Refugee Murders 22-Year-Old Swedish Woman In Knife Attack

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As you might have heard, the European Union is on the brink of collapse.

The bloc has been inundated with asylum seekers from the war-torn Mid-East and the influx of refugees now threatens to shatter the Schengen dream. Some European officials (most notably Angela Merkel) are fighting to preserve Europe’s open borders but others have reached their breaking point with what they see as a hostile foreign invasion.

Far-right Dutch politician Geert Wilders even went so far as to call Arab migrants “Islamic testosterone bombs” who need to be “locked” in asylum centers to prevent them from waging a “sexual jihad” on Dutch women.

Wilders was referencing widespread reports of sexual assaults allegedly perpetrated by men and male teenagers “of Arab origin.” These attacks began to make international headlines after eyewitnesses in Cologne, Germany went public with accounts of an apparent sexual melee that unfolded in the city center on New Year’s Eve. Women, the reports indicated, were assaulted by “gangs” of refugees who groped them and in some cases robbed them.

Once the Cologne attacks became big news, Nyheter Idag released an investigative report alleging prominent Swedish daily Dagens Nyheter sought to conceal from the public a wave of sexual assaults at a youth festival and concert in central Stockholm’s Kungsträdgården last August. Dagens Nyheter denied the allegations, saying it was in fact Swedish police that were responsible for the coverup.

Swedish politicians promised a thorough investigation into the matter and voiced their disgust for the alleged attacks.

“This is a very big problem for those affected and for the whole of our country,” Prime Minister Stefan Löfven said. “We will not budge an inch, and we should not look away.”

Well if Löfven thought roving gangs of teenage refugees groping girls at concerts was a “big problem,” he has an even bigger issue now because on Monday, 22-year-old Alexandra Mezher was stabbed to death by a 15-year-old migrant at an asylum center.

“Mezher began working at an asylum center in the city of Molndal, helping unaccompanied minor migrants adapt to life in their adopted home,” The Washington Post writes. “She was killed by one of those young migrants.”

“It is so terrible. She was a person who wanted to do good,” Mezher’s cousin said “And then he murdered her when she was doing her job.

She had only worked at the center for "a few months" according to Expressen, who adds that "the company that runs [the Molndal house] has many similar places throughout western Sweden." Here's more the Daily Mail:

Alexandra, of Lebanese Christian origin, lived with her parents Boutros, 46, and Chiméne Mezher, and her two younger brothers in Borås, some 40 miles from Molndal. 


Her father came to Sweden from Beirut, Lebanon, in 1989 and her mother moved there three years later. 


It has now emerged that Miss Mezher had been working alone at the housing in Mölndal, which is home to ten unaccompanied minors.


Despite rules that the staff should work in pairs, Miss Mezher had been working a night shift all by herself and was attacked just half an hour before daytime staff were due to take over, it is claimed. 



A colleague speaking on condition of anonymity said that staff had previously complained about having to work alone overnight.


'Everyone cried and someone said that this was something we had brought up before, that no one should work alone.'


The teenage migrant accused of murdering a young Swedish social worker at a refugee centre will stand trial as an adult, MailOnline has learnt.


Authorities in Sweden have taken the unusual step of keeping the 15-year-old suspect in police custody due to the serious nature of the crime. 


Youngsters are normally sent to a secure children’s home following arrest, but the teenager is being held behind bars due to public outrage follow the brutal knife killing of Alexandra Mezher.


And he will be held in an adult prison until he goes on trial.


‘A person is criminally responsible when they reach 15-years-old in Sweden,’ a Gothanburg Police spokesman told MailOnline.


‘The boy is being held at the police station.


‘But it is very unusual that children to be kept in custody by the police.


‘However the public prosecutor has deemed this as a special case due to the nature of the crime and will ask for the boy to be held in prison until he goes to trial.’

This is a "terrible crime" PM Löfven said, after visiting the scene. “It was messy, of course, a crime scene with blood,” police spokesman Thomas Fuxborg recalled. 

"The symbolism of Mezher’s slaying was not lost on the country’s politicians," WaPo continues, noting that Löfven took to the air waves following the young woman's death to acknowledge the country's growing disaffection with the refugee situation. "I believe that there are quite many people in Sweden who feel a lot of concern that there can be more cases of this kind," he told Radio Sweden.

Yes Mr. Löfven, we "believe" that you are correct and make no mistake, if European politicans do not find an effective way to get the situation under control, the public will remove them - either with the ballot or with the torches and pitchforks. 

On that note we close with one more quote from Mezher's relatives:

“It is the Swedish politicians’ fault that she is dead."

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"15 years old"

Yeah, I'd bet he's more like 25. They all claim they are fucking babies so they can get more gibsmedats and get close to white teens.

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Unfortunately, this is just the tip of the iceberg!


More here......

