Anders Brännström, being overrun by refugees isn’t the only invasion Swedes need to concern themselves with.

"The global situation we are experiencing and which is also made clear by the strategic decision leads to the conclusion that we could be at war within a few years,” Brännström is quoted as saying in a brochure for representatives attending an annual Armed Forces conference in Boden next week.


“Since the end of the Cold War the Swedish Armed Forces have focused mainly on providing assistance to international missions abroad, but according to Brännström the strategy has now changed to ‘capability of armed battle against a qualified opponent’”, The Local reports, adding that “Sweden has made moves towards stepping up its military capability in the past year, with Defence Minister Peter Hultqvist extending cooperation with other neighbouring countries as well as Nato allies in the face of rising tensions in the Baltic region.”

Of course by “rising tensions in the Baltic region,” The Local means rising tensions between Russia and the West. “Sweden's Security Service Säpo said last year that the biggest intelligence threat against Sweden in 2014 came from Russia [and] its stern words are largely credited with sparking increased Nato support in the traditionally non-aligned Nordic country."

Defence Committee chairman Allan Widman echoed Brännström's sentiments. "My take is that the situation is now so serious that even Sweden, with more than 200 years of peace, must prepare themselves mentally that we can get violent conflicts in our neighborhood and conflicts involving us," he tells Expressen before delivering the following assessment of Vladimir Putin and Russian "aggression":

It will come sooner or later a time when Putin becomes pressured politically. The question is what he does in that state - if he apologizes and runs from the Crimea, or if he takes other measures. We'll have to prepare ourselves for him to take different actions he has shown himself capable of before.

Earlier this month, a poll in Dagens Nyheter showed nearly three quarters of Swedes support reintroducing compulsory military service. "The Swedish Armed Forces are currently short of around 7,500 soldiers, sailors and officers – around half of the total organization – despite running large recruitment campaigns with television ads and billboards in the past few years," The Local said.

If Brännström is to be believed, Sweden may need the soldiers."One can draw parallels to the 1930s," he later told Aftonbladet, before adding that although Sweden "managed to stay out" of World War II, "it is not at all certain that the country would succeed this time."

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LordBuckFast's picture

The elite do not give a damn, as they will soon be looking to run and hide in those nice underground bunkers paid for with citizens taxes, after engineering a full economic collapse as well as starting WW3, plus they will make sure that there are enough Jihadi’s in the West to start a race war.

That should be enough to cover up the failed fiat ponzi scheme and take care of the ‘excessive’ population……


BullyBearish's picture

Their only way out from the West-inspired Gobal Ponzi...more money for bullets/bombs so we can all be safer...

Baby Bladeface's picture
Baby Bladeface (not verified) BullyBearish Jan 26, 2016 6:13 PM

LordSuckFast go to nearest bridge over cold deep river tonight and from it leap.

You spamming net.kook fuckheadery grows wearisome.

COSMOS's picture

WAIT, this fucker is worried about a Russian Invasion while the strategic transportation hub known as the Main Train Station in Stockholmn has been seized by invading Muslim 'minors' aka twenty year olds who lie about their age to get residency papers. UNFUCKINGBELIVABLE the state of Swedish DENIAL.
I believe we have a new word in Swedish for this unfanthonamable denial, lets call it Brännströming.

Rubicon's picture

This is complete bollox. Propoganda at its best.

Chupacabra-322's picture

@ Rubicon,

Yep! And, notice how all these Sum Fuck Globalists use the trigger word "Homeland."

Plus, Switzerland is where all the Scum Fuck Elite have their Fake Ass Fiat money parked. No way they go to war. They've never been at War sort of speak.

I need more asshats's picture

Whatever. Tell me you wouldn't like to slap some bitch in the face? Male or female.

My preference is some better-than-you joo bitch. SMACK! Right in the face with my horseshoe.

Good for them.