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Of course this tragedy will be the lead story on mainstream national news

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Swedish woman?  Where? 

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Why do beautiful blonde girls feel the need to outline their eyes with black?

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It makes the whites of the eyes look bigger.

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Nutsack (not verified) Soul Glow Jan 27, 2016 1:08 PM

She deserved it, you could see that she had breasts through her tight fitting clothing.


OBAMAHU AKBAR....Welcome to America!!!!

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It was her fault for not working in pairs.  Just like it's the gun's fault when someone gets shot.

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Why didn't she listen to the Mayor of Cologne and simply "keep the attacker at arms length?!"


It's obviously her fault!

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It's the swedish government's fault.  If they didn't want mass murder, they would not have invited mass murderers.

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Bring those god damned Muslims into America NOW!

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It will only get worse since they're still flooding across the borders like rats during the plague.

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burn the coal pay the toll, this is a truism here and abroad. she was not abiding rule one, avoid them, 30 foot minimum. 

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"... To avoid collapse, European nations will need to take in immigrants at a rate no stable society has ever attempted.

Last year, Angela Merkel decided to attempt it. The German Chancellor cut to the chase and imported in twelve months 1.1 million Muslim "refugees". That doesn't sound an awful lot out of 80 million Germans, but, in fact, the 1.1 million Muslim are overwhelmingly (80 per cent plus) fit, virile, young men. Germany has fewer than ten million people in the same population cohort, among whom Muslims are already over-represented: the median age of Germans as a whole is 46, the median age of German Muslims is 34. But let's keep the numbers simple, and assume that of those ten million young Germans half of them are ethnic German males. Frau Merkel is still planning to bring in another million "refugees" this year. So by the end of 2016 she will have imported a population equivalent to 40 per cent of Germany's existing young male cohort. The future is here now: It's not about "predictions". ..."


Muslims Are ‘Different’, ‘Won’t Integrate’, ‘See World Differently’ Says Ex-Equality Chief

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The black one be Sweedish... kinda like brown shurgah.

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WTF is it going to take to throw these people out of these countries they're ruining?  Wake the hell up Sweden!

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that girl looks Jewish TBH.

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Methinks we might see some socialist euroweenie leaders swinging from lamposts soon

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Father Thyme (not verified) wee-weed up Jan 27, 2016 5:37 PM

A tourniquet is to saving a life what fascism is to saving a civilization. (Can't keep it applied forever, but in dire situations you'll die without it.)

It cannot be denied that Fascism and similar movements aimed at the establishment of dictatorships are full of the best intentions and that their intervention has for the moment saved European civilization. The merit that Fascism has thereby won for itself will live on eternally in history. But though its policy has brought salvation for the moment, it is not of the kind which could promise continued success. Fascism was an emergency makeshift.

-- Ludwig von Mises, Liberalism

Emergency makeshift time again!

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Using one toxic ideology to combat another is a terrible idea.  I'll say it again, arm the populace and cut the benefits.  The problem will be solved in short order, without fascism.  Everybody relying on government to do the right thing is a big part of why Europe is such a mess right now. 

Father Thyme's picture
Father Thyme (not verified) El Vaquero Jan 27, 2016 6:16 PM

Fascism is a form of extreme right-wing ideology that celebrates the nation or the race as an organic community transcending all other loyalties.

That's what we need. That's what it's called. That's what you'll be called for your right-wing nationalist proposal of arming the populace and driving out the invaders.

So work on your Fash Game.  (Agree and Amplify.)


And they aren't leaving like you're dreaming of. It's going to take genocide.

"A Civilization is a dominant community that imposes its beliefs upon all other communities by violence, which must involve the use of genocide; so any community that recoils from inflicting genocide will suffer genocide." --Philip Atkinson

Buck up and face what it's going to take.

El Vaquero's picture

You won't even need to drive them out.  Just let Europeans defend themselves during the enevitable riots that result from cutting benefits.  The Muslims will leave, or starve.  That is in no way a nationalistic ideal.  It is pragmatic.  It is also reducing the role of the state. 

Father Thyme's picture
Father Thyme (not verified) El Vaquero Jan 27, 2016 6:20 PM

You're still trying to have your cake and eat it too.

El Vaquero's picture

No, I'm not.  The Muslims are flocking to the countries with the best welfare benefits.  Take the benefits away, and they don't have the commercial infrastructure to feed themselves.  When rioting and thieving over that gets them shot, they will have a choice:  Leave, or starve.  Fascism will only serve to put people in power who won't give that power up.  That's probably what will happen in Europe, and it is the wrong way. 

Father Thyme's picture
Father Thyme (not verified) El Vaquero Jan 27, 2016 6:32 PM

Your proposals, even half-measured as they may be, are going to get denounced as Fash.

Own up to what it is. When you get called Fash, just agree and amplify.


El Vaquero's picture

You remind me of Eric Cartman picturing himself as The Fuhrer.  You are projecting. 

Father Thyme's picture
Father Thyme (not verified) El Vaquero Jan 27, 2016 6:55 PM

The Father!

Got some daddy issues about male authority figures?

Whitest Kids U' Know - Hitler Rap

Stainless Steel Rat's picture
Stainless Steel Rat (not verified) Father Thyme Jan 28, 2016 12:51 AM

We fucking get it Tyler.  "Immigrants = rapist murderers."  "Trump for president."  How about we drop the anecdotes and just get to the statistics.

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Well the good news is that I just slobbered my ice cream in my drawers, right next to the Glock 40.
take that , you tropical F’s….

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"arm the populace and cut the benefits... The problem will be solved in short order, without fascism"

Dear El Vac:

what the hell do you suppose such a social policy would be called by the Euro-weenies running the place now?


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sweedish inmates don't have a stone unless they do a Dahmer on that prick.

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Meanwhile, in Davos, European politicians are making plans to bring in another 100 million "refugees" while dining on poached salmon with truffles and caviar. The conversation around the table after their Schnapps and $100 Cuban cigars includes escape homes in the Seychelles, ranches in Uruguay, the xenophobic middle class, and little boys.

El Vaquero's picture

Cut of the benefits and let the populace arm themselves to protect themselves from the inevitable riots.  They'll leave. 

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Father Thyme (not verified) El Vaquero Jan 27, 2016 6:19 PM

You're Fash. Let's just be honest and call it that.

"Hitler liberalized gun laws for most German citizens in 1938."

El Vaquero's picture

No, I'm not you dumb fagot.  I detest government and fascism is a statist ideology. 

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Father Thyme (not verified) El Vaquero Jan 27, 2016 6:33 PM

Fascist! Racist!

If you had any game, you'd agree and amplify, instead of failing shit tests like some beta cuckboy.

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Father Thyme (not verified) El Vaquero Jan 27, 2016 6:39 PM

Read Mises.


"It cannot be denied that Fascism...saved European civilization....its policy has brought salvation..." --Ludwig von Mises



Tall Tom's picture

Source of the quote, please.


Anytime that ellipses are used in the middle of quotations it leads the critical reader to understand that something important is missing and the ellipses are used to deceive the reader.


Even the Bible says "...there is no God." Of course that quote is, "A fool, in his heart, says there is no God."


So here is the source WITHOUT THE ELLIPSES. This demonstrates that you are a dishonest prick.


 It cannot be denied that Fascism and similar movements aiming at the establishment of dictatorships are full of the best intentions and that their intervention has, for the moment, saved European civilization. The merit that Fascism has thereby won for itself will live on eternally in history. But though its policy has brought salvation for the moment, it is not of the kind which could promise continued success. Fascism was an emergency makeshift. To view it as something more would be a fatal error.


Go to hell you dishonest prick. I ought to feed you to the IRS.


I will use every weapon available to totally destroy the fraudulent, corrupt and dishonest.


I can hardly wait until they termnate EBT.


Game on.



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Father Thyme (not verified) Tall Tom Jan 28, 2016 4:46 AM


You want civilization saved, or not?

Tall Tom's picture

No. I do not want it saved because it is overpopulated with dishonest people.


I am looking forward to the destruction, the final cleansing by Hell fire.

Lore's picture

Merkel is still in power why exactly?  I'm still waiting for an explanation for what happened to German backbone.

Grumbleduke's picture

buried in russian soil

Four chan's picture

because she plays the jews and bolsheviks games. to the detriment of all but those at the top.

Bananamerican's picture

the aftermath of WWII was that horrendous for Germany that they self-neutered their own culture.

Sort of like "A Clockwork Orange" on a national scale

Tarzan's picture

I don't get it either. I have a lot of sympathy for the legitimate refuges who's towns and Homes have been destroyed by America's foreign policies.

But, Where are the Fathers, Brothers and Husbands of these women being groped, raped and KILLED?

Where are the MEN of Europe? Have they all been neutered, is there non brave left? How is it that the camps these pricks live in are not being over run with ANGRY WHITE MEN?

I've seen video of these refuges mocking Germans to their face, telling them they're going to rape their Wives, marry their Daughters and destroy their culture, while they just stand there in silence humiliated. WTF?

There's a camera on every freaking corner in Europe. How is it vigilantes have not posted their pics on every corner and hunted these guys down?

Let a gang of these guys start groping Mothers and Daughters in public, and dragging women away to gang rape them in broad daylight in my southern redneck town and the fury would not be contained, their refuge camps would be burned to the ground over night!

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The rats were cleaner, smarter. and were more welcome

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"Bring those god damned Muslims into America NOW!"

Can't we have you instead?
Far more entertaining.