847328_3527's picture

A Russian leadership might protect their girls better then the liberal socialist Swedish wussies they have now. I sincerely doubt Sweden's biggest threat is anyone other then those in their own gubmint based on the domesitc attacks/rapes we've read about. Given that only 10% of these are usually reported, I'd say Sweden has a very serious internal problem.

Son of Loki's picture

Being the generous kind of guy I am, I'd like to extend my hand of friendship [and welcome] to any of those Swedish girls [28-34] who feel unwelcomed in their own country by the allowance of thier leaders to allow the Arab hoardes to grope an dotherwife feel their tender tushies and/or even worse their sumptuous breasts.


My door is always open to these poor creatures who have obviously been abandoned by their own government and male transgenderized population.

Pinto Currency's picture



The war will be to stop citizens from taking the Riksdagen parliament buildings.

Paveway IV's picture

"Sweden Could Be At War Within A Few Years", Top General Warns

"Sweden Might Not Exist Within A Few Years," Swedish Citizens Warn

38BWD22's picture



Sweden would do well to clean up its own country first, before snarling at others.

COSMOS's picture

the strategy has now changed to ‘capability of armed battle against a qualified opponent’”
So they are currently losing an unarmed battle against an unqualified opponent (a hodgepodge mass of unarmed invading muslims from various places in the ME and North Africa)
Sweden is done for.

Kobe Beef's picture

I'd give each of the illegals a trenching shovel and march them into the Russian front.

The Russians might appreciate a little target practice, and the Swedes don't need any fucking Muslims anyway.

froze25's picture

They really do need to look within before looking without.

25or6to4's picture

Indeed, a Russian invasion would be a blessing for the Swedish people at this point. Perhaps swedes could then even salvage what little they have left of their country for future generations.

ebear's picture

Here's a thought. Draft all "refugees" of military age into the new Swedish Expeditionary Force and send them off to fight ISIS in Iraq and Syria.

fleur de lis's picture

@ 847328-3527

Imagine any ethnic group -- Russians included -- establishing hostile urban no-go zones for themselves in Putin's Russia where the police and other citizen dare not go for fear of group assaults. How long do you suppose he would tolerate that?

This nonsense only happens in gynecentric or multi-culti socialist states where leadership has no sense of identity, whereas the hostile colonists know exactly who their tribal members are.

Kobe Beef's picture



I'll set the Over/Under of cats vs children among these "ministers" at 6. takers?

fleur de lis's picture

Yep that's a picture perfect example of what is destroying Europe and why the primitives know who to avoid:

Gynecentric defense ministers -- kind, understanding, nurturing, will try to make everyone play fair


Androcentric defense minister -- tough, territorial pit bull who will maul anyone who crosses his border looking for trouble

If you wanted to establish a hostile colony inside one of those nations who would you abuse and who would you avoid?

Chris Dakota's picture
Chris Dakota (not verified) I need more asshats Jan 26, 2016 7:48 PM

Round up the Globalists, or we all die.

What choice would you take?

And we know who they are, start with Soros/Rothschild/Rockefeller

all of them including their babies.

Chris Dakota's picture
Chris Dakota (not verified) froze25 Jan 26, 2016 8:22 PM

Israel demands worldwide censorship of the internet.

The Israeli Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan has unveiled plans to censor the Internet’s worldwide social media platforms with the building of an “international coalition” to counter criticism of Israel.


Israel Demands World Internet Censorship

The Israeli Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan has unveiled plans to censor the Internet’s worldwide social media platforms with the building of an “international coalition” to counter criticism of Israel.


According to an article in the Times of Israel, Erdan’s plan calls for “developing legislation in conjunction with European countries,” most of which “are very interested in this idea.”

The legislation would have common features, such as defining what constitutes incitement and what the responsibilities of social networks regarding it are, a spokesman for the minister told the Israeli-based newspaper.

“Companies that do not comply will find themselves hauled into court, paying a penalty,” he added.




Chris Dakota's picture
Chris Dakota (not verified) Chris Dakota Jan 26, 2016 8:42 PM

Putin comes and says it, just wait till Trump is President East and West, the Jews are cooked!

Vladimir Putin has denounced Lenin and his Bolshevik government for their brutal repressions and accused him of having placed a “time bomb” under the state.

The criticism of Lenin, who is still revered by communists and many others in Russia, is unusual for the Russian president, who in the past carefully weighed his comments about the nation’s history to avoid alienating some voters. At the same time, he signalled that the government had no intention of taking Lenin’s body out of his Red Square tomb, warning against “any steps that would divide society”.

Putin’s assessment of Lenin’s role in Russian history during Monday’s meeting with pro-Kremlin activists in the southern city of Stavropol was markedly more negative than in the past. He denounced Lenin and his government for brutally executing Russia’s last tsar along with all his family and servants, killing thousands of priests and placing a time bomb under the Russian state by drawing administrative borders along ethnic lines.


As an example of Lenin’s destructive legacy, Putin pointed to Donbass, the industrial region in eastern Ukraine where a pro-Russia separatist rebellion flared up weeks after Russia’s March 2014 annexation of Crimea. More than 9,000 people have been killed in the conflict since April 2014, and clashes have continued despite a February 2015 peace deal.

He said Lenin’s government had whimsically drawn borders between parts of the USSR, placing Donbass under the Ukrainian jurisdiction in order to increase the percentage of proletariat in a move Putin called “delirious”.


Chris Dakota's picture
Chris Dakota (not verified) Chris Dakota Jan 26, 2016 9:06 PM

I told ya, I told ya, I told ya, I told ya, I told ya, I told ya, I told ya, I told ya,

Pluto in Capricorn ends the Jew rule, they are ruled by Saturn which rules Capricorn.

I told ya that mid Cap 15* that they will be unmasked, HAPPENING!

Sunday I will go join the Russian Orthodox Church and add my name to the list.

Oh happy day..............:)))))

Chris Dakota's picture
Chris Dakota (not verified) froze25 Jan 26, 2016 8:22 PM

most defiantly


BarkingCat's picture

Sweeden not Switzerland. 

I know, I know, the swiss miss with big boobs and blond pigtails looks a lot like swedish Helga with big boobs and blond hair.

We know Sweden is full of pussy. Too bad 50% of it is their male population.

froze25's picture

Seriously what the hell have they done to the male population over there?

MalteseFalcon's picture

This General thinks he is going to recruit an army from this set of males to defend his multicultural fairyland from someone.

Sounds crazy to me.

Lurk Skywatcher's picture

"The Swedish Armed Forces are currently short of around 7,500 soldiers, sailors and officers – around half of the total organization – despite running large recruitment campaigns with television ads and billboards in the past few years,"

So the current Försvarsmakten is 20,000 strong, with 20,000 active guardsmen and 12,000 reserves... and they are talking about fighting Russia.

Yep, another 7,500 Swedish meatballs will hold them off for how many minutes?

WorkingClassMan's picture

"Homeland," sounds very weak and Bolshevik-inspired to me.


Whatever happened to Fatherland, or even Motherland?  Something with more emotional pull and weight.

ebear's picture

Oh Canada,

Our home on Native Land....


Seb's picture

"Plus, Switzerland is where all the Scum Fuck Elite have their Fake Ass Fiat money parked. No way they go to war. They've never been at War sort of speak." - Chupacabra-322

Switzerland is a different country than Sweden.

lasvegaspersona's picture

I can hear his angry shouting voice ....

...This ...is....Stockholm!!!!

....please don't hurt us...all the men have left....

...oh and please do not rape our women....thank you for your concern.....

rbg81's picture

I'm thinking that the reason the good General is so worried is this:  In a few more years, the Swedish people will BEG Russia to come in and rescue them from the Muslim hordes who have taken over their country.  Of course, the Socialist, unrepresentative Swedish Government will oppose this--hence WAR.

fleur de lis's picture

Yep, the Swedes should consider the Russians as the least of their worries. Their wars will be instigated much closer to home -- the unassimilable hordes they invited in and provide with free food, housing, and benefits in hostile colonies will eventually grow tired of their keepers.

They will eventually decide that they can break free and claim swaths of land as absolutely their own. Unlike the Swedes they will be willing to fight for every inch and the Swedes will cave. If the Russians show up for anything it will be the fire sale.

Son of Loki's picture

The Swedes need to take a close hard look at America's immigration plan; it's been so successful.


Escaped inmate was ordered deported to Vietnam in 1998



SANTA ANA, Calif. (AP) — One of three fugitive inmates who escaped from a California jail last week was ordered deported to Vietnam in 1998 but has been in this country racking up a lengthy rap sheet, immigration officials said Tuesday.



Chris Dakota's picture
Chris Dakota (not verified) Son of Loki Jan 26, 2016 8:31 PM

There was zero immigration from 1922-1965 then the Jew congressmen pushed through

the open immigration act of 1965, they wanted the door open for 100yrs to all nations.

Lore's picture

Either this guy Brännström is ignorant and misinformed, or he's a grandstanding opportunist with ulterior motives. Swedes aren't stupid.  The waves of immigrants aren't coming from Russia, they're coming from Mideast countries that have been devastated for years by neoliberals and their proxies.  "Putin's aggression?"  That kind of mindless sound bite should make your BS meter squawk.  

So you draft young Swedes and send them off to some contrived military theatre based on false pretexts, leaving these displaced troublemakers to ruin your home?  Brilliant. 


fleur de lis's picture

I disagree -- the Swedes are exceedingly stupid. The allow primitive nomads to prowl their streets, attack them at will, and threaten their girls and women. And all the while they are feeding the same angry nomads who threaten them. That is not smart.

Furthermore the Swedish men -- and I use that word loosely -- do not display the most basic sense of protection when it comes to their womenfolk. More stupid Swedes.

godiva chocolate's picture

A common tactic to achieve unity is to find a common enemy.  Perhaps these eltist idiots were hoping to unite EU more strongly by inventing a Big Bad Russia that was about to attack them.  Since the muslims now have invaded instead, the only solution is to try to unite the EU with their muslim invaders using the Big Bad Russia again and hope it works.  There is no way invading muslims, who are using EU for all they can take are going to join in any war against Russia to save Sweden so the poor Swedes will be fighting and dying on the battlefield to save their country for muslim rapists, thieves and terrorists.  Sad state of affairs,  but people are stupid http://news.yahoo.com/polish-lithuanian-ukrainian-brigade-ready-2017-152...


monk27's picture

... I believe we have a new word in Swedish for this unfanthonamable denial

You know, there is a reason why "the Stockholm syndrome" has that name...

peddling-fiction's picture

The spam site beforeitsnewsDOTcom should be blocked automatically by ZeroHedge

sam i am's picture

It's not fair to our children what these retards and inbreds are about to do.

sam i am's picture

Here, just what they want...


“I’m declaring a war, in every sense of this word on this handful of shaitans."


yogibear's picture

Sweden is losing it's battle internally.

The middle eastern invaders are destroying the country from within.

Baby Bladeface's picture
Baby Bladeface (not verified) yogibear Jan 26, 2016 6:28 PM

Swedish government comes with invasion problem unique remedy: eyes closed and disappears problem.

Freddie's picture

Any Swede with a brain prays that Russia will invade and free them from the shackles of Islam, zios and multiculturalism.

JuliaS's picture

How about going to war with the US and its European allies, who destabilized the Middle East to the point that it now oozes terrorists (and legitimate refugees) out of every hole. How about hanging the bankers who financed the stealth invasion? How about going to war with Israel and Saudi Arabia who profited handsomely from chaos? How about going to war with Turkey that already extorted billions out of the EU states promising to keep its borders shut, but then opening them anyway.

How about eliminating European socialists and their honeypot policies that invite refugees and make citizens and legal migrants a target for outrage?

How about securing borders and using armies to protect countries from the inside?

All silly ideas of course